Grigson says Colts’ quarterback, coach are separate considerations


In announcing the firing of head coach Jim Caldwell, Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson says today’s decision has no bearing on the future of quarterback Peyton Manning.

Instead, Grigson said, the decision about whether Manning will remain with the Colts or be released will be decided at a later date, separate from the decision to fire Caldwell.

“In regards to Peyton, we’re not even there with anything involving Peyton Manning quite yet,” Grigson said. “We have to know about his medical — there’s so many things, I’m not even there yet. This is about Jim Caldwell, his departure and moving forward in that direction. In regards to Peyton, I have not gone in that direction yet. That’s something that has not been discussed.”

It strains credulity to suggest that Manning’s situation hasn’t even been discussed yet, but the Manning situation is on a separate time frame from the coaching situation. The Colts will hire a new head coach well before they make the decision in early March about whether to pay Manning his $28 million bonus or let him go.

Whether the Colts have Manning or Andrew Luck or both on the roster next season will have a huge impact on the next coach. But the Colts’ brass knew they were ready to fire the old coach before knowing who their starting quarterback will be in 2012.

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  1. I would hate to see the 9ers lose their OC Greg Roman to the Colts after only one year, but I know he will get an interview and perhaps more from the Colts,

    Why not hire the guy who worked with Luck at Stanford as your HC? Roman is going to be a good coach when he gets his shot. Colts fan learn that name.

    The Harbaugh coaching tree starts in Indy.

  2. That pic looks like Peyton is just about to tell Caldwell what to do. “ok, coach, call a timeout………………now”

  3. I was just thinking about how boring the Colts offseasons have always been. lol This season is going to make up for all those past years in Spades!

  4. Smart move, though Caldwell had a strong record two years prior to this one bad season and lost his starting QB and was under the thumb of Czar Polian. Rough deal.

  5. Look this is business. Time for a new start. Do I want to pay Peyton 28 million and he MIGHT play this year or week 3 or week 10 or do I want to start the next 12 years under Andrew Luck? Simple.

  6. If you want to ensure that Andrew Luck will play in Indy, they should definitely look into getting Roman. Grigson is a first time GM, so put some faith in a first time coach with a lot of potential.

    The whole situation in Indianapolis is bad. There’s no two ways about it, but I do give Irsay credit for firing the Polians and replacing him with someone who had the brain to fire Caldwell. Now they just need to get rid of Manning and start over.

    Chances are good that with the poor level of talent on the team, even with Luck, they’re going to have another high draft pick next year, with which to really get something started. I’m relatively excited so far with what’s happened, considering the alternatives.

  7. I hope Peyton Manning gets healthy and is staring across the line at Andrew Luck in a Colts jersey. God help Luck!!!

  8. “It strains credulity to suggest that Manning’s situation hasn’t even been discussed yet,..”

    Not really because there’s nothing to talk about. The GM got axed, .. that was a sure signal that the new regime, which has no ties to Manning will be doing what’s in the best long term interest of the Colts. Not what’s in the best interest of Manning.

    Irsay took the Colts out of Baltimore because he thought that was in the Colts best interest so I’d suspect that Manning should prepare himself for taking a great big pay cut AND possibly moving on to another team. The bottom line is for as great as he been in the past for the Colts he’s now a 36 year old QB with an injury that might only take one more hit to end his career.

    Unfortunately for Manning and the Colts fans that want him to stay around what happens on the field is football and the rest is business.

  9. This is what happens when Peyton goes down. Get used to it… he’s one bad sack away from a wheel chair.
    You don’t push neck injuries.
    Time to hang em’ up. Nothing personal, but the risk is not worth the reward and he got paid.

  10. Just get Peyton’s former OC back as HC (Moore). Keep him (Peyton) happy for a couple more years and draft Luck regardless. The Colts don’t really need a HC if Peyton is healthy and playing.

  11. I don’t understand this Peyton Manning backlash. After everything he’s done turning that team into a contender after decades of sucking? He misses one year and deserves to get cut? The guy got hurt! Playing football! Why show him the door? Why does it have to be keep Peyton or draft Luck? Go ahead and draft Luck and let him watch for a year or two. Peyton deserves the opportunity to come back from this and Luck doesn’t deserve to be thrown to the wolves in year one. If Peyton’s hurt so bad that he can no longer play, he’ll show himself the door and you’ll still have Luck. I’m not even a Colts fan and this makes me mad as hell. Show some class!

  12. if greg roman or pep hamilton is the new OC that means Luck is coming 2 the colts if christensen is retain that means that peyton wil return and continuity is in place, simple.

  13. With the success that Rogers is having , having sat behind Favre and the slow time of development of Ryan, Sanchez, Bradford, Stafford etc. I agree with trying to win now again with Manning and draft Luck and let him sit behind Peyton. Luck is probably not a Rothlisberger was as a rookie ( nor is the Colts defense as good as the Steelers) nor is he a beast like Newton. Let him sit and learn while Peyton does his thing. The new CBA helps as the first pick isnt going to cost anywhere close to what Bradford , Stafford or Jamarcus Russell.

  14. Whoever they bring in will have no say in the Peyton Manning decision anyway. They also need to consider that this roster is truly a mess. They have no running back. Addai is shot and Brown hasnt shown anything. Reggie Wayne is gone. The defense is horrendous. It doesnt matter who plays QB next year. That team wont contend unless is gets a serious overhaul. The AFC has a bunch of good young teams and I cant see them winning that division with the Texans on the rise either way

  15. “He misses one year and deserves to get cut?”

    No Rondo, but deserves has nothing to do with it.

    There is no denying what he’s meant to this team, .. he’s out and all the sudden they are one of the worst teams in football. coincidence, .. I think not! But, there is also no denying that the type of injury that he has might well be career ending with his next sack. The way the NFL cap is structured it’s profoundly risky, .. along the lines of hamstring the team for 5-6 years if the Colts keep him on the roster long enough to let his bonus kick in. Either he’s willing to renegotiate or he needs to be ready to move on.

    I’m a Jet fan and I’m still annoyed about him staying in UT and not being the Jet #1 pick. I’m even willing to give him the benefit of the doubt about him wanting to return to win an NCAA championship. That being said, there is no getting around what he has meant top the Colts. In fact, I think he’s the ONLY reason they won even one SB. Had he been blessed with decent defense they would certainly have won multiple SBs.

    Its not about “deserves”. It’s about what is fair, .. and right now what’s fair, .. from Manning’s standpoint, .. its brutally fair.

    We all need to realize what happens at on the field is football, .. everything else is business.

  16. Everyone needs to do their homework before making a “decision” on Manning. I say from things that I have heard that he is healthy now. Just by finishing the season “unable to play”, he was going to be placed on rehab for the off season. This would allow him to stick around, which is something that he could not do last year. As for the homework; letting Manning go or trading him is complete salary cap suicide. There is actually a sweet spot of how much of a cap hit that will be taken at about two years down the road. Do you think that is a coincidence? Manning will be a Colt next year. The loss of Kerry Collins’ contract roughly makes up the difference of what they will need for Luck. Manning has blinded most with the bigger deal of how to retain a core of what’s left. The head of the team (quarterback) may be in place next year, but without some magic in cap manipulation the guts of the team are going to be ripped out.

  17. Let Joe Flacco stink up the place up against the Pats- Ravens front office will make a run at Manning and/or Brees (Ravens would have to give up 2 first rounders to get him) Ravens fans, front office and most importantly Ray-Ray and Reed are tired of the long chain of scrub QB’S

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