Chargers fill offensive coordinator position from within

Last week, the Chargers suddenly needed an offensive coordinator.  This week, the Chargers suddenly have one.

Clarence Shelmon decided that he was done after 10 seasons in San Diego.  And the team has decided to promote offensive line coach Hal Hunter, adding the title of offensive coordinator to his existing offensive line duties.

“Hal has been an important part of our offense since I’ve been here,” coach Norv Turner said.  “He has a complete understanding of what we want to do in the run and the pass.”

Also, the Chargers have added veteran coach Steve Fairchild as senior offensive assistant/special assignments.  He most recently served as head coach at Colorado State.  Before that, Fairchild worked as the Rams’ assistant offensive coordinator from 2003-05 and the Bills offensive coordinator in 2006 and 2007.

It’s the latest change on a coaching staff that many fans still wish would change its head coach.

13 responses to “Chargers fill offensive coordinator position from within

  1. Another cheap move. The Chargers are showing that winning is not primary. They are in penny pinching mode. However, I can’t think of another city in the country that could care less the San Diego.

  2. As a Colorado State season ticket holder I wish you good luck with Fairchild. Depends how much he’s involved but he wasn’t very good here. Horrible play calling led to 3 straight 3-9 seasons and the reason he’s with you.

  3. So…..basically they haven’t changed anything.
    Something about doing the same thing over again expecting different results?

  4. Norv will probably be calling the plays on offense anyway. Its the one and only thing he is good at, you may as well utilize it.

  5. Look, I understood the decision to keep Norv around given how the team kept playing hard despite the six-game losing streak. I understood the decision to keep AJ given the fact that San Diego hasn’t had a losing season since he took over. In the past, I’ve understood the decisions behind letting Tomlinson go, playing hardball with V-Jax and McNeil, and straying from signing big-name, big-money free agents. Even though all of those moves did save San Diego money, I understood there were other benefits that came with them.

    But hiring Pagano and Hunter as their new coordinators lacks any bit of logic other than “They were cheaper”. I know that Norv basically runs the offense anyway, but why wouldn’t you bring in somebody who is a running backs specialist, somebody who can help Matthews work on his ball security and field vision?

    And why wouldn’t you spend the money to bring in a DC that is a proven success like Spagnuolo? Obviously the team was missing something on defense; promoting from within isn’t going to add that missing piece.

    I was willing to give the team the benefit of the doubt before, but clearly the Spanos family in only interested in money.

    You own 97% of a $840 million team; please, for the sake of the fans you claim to care about, sell your shares and get the eff out of here.

  6. These moves make no sense.
    They would have fired norv in-season, but they had no one qualified to interim.
    By making these promotions from within it basically puts them in the same situation, and ensures that norv won’t be fired next season, even if he starts 0-10.
    Next perdiction, a weak draft and no free agent signings
    Then there will be no doubt left that spanos doesn’t care and the teams moving out of town.

  7. no one can say it better than icantadd. Thanks buddy, you saved me five minutes of my life by typing that for me.

  8. This kind of move is expected. It doesn’t make sense to move somebody else to San Diego when the job will probably be for the 2012 season only and then a big shakeup with all the coaches. Not many of us fans have anyhopes for a turnaround. Spanos just won’t spend the money to bring in quality players.

  9. Wow! Well said ^ it’s unfortunate that the spanoes will never read this and continue blowing smoke up all the season ticket holders asses like he did earlier this week. If this ownership group and management really want to prove they want to win they have 1 last shot in free agency and if they think brining in guys like bob sanders is the solution and will get us over the hump (let alone in the playoffs) and get the fanbase excited then I hope no one except the visiting teams fans show up! ( just like when greenbay showed up)

  10. @ icantadd:

    It makes absolute common sense for the Chargers to promote Pagano. He has worked with the team for ten years, so he ought to know the talent really well. His brother is the DC for the Ravens.

    As for the promotion of Hal Hunter, that really isn’t that big of a deal since Norv is calling the plays.

    I have no clue what role Steve Fairchild will have with this team, I suspect it will be nothing really important, regardless of title.

    When all is said and done, I think this is Norv’s last year with the Chargers unless he turns this team around fast. Any new head coach after that would want to hire his own staff anyway, so if the worst case scenario happens and the Chargers play awful, the Chargers can clean out the barn relatively cheaply.

    Even if you wanted to bring in some high profile DC, what high profile DC is going to sign for such a short term deal if he can get a longer deal elsewhere?

  11. icantadd is right.

    All hating aside, there’s no commitment to winning with Spano’s, it’s all about spending less and less.

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