Not so fast on Schottenheimer to St. Louis

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On Sunday night, Mike Lombardi of reported that the Rams offered, and former Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer will accept, the position of offensive coordinator on Jeff Fisher’s staff.

And so it was jarring to see the blurb from MDS, citing Chris Mortensen of ESPN, that former Raiders coach Hue Jackson will interview for the job.

Per Mort, Schottenheimer is still considered the favorite, but Hue “gets a shot.”

But the gist of Mort’s report is that Schottenheimer hasn’t been offered, and hasn’t accepted, the position.

It could be that Fisher has given Jackson an interview as a courtesy, in order to inject his name back into the NFL news cycle a week after he was fired.  With Fisher preferring a power-running game in the past, Jackson’s more pass-happy attack wouldn’t seem to fit.

Or maybe the powers-that-be in St. Louis weren’t thrilled with the initial reaction to the decision to import Schottenheimer, who has been widely blamed for the poor performance of the “ground and pound” offense in New York.

Either way, this fairly important position on the staff of a head coach with a background in defense remains unfilled.  And the development of quarterback Sam Bradford hangs in the balance.

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  1. Shotty will be a disaster for the rams. I have watched him and his hideous playcalling every week for all 6 of the years he was with the jets and it was painful. He failed with Pennington he failed with Favre and worst he killed Sanchez. For you Rams fans that are unfamiliar with him you should be praying he doesn’t sign on with your team. Shotty is a good guy and he makes you wanna root for him but his playcalling is awful! All of you in St Louis will find that out soon enough if he becomes your OC.

  2. Rams brass probably read the posts of Jets fans on PFT and said, “Maybe this guy is an idiot”.

  3. I love how the “insiders” swear that they have the skinny on what’s going on. Obviously Mike Lombardi got wrong information or just completely embellished the situation because that’s how he thought it was going to play out. I’m not saying it won’t, but you have to love the stone cold facts that these “insiders” give us at times, lol.

  4. I’m happy Schotty is out of NY, but I sure hope he’s not being dicked around here. That’s just wrong and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, especially someone who seemed to be a nice guy, despite his OC shortcomings for my favorite team.

  5. jeff fisher, hue jackson, gregg williams ….

    thats like having 3 head coaches on 1 team,

    good stuff,

    bright future for rams.

  6. Fisher may just be helping Hue out, but if Hue is a better passing game coordinator, he makes more sense with Bradford there. I’m not a Fisher fan at all. I personally think Hue a better Head Coach. I also think Schotty ends up in StL.

  7. Shotty calls maybe 1 or 2 GREAT games a season, and then the rest of the games are awful. He never seems to graps the concept of having the receiver targeted on third run past the marker than break for the catch. I cant remember how many times I threw the remote at the TV because on a 3rd and 8, we completed a 6 or 7 yard pass. Take Hue…

  8. How can one blame Brian Schottenheimer for receivers not being able to create separation due to age (Burress), a running back not being a threat due to age (Tomlinson), and over the top attitudes that belong on a reality show. Brian was good enough to get the Jets to a couple of AFC Championship games so perhaps there are other things or people at fault!

  9. Maybe some of you guys at PFT havent been keeping up with current events, but, pass happy attacks are now the norm in the NFL. San Fran and NO had how many passing yds between them? over 700 was it? Id call that pass happy.
    ITs now against the rules to actually defend a WR, so its up and down the field like little league football. You cant rush the passer with tackling the QB in mind or uncle Rodger will fine you thousands of dollars, so why defend? Would you? Ole Uncle Rodger is slowly but surly killing pro football, and you people are either to ” up their azz, or dont care. just say’en.

  10. Most people outside of NY like to say Sanchez sucks and give Shotty a pass but if you look at his history, it’s terrible.

    He was Drew Brees’s QBC and the Chargers went ahead and drafted Eli and then Phillip Rivers only two years in to Brees’s career (two years before his injury, btw). Brees was still a good QB in SD. Year after he left he started getting elite chatter over in NO though.

    Pennington was mediocre in NY. Left the Jets and won the AFC East with Sparano and the Fins (Brady was out).

    Favre finished with one of his worst seasons in the NFL. The next year he won the NFC North and went to the AFC CG as a huge favorite.

    In six years Shotty’s offense has finished in the top HALF of the NFL a single time, 13th overall, with Favre.

    He has not developed a single play maker in his time here. Not a single one.

  11. I’d go with Schotty over Radio if I were Fisher. Unless of course he wants to have a nonstop headache and power struggle until he finally has to pull a Mark Davis.

    Go with Brian Schottenheimer, save yourself the trouble Fish.

  12. I hope Fisher goes with his first thought and hires Schottenheimer because hiring Hue would actually be the best thing he’s done in years.

    Also, I’d be forced to root for the Rams because Hue got screwed in Oakland by the fake Al DAvis and his new flunkie.

  13. Shott is horrible. Has he ever run a good offense or developed a player into a game-changer?

    What exactly has he done to merit an OC position in the National Football League?

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