Falcons hire Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator


The Atlanta Falcons have their new defensive coordinator.

Mike Nolan was hired by the Falcons today, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports.

Nolan spent the last two years as the Dolphins’ defensive coordinator, and one year before that as the Broncos’ defensive coordinator. Prior to that he spent four years as the head coach of the 49ers.

Falcons head coach Mike Smith was on the same coaching staff as Nolan with the Ravens in 2001 and 2002.

Brian VanGorder, who was the Falcons’ defensive coordinator last year, left to become the defensive coordinator at Auburn.

24 responses to “Falcons hire Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator

  1. good hire, he worked wonders with denver as def coordinator in 2009 and the miami defense, though performed under much hyped expectations this year, was not the reason they lost 10 games.

  2. Mike Nolan can coach up a defense, nice hire. I offer this warning: hope he doesn’t employ his “big nickel” formation often, because it is awful. You will see it against the Saints and other passing teams.

    Maybe he will have the players to run it and do fine, but he don’t care, he ran it regardless of personnel here is SF and I hated it. Like I said, good hire, but he will need to be checked by the HC once in a while especially if he starts using the big nickel all the time.

  3. massmutt says: Jan 17, 2012 3:48 PM

    Mike Nolan never made an impact in Miami as there DC……..FAIL….
    Name someone who has made an impact in Miami since Marino. Nolan got things going there, they were doing pretty well on D…largely. Dumb comment bro…

  4. And this is going to help? Sorry but try again because it won’t. The falcons don’t have the ravens personnel. I see big nickel in their future, early and often.

  5. Crap. What are Ross and Ireland doing? Nolan my not be a good HC but he was a very good DC and the Dolphins should have kept him.

  6. yeah, sure, the Failcants are going to have another dangerously bad D….this is absolutely the worst run franchise in the NFL….all that talent on the team and they can’t make it productive…lmao…

  7. Massmutt

    Miami finished what?
    6th his first year and 7th this year in Miami?

    And it’s their not there.

  8. Massmutt u don’t know what your talking about.. Their D finished in the top 5 in the NFL last year and after a slow start this year by the whole team the last 9 weeks of the season their D was one of the best in the NFL… Mike Nolan is one of the best DC in football.. I don’t know what team u root for but u should know what your talking about before u bash someone…..

  9. I can’t say much about this. I liked mikes defense in 2010. But in 2011 he failed to get his team to play good defense until the 6-7th week of regular season. Which ultimately claimed Tonys fate. Maybe some people can say it was conspiracy theory (get Tony fired by mid-season, the best interim coach avail is Nolan). Whatever it is… I’m not shocked he left, because he should have been interim, and he should have been interviewed for HC. But he isnt/wasnt… the fins org has been idiotic in 1,000 ways or more. I wouldn’t work for those d-bags Ireland/Ross either.

  10. I’m a 49ers fan and haven’t really followed Nolan after he was canned by the 9ers so I can’t really comment on his DC abilities. I know that he was fired in Washington as their DC and Snyder called his defenses “vanilla”. Not sure Snyder is all that qualified to judge anyone however.

    Just don’t let this guy ever become your head coach. He’s terrible with his players and only knows defensive x’s and o’s and doesn’t have a clue about offense.

  11. Man good hire by falcons, n idk what fins are gona do they get rid of one of the best dc on nfl they better get zimmer at least to b dc cause if not is gona b big lost for miami

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