Colts continue housecleaning, fire Jim Caldwell


The Colts are making a clean break with the men that directed their 2-14 season.

The team announced Tuesday that Jim Caldwell has been “released” as head coach. Less than a week after officially replacing the Polian clan, new Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson ultimately chose a fresh start over continuity.

It was believed that Caldwell’s relationship with Peyton Manning could have saved him. The thinking was that the Colts wouldn’t want to entirely scrap the offense if Manning was going to return.

The problem with that theory:  No one knows if Manning is ever going to play football again. Even if Manning does play, we don’t know yet whether he’d accept being on the same team with presumptive No. 1 pick Andrew Luck.

It didn’t make sense to keep Caldwell without knowing Manning’s status. Perhaps the Colts already know what they will do with Manning, but it’s also possible they honestly don’t know if Manning will play again.  If the Colts really want to keep Manning, dropping Caldwell shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

In many ways, Manning is the Colts offensive system. If Manning does get healthy and remains on the roster, we’re sure the Colts can find a coach that can build around his talents.

Then again, perhaps Grigson will usher in an entirely new era of Colts football.  There definitely will be a new General Manager and a new head coach.

We’ll have to wait to find out whether there is a new quarterback.

107 responses to “Colts continue housecleaning, fire Jim Caldwell

  1. Jeff Fisher should have waited just a little bit longer. Luck is going to make a coach look good for a long time just like Peyton did.

  2. Jeff Fisher should have waited a bit longer .
    Peyton finally pulled the trigger and fired the “for appearances only coach” and will now hand select another “face” to stand on the sidelines while Mr. Manning continues to run his team

  3. This is excellent news for the Colts. Now put Manning out to pasture because he’s never going to come back to what he wasfrom the failed neck surgeries, draft Luck, hire as the new head coach solid offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, who molded Cam Newton so powerfully for the Panthers this year, and the Colts by 2013 will be ready for another decade of winning football.

  4. “It was believed that Caldwell’s relationship with Peyton Manning could have saved him.”
    Actually, that may have been what ultimately did Caldwell in. Do you not remember the look of utter confusion on Peyton’s face when Caldwell called that dumb timeout in the playoffs vs NYJ? Peyton knew as good as anyone that Caldwell was lost as a head coach.

  5. “At 10 AM today, we ‘released’ Jim Caldwell into the Greater Indianapolis Sewage Disposal System. We think he should survive there, and wish him well.”.

  6. Great man, bad coach… He had to go…

    His gameplan every Sunday was basically: Hey Peyton, go out there and make me look good…

    Defense: go out there and just run backwards in a scared zone coverage 90% of the snaps and try not to suck as bad as you did last week…

    Guy was in way over his head… His time to go was 3 years ago the day after he got hired

  7. For people saying Luck should pull an Eli and hold out… Where’s he going to go?? Cleveland?? Miami?? Seattle??

    Oh yea, those are muuuuuch better football hotspots than Indianapolis… Lol

  8. trbowman says:
    Jan 17, 2012 2:46 PM
    If I were Luck I’d pull an Eli. You don’t want to be a part of this Colts mess right now.
    The Colts firing the GM and HC of their 2-14 team constitutes a “mess”? Most teams that end up picking #1 usually end up firing the coach and GM as they couldn’t have been doing that good of a job if they led the worst team in the NFL.

  9. It’s amazing how fast a franchise can fall,when you lose a great qb and have no back up plan.

  10. Greg Williams would help the Colts Defense, but is he head coach material? Or is he like Cam Cameron, great co-ordinator, horrible head coach?

    I realize Williams is with the Rams now, but is the ink dry yet?

  11. If the Colts are really just going to dump Manning some teams should look at him as a player-coach. Miami could feature like Manning and a D-coordinator and make the playoffs.

  12. I don’t think I ever recall Caldwell moving his lips. What radio station was he listening to?

  13. The annointing oild and yellow jacket is coming out very early for a young man that has not taken a snap yet in the NFL.

  14. chadmurdigan says:
    Jan 17, 2012 2:49 PM
    draft Luck, hire as the new head coach solid offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, who molded Cam Newton so powerfully for the Panthers this year,

    Molded Cam Newton? Dude had about a zillion yards in his first start, without an off-season program. Newton carried Chudzinski on his back all year.

  15. I’m still hopeful that Peyton Manning will come back and play at an elite level. If he plays again, it should only be for the Colts. I’m a 9er guy in the NFC, but if they don’t win, I want a Peyton-led Colts team to light up the score boards.

  16. Honestly, I hope the Dolphins turn around and give Caldwell an interview for the head coaching gig. He’s a good coach. This season wasn’t on him. The Colts offensive was built completely around Peyton and his ability to make players better than they are. Without Peyton they had no driver to steer that offense. You see what happens without no back-up QB, a below average defense, and no running game? Answer, 2-14 season. That’s completely on Bill Polian for drafting horribly the past 6 years and not putting enough talent around Peyton.

  17. Even if Manning does play again he’s one helmet to helmet hit away from retirement and possible paralysis.

    He’s a fool to continue playing at this point. Take your millions and retire while you can still walk and have decent health.

  18. It’s hard to understand how Colts could pay Manning given the salary cap. Peyton has long been the “face of the franchise.” I think we’re seeing Irsay take back his franchise, just as Bowlen did in Denver. A lousy season gives Irsay the cover he needs to completely clean house including his QB.

  19. I use to be a semi-Colts fan. Then I lost respect for them when the decision to lay down rather than go for a 16-0 season. And then this year……I lost what respect I had left for them in their “suck-for-luck” campaign 🙁 It was despicable how they played this year and it wasn’t just on Manning’s absence either.

  20. “I expect something to be announced Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest,” Chappell writes. “And I expect Caldwell to return. I know that’s not what you or a lot of Colts fans want to hear. Just a feeling I have.”

    I have a feeling this guy was wrong. Such a credible source.

  21. Caldwell Fired! I love it! I can see the goofy expression on his face now.

    Shouldn’t have lasted this long.

  22. With or without Luck this will be a debacle without Polian. He built this team and with Irsay running it, it will go down the toilet or leave town again. Sorry Indy fans, long road ahead.

  23. While I think this is the right decision, it is shameful that it took them so long.

    How many possible assistant jobs did he lose out on because these fools couldn’t make up their minds?

  24. “if Manning does play, we don’t know yet whether he’d accept being on the same team with presumptive No. 1 pick Andrew Luck.”

    He’s under contract. who gives a crap if he accepts being on the same team or not. it’s not his choice.

  25. I’m sure Jim had that same dumbfounded “1000 yard stare” we’ve all grown to know and love on his face when he was told he was canned.

  26. After he got the news, he displayed his “I just got fired” face, which is identical to his “I’m having sex” face.

  27. This is the right thing to do. Well they have cleaned out the front office, coach and we all know who is leaving next…

  28. Payton will be the next Brett… Running the ship over the Head Coach. They will need to find a moron to coach.

  29. Jim who? I bet only in Coltsville did anyone knows Jim’s first name. Everyone felt two people ran that team . One leaves to the Jets and the other can’t play.

  30. Well, looks like that reporter’s gut was half right … the announcement came today.

  31. And who is going to do better with the mess in Indy? Luck should make a damn good quarterback but he’s not the second coming of Manning. Heck, I’d draft RG3 over him. There aren’t any good head coaches left on the market this year.

  32. Hmmm Peyton’s next and why do I have this gut feeling telling me even with Luck the Colts aren’t going to have any…nice run Indy enjoy the basement view!!!!

  33. @vegaskid21 says:Jan 17, 2012 2:49 PM

    After a 1-15 season – I don’t think even Caldwell is shocked about the firing.
    Yeah, especially after they went 2-14…..get your facts straight vegasboy21….douche…

  34. Manning in Manning:

    “I don’t know what is going to happen in that situation. Would it be fun? Yeah, I think it would be interesting to have your brother in the same city playing football together.”

    “It would be interesting. I am not saying it is going to happen or I want it to happen, but to have your brother that close to you and playing in New York would be very unique.”

    Eli Manning

  35. trbowman,

    If you really need to know, a troll is someone who offers no insight into the conversation, all of their input in purely inflamatory. But you’ll probably never read this because you’re off trolling other threads.

  36. how do you pay a guy 28 mil in 6 weeks when he hasn’t played in over a year and you don’t know if he can play after you pay him that 28 mil ?

  37. trbowman says: Jan 17, 2012 2:46 PM

    If I were Luck I’d pull an Eli. You don’t want to be a part of this Colts mess right now.

    Actually, he’d be pulling an Elway, who refused to play for the Colts after being drafted number 1 in ’83, because they were the sorriest team in the league then, too.

  38. Indy is full speed ahead. Luck will have one bad season just like Peyton did his rookie year and the Colts will be back in business come 2013.

    Caldwell seems like a good guy, but he inspires no confidence. He always had a blank look on his face. They are going to be a new team and need new, inspiring leadership. Not a Rex Ryan type, you get the point.

  39. I’m not suggesting that Caldwell should stay, but shouldn’t we place the blame for the 2011 debacle squarely on the shoulders of Polian? That Colts roster is devoid of talent.

  40. Manning is far too intelligent to go to a dysfunctional organization like the Redskins.

    Snyder will never be successful until he atones for the way he treated the long term employees upon buying the team and for trying to squeeze every penny out of the fans.

  41. If Peyton can play at all, the Colts should attempt to trade him, if someone can take on that contract. This team isn’t winning any time soon, with or without Manning. They were 10-6 last year and one-and-done in the playoffs with him and 2-14 this year without him. And now Houston has really grown into a contender.

    Get another high draft pick and start the rebuild.

  42. I have to admit that it was less than a productive season this year, but to all of the folks who deride Caldwell for making his name on Peyton’s coattails: What did the Polians leave him to do otherwise? He had no running backs, a retirement village for an offensive line, no run-stopping presence in the D-line and no secondary on defense. It sounded to me that the team WAS Peyton and a couple of pretty good receivers. I think that Caldwell rode the pony that got him there and when the pony couldn’t go, he was sunk.

  43. I cannot wait till the Pat Shurmur for Andrew Luck straight up rumors are started by Steve Wyche!!

  44. Molded Cam Newton? Dude had about a zillion yards in his first start, without an off-season program. Newton carried Chudzinski on his back all year.

    Duh, what was the Panther’s record again for this year?

    If you don’t think Chud improved Newton’s play, you’re an idiot who didn’t see the wins coming in at the end of the season.

    That’s called coaching, son.

  45. If Caldwell does not get another job in the NFL, including as an assitant, that will be telling. It will basically say he was a babysitter while Manning was responsible for all of their success.
    NFL stands for “Not for Long” for babysitting even if it gets you to a Super Bowl.

  46. Seriously though, it’s not as if the Colts had Brady as a backup. Someone else might have squeezed a win or two more out of them, but not much more. The fault for the 2-14 record really lies with the management that fired Caldwell. They did nothing to fill Manning’s shoes.

    On the Peyton issue, I’d have to say that he would probably be a fool if he did return. Seems that the risk of ruining the rest of his life is just too great. But, if this is all he knows or wants to know, then good luck. Personally, I think Luck is where it is at. The idea of Manning not wanting to play with Luck is absurd. Manning will mentor him as his own.

  47. If Manning is healthy, I don’t see how having two (potential) franchise QBs on your roster is a bad thing. Their division is mostly weak — with upstart QBS Gabbert and Locker — so I see the Colts job as a promising opportunity. It may take them 1-2 years to get back to their glory days, but the potential is still there, especially if they trade Luck or Manning for multiple #1 picks.

  48. Manning will be the first player slash coach in the NFL.
    Ala Jordan on the wizards


    How about Russell and the Celtics.

  49. Get those blue and white sweater vests with large horse shoe ready for the Colts gift shop!!! Tressel is back !!!!

  50. One question: And how, exactly, is it that Leslie Frazier (of the 3-13 Minnesota Vikings) has been guaranteed to remain as Head Coach of a team that looks like a lock for another sub- 5 win season?

    I am no genius, but I can spot a loser when I see and hear one, and Frazier is no better or worse than Caldwell as a potential Head Coach. As a lifelong Vikings fan, my patience is exhausted. Say what you will about the Colts, but they actually HAVE won Super Bowls (unlike my team), and they knew when it was time to jettison their hapless Head Coach… and they acted appropriately.

    I have lost all faith in the Vikings.

  51. The Browns are saying thank you to the Colts . Its nice to have another team down here for a few years

  52. Honestly, did they really need to take this long to do this? Everyone knew he had to go after such an awful year. Waiting this long kind of puts the poor guy at a disadvantage trying to find a job since there were alot of coordinator positions looking to be filled.

    Im not saying he deserves one of them. Just that they didnt need to keep him wondering for this long. We all knew there was no way they could bring him back anyway

  53. Maybe the Colts waited this long until Fisher decided on a team and knew he would be out of contention for the HC job in Indy?

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