Dre Kirkpatrick arrested for marijuana possession

Former Alabama cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick, who is widely viewed as a first-round prospect in this year’s NFL draft, has been arrested for possession of marijuana.

The web site for the Sheriff’s Office in Manatee County, Florida, lists Kirkpatrick as having been arrested at 12:48 a.m. today for possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis. He was released after posting $120 bond.

Kirkpatrick, who announced last week that he is leaving Alabama for the NFL, is considered one of the top defensive players in the class of 2012. The eight mock drafts posted at NFL.com all have Kirkpatrick going in the Top 10.

129 responses to “Dre Kirkpatrick arrested for marijuana possession

  1. stupid, stupid, stupid!! you just lost out on millions, son. congratulations, your the donkey of the year!

  2. No biggie, this kid was a man amongst boys this year…cost himself some money but will be a stud

  3. Several “mock drafts” have the Bengals taking Janoris Jenkins in the first round, accompanied by the usual sarcasm about how Cincinnati doesn’t care about “character issues”, blah blah blah. Should be fun to once again see hypocrisy on display when they try to address Kirkpatrick and whichever team takes him.

  4. Police found 20 grams in his possession, and from the look of his eyeballs estimate he had smoked another 80 grams prior to the arrest.

  5. These players need to come to Arizona where being a marijuana patient will keep you from workplace discrimination. We can also conceal guns without a permit.

  6. Maybe he will slide in the draft AKA Aaron Hernandez. BB will trade back into the 2nd round and draft him.

  7. Why don’t these kids ever learn? It seems like brain cells were the trade off for talent.

  8. How dumb can you be, seriously?

    The biggest day in your life is 4 months away. And youre hanging out with cannabis on your person? Seriously?

    Wait until your NFL career is over, and spend every day smoking or shooting, or whatever tickles your fancy. But to get caught with weed this close to draft day is about as stupid as you can get, and not have to wear a helmet to walk to the store.

  9. Wait, a kid got caught with a joint???? Say it ain’t so!

    (for the reading impaired, that was sarcasm)

  10. Calm down people. It’s just marijuana. If he drops past the first round then he could be an absolute steal in the second or third round.

  11. There’s always those 2 or 3 idiots who test positive at the combine. This was going to be one of them … until the Manatee County Sheriff’s office caught him, first.

  12. Hopefully he falls all the way to the 5th round so my Raiders can take him with their first pick of the ’12 draft… (as I chuckle in pity)

  13. oh he’s going to drop like a hot potato now…someone’s going to get a steal and a pothead mid too late 1st round…

    That mugshot doesn’t help either…

  14. People he will not fall to the Lions. We are going to trade out of the first and maybe even the 2nd round. We need to save money for Calvin and Stafford in their deals. And hope we hit homeruns like the Patriots in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Reality folks. Putting it in stone (oh sorry wrong choice of words…stone(d)…lol)

  15. 20 grams is almost three quarters…lucky he wasn’t still in Alabama, that’s probably felony quantity over there. Barely rates as a misdemeanor in reasonable jurisdictions, however. Hopefully this lets him drop and he gets taken by Baltimore at the end of 1 so we can have ten years of lockdown at DB between him and Jimmy Smith!

    /I don’t even like weed, but think it should be about as illegal as over-the-counter sleeping pills

  16. Stupid. It isn’t like this is heroin, where his craving for the drug could profoundly affect his behavior. Marijuana is not addictive. He made a conscious decision to carry (and probably smoke) pot despite the fact that millions of dollars are at stake and that he will be tested for drugs at the upcoming combine.

    If I’m a GM, I immediately cross this guy off my board. I can deal with one red flag, but this guy is irresponsible, immature, and stupid. Not a good combination. I can’t imagine that this won’t drop him in the draft. Idiotic. I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

  17. chiefjj says:
    Jan 17, 2012 3:52 PM
    Calm down people. It’s just marijuana. If he drops past the first round then he could be an absolute steal in the second or third round.


    Thats the same attitude this kid has. The attitude that “Hey…it really isnt a big law Im breaking here. Not like Im killing anyone”

    He is still breaking the law 4 months before he is scheduled to be drafted. Its about as dumb as you can get.

    He should be spending that time working out with a combine prep company. Not breaking the law. No, not even a little bit.

  18. Fred Davis and Trent Williams want the skins to draft him at #6 now. They’re looking for a buddy to get suspended for the year with in 2012.

  19. skins716 says:
    Jan 17, 2012 3:42 PM
    stupid, stupid, stupid!! you just lost out on millions, son. congratulations, your the donkey of the year!

    Ummm…….no he didn’t.

    He won’t even fall a full round, maybe a hand full of pics. With the rookie wage scale, he won’t lose much.

    Do you think teams really care about this stuff?

  20. Y’all act like weed is bad?? There’s nothing wrong with it maybe some of these ppl on this site need to smoke some y’all prolly would chill and stop being so judgmental

  21. Oh give me a break with the “it’s still breaking the law”. I’m guessing you’ve never once exceeded the legal posted speed limit, rolled through a stop sign, jay-walked, or been in a public place ever-so-slightly intoxicated?

    Some laws are stupid, laws against smoking pot are among many that fall under that category. And I rather doubt this is going to cost him much more than his fine.

  22. earthtopft says:
    Jan 17, 2012 3:47 PM
    Police found 20 grams in his possession, and from the look of his eyeballs estimate he had smoked another 80 grams prior to the arrest.

    mistersmith22 says:
    Jan 17, 2012 3:57 PM
    20 grams is almost three quarters…lucky he wasn’t still in Alabama, that’s probably felony quantity over there.

    Good grief, people. Read the article a little more closely.

    He was arrested for possession of “LESS than 20 grams of marijuana”.

    That could mean he had 19 ounces or it could mean they found a roach in the ashtray in his car.

  23. For everyone who says “oh, it’s just weed,” it doesn’t matter your opinion, it is against the law and against NFL rules.

    Tanard Jackson has missed 24 games due to suspension from pot over the last 3 seasons. If you don’t think teams take this seriously, you are the idiot.

    Tanard was one of the Bucs best players before missing so much time but he was one of the main contributors to the horrible defense this year. Not only did they miss him from the suspension, but all the time away from the team seems to have ruined his game, at least for now.

    Teams take this seriously.

  24. now he will never make anything of his life….i mean he can never be president……..well he can never be a presidential candidate of the democratic party……..well he can never be a presidential candidate of the republican party……..

    at what point did we start holding our college students…..errr college athletes to a higher standard than our presidents? (not a right or left leaning comment).

  25. hawkjuice says:
    Jan 17, 2012 3:52 PM
    Who cares? Its weed.

    There’s a very short list of things you absolutely must not do before the draft to affect your spot on teams’ boards. Testing positive for drugs or getting arrested are two of them. You may not care, and I certainly don’t, but I guarantee you the GMs with mid-round picks care. A lot. And they’re the ones who will determine the $$$.

  26. Hope he falls down the board to GB. This kid is fast and GB has a way of turning players into decent human beings.

  27. Who cares, just weed. He is talented enough that it won’t affect his stock. GMs learned their lesson from Dan Marino.

  28. And some say weed isn’t addictive… plenty of people ruining their lives with weed. they can’t stop smoking it even when millions are on the line.

  29. Maybe Dre misunderstood what people were saying when they told him they wanted him to go very high in the draft.

    While this is not an example of good judgment, he should still go in the first round if he stays out of trouble in the next few months.

  30. Welcome to Dallas Dre. You and Dez should get along fine. And look, both of your first names have three letters. I can see them robbing a liquor store too.

  31. typical trailer trash behavior from a ghetto dweller from nowhere, AL….you can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy….alabammy state motto….

  32. Maybe the New England Patriots select Dre Kirkpatrick, just like Aaron Hernandez fell in later rounds on same issues.

  33. And if he’d been caught with 30 cases of beer, 20 quarts of vodka, and six cartons of cigarettes, he would have been on his way after a quick breath analyzer test. This country and its arcane drug laws are so freaking absurd.

  34. To those who think this wont be such a big deal, think again. He will now be facing a bit of suspension for his rookie season. Also, he’s going into the rookie year already with 1 strike against him toward the 3 needed for 1 year suspension.

    Despite his awesome talent, I’ll be surprised if he’s picked in round 1. This really did cost the kid a lot.

  35. nathan702nelson
    I doubt many are confused to think he wont be a performer due to smoking weed. The big risk comes from what punishment now, and potentially in the future, will he be facing (suspensions). Also, if he’s this dismissive of rules it might be indicative of a personality type.

  36. Dr. Dre caught with a blunt? Who’d have thought?

    Two things here.
    1) He’s not in the NFL yet, so no need to reset the counter
    2) He’s not in the NFL yet, so this arrest won’t count towards suspensions for him. It’ll raise a flag but teams won’t pass on him for too many picks.

  37. Hey, we beat LSU in the title game. We’re #1. I’m going pro and will get picked in the top ten. I’ve got the world on a string . . . get out the weed and the rolling papers . . . or maybe even the bong.

  38. I can NOT understand these kids!! WTF are they thinking?! Your about to start a job making millions that has a strict policy on off the field conduct and you get arrested for drug possession months before the draft. WHY! Is Marijuana that important?! Are you addicted?! Do you suck Dicc for Marijuana!?

  39. ee00ee says:
    Jan 17, 2012 4:25 PM
    To those who think this wont be such a big deal, think again. He will now be facing a bit of suspension for his rookie season. Also, he’s going into the rookie year already with 1 strike against him toward the 3 needed for 1 year suspension.

    Despite his awesome talent, I’ll be surprised if he’s picked in round 1. This really did cost the kid a lot.

    No, he won’t face a suspension. And it won’t count as a strike. He’s not in the league yet.

    Percy Harvin tested positive AT THE NFL COMBINE! And he was not suspended, and oh by the way, was still drafted in the first round.

    People need to be getting their facts straight around here.

  40. I have no problem with marijuana, but the fact that his future and millions of dollars at stake, knowing he will be drug tested at the combine worries me.
    I was praying the lions draft a top CB in the first round, but they all have red flags. Guess were gonna be signing somebody, please don’t let Eric Wright start again!

  41. Stupid move, which he’s going to pay for in a big way with his wallet, but at the same time it’s utterly stupid that a plant is illegal.

  42. I doubt any front office considers a minor possession charge a red flag worthy of dropping a guy a couple of rounds.

    Tons of very successful people smoke the dope. It worked for Randy Moss.

  43. conradantiestablishment says:
    Jan 17, 2012 4:19 PM
    There’s a time and place for everything children and called college. Oh darn, he’s not in college anymore.
    Could have sworn he was in still in college until May/June.

  44. Just tells me he knows how to relax in a safe and nonthreatening manner instead of getting crunk in the club.

    As long as he can keep from getting suspended by the NFL, I would raise his draft grade based on this.

  45. I still don’t get why when sports players get caught with pot it such a big deal. I’d be willing to bet more pro stars use pot than anyone thinks. Even guys you wouldn’t expect ( aka white guys ). Pot can very helpful for sore muscles and can help with recuperation via the relaxing nature of the drug. It is also a very powerfull pain killer with zero addictive chemicals ( though the high itself can be addicting, so can anything else such as sugar and fatty foods and is why everything should be used in moderation by responsible adults). And the side effects of pot compared to say opiate based pain killers is very limited.

    Personally I have zero problem with the use of pot even for fun as seems mr. Kirkpatrick was doing.

    That being said my bigger problem is that we have a kid so dumb he’s a big time sports star rolling around with close to an ounce of pot on him 3 months before the biggest pay day of his life. This shows me that dre us either really stupid or really just had an I don’t care attitude. And as much as I like his talent I would not draft him in the first 2 rounds. If he fell to the third round I would take the chance he learned his lesson, but their to many talents that are close enough to him and do smart things and think before they act to not take them before someone so stupid

  46. Welcome to Foxboro. This gentleman is Mr. Spikes, he will show you around. Mr. Hernandez will give you a few pointers concerning the rules around here. Denver may have Timmy Boy but the Pats have the legacy of Myra.

  47. I’m pretty liberal when it comes to drug legalization. I really don’t think possessing marijuana should be a crime.

    However, being stupid enough to being caught with marijuana? With millions of dollars on the line? That is so stupid it is a crime. Whoever his agent is needs to smack this kid upside the head. Goodbye, guaranteed money…

    Bottom of the first round is what you can hope for now, Dandre.

  48. This isn’t even a big deal. So what he likes to get high. As long as it’s not affecting him from doing his job then by all means enjoy yourself and live your life.

    Tim Lincecum doesn’t seem to have a problem.

  49. I’ve always thought that if you can smoke pot and still be the best in the world at something, go on with your bad self.

  50. He should go to the Bengals. Jerome Simpson will teach him how to avoid jailtime for things like this.

  51. Think about this:

    You’re a draft prospect who looks to be taken between #6 and #10.

    All of the teams drafting there are dreadful.

    The new rookie wage scale means that the money at #10 isn’t that different from the money at #15 or #20.

    All you have to do to avoid getting drafted by a crummy team in the top ten as opposed to being drafted by a great team at the end of the first round is to let Johnny Law find a little bag in your pocket.

    Long term, no one is going to hold it against you.


  52. He has been mocked to the Jags over and over. I am happy with the pick. Our GM, however, will not have any of that foolishness. It was good while it lasted Dre.

  53. Pot is pot, and I don’t believe its a big deal. The bigger issue to me is that he is stupid enough to get caught at the worst possible time in his life. What you do in your own time is your business, but if you are too inept to keep it private then you deserve whatever ramifications flow from your getting caught.

  54. Just ask the Jets about Warren Sapp in the 1995 draft…..smoked a little weed back in the day, Jets found out so they drafted Kyle Brady with the 9th pick instead….How did that work for them!!!! lol Sapp got drafted by Bucs with 12th pick!!!

  55. As a Patriots fan, all I have to say is Aaron Hernadez please let him drop to the Pats….that would be sweet. None issue, Dre is just kid is being young and dumb and having fun. If he behaves proper in the following months after this he will be land on a better team and have a better shot to make more money someday if he keeps to the grind and makes wiser choices. Weed is a joke……most people in this board have no idea how many NFL players have been caught smoking it.

  56. The War on Drugs has been going on for at least three decades. It should be obvious to most morons and the casual observer that it cannot be won.
    It should also be obvious that Blacks are hit harder because of their choices are likely to illegal. Tossing down shots of bourbon is OK, smoking a joint is illegal.
    That makes the War on Drugs the New Jim Crow.

    Lets do to the New Jim Crow what we did to the old Jim Crow. It’s time

  57. Ah, don’t worry, don’t worry about a thing, everything, every little thing’s gonna be alright…he’ll be a fine player…

  58. I grew up in the same neighborhood as Dre in Gadsden Alabama and he is not a bad kid. Plus if any of you had read the full arrest report you would know that the marijuana was found at his feet but the driver Christopher Rogers claimed it. He will more than likely get out of this one. If not maybe the Falcons can get him later on!!! I will have to ask his parents about this and get the real story the next time I see them at Dollar General.

  59. jrfrom508 says:
    Jan 17, 2012 3:44 PM
    awesome! maybe the entire league will pass on him like they all passed on Aaron Hernando and the Pats can snatch him up.

    Kind of how the rest of the league passed on Haynesworth and Ochocinco.

    The Pats aren’t as masking questionable charecters as they use to.

  60. Oh no! Alert the media! A 22 year old kid did what 22 year old kids do! How many college graduates on here have honestly never smoked some dope? Who cares?

  61. It’s only pot… Not anything serious. I’m sure he will be a great player for the team smart enough to pick him up.

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