Fisher expected to get $35 million for five years, no extra title


Jeff Fisher will officially be introduced as Rams coach Tuesday after finalizing the terms of a five-year contract.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports its “believed” Fisher will earn roughly $7 million-per-year to coach the Rams. So if he’s taking less money than he would have in Miami, it’s not much less.

Fisher is not expected to have any additional titles like “executive vice president.” He may wind up with final say on personnel matters, but Thomas says it won’t be a “my way or else” proposition.

Thomas writes that Fisher will at least be on equal footing with any personnel chief, but it’s safe to say the coach will have more power. He’ll likely have final say on the roster and be involved with the general manager search.

While Hue Jackson is talking with Fisher about the offensive coordinator gig, Thomas believes that former Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottheimer remains the favorite for that job. Dave McGinnis, Chuck Cecil, Tim Hauck, and Fisher’s son Brandon are mentioned as other staff possibilities.

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  1. Fisher will the Rams in the playoffs before Andy reid”s Eagles. When will Laurie admit, Reid can’t take us to the Super Bowl…..THE LINEBACKERS STINK. THE SAFTIES STINK

  2. Supremely, exponentially, OVERPAID! Ya gotta love professional sports where mediocrity is tremendously rewarded!

  3. @mikeeg and @oldbyrd. Think what you want. In the time from 99 – 08 (after the crazy move from Houston to Nashville and playing in 4 different stadiums settled down) he was 5th in winning percentage with 10 or more wins in 6 of those seasons. His owner forced him to draft a QB that he didn’t want. His 8-8 teams really should have been 5-11 or 6-10.

    @dchuwo: 11 losing seasons? More like 5 in 16 seasons. 8-8 isn’t a losing season.

    So, now he has an owner that has lots of $$$, won’t get in his way and he can do his thing.

    Future is bright for the STL Rams.

  4. All Fans know that sports money is Monopoly Money! This is Walmart Money! It really doesn’t matter to us.

  5. Last season the Rams probably had the worst coaching staff in the NFL.A year later,they’re going to have one of the best.Fisher is worth the money paid and he will turn around the Rams.

  6. Hopefully Fisher won’t get stuck with another VY and won’t have an owner that doesn’t have his back.

    The VY debacle brought his whole record down and Fisher will have to fight to overcome those lost years.

    NFL owners know Fisher can win. They haven’t forgotten his pre-VY period.

  7. We will see who the jerks are. Coaching staffs need chemistry just like teams, Coach Fisher is picking who he wants.not fumbling around trying to find a could be coach in the haystack. Mr.Kronke aka Stan The Man has his pick.

  8. Who cares what you have to pay, it doesn’t count against the cap. You got the coach you wanted, he’s bringing in a great D coordinator in Gregg Williams and either Shotty or Jackson will be an upgrade over McDaniels. Fisher knows how to win in this league, and the Rams have been nowhere near mediocrity, he is the right guy to turn the ship around. All you non Rams fans need to quit piping in, he was the longest tenured coach for a very long time, and there has to be a reason for that. There is very little downside to this move.

  9. dchuwo says:
    Jan 17, 2012 9:47 AM
    $7 million a year and owners chasing a coach with 11 losing seasons in 17 seasons? Call me crazy, but I don’t see it.


    Out of his 16 full seasons, he had 5 losing seasons (and let’s face it 1-5 after Pardee was fired really doesn’t belong to him). But 8-8 is not a losing season. You want to say he is mediocre for only having 6 winning seasons out of his 16 full seasons, have at it. But don’t make up losing seasons when it is not true.

  10. This hiring is strictly the NAME…..Fisher has been average at best for YEARS…….Fisher is really smart though and he DID have to deal with Vince Young and that mess….so we’ll see

  11. @willie,

    An elite coach doesn’t need the laundry list of excuses you provide for Fisher. Also, to any real football fan 8-8 has the same value as a losing season.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  12. That comes out to 1 million dollars per year for every time he made the playoffs in 17 years plus an extra mill for having the best mustache of any head coach in the NFL.

    He will be contactually obligated to return that extra million if Dave Wanstadt ever gets another head coaching job.

  13. rascalmanny says:
    Jan 17, 2012 10:07 AM
    Hopefully Fisher won’t get stuck with another VY and won’t have an owner that doesn’t have his back.

    The VY debacle brought his whole record down and Fisher will have to fight to overcome those lost years.

    NFL owners know Fisher can win. They haven’t forgotten his pre-VY period.

    Fisher made the playoffs 4 times in 12 years before VY got there, and twice in 5 years after VY got there.

    In other words, before Young got there, Fisher made the playoffs 33% of the time.

    After Young got there, Fisher made the playoffs 40% of the time.

    Did you actually do any research at all before you made your completely wrong point?

  14. Wiz $6 mil per year
    Fisher $7 mil per year
    Carroll around $6.5 mil per year plus other control
    Harbaugh $5 mil per year

    Interesting, and not bad for what is/was considered the worst division in football.

  15. God Bless JF. If he (and his agent) can milk $35,000,000 out of the Rams based on his past accomplishments and apparently his name then good for them. Also, as the infamous Ricky Bobby said “If you aint first, you’re last”.

  16. He may wind up with final say on personnel matters, but Thomas says it won’t be a “my way or else” proposition.

    I don’t see a difference between the two?? Doesn’t final mean final?

  17. Wow, massively overpaid. The Rams were obviously desperate for a Head Coach w/ credibility. He may work out for them, but that contract is crazy.

  18. Titans went 13-3 in 2008 with a backup QB. Fisher hasn’t forgotten how to coach or win.

    His last year as a Titans coach and with this season the Titans had quitters and check collectors.

    Fisher can win when he has winners on the team. And much of that attitude starts with the QB.

    Those of you still wearing the VY glasses can choke on stats all you want. If VY had put a third of the work in that Tom Brady does the Titans might have had a SB win.

  19. jnbnet, Bill Belichick gets $7.5 MIL a year.

    Considering the salaries of the other NFC West coaches, somebody should call the police because the Niners are stealing.

  20. $7 million a year for a guy that average 1 winning season every 3 years, $21 million per winning season, BARGAIN!!!

    Lord only knows what a guy like Cowher can demand now, my guess is the owner will have to purchase one of the soon to be bankrupt European countries (something ike Greece) and give him that as a signing bonus along with $10 million a year.

  21. I have been a fan of Jeff Fisher since back when he was the head coach for the Houston Oilers but, That was then and this is now. He is a terrible clock manger, plays way too conservitive and afraid to think outside the box. In the last few seasons he has not been professional towards his own players and taking things personal. All and all he really is not 35 million dollars good. “Coaches Build Teams”

  22. Lesson one for prospective HCs, get a lot of media friends. They can dumb down the public to believing that you’re a good coach, when you’re in actuality mediocre at best, and are essentially living off of a questionable playoff run that some still aren’t sure should have ever gone past the first round.

    In contrast, the guy you “beat” that day (Wade Phillips) gets dumped on everywhere he goes, despite only having one losing season, but you’re praised for your 12 .500 or below seasons in 17 years with cries of you not having enough power (hogwash because he got it when Floyd Reece was pushed out and quickly saw the talent in TN dry up).

    Jeff Fisher, the definition of leaving someone in place long enough and they’ll get you some playoff appearances. Now, he’s parlayed that and his media friends championing him at every turn to $7 million a year. Well played, Statche, well played.

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