Before firing Caldwell, Colts interviewed Spagnuolo


Here’s a weird twist on the news today that the Colts have fired head coach Jim Caldwell: Before the firing, the Colts were beginning the process of assembling a coaching staff for 2012 — and Caldwell was involved in that process.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that former Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo interviewed for the Colts defensive coordinator position, and Caldwell was one of the people Spagnuolo interviewed with, along with other team officials.

It’s surprising that the Colts would have Caldwell involved in interviewing assistant coaching candidates one day and then fire him the next. Typically teams get the head coach in place first before they start interviewing assistants.

But the Colts have done a lot of surprising things this offseason. It’s probably safe to say there will be some more surprises coming out of Indianapolis in the coming months.

24 responses to “Before firing Caldwell, Colts interviewed Spagnuolo

  1. And let’s be honest. Looks can be decieving, but to anyone that watched a lot of colts games Caldwell always had that look on his face. The “dar…what’s going on here” kind of look. He always seemed lost or confused, at least he appeared that way.

  2. Either that or they were trying to see how Spags would work with the other staff. Maybe they want Spags and he said that he wasn’t really interested in working with Caldwell. We just don’t know yet.

  3. .

    You could argue that the man needed to be replaced …..fair enough.

    Then fire him !!! Don’t leave him swinging in the breeze, holding i nterviews. There’s no reason to turn him into a chump.


  4. The conversation must have been, “Hey Caldwell remember yesterday when we interviewed Spags for your staff, well spags isn’t going to be on your staff next year because you don’t have one now, becuase your fired. I know this is awkward for me too.”

  5. Spags: “What job is this interview for again?”

    Caldwell: [blank stare] [nearly inaudible digestion noises]

    Irsay: “We are all meant to bask in the light of Aquarius.”

  6. Colts ownership is the new Raiders. As a Raider fan I don’t wish that on any team – glad my team is back in 2012.

    Manning was so good – so good – he overcame a lot. This franchise is headed for a bunch of tough years. Maybe Luck should pull an Elway/Eli while he can.

  7. Spags: “What job is this interview for again?”

    Caldwell: [blank stare] [nearly inaudible digestion noises]

    Irsay: “We are all meant to bask in the light of Aquarius.”

    That’s just classic. ^^^^^

  8. Why would you want Spags at HC after failing as one for the Rams ?He is a DC.

    yeah one shot and you’re done. that’s how it should be. nobody ever learns or grows. glad the patriots never hired that LOSER from cleveland….what was his name…bob…bobby…..oh yeah it was that bill belichick guy……….boy he sucks. he should just quit coaching altogether

  9. The situation in Indy gets weirder by the day. The Mayor and Governor better take a peek over in Baltimore. Irsay may fire them next and move the Colts to LA in the dead of night!

  10. And if I was Andrew Luck I’d bail out of this opera before it even begins. He should let Irsay know that if drafted he won’t serve, if he has any queasiness about what’s going on in Indy.

  11. Is the new head coach is going to bring in his own OC, then we may as well trade Manning. He isn’t going to want to learn a new system. That’s the only reason I didn’t want Caldwell to go.

  12. Is it possible that Caldwell showed his incompetence during Spags’ interview? Watching Caldwell’s questionable calls during some games showed he was not the sharpest of coaches. Listening to a few of his pressers, it is obvious to me that Caldwell was a mere parrot. He seemed to be waiting for someone else (Irsay, Polian, Manning) to set the tone so he knew what to say. Maybe Grigson or Irsay finally realized that he may be a good guy but he is not what the colts need right now.

  13. RE: Belicheat,

    Without Joe Montana no super bowls for san fran…oh wait they had superstar Steve Young. Without Drew Brees no SB for peyton
    Without Aikman, SMith a& Irving no SB for Johnson
    Without Ray Lewis not SB for……

    there isn’t a head coach alive that has won the Super Bowl without superior players. the players make the coach and the coach makes the players. plenty of coaches have of course underperformed with talent all around.

  14. Spagnoulo is living off a single game that showcased a very talented defense. If he’s hired by another NFL team and puts out the same sloppy, porous defense he did in St. Louis for the past three seasons, I wonder if everyone will still want “Spags” because he’s a defensive genius?

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