Dolphins schedule second interview with Mike McCoy


After interviewing Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy once, the Dolphins were sufficiently impressed that they want to interview him again.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Dolphins have scheduled a second interview with McCoy, and that interview will take place with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross in New York on Thursday.

McCoy has already interviewed for the Dolphins head-coaching position once, in Miami.

After re-shaping his offense to capitalize on the skills of Tim Tebow, McCoy emerged as one of the hot assistants in the NFL during the regular season. The Raiders have also asked for permission to interview McCoy, and the Jaguars were interested in McCoy before deciding after the Broncos won their first playoff game that they didn’t want to wait until the Broncos’ season was over, and instead hiring Mike Mularkey.

UPDATE: Schefter also reports that Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin will get a second interview with Ross, as will Todd Bowles, who ended the season as the Dolphins’ interim head coach.

20 responses to “Dolphins schedule second interview with Mike McCoy

  1. Typical Ireland, only bringing in people he’s worked with or has some connection to Parcells. Its like this 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon game instead its 6 degrees to Parcells.

  2. I dont think Mike McCoy would be the right fit. I think they should have kept Nolan, hire Bowles as HC and bring in someone like Hue jackson to run the offense.
    go Phins!!

  3. Don’t see how Zimmer isn’t part of the 2nd round of interviews based on who is going forward.

    McCoy – has coached Moore and Marshall & actually calls plays

    Philbin – OC for high power offense but doesn’t call plays

    Bowles – was never a DC, only a secondary coach. Can be done, but seems like a little bit of a reach based on background. Players seem to respect him.

    For all of these candidates, the coaching staff may be almost as important as the HC himself.

  4. Can someone please get an interview with ross or ireland and ask them some good questions: Like do you not hear and read how your fan base think you two are idiots! You are the laughing stock in sports. Every move they make is horrible. How did this guy become a billionaire?

  5. Well everyone said zimmer was the guys two days ago. Lets play lets cover everyone, see what sticks and then say i told you so.

  6. Were in trouble.. I mean they need an offensive coach for sure but if we get Mike McCoy who everyone talks very highly about who has transformed QB into pro bowl players who in the heck will be his coordinators???? Sorry guys but I’m just not feeling this Philbin dude but I really don’t understand why Pete Carmichael isn’t being interviewed.. I mean he has been Sean Paytons right hand man for like 6 yrs and the Saints offense has been like #1 for awhile.. Don’t get it…

  7. McCoy will probably keep Nolan on as D-Cord.

    Also, stop crying Dolphins fans. You’re embarrassing the rest of us that don’t act like over-emotional 13 year old girls.

  8. stevemo says: Jan 17, 2012 7:04 PM

    McCoy will probably keep Nolan on as D-Cord.

    One problem Mike Nolan is now the Falcons DC.

  9. Kind of hard to keep Nolan when our “Wonderfull” GM didn’t sign him……HEY IRELAND if you want to be a GM and get a good coach reduce your role, and if you were smart you would make sure you would then make sure that coach cant fire you!

  10. My apologies gentlemen, I don’t have the sort of lifestyle where I can sit on the internet all day and be completely up-to-day on all news.

    Granted, McCoy probably would have kept Nolan on board had he the chance. 😉

  11. It’s pretty obvious that Ireland doesn’t want to work with strong willed people who may not agree and nod their head to everything he says. Philbin would be decent. McCoy and Bowles? That’s laughable. But then again, what successful coach would want to work with an owner and GM who stabbed the last Coach in the back?

  12. stevemo says: Jan 17, 2012 7:04 PM

    McCoy will probably keep Nolan on as D-Cord.
    I guess Nolan will be coaching 2 teams
    Atlanta and Miami considering he signed with
    Atlanta today

  13. I think its McCoy… offensive minded from the AFC and young at 39yrs. “A young Don Shula”. Obviously an experiment as he has no expierence, but isnt that what most of you have been caling for? I guess im behind it… Lets go McCoy!! !LOL.. Bowles maybe is being asked to stay as defensive cordinator.

  14. Come on guys! Since Parcells left and Ireland actually took over, he has had two really good drafts. He has added some nice young talent. The missing piece is QB and I do not see that he “missed” one in the draft. They just weren’t there. You haters were probably the same people screaming last year for him to give up picks for Kyle Orton. Thank God he didn’t go that direction. As far as coach goes, they tried with Fisher. I am glad he declined. Look around the league at alot of the good teams. Not many retread coaches. LOTS of young, first time HC that are doing pretty well for themselves. Give it a rest. No matter what he does or who he hires, you same people will complain. If they get to AFC championship game, you will complain that it wasn’t the Superbowl. Get over yourselves. There is a reason he is the GM and we are sitting and venting to a computer screen!

  15. Someone tell Ireland that the league does require him to apply the Rooney Rule to every round of interviews by interviewing Bowles

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