Raiders request permission to interview Mike Tice

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As the Oakland Raiders continue to seek a new head coach, another candidate has emerged: Mike Tice.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Raiders have asked the Bears for permission to interview Tice, whom the Bears promoted from offensive line coach to offensive coordinator this month.

Tice was named interim head coach of the Vikings for the final game of the 2001 season, after Dennis Green was fired, and kept the job from 2002 through 2005. As a head coach he went 32-33 in the regular season and 1-1 in the playoffs.

After getting fired in Minnesota, Tice spent three years as an assistant head coach in Jacksonville before joining the Bears’ staff in 2009.

The rapidly expanding list of candidates for the top job in Oakland also includes Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen, Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers and Packers assistant head coach/linebackers coach Winston Moss.

43 responses to “Raiders request permission to interview Mike Tice

  1. what a crucial list of candidates so far,

    Mike Tice has Raiders written all over him,

    he’s a man big enough, literally as well, for the job,

    but still I want to pick Carmichael & Morninwegs brains first,

    ROB RYAN THO , would be the best fit, ever.

  2. As a Broncos fan I would LOVE it if the Raiders hired Rob Ryan, he would set that organization back years…it would be great!

  3. Mike Tice actually did a decent job considering the working conditions in Minnesota.

    He wasn’t able to put together a real coaching staff. His OC left because the owner, then Red McCombs refused to pay more than minimum wage for his coaching staff.

    He wasn’t able to get free agents because Red McCombs wouldn’t spend money that. Antonio Piece was a decent LB when he was in town, McCombs refused to spend the money on him. They ended up with Henri Crockett instead.

    McCombs forced the Randy Moss trade because he refused to pay him an 8 million dollar signing bonus.

    McCombs reportedly yelled at Mike Tice because he threw away the team Christmas photo dated 2002. McCombs allegedly said “these are still good”…in 2004 and pulled them out of the trash.

    Considering Tice went 32-33 in the regular season and did upset the Packers at Lambeau in the 2004 season playoffs, he did okay.

    It would be interesting to see what he can do given a full coaching staff, and presumably an owner who would bring in a free agent to help the team.

  4. As a Vikings fan I feel that Tice never got a fair chance as a HC, he actually did a pretty good job considering the overall lack of talent at that time.

  5. Any chance the Bears will say ‘Yes’? They have said ‘No’ to every other request (IIRC) and just promoted this guy so they must think he has something going for him.

  6. bwill53: Misery loves company! The longer the Norval sets back the Dolts and the Raiduhs continue to get in their own way the better! Hopefully the Chefs keep Cassell and everyone is in the same boat!

  7. Tice… oh god. The Raiders had something almost good going at the start of the year. Now the owner died, the coach is fired and they have Carson Palmer at the expense of their future. If they bring in Tice on top of that mess it’s a guaranteed 5 more years of losing.

  8. The Bears promoted Tice basically because no one else of “stature” would take the job given the situation w Lovie and the GM. So what would they do if Tice left? The Raiders would be a good fit with Tice because he favors a power running game, and the Raiders can do it when healthy. I’d love to see Tice leave the Bears, because without him that line will set an all time sacks allowed record. Cutler is sweating this one.

  9. @stevenfbrackett, by NFL rules the Bears have to allow him to interview for head coaching positions. They don’t have to allow him to interview for lateral or lesser coaching jobs. (I just saw the rule as the Bears wouldn’t let one of their assistants interview for a Vikings assistant job.)

  10. .

    ……and the Dall Lama, Judge Mathis, Morly Safer, Reese Witherspoon, Snoop Dog, Prince Charles …..

    IOW – They’re imterviewing everybody not named “hue’


  11. Firing Tice was the beginning of the end for Minnesota. He was fired by Wilf (via FAX!!!!!) because the Zygmeister wanted his own guy. This turned out to be Brad Childress, whose offense fit the time period of his initials and attempted to fine a guy for going to his grandma’s funeral! Tice didn’t get a fair chance and it set my team back for at least half a decade, if not longer.

  12. The only reason for the Raiders wanting to interview Tice is for Reggie Mckenzie to screw with the Bears. There is no way in hell a Packer guy is gonna hire Tice, Period. No way. He just wants to send question marks into his favorite foe. It’s so obvious. Tice should just wait. I’m sure he’ll be offered a head job if he can help turn the Bears offense around.

  13. Tice continually fired up the Vikings, had #1 ranked rushing teams and should’ve won coach of the year after going 9-7 and not making the playoffs that year. Oh yeah and he had the cheapest owner ever. He’s a good coach and made one mistake with the ticket scalping

  14. As a Lions fan, I feel Tice would help Cutler and the Bears a lot now that Martz has retired, so I would love for him to go to the Raiders. He would be a great fit, and help that team get where Big Al would want them to go. Good luck Tice, I hope you are able to leave the NFC North!!! We feel we could beat ya, but would be easier without ya!!!

  15. I miss the days when this site used to slam ESPN at every opportunity and address Mike Tice only as “The Meathead.”

    Yes PFT, some of us have put up with you for that long.

  16. Wow, the meathead. Well, if Reggie thinks he’s the man for the job, that’s fine with me.

    In Reggie we trust.

  17. The recycled coaching carousel continues…Mike Tice, now it’s time to print Super Bowl tix…Might as well keep Hue Jackson, oh yeah, he made the ridiculous Carson Palmer trade…not looking good in Oak Town…

  18. Surprising that the raiders are going through this number of candidates given what Reggie said earlier. However, this could just be a beauty pageant with a pre-determined winner. It gives the appearance of a thoughtful process, but the team may already have a good idea of who the guy is gonna be.. the team is just making sure. Just a theory.

  19. I always liked Tice as head coach in Minny. He’s a good football coach. His undoing here had a lot to do with players getting in trouble outside of football. Well, that and they didn’t exactly have a ton of success.

    He did coach the one and only Vikings/Packers playoff game, in which the Vikings absolutely blew out the Packers in Lambeau. One of my fondest football memories.

  20. Mike never had a chance in Minnesota! With the constraints that were put on him, I’m surprised that he was able to win any games. I’ve often wondered what he could have done with the team that was handed to Chilly. I hope the Bears let him give it a shot, I think he’ll do well. Good luck Mike…..

  21. Good for Tice! I liked him as a head coach in Minnesota and believe our owner blew it by firing him after the final regular season game in the 2005 season (and then hired Brad Childress, who set this organization back years).

    If you give a guy like Tice the tools for success, he’ll make it happen and proved it against Green Bay at Lambeau in the playoffs. A few things to also consider:

    1) He worked under one owner who was as cheap as Mike Brown and blatantly disrespected his team and the state of Minnesota.

    2) He worked under another owner who already had a short leash and had future plans to bring in his own guy at the conclusion of the season.

    3) Tice is not another Hue Jackson where he’ll throw his team under the bus and then demand more power in the organization. He took responsibility for his actions, along with the team’s (including the Love Boat cruise).

    As much as I hate the Raiders, this is a move I could actually respect.

  22. He isn’t a bad option. He had some rough years in MN but he did make sure ol’ small hands got the football to Moss 1/4 downs. He utilizes his playmakers and isn’t afraid to show it. He has my respect for taking an 8-8 team into Lambeau in 2004 and giving them a spanking of a lifetime. He CAN come up with good game plans

  23. Tice did a good job here in Minnesota, considering what he had to work with. Red McCombs gave him no support. I personally believe given another change he would do well again. Hopefully the Bear’s won’t deny Oakland’s request, like they did to the Viking’s earlier this week with Jon Hoke.

  24. I like Mike Tice, and wish him well. But this would be a disaster for the Bears. Not sure who Lovie would go to next.

  25. ndnut says:
    Jan 17, 2012 11:51 PM
    Firing Tice was the beginning of the end for Minnesota. He was fired by Wilf (via FAX!!!!!) because the Zygmeister wanted his own guy.

    Wilf fired Tice in person immediately after the last game of the season. I think Tice is a good coach, but after the love boat incident and the ticket scalping scandal, they needed a fresh start.

  26. Nobody sees what EX-PACKER EXECUTIVE Reggie McKenzie most likely wants to speak to Mike Tice for the Raiders HC job is so that his deep down love for the Packers hinders our coaching situation at OC. Think about it… Why would he want Tice of all people? Sneaky MF… I’ll give him that.

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