Rams to interview Hue Jackson for offensive coordinator


Hue Jackson may not be unemployed for long.

Jackson, who was fired a week ago as coach of the Raiders, is now a candidate to become the next offensive coordinator of the Rams. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that new Rams head coach Jeff Fisher will interview Jackson on Wednesday.

The 46-year-old Jackson has a wealth of experience as an offensive coordinator: He held the position in Oakland in 2010 before becoming head coach in 2011, and he coordinated the offenses under Bobby Petrino with the 2007 Falcons and under Steve Spurrier with the 2003 Redskins. In college Jackson was offensive coordinator at USC from 1997 to 2000 and at Cal in 1996.

Fisher has already hired a former NFL head coach to be his defensive coordinator, with Gregg Williams taking the St. Louis job yesterday.

29 responses to “Rams to interview Hue Jackson for offensive coordinator

  1. Hopefully Jackson learned to keep his mouth shut when it needs to be and won’t try another power play anytime soon.

  2. Don’t piss Hugh off-he hates being pissed off and it could cause him to fix the whole team or make the all time greatest deal.

  3. He may know how to call plays, but he has no common sense with evaluating personnel. 2 number 1 draft picks for a washed up QB who had not thrown a pass in over a year? No wonder people lose jobs.

  4. Has the tools to be a great OC, especially with a strong HC like Fisher and a strong DC already in place.

    Just way in over his head in Oakland once Al Davis died and could not handle being the HC, GM, and playcaller.

    Just let him focus on OC (like the Seahawks have Tom Cable focus on the OL) and he should do well.

    Like Clint Eastwood says:

    “A man has got to know his limitations” and Hue certainly has some.

  5. Hue needs to work on his in game “coaching presence” like the QB has “huddle and pocket presence.” lol I have watched him very closely. During his weekday daily interviews he comes off a calm, critical thinking, motivator and leader SECOND TO NONE. Skills that he could easily transfer to the business, military or political world. However, during the game when the bullets are flying, things don’t go his way and the team is down he turns into Charlie Brown. You know with the dark cloud hovering over him. lol ie nervous, constant frown and easily agitated. Hue just needs to stay that positive guy who’s doing those interviews during the week DURING THE GAME. Everyone is watching and following his lead. The bottom line is he still finished with the #9 ranked offense after losing his best player possible MVP Darren Mcfadden, best 2 receivers and QB. The Raiders easily make the playoffs if Mcfadden doesn’t get hurt. IMO, Hue was fired prematurely.

  6. Hue will do great for any team who gives him a shot at OC… I really liked him coaching Oakland until the power trip began… Throwing the entire team under the bus after the final loss was the final straw… Be good to see him going to the NFC and not a division rival for sure!

  7. The Rams are going all in. A new head coach with a 17 year, .542 win percentage and a guy who’s ego made him believe he was smart enough to run a whole organization. Yeah, I see this ending well.

  8. as a raider fan im going to miss hue, he is a great offensive mind, just look how he turned our horrible offense from 29th, to 11th in one season, then last season brought us up to 9th. Brandon lloyd will love him with his gadget plays as well.

  9. twitter:Chapman_Jamie says:
    Jan 17, 2012 8:12 AM
    The Rams are going all in. A new head coach with a 17 year, .542 win percentage and a guy who’s ego made him believe he was smart enough to run a whole organization. Yeah, I see this ending well.

    Man, you are a broken record. You have a real issue with the Ram’s and Fisher. Need to come up with new material

  10. Hue Jackson thought he’d be coming to Los Angeles, two years from now, as the Raiders Head Coach. Turns out he’ll be arriving with the other team returning to Los Angeles, as the Rams OC instead.

  11. It’s a damn shame that he cannot be interviewed for a head coaching job!!!!

    He is good enough and truly does deserve one!!!!

  12. Thats good for Hue Jackson best wishes
    He knows what he is doing. Bradford? Steven jackson? He is gonna teach them the raider ways.. Aslong as he ain’t headn to Denver..

  13. First impressions are very important in an interview so I’m sure the pedicures will help .

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