Report: Michael Floyd will not attend Senior Bowl

Getty Images draft guru Tony Pauline reported late Monday that Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd will not participate in next week’s Senior Bowl.

Along with Baylor’s Kendall Wright, Floyd is one of the top rated senior receivers for the 2012 NFL draft. The reasons for Floyd’s absence are unclear, but it appears Senior Bowl management was aware he wouldn’t attend all along.

The all-star game’s website lists nine wideouts on its 2012 roster, and none of them are Floyd.

Pauline indicates that Gerell Robinson of Arizona State will be Floyd’s Senior Bowl replacement. Robinson is coming off a career-best game, having racked up 13 receptions for 241 yards and a touchdown in the Sun Devils’ Las Vegas Bowl loss to Boise State.

16 responses to “Report: Michael Floyd will not attend Senior Bowl

  1. Many mock drafts are predicting the Bears will use their 19th overall pick to take Floyd. While there are plenty of top tier FA WRs in 2012, it would only be fitting that the Bears do draft Floyd, who has to at least be a ‘yellow flag’ at this point due to injuries (see Chris Williams, Gabe Carimi). I can just see it now. Another first rounder who misses some/most of their first season with injuries and then ends up being a bust (see Chris Williams, Gabe Carimi). At least Angelo’s gone….wait, they’re probably going to promote Tim Ruskell (aka Angelo Lite)

    Please, please sell the team McCaskeys! You’re holding the entire City of Chicago hostage from good football!

  2. Please Bears draft this guys pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee I beg you!!!!
    No more Roy Williams please… Cutty would love to play catch with this guy. No more 5 ft tall receivers please just draft this man. Do bring in another washout just please draft this man!!!!

  3. Diva? Not if you ever met him.

    He got pretty banged up in the FSU game on that great td catch he made in the second half. He never made it back onto the field.

  4. What does he have to gain from this? Nothing thats what! Let other guys go and get a chance to get noticed.

  5. I beleive this Floyd has two brothers, both with the same name, and both who have played (or are playing) in the NFL.

    “Hi, this is my brother Malcom, and this is my other brother, Malcolm.”

    Even with the different spelling. Seriously?

    Im serious. From the same mother no less.

  6. Diva? Why risk injury and your potential draft stock and cash flow to a pointless senior bowl??? If I was a guaranteed first rounder I would never play in this game. This game is mostly for players who need to boost there stock not risk it.

  7. “”Diva? Why risk injury and your potential draft stock and cash flow to a pointless senior bowl???””

    That sounds like someone who might figure, why go back in a meaningless bowl game and maybe risk injury that mighty damage his draft status…those Seminole’s hit hard…it was only the Champs Sports Bowl.

  8. He stands to gain a lot more at the NFL Combine than he does at the Senior Bowl, especially if he is anything less than 100% after the bowl game. Better for him to work out and prepare for an audition where ALL eyes will be on him than one with only a few and one where he could actually hurt his draft stock by trying to perform at less than 100% and set himself back even further in his combine preparations.

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