Ed Reed says Flacco needs to get rid of the ball, line needs to block better

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Joe Flacco joked last week that he’d get no credit from the media if the Ravens beat the Texans.

He definitely is getting no credit from one of the team’s leaders on defense.

Safety Ed Reed visited with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday, and Reed pointed a finger at Flacco for the struggles of the offense.

“I think Joe was kind of rattled a little bit by that defense,” Reed said.  “They had a lot of guys in the box on him.  And, I mean, they were getting to him.  I think a couple times he needed to get rid of the ball.  I don’t know how much of the play calling, he could have made audibles or anything like that, checks or whatnot, man, but it just didn’t look like he had a hold on the offense, you know, of times past.  You know, it was just kind of like they was telling him to do, throw the ball or get it here, you know, get it to certain guys.  And he can’t play like that.

“You know, one particular play that sticks out to me is when Ray Rice came out of the backfield, he got pushed down and [Flacco] still threw him the ball and you got one-on-one with Torrey Smith on the outside.  But it’s hearsay for me.  I can say that sitting on the sidelines, you know, or sitting in the stands.  You just never know what somebody else is seeing.”

Reed also called out the line, a little.

“[T]he offensive line gotta block better,” Reed said.  “You know, they gotta communicate better, gotta pick up blocks, Joe’s gotta get the ball out of his hand.  We gotta do a good job of using our weapons.  I think Ricky Williams should have had the ball a little bit more yesterday.  You know, I mean, Ray Rice was running it, too, but you gotta be able to mix those guys in back and forth.  It’s a lot of things that we all need to correct going into New England because they do such a great job of making adjustments, you know, in-game adjustments.  It’s not just coming up with a scheme and playing the game.  You gotta be able to make adjustments while the game is in the flow.”

That’s not what the Ravens need as they get ready to face the Patriots.  Unless, of course, a little tough love coaxes the offense to perform up to the standard that the defense has set.

Either way, coach John Harbaugh may need to spend a little extra time this week getting his guys on the same page.

104 responses to “Ed Reed says Flacco needs to get rid of the ball, line needs to block better

  1. Maybe this will be the one game out of six that McKinnie decides to actually try and play hard.

  2. The fact that Reed never speaks to the media in general, and to hear him open up, it seems like he is issuing a challenge to the whole team to step their game up. Last weeks performance will get us killed against #12.

  3. Yeesh! At this point of the season there is absolutely no upside to negative comments about your ultra-sensitive QB.

  4. I don’t know if he’s taking aim at Flacco as much as he is the offensive coaches.

    “You know, it was just kind of like they was telling him to do, throw the ball or get it here, you know, get it to certain guys. And he can’t play like that.”


  5. Don’t care. Pats need to come out with their A game in this one. Ravens have a great D and their O is good enough. This game comes down to the offensive line for both teams. Go Pats!

  6. I love Reed saying this in public… ” It’s not just coming up with a scheme and playing the game. You gotta be able to make adjustments while the game is in the flow.”

    It puts Cam Cameron on alert… He & Flacco need to pull it together and be able to adjust.

    Hope they can…

    Otherwise it’s “Game Over!”

  7. He probably shouldn’t have said any of this, but it’s really all moot for the upcoming game. The Patriots aren’t going to get to Flacco the way the Texans did. Flacco’s gonna show, once and for all, if he is truly a franchise quarterback in this game. I expect to see him succeed.

  8. Team dissension manifesting in Baltimore before you walk into the biggest game of your careers!
    I love it. The Patriots will eat that up.

  9. ed reed is a soft spoken guy but he never shies away from the truth. people like you guys try to make it sound like he is bashing his team but he isnt. just being honest. and thats why his teammates (and players across the league) respect him so much. oh and he the best safety ever.

  10. Yeah way to show leadership. These things that you are saying should be said behind closed doors, not to the media.

    You would think that someone who prides himself on being one of the leaders of the franchise would think about that.

  11. Sounded like he was criticizing cam Cameron and the play calling more then flacco I agree that needs to get the ball out quicker but the word Ive heard from people who hang out at the castle is that cam doesn’t like audibles and sunday was probably the worst most uncreative gameplan I’ve ever seen in my life cam is holding Joe back and I hope they can him and bring hue Jackson back as . Cam Cameron sucks

    Signed almost every raven fan

  12. I have the utmost respect for Ed Reed as a player but even if everything he is saying is true, why bring it up to the National media before the AFC Championship Game ??

    Shouldn’t comments like that be kept in house? I don’t remember the last time I heard a Pats player call another one out.

    I thought that happens in dysfunctional organizations like the jets

  13. Maybe the Ravens should consider giving Ed Reed the OC position for this weekends game in addition to playing safety. 🙂

  14. Man, you would never hear Ross Ventrone talking smack like this about Brady. Ravens are a mess. 🙂

  15. You could spin this as a problem but I think it’s just Ed Reed exerting his considerable skills on evaluating offenses to his own offense. You can argue that he should not have done this on a radio show but I am sure that there is nothing that a MAN like Ed Reed will not have said to the rest of the MEN on the Ravens. “Self scout” is a common practice on the Ravens team. They go against one another every practice. I think Flacco was either handcuffed or was sandbagging the last 3 quarters of the game. I hope it gets fixed.

  16. All good points by Ed, in particular about giving Ricky Williams the ball more but I am glad that Flacco didn’t “just get rid of the ball” b/c as this game showed , taking a sack is not the worst outcome of a play.

    Our QB didn’t have 3 INTs.

  17. http://siriusxmsports.posterous.com/ed-reed-ravens-safety-joined-adam-schein-rich

    Is it that hard to give people a link to the actual interview?

    Sounds to me like he’s questioning the playcalling and Joe’s freedom to audible and make adjustments i.e. Cam Cameron. Which is something everyone’s been complaining about, nothing new.

    And what do you know, finally someone notices that the o-line was getting Flacco killed and he had no time to even set his feet a lot of times.

  18. A little dissension within the Ravens ranks is only going to make this a little easier for TB12…no one is stopping Brady, and if these clowns cant get on the same page it isnt even going to be close…

  19. I love the Ravens every year have a great team and head into the playoffs healthy and ready…yet they continue to point fingers at each other. Of all the team left i would say they feel the pressure more than the others. They have lost how many playoff gsames in the last five years? The defense is usually the pointer, they need to be a team.

  20. It’s refreshing to see a veteran player call out his teammates and demand better play rather than hiding behind the annonymous sources BS.

  21. Ed’s right, I love Ray Rice, but Ricky Williams was running the ball well every chance he got. Best way to keep the “man on a mission” off the field is run the ball down their throats!

  22. On behalf of Ravens fans, I want to thank Terrell Suggs for sticking up for Flacco. Reed needs to be in the same boat. The Ravens can win this weekend- Brady is 0-2 this season vs. teams with winning records, while Flacco is 7-0 against playoff teams. Cam Cameron is holding Flacco back, as he has all the tangibles needed to be a great player. We need better playcalling. If that can happen this week, the Ravens will win. And being big underdogs is ridiculous. This Ravens team is not going to lose by more than a TD.

  23. The Ravens would be SB favorites if they had Stafford at the helm… or any above average qb for that matter

  24. i want both the ravens and patriots to be healthy and to battle it out the better team will win that day! no matter what happens in the past this is now!

  25. suggs hasnt opend his big mouth yet, reed sounds worried about his offence.

    this doesnt sound like the ravens of past who put up good showings against the pats which still couldnt help them with thier 1-6 record against brady and co.

  26. I agree, the line seemed to hold for 2-3 seconds and release. Every play shouldn’t be a check down to RR.

    We need to run some quick slants, as well as a reverse here and there, and some change of direction plays, because if you watch the game Sunday – you won’t see ANY. One screen play – nothing like we did game one against the steelers.

    Sure, we played a heck of a good defense, and Flacco took some sacks, and he didn’t turn the ball over – so I don’t blame him – when things broke down he took the sack rather than make a real costly mistake. But, the play calling should help him not get into the predictable offense which will allow the other team to T-off on him. He hit his mark many times with the passes. Only on one or two plays did our line give him adequate protection.

    The steeler line lays it on our guys till the whistle blows! Our line stops and watches things after 3 seconds! I haven’t seen any pancake blocks in a long time!

    These guys know they can do better – I’ve seen it – just not last week!

    We are a game away from a Superbowl – all the work our guys (teammates put in for each other) means something. No one on the team should have an ounce of strength left after the game.

  27. Just saw the piece on Robert and Myra Kraft on ESPN. Moving.

    Can someone do something to get the female broadcasters on ESPN off the jocks of the Giants, especially their receivers? They are shameless.

  28. Ed Reed is calling them out because he knows this may be his last run. I don’t blame him. He’s shed blood sweat and tears and wants a ring. Good luck this week buddy.

  29. As soon as the defense leaves the field, Ed will take his spot beside John Harbaugh, put on a headset, and start calling the offensive plays.

  30. I know pft is in the business of making mountains out of mole hills, but dear lord…

    I liked it better when you guys were picking the packers to be the first ever back to back to back superbowl champs

  31. Anyone else feel like the Ravens this year are similar in style to the Pistons of the 2000’s? Pistons had a top 3 defense, weren’t going to score more than 92 points a game, and never blew anyone out, even inferior teams.

  32. Ed is a HOF’er who speaks for the team and he speaks the truth. In other observations he also said the Ravens needs to score more points than the patriots if they want to win!

  33. In all fairness, Flacco still needs time to build up the neck muscles to support that massive mountain man beard he threw together for the playoffs. Until he does, it’ll continue to throw off his sightlines and his timing.

  34. As a Ravens fan..Thank you Ed Reed. You are 100% correct. Just make sure you keep playing the way you did this past Sunday, because up until the Houston game…you weren’t doing much either. Glad Ed called out the offense. Motivation.

  35. Again, these comments are taken out of context….go figure.

    Reed was asked if he had any idea why the offense struggled. Everyone knows why the offense struggled. The Texans front seven manhandled the O-line and got in Joe’s face. They are also the 2nd ranked D in the league this year.

    The Pats’ D is a fraction as tough as the Texans are. Totally different game, has no bearing on what happens Sunday.

    Ravens 34, Pats 27.

  36. swashbucklin, pats defense is not ranked 31st their pass defense is not their run defense so their overal defense is rank 21st and they stopped tebow who wrecked through steelers so get your facts straight then talk. Go pats!

  37. weepingjebus: a “mountain man beard” is literally the exact opposite of a fu manchu mustache, which is what Flacco has going on.

    Look, Ed Reed is the greatest free safety of all time — according to most people, even Bill Belichick. When he talks like this he’s not whining, not picking on anyone, he’s stating the obvious: things were done that weren’t the best thing to do, and lots of people (he specifically mentioned the QB, the O-line, 2 RBs, a WR, and the head coach/O-coordinator) need to step it up to win an AFC Championship.

    He knows he does too. He left two INTs on the table. But BAL isn’t worried, last week was the best defense in the league playing their best game of the year and they still won…and now they’re going up against one of the worst Ds in the league, part of a team that hasn’t beat a winning opponent all year — while the Ravens are undefeated against playoff teams.

  38. why do people bring up stafford in this thread? He is not THAT good. Take away calvin johnson and he would be drastically different. Flacco could easily throw it into triple coverage too if he had Calvin Johnson.

  39. This isn’t exactly Earth-shattering stuff. Reed wasn’t vicious or disrespectful, but there is a place for this sort of talk. It’s called the locker room. I doubt that this will have much of an effect on the outcome of the game, but what is the upside here? Is Flacco going to magically gain confidence or read a defense better because of Reed’s confidence? Nope. It could, however, distract Flacco a bit during the week. No upside, but some downside. The math doesn’t add up.

    That being said, I fully expect the sports media to blow this way out of proportion, take Reed’s comments out of context, and speculate on whether or not this will tear apart the locker room.

  40. Ed Reed said this. A story with a name attached to it. This isn’t some “unamed” source who is not man enough to stand by his words. It’s a pretty obvious statement probably shared throughout the building. I can’t imagine the Patriots are thinking that the Ravens offense is happy with bad blocking and taking sacks. I’m certain the Ravens offense agrees with Reed. There is no disension just an obvious statement.

  41. Funny, I don’t remember Flacco calling out the defense last year when they gave up 8 leads in the 4th quarter and Flacco had to bring us back 4 times on the way to 12 wins. I didn’t hear Flacco say anything about Phillip Rivers torching our secondary and blowing us out in San Diego. I didn’t hear Flacco complain about having to have make the biggest comeback in franchise history against EFFIN ARIZONA AND THE GREAT KEVIN KOLB WHEN THE DEFENSE GOT US DOWN 24-3 BEFORE HALFTIME.

    This is unbelievable. Flacco didn’t play horrible. He had a decent game against a great defense. Not to mention the drops by the receivers and throw aways he had to make to avoid sacks. WE WON THE GAME! I’m surprises by Reed. He’s supposed to be one of the leaders, and you come out and say THIS? Before the title game? Ask Reed how many consecutive playoff appearances he had before Flacco got there. I’ll save you the trouble. NONE. If you feel that way, keep it in-house. He’s throwing his qb and o-line under the bus and to the wolves of the national media. Especially what Joe has been through this week. smh, not good.

  42. Good defenses will do that to a QB, If the Ravens get to Brady they will get him off his game, thus a better chance to win. Sometimes an offense is blamed when things go bad, but what they should really be doing is giving a good defense credit and Texas has a great defense that should be getting the credit due to it.

  43. I’m a Ravens fan, but lost in all of this discussion and blame game the media is playing with the Ravens’ offense is the fact that the Texans #2 defense was devastating and frankly, they flat out played awesome, its unfortunate that their rookie QB didn’t learn his lesson the first time Webb picked him and the first dropped INT Reed had, because if he had it would have been an entirely different ball game. To me, this game proved that the Texans are undoubtedly the kings of the AFC South for the immediate future.

    To the topic at hand, ALL 46 Ravens who dressed Sunday know they have to play better (esp the o-line) and I have no doubts that they will on Sunday, whether that leads to a W remains to be seen, but this group is definitely capable of it.

  44. Flacco is taking on the second worse defense in the league. Here is his chance to move the ball and the Ravens into the Super Bowl.

    If he has a bad day, the offseason will be long and filled with endless speculation about whether or not the Ravens have a franchise QB.

  45. Pats definitely need to worry this Sunday. We’ve seen throughout the playoffs what happens to the high-flying offenses. The Pats have no run game and a weak defense. This typically adds up to a major disadvantage in the playoffs.

    Then again, it is Tom Brady and he is a beast.

    Ravens 27
    Patriots 25

  46. @rhinosteel6
    Ratbirds calling out Ratbirds…. “classic”

    Seeing TEBOW send you peasants home to watch the AFC championship… Priceless.

  47. After Sunday it will be hilarious he made these comments – when the Pats offense absolutely torches the Raven’s defense and New England’s Tight Ends abuse Reed – then Flacco can throw his backside under the bus….Reed is right – Flacco sucks … but don’t make those comments before the AFC championship game…..way to be a team leader.

  48. mistersmith22: A defensive player should never call out the offense publicly.

    Ed Reed may be great, but this one event has probably screwed their chances to win the game completely.

    Reed might not even be effective if his ankle is sprained.

    You can rationalize that the Ravens have beat this team or that team etc., but they also lost to the Jags, Seattle and Tennesee. 3 terrible teams. They didn’t even get a first down against the Jags for an entire half. They had one of the easiest schedules in the league and threw away the first seed with 3 of the worst performances ever.

  49. Like another champ, I’m shamelessly stealing someone else’s info:

    1st 4 Years in the NFL

    Completion %
    Yards Per Game
    QB Rating



    E. Manning

  50. How is any of Reed’s comments a form of dissention? He was being honest about the team’s performance on Sunday, and he was right. Flacco definitely didn’t have a good game, but he was facing a very tough defense top to bottom. And he identified the real problem for the Ravens on Sunday: the offensive line. They didn’t provide Flacco with any decent pass protection, which didn’t give him the time to find open guys down the field. If the O-line gives Flacco better protection, he’s much more comfortable in the pocket to find an open man. I’m pretty surprised there haven’t been many comments about the O-line’s poor performance Sunday compared to other comments about the Ravens.

    And don’t even try comparing Reed’s comments to the Jets’ comments about Sanchez last week. Those guys wouldn’t even come out and identify themselves publicly. That team is a three-ring circus.

  51. Translation: Flacco needs to quit whining about not getting credit from the media and start earning it!

  52. Sounds to me that Reed is already making an excuse for the loss. This will be a close game but the reality is Pats are health, last time they got blown out at home by this Ravens team they did not have Welker, nor the 2 best TE’s in the game, or at least 2 of the best 3. The D looked solid last week, they will stop Rice and let Flacco try and win it, which will not happen, remember that last playoff win, Flacco was flat out awful and they won becuase they started so fast and NE could never fall into their gameplan and made way too many mistakes. The Ravens will have to force at least 2 TO’s to have a chance, NE is firing on all cylinders and the rat birds D has been suspect against good offenses this year, add the fact that they suck on the road as well. Should be a good game nothing is guaranteed, but I will bet the Pats win, 27-21

  53. if ED REED said it, it must be true. The guy is possibly the best player in football the last decade, he knows his shizzit. this from a depressed skins fan. ravens will roll.

  54. why do people bring up stafford in this thread? He is not THAT good. Take away calvin johnson and he would be drastically different. Flacco could easily throw it into triple coverage too if he had Calvin Johnson.


    Stafford is FAR ahead of Flacco, CJ or not.

    Flacco has not shown he can process info quickly enough to be a consistently effective QB, period.
    This was Stafford FIRST full year healthy, I believe, and based simply on the eyeball test, he is far superior a QB than Flacco.
    Most reasonable people (meaning non Raven/Lion fans) watching both teams can see a very big difference.
    Not talking stats, because you’re right, having CJ helps, ALOT.
    Bltmre has a far superior / dynamic running game compared to DET. So Stafford had to throw much more than Flacco.
    Eyeball test thus far? Stafford, and it’s no contest between the 2.
    Maybe Flacco will perform better when he has WR’s/TE’s that are not rookie’s or at the end of their careers. Will have to wait & see on that one…

  55. alltee says:
    Jan 17, 2012 3:31 PM
    suggs hasnt opend his big mouth yet,
    He was supposed to be on First Take this morning and pulled a no show too. The crew thought he was going to be on until about 10 min before the show ended and they had to scramble and fill up time.

  56. So let me get this straight Ed Reed has one good game this year and wants to talk trash. Nice Ed real nice.

  57. It’s never a good thing when players are openly and publicly criticizing each other through the media.

    The Las Vegas line might have just shifted a bit.

  58. Can’t wait to see the look on all those Patriot faces when the Ravens knock em out of the playoffs…again

  59. That was Ed being Ed. He was really more criticizing Cam Cameron than he was Joe Flacco. If you listen to the clip and read between the lines and know Ed Reed you would see what he was saying. Ed Reed is a free spirit. Always has been and always will be. Still laterals the damn ball after getting an interception even though he knows it is a dangerous move. Just Ed being Ed. Here in Bmore this is a nothing burger.

  60. I like how everyone sums up the Patriots with one name…Brady. That’s sad! I guess Brady plays Defense too or he should cause that D is awful. Bottom line is Brady took advantage of bad teams all year and lost to good ones (well the Bills were playing good at the time). Don’t think this is such a sure thing that the Pats are just gonna roll over the Ravens. Ravens D is better then the Pats Offense and the Ravens offense can run the ball on the weak Pats defense which will open up the field for passes. By the way too the Pats played the same way they are now and got beat by a good defensive team the Jets in the playoffs last year. This should be a good game but if I am the Ravens I like what I been seeing Saints all offense and no D lost to a good defensive team, Packers all offense and no D lost to a good defensive team, Pats all offense and last Defense in the league……..Hmmm.

    Should be a good game.
    By they way Ed Reed making his point will motivate this team.

  61. Patsfiend said:
    Jan 17, 2012, 12:18 PM PST
    Man, you would never hear Ross Ventrone talking smack like this about Brady. Ravens are a mess.

    That’s cause no one knows nor cares about Ross Ventrone. He couldn’t even carry Ed Reed’s pads, even if he did Brady himself would probably slap him back into the 4th string/special teams position he belongs in.

  62. Wow, they are freaking out. The Texans should get a little credit for actually being pretty damn good. Even with a 3rd string rookie. The Texans protected him well (0 sacks) and they pushed our offensive line around too. The Pats D isn’t as good as the Texans but they have Brady (miles above Yates) and will pick us apart. Flacco will have to throw alot. Now is his chance to put up or shut up.

  63. How do you all know it hasn’t already been said behind closed doors? And for those who think Ed is shy and doesn’t deal with the media, he has his own radio show with Ed Dixon called “Ed”itorial, he appears weekly on a local radio show on Friday nights on 105.7 The Fan, and is a frequent guest on Ladarius Webb’s “Cover Two” on Tuesday nights. He is everywhere and talks ALOT. And it is all freakin’ true. Dude’s a warrior and the entire offense needs to nut up. I was there Sunday and watched the game again on my DVR and the right side of our line was a sieve, and that is a generous comparison. NoOne could have operated in that condition. Houston is tough, but Oher and Yanda were pathetic. Someone, either Cameron or Flacco needed to hit some quick slants, etc… because the 5 and 7 step drops were futile. Ultimately, if I am Flacco, I’m saying “look bud…I know you’re the boss, but my safety and livelihood are being threatened here…if you don’t adjust, I will.” And if anyone does not think that the Patriots can’t dial it up like that for 1 game, you are wrong. They may not be able to sustain it for 16 games, but 1 they can do. Ravens better get it together. Thing is, from what I have seen, on the rear occasions they put it together, they can beat anyone.

  64. Reed said Flacco needs to get ride of his ridiculous porn stash too.

    Seriously, is there a bigger tool in the league than Flacco?

  65. Seriously? Reed dropped 3 Int and hobbled off the field like an old maid. I am no Flacco fan but the guy played his a** off and you won so how about a little kool-aid drinking and get ready for Brady

  66. Hey, if I had a mediocre do-nothing who’s just along for the ride like Flacco, I might tend to point the finger, too.

    He should also call out Suggs, who was as invisible as Flacco Sunday. But I guess that’s one of his own, so he won’t?

    Suggs gets double-docked for chickening out of his scheduled appearance on ESPN this morning.

  67. I wonder if Flacco, or any other Ravens player for that matter, has called out Ed when he makes one his patented bonehead post INT laterals? Ed has always had a problem with not rebooting his brain before engaging his mouth.

  68. Flacco was sacked 5 times and rushed and hit many more times by a great Texans defense – Patriots are NOTHING like that. What Flacco experienced last week is exactly what Brady will experience this week. The constant preassure will get you to move and throw just a tad earlier than you want to.

    In addition, during the last play off game between the Ravens and Pats, Flacco threw 10 times for 34 yards – I am not concerned about Flacco’s performance. He had 2 TDs against the Texans and no INT – that is good enough against the Pats too, as long as he does not turn it over.
    The rest has to come from the running game and a much bigger does of Ricky as Ray cannot rush every down.

    The rushing game has to keep Brady off the field, that si the only way we can defend him.

    As for all the non-Pat fans who are spewingg their hatred here – what is your team doing this coming weekend?

  69. Reed just pulled a Phil Jackson. And he’s speaking the truth. Cam is probably the worst play caller in the league, and that’s who Ed is really calling out. You can’t run on every single first down n most second n expect to perform well against 1 of the best D’s in the league. And if u don’t think Belicheat is gonna learn from what he saw last week than u dont know football. As a diehard ravens fan I’m worried cause this still looks exactly like the same team from the past 4 years (w Cam calling plays) that couldn’t get it done. I agree w Ed. Ravens need to step it up (especially Flacco) for Ray Ray. His time is almost over n this could be his last chance to make it to the Superbowl.. Go Ravens!

  70. somesome:
    I agree it will it’ll help if your team can limit the Pats possessions. That said, I think I read a stat that Pats were pretty low already in possessions per game but their points efficiency per drive is good. Wish I could remember the exact stat. Think Michael Irvin provided it on NFLN recently.

    Anyway I think that Flacco will probably have to be the difference maker in this one for you guys. Pats D isn’t Balt’s for sure but it’s better than most press gives it credit for. Red Zone, turnovers forced and 3rd down have all been pretty decent for them this year. Believe me, they’re hard to watch sometimes as a Pats fan but they’re not a bad defense. They had been at/near the bottom of the league for years in 3rd down & RZ defense for about 3-4 years prior to this one.

  71. infectorman says:
    Jan 17, 2012 5:21 PM
    why do people bring up stafford in this thread? He is not THAT good. Take away calvin johnson and he would be drastically different. Flacco could easily throw it into triple coverage too if he had Calvin Johnson.

    ——–I have no idea why people bring up Stafford on this thread, doesn’t really make sense. But to say he’s not that good? To say it’s all because of CJ? Consider this:

    Stafford threw 41 TD’s this year…. 27 of them were to people NOT named Calvin Johnson. He threw 7 more touchdowns to his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choices than Flacco threw all year to all of his recievers (Flacco had 20 TD’s). I have no idea why Stafford was brought up on this thread, but saying he’s not good, it’s all CJ just proves you don’t know anything about football and didn’t watch Stafford play this year. He was amazing, and if a Baltimore QB played at that level he’d be hailed as the second coming. So don’t make yourself sound unintelligent, the “it’s all megatron” argument is tired and baseless.

  72. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Joe Flaccid manages to put 28 points on the board, but the Pats score 45 on the Ravens’ aging defense? Considering how Flaccid has been whining to the media recently to get attention, can you imagine what he might say then after Reed’s comments?

    For me, this game is like choosing the lesser of 2 evils. I hope the Ravens lose more than I want to the Pats to win. Ravens were lucky Houston handed them the game last week.

    I don’t think I could stomach watching 1 let alone 2 crying whining Harbaughs in the Super Bowl either. So for me, go Giants.

  73. Way too hard on Flacco…He throws a fantastic dump off to Rice! Mix in the bomb down sideline, hoping for PI and you have a proven star, everywhere but High School, College and Pros.

    Mark Sanchez=Joe Flacco without gross facial moles but with gross mustache. Both SUCK and won’t win.

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