Saints fan describes bad experience at Candlestick Park

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The NFL hopes to maximize in-person attendance at its games.  To ensure that the stands at every stadium are consistently filled, fans of the visiting team need to feel comfortable with the prospect of showing up in enemy territory and rooting for the road team.

In San Francisco, the resurgence of the 49ers apparently has created an environment of “hostility, vulgarity and intimidation” for fans of the road team, according to a letter to the editor published by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Don Moses of Mill Valley details the disastrous day that he and his daughters endured, both in the parking lot and in the stadium.  It’s a fairly short letter, and it’s worth a read.

Though conduct like this is wrong, it’s virtually impossible to prevent it at NFL stadiums, especially when the zealous fans the NFL craves have their tongues loosened by a bottle of beer, or four.

The smart move when rooting for a visiting team is to dress in neutral clothing and cheer discreetly.  But it shouldn’t have to be that way.  The reality is that, in many NFL cities, that’s the way it will be.  Especially if the teams are going to continue to sell beer and otherwise play up the importance of a loud, raucous home crowd.

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  1. I had beer thrown on me in Seattle when I went up to see the Ravens play. Worst fans in my own experiences in sports… and I travel A LOT to see my team play. A LOT.

    The Madowlands was surprisingly good. Reliant, great. Even FedEx field was ok… Not CenturyLink!

  2. Oh really Saints fan? Is that an unpleasant environment? Well a Saints fan shot two Niners fans outside a restaurant after the game, so maybe complaining about an unpleasant atmosphere really isn’t that relevant in the grand scheme of things.

  3. You guys act like this is a new thing! Was it any different at the “Vet” in Philly back in the ’70’s? Chicago in the 60’s? Oakland ever since the Raiders came into existence? If your going to pull for your team in enemy territory, expect toebe treated like the enemy!

  4. Stupid how the Stick is singled out. This happens in every sport at every stadium if you wear opposition attire. Know nothing fans in cities like San Diego you are safe but see Dodger stadium as an example. It’s Mexican gang territory there….all over baseball they themselves don’t get paid for.

  5. 49er fans acting like jackasses. What a surprise. Ive been to games at quite a few NFL stadiums, and Niner fans were the worst behaved fans I have ever seen.

  6. that IS the way it is… that fanatic behavior is what causes fans to spend a bunch of money to fun billionaires payroll of millionaires. Otherwise, what is the point?

    This guy and his daughter were probably all dressed in Saints gear and acting obnoxious. Next time try to be more respectful when going into another team’s city, and into another teams house. I would not let you root against me in my house… I would kick you right out!

  7. It’s become so bad, I wouldn’t take my 6 year old to a Skins game if I’d kept my tickets(another story about Danny Boy). People pay so much for their tickets relative to income(my theory) they feel like they’ve bought the right to do whatever or say whatever they want. Fighting, cursing(not that there is anything wrong with some, but does my 6 year old need to know what you want to do to the refs mother?) is just too much. Way back when it was all families at RFK. No more…

  8. Sorry that that Saints’ fans were treated poorly, but glad that an article highlights bad fan behavior in other places besides Philly. In fact, during the Packers vs. Eagles playoff game last year, I witnessed Eagles fans being incredibly nice to Packers fans. It was like the Eagles fans were fascinated by the Packers fans. They were asking them a million questions like, “Do you own part of the Packers?” Did you come all the way from Wisconsin?”

  9. Oh, but if it was at the Dome, Saints fans would have been kind and welcoming, right? Give me a break, if you can’t handle the hostile environment, wear neutral clothing. This happens at all stadiums, and while it may be despicable, it is part of the fan experience.

  10. All I can say is if the Saints make it to the playoffs next year, and they are playing in Glendale, AZ … I can give this guy the location of a tailgate with Cardinals fans that will embrace them with open arms.

  11. Happens every year in Candlestick…to every visiting team. Even badazz Raider fans ain’t safe.

  12. What does this guy have to say about the Saints fan that shot two 49er fans in GA?

    To somehow attempt to attribute the poor behavior of some rabid fans to a team or an organization is weak. I was almost with him until that last paragraph where he discredited himself as just having sour grapes.

    This is a problem, no doubt about it. The NFL has expanded its fanbase to include demos like teenage girls but you do have to wonder what steps have been taken / will need to be taken.

    I’ll also say, as an east coast sports fan, a lot of what he talked about is rather common in my visits to NY/Philly. And when my team loses I don’t feel the need to shoot off an angry screed to the local paper condemning the fans and organization.

  13. Such a shame people see going to a game as an excuse to drink and run their mouth. I mean come on what point does it make to yell at people who just want to watch a game. Is it because they just want to seem cool for a few hours? Maybe seem tough (that is convenient with all your buddies around)? Maybe you want people to “fear” going to a game in your stadium (which is something that can hurt your team’s wallet and give your fanbase a terrible stigmata)? Maybe the NFL should start having security removing people as soon as they start running their mouth that way even in the parking lot, might as well get rid of the alcohol ain’t like it is keeping you healthy in the first place.

  14. Sounds as bad as the Bear fans’ treatment of Saints fans a few years ago.

    Seems like it was just a few months ago when the LA Dodgers and SF Giants were on the field at Pac Bell park before a game trying to get people to treat fans of the opposing team with a little respect after the Bryan Stow incident. Apparently these knuckleheads at Candlestick were just too delirious with the niners being in the playoffs (or otherwise impaired) to act in a decent manner.

  15. Sounds like every single week at Ralph Wilson Stadium. I figure it’s pretty similar in most other stadiums too. Going into enemy territory and rooting against the home team is usually frowned upon. Isn’t this common knowledge? Kudos on finding a creative way to stir the pot with this “story” though.


  16. That’s too bad. He lives here and knows that largely the Bay Area is a great place to live. I guess 9er fans aren’t known as wine & cheese any longer. They will be once again with the new stadium and it’s PSLs though.

    I have been to a lot of games, 45-50 so far. I have gone with Bucs fans, Packers fans, Steelers fans, and Cards fans. They have all largely had great experiences at the Stick with me. That includes the parking lots. People rib them, but nothing out of control. They may drop an F-Bomb on them, like the “Cards effing suck”, but c’mon this isn’t the 50’s. I think rolling with home team fans helps a lot. However, I wouldn’t bring your kids until they were 12-13.

    Giants fans will be welcomed with open arms though…

  17. I’m a Falcons fan and by far the best fan experience I’ve ever had at an away game was at candlestick 2 years ago, a game where we demolished the Niners like 45-10.

    My experience dealing with Saints fans have been horrendous. A male Saint fan tried to punch my friends girlfriend in the face at the Ga dome, I’ve gotten in near physical altercations everytime I’ve been to the Superdome. I saw a saints fan overturn a table at a sports bar in DC when the Seahawks beat them last playoff season, and down near Atlanta a Saints fan shot a Niners fan in an Applebee’s. Saints fans need to check themselves before they start crying about other fans.

  18. Can’t say anything about Giant’s stadium, never been there. How is it for a Skins fan?

  19. This guy’s story sounds exactly like how I was treated as a Falcons fan whenever I attended a Falcons-Saints game at the Superdome when I lived in New Orleans.

  20. sjsharksfan11 says: Jan 17, 2012 8:13 PM

    Stupid how the Stick is singled out. This happens in every sport at every stadium if you wear opposition attire. Know nothing fans in cities like San Diego you are safe but see Dodger stadium as an example. It’s Mexican gang territory there….all over baseball they themselves don’t get paid for.
    From Wikipedia:
    Norteño emblems and clothing are based on the color red. A typical Norteño outfit might include a red belt, red shoes, and red shoelaces. They will also favor sports team apparel that shows their affiliation through symbolism such as the Nebraska Cornhuskers football, UNLV, K-Swiss, and San Francisco 49ers.

  21. I’m a Packers fan, but I was at Lambeau last week with a bunch of Giants fans decked out in blue and they were in utter disbelief at how respectful and welcoming every single person there was. So this DOESN’T happen at every stadium in the NFL.. Packer fans keep it classy

  22. If you’re going to San Francisco,
    be sure to wear a hardhat on your head,
    and some earplugs in your ears.
    You’re going to meet some drunken people there,
    if you’re going to San Francisco….

  23. with any large group there’s gonna be good people and aholes. you add in alcohol, and playoffs those aholes are gonna kick it up a notch. did you expect any different? did you think you live in some utopian society? your best bet is to watch from home.

  24. “Especially if the teams are going to continue to sell beer…”

    That’s all you needed to say. As long as there is an “official” beer of the NFL, as long as owners can charge $10 for watered down tap sludge, and as long as tailgating is alcohol based, some morons are always going to get their beer muscles on and act like idiots. I like beer a lot. But I’m old enough to know when to stop. A lot of guys in their 20s & 30s don’t. Dogs pee on trees to mark their turf. Drunks curse out the “enemy”. Next day, they wake up hungover and their hungover buddies joke about “how you totally told that loser and his daughters off, man!”. And the cycle continues the next Sunday. Eventually, they grow out of it or they end up at AA or they kill themselves or someone else driving home. And still we insist that marijuana should be illegal and is “bad for you”. Make pot legal and have “Happy Leaf” the official weed sponsor of the NFL and none of this would happen and the teams would sell a LOT more food. Especially in the second half.

  25. @treyanastasio
    WTF ever!!! I went to Lambeau as a 49er fan and received nothing but jeers and cursing. Packers fans are just as bad if not WORSE then any other fan out there.

  26. I am not going dispute this didn’t happen but its definitely not what I saw. We do rib the opposing fans but no vulgarity. If there are issues inside the stadium get security and they deal with it. There were two drunks one section over being rude and they were removed by security. After the Raider preseason game they have zero tolerance at the Stick.

  27. I agree with ajknox. Though it’s unfortunate it’s not a surprise to see this behavior during the play-offs. But this is not exclusive of The Stick nor is it the norm. I attended the game and we had Saints fans here and there in our area, there was general taunting but not at that level. I travel to quite a bit of Stadium/domes being a Niners fan living in Georgia and I’ve seen that type of behavior at all of the venues. But I more so see people having a good time. I’m not saying having to endure drunks and fools is right- I’m merely saying don’t try to make it just about the Stick. I’m fairly sure if you dig hard enough- there are a few stories like that from all 4 of the venues this past weekend.

  28. packers fans are all part owners. that’s why they dont pull the same schitt.

    what we have is a lot of immature people, noretenos who probly dont belong in america, mindless fools, cant handle their liquor.

    u know the nfl wont stop booze sales in the stadium or stop selling jerseys.

    toss anyone who is caught (photo, drinking) with outside booze in stadia, or any booze in the parking lot.

  29. treyanastasio says:
    Jan 17, 2012 8:52 PM
    I’m a Packers fan, but I was at Lambeau last week with a bunch of Giants fans decked out in blue and they were in utter disbelief at how respectful and welcoming every single person there was. So this DOESN’T happen at every stadium in the NFL.. Packer fans keep it classy

    Totally agreed. I went to Lambeau this year as my team was playing there. I walked in to the parking lot wearing my team’s jersey and the Pack fans could not have been nicer. They offered up Brats and Beer and never gave me grief once when I cheered for my team

  30. also, forgot to mention… all reminds me of the basketbrawl event in daytwa a few years ago. the cameramen kept panning back to an obese man with his 9 year old (?) daughter. glued to their seats. gee ya think they were going to go back to any pisstones games? and gutless nutsack macomb county police chief (mark) hackel kept looking around smiling nervously. apparently he didnt bring enough security to the freakin game he was security chief at.

    nfl, do u really think people with kids will bring them back to games if this keeps up?

  31. Allow me to put that as reason #1,307 not to attend an NFL game.

    What was he thinking taking his daughters to an away PLAYOFF game?

    “Every 49ers fan, the team and it’s owners should be ashamed and embarrassed to wear the red and gold today. They won the game but are losers in every other way.”


    “One of my daughters asked me, “Why don’t you do something, Daddy?” Do what? Fight 10 guys, call/text security when all those guys behind me would know who would have fingered them?
    Leave early? We almost did.”

    A terrible dilemma. He doesn’t want his daughters to think he’s unmanly or afraid to stand up for himself, but he doesn’t want to get absolutely destroyed in a fight either. Some problems don’t have a good solution

  32. As a Jag fan living in the ATL, I can tell you that the Falcons fans are pretty street hardened and if they jacked up a Saints fan, it wouldn’t surprise me. I love going to those games.

    I’ve travelled to see the Jags in Nashville (Great hosts), Buffalo (got beer thrown on me and sh*t talked the whole day and almost beat up when we scored the GW TD), Charlotte (good hosts), Seattle (greatest road trip ever–lost 0-49, which kinda sucked), the RAIDERS (wh0 were freaks but such great competitive fans without a threat around), The ‘Burgh (always great hosts, until you knock them out of the playoffs) and to SB XXII as a kid & a Redskin fan.

    My aunt got spat on in Philly while there with my Uncle to watch the Bills visit. She’s about 70. I’m sorry, ain’t going there.

    All I’ll say is you SF fans need to chill the F out. You haven’t been worth a sh*t in a long time. Act like you’ve been there before. Or, maybe like Eddie D is around. He wouldn’t have put up with this j.v. b.s.

  33. skinsrollyou says: Jan 17, 2012 8:20 PM

    Trying attending a game with the most despicable people in this country… Philly fans


    Trying learning grammar.

  34. nobody should be threatened with violence but you should expect verbal harassment when cheering against the home team and wearing the other teams stuff. if you can’t handle hearing your team sucks then do not come to the game. I come to see my team win not worry about hurting your feelings.

  35. I would single out Falcons fans, but I don’t know many. There’s only like, what…8 real ones?

  36. Too much beer

    Too little security

    Two problems for Lucky Sperm Jed York to fix.

    Unfortunately both entail hits to Momma & Poppa’s wallets.

    So rather unlikely to happen.

  37. Folks it’s a GAME. I love my Niners and love trash talkin as much as the next guy but when it surpasses good natured heckling and turns nasty, it’s ridiculous. I know it happens in every stadium in every major league sport to fans wearing the visiting teams colors but that doesn’t make it ok.
    I live in DC and go to a couple games a year, always sporting a Niners jersey if they’re playing. I get stuff thrown at me, called names and I don’t much care but if I were there with my teenage daughter, that’s taking it too far and taking a game way too seriously.

  38. The guy and his daughters were lucky the Saints lost, otherwise it might have gotten real ugly

    RULE NO. 1- NEVER wear your team jersey in opposing stadium, NEVER

    RULE NO. 2- see rule no. 1

  39. bleed4philly says:
    Jan 17, 2012 8:52 PM
    Don’t wear visiting team attire to the game, problem solved. Mostly.
    Brilliant! You should be able to wear your team colors and root for your team, just don’t act like an as*hole…and expect that the fans in Philly or any other stadium act civilized as well…how about that?

    It shouldn’t be the opposing fans burden, it’s every fans burden to act reasonable. Why have the conduct policy if the NFL or stadium doesn’t enforce it?

  40. @paulitik74 says: Jan 17, 2012 8:47 PM

    I’m a Falcons fan and by far the best fan experience I’ve ever had at an away game was at candlestick 2 years ago, a game where we demolished the Niners like 45-10.
    I hated that game! My brother and I sat in front of a whole row of Falcon fans that were ribbing us hard and threatening us…in our own park. At any rate, my bother and I decided to get stupid with them and give it right back. Their demeanor changed completely and they wanted to shake our hands…they said they just love scaring white people and were shocked that we weren’t scared and didn’t just look down. Go figure on that one. Maybe the rich Saints fan from Mill Valley should have showed some stones. Just saying…

    That was the way the Stick was before this year 20-25% visiting fans at least…largely having their way with my 9ers. Now we are too hardcore…can’t please everyone.

  41. There always a few who ruin it for the many. Most fans are friendly albeit a little friendly heckling. Sitting in the upper decks with an opposing jersey can be a pain anywhere. In Pittsburgh a few years ago I had ice cubes chucked at me and all I did was have a evens jersey on. Happens everywhere and sucks but if you worry about it l, don’t where a jersey

  42. As a San Francisco resident that has attended several 49ers games over the past decade, I am not at all surprised by this account. The atmosphere at Candlestick has been deteriorating for years as the 49ers fanbase has become younger and drunker – it is nothing short of toxic at this point. The 49ers management should wake up and do what other teams do… Identify the seats with the chronic offenders and revoke their season tickets. This of course assumes that 49ers management has a set and is willing to set an example to take back their stadium. Sufficient gameday security would be a good start as well. In any case, much of the aforementioned young/drunk element will fortunately be priced out once the team moves to Santa Clara.

  43. Most intelligent people tend to avoid situations like this. If youre going to pack a stadium with 60,000 people youre going to have a decent chance of running into a few drunks. This happens in every major sport. I would not wear opposing team colors to a playoff game. Emotions run high. People take it too far. Its life. The fact that this guy brought his daughters is total lunacy. This PC mentality where everyone is going to always be nice is dangerous. They probably went about their business and didnt bother a soul, but that doesnt change the fact that they put themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

  44. It doesn’t have to be that way and most of the time it isn’t.

    I might as well take the time to say that San Diego has some of the most welcoming of fans. Their stadium, however, is complete crap.

  45. I’m willing to bet quite a bit of money that at least one person is treated like this at every away game they attend wearing their team’s colors, including all the other division round games last weekend. the only difference is that either those people don’t complain about it like this guy did, or newspapers don’t choose to write about it.

    truthfully, I’m sorry he had such a poor experience. but the vast majority of 49er fans will either be friendly or pretty much ignore you entirely unless you provoke us. in fact, almost all of the altercations I’ve seen at the ‘Stick were started by a fan of the opposite team being obnoxious and turning around to gloat at the crowd every chance they got. especially idiot Cowboys fans, whose team usually wasn’t even playing in SF that day.

    sure, there are some 49er fans who aren’t very friendly to visitors. just like every other team at every other stadium. the biggest problem in SF is that a lot of those fans are gang members. not exactly the 49ers’ or their fans’ fault that the Bay Area has a gang problem.

    besides… let’s all think about this for a second – Bryan Stow got his skull beat in in LA, the much-publicized altercations at the 49ers/Raiders preseason game were all between Raiders fans of different gangs, and as others have noted a Saints fan shot two 49er fans after the Saints lost on Saturday. notice a pattern here? even if you get berated verbally, you leave Candlestick safe. the same can’t be said for 49ers fans who travel elsewhere.

    which is exactly why I would never wear my 49ers jerseys to road games. it doesn’t matter what team you support: if you want to display your team spirit without getting harassed, you can do it at your own stadium or from the comfort of your own home.

  46. 49er fans are a joke, ive been going their staduim through out the years but they’ve had a losing record, now that the won a few games their fans are acting all ghetto!! Btw i feel like the niners have some of the ugliest female fans.

  47. To further elaborate on my previous statement, I’m a 49ers fan who lives near Buffalo. I’m obviously not able to attend 49ers games and have to watch from home due to my location, but I do occasionally go to Bills games because I have friends that are Bills fans. When the 49ers come to Buffalo once in a blue moon I like to attend, but I know what to expect. I’ve been to roughly a dozen Bills games over the years, sometimes rooting for them sometimes against depending on the situation and I don’t think I’ve ever been to a game where a physical fight DID NOT break out. At the very least, visiting fans will be heckled, messed with and ridiculed throughout the game with a possibility of beers showers. It happens to me and everybody else that roots against the home team, but I’m not stupid, I expect that going in. It’s part of the game.

    And oh yea… GO NINERS!

  48. 4evrnyt says: Jan 17, 2012 8:55 PM

    Typical rich mill valley snobs that clearly don’t belong going to a game if they cant handle what happens there.
    I didn’t want to say it or assume it, but I agree. Most of the fans on here would find the Stick to be all good.

  49. Wow that’s sad most of you are against those Saints fans. The guy was just trying to enjoy a ball game with his family. The game shouldnt be taken THAT seriously. That’s f***** up.

  50. funny I have been to a couple of games there when they played the raiders. I wore my raider colors and had no problem. The only thing that bothered me were are the niners fan around me. A bunch of dudes all kissing each other.

  51. it’s really sad to sit here and read all of you condoning this immature behavior by so called fans. I understand having passion for you team but the kind of action.s displayed that physically put people in safer is senseless. what ever happened to sportsmanship? oh that’s right I forgot there isn’t anymore in the nfl. all we have are a bunch of whinny babies who can’t except it when their team losses. get used to some disappointment, life can be full of it

  52. Because we all know that the colors you wear determines the behavior. Give me a break… idiots are in every stadium in the league. It has nothing to do with Candlestick or SF fans.

    And… I bet if his Saints had won, his perception of how he was treated might be different, or he might care a bit less about it. Funny how that works…

  53. As a 49ers fan I hate to see this. Smack talking is one thing, but swearing at a Father and his daughters is low class. There are idiots at every stadium, and they continue to justify my purchase of the NFL sunday ticket to sit home and watch games with my dogs.

  54. Aaron Brazell says:
    Jan 17, 2012 8:12 PM
    I had beer thrown on me in Seattle when I went up to see the Ravens play. Worst fans in my own experiences in sports… and I travel A LOT to see my team play. A LOT.

    The Madowlands was surprisingly good. Reliant, great. Even FedEx field was ok… Not CenturyLink!


    FedEx wasn’t bad because there weren’t that many Redskins fans there, or if they were, they were dressed as empty chairs.

    In my travels, I always wear Redskins clothing, but I rarely drink. I have found Carolina fans to be very kind and welcoming, and shockingly, Giant fans are fair as well.

    Philadelphia, it goes without saying, hardly resembles civilized society. Their reputation is completely merited.

  55. It’s called home field advantage. Maybe people should use their brain and realize football events where we expect people to punish each other for 60 minutes is not the best place for their daughters…..wearing the visiting teams gear.

  56. My wife and I went to an evening game at the Superdome in the late 80’s. She was obviously 7 months pregnant.

    Montana led a last minute win and the fans took out their rage on us. Threatening to kill me, rape my wife and disembowel her. Throwing bottles and trash at us. We though we were lucky when we found a cop to stand next to but was terrified when he responded that if we die quickly it would be too good for us and then left. We had to walk all the way uptown and then back to Bourbon Street to stay on the lit streets.

    I always thought we were, as fans better than that but if this is true it’s a sad day to be a Niner fan!

  57. It’s all really simple, walk some decoys through the tailgate area wearing opposing teams gear. Once harassed, and not in a fun way, but a mean spirited way, send some undercovers to the troublemakers. Arrest the whole party by surrounding it, take all their tickets, and they lose them forever. Once the touble makers of the party are identified, single out their tickets. The reason everyone gets rounded up at first is just in case they aren’t holding the tickets at time of pat down.

    And if they are grandpa’s tickets that he gave to his rowdy grandson, sorry grandpa, your tickets are gone. Once word gets out that a holes are losing their tickets, it should stop.

  58. Steeler fan who lives in Jersey (I know, cesspool). Was going to Foxboro if Pit won. Part of me is relieved they lost due to money for ticket and potential of being assaulted by Pats fans. Sad that it’s gotten to this point. Bunch of Jets fans went to Pit last year and couldn’t compliment Steeler fans enough on how well they were treated. Pit fans realize that other fans that travel love their team as much as we love ours so we respect that.

  59. Awww poor little Aints fan wahhh

    That’s why they call it home field advantage

    Sell your tix next time, chump

  60. It sucks when one side doesn’t want it and the other side forces it. That is not cool.

    However, I grew up loving football fans and the entire environment. I like the idea that two sides can be for the same goal, to be loud and supportive to say yeeeeaaah and aaawwww and get loud when your team does well and trash the other side, and they do the same to you when their team does well. To get loud when your team does bad and trash the other side, and they do the same to you when their team does bad. Isn’t this football? Shouldn’t this specific kind of fun environment be accepted and protected?

    If good people stand up to bad people while both still being on the same side, while keeping the fan mentality, don’t you think everyone would enjoy the game? Protect people from harm regardless of the type because that is what you do. And since you are Also at a football game, be a loud vocal fan because that is what you do.

    Everyone enjoy yourselves and get loud and get drunk and talk trash, and learn how to take it back, and watch some of the greatest show on turf!

  61. Patriots fan here, I’ve been to games at well over half of NFL stadiums so have a bit of experience to go on. A few things

    First, I am proud that Gillette Stadium doesn’t seem to be showing up on people’s lists of hostile, violent places. Maybe in the old Foxboro Stadium days, but it is now a place I can take the wife and future kids without worrying about it.

    Second, as a rule of thumb for visiting fans, the amount of abuse and potential for a negative experience directly correlates to where your seats are: the closer you are to the field the less your chances of being hassled; your chances of getting abuse increase exponentially the higher you get in the stadium.

    As far as my worst experiences as a visiting fan:
    – not surprisingly, the Jets crowd is about as bad as I’ve seen. It’s probably bad for all visiting fans but it gets ugly when the Patriots come to town every year. Classless organization, classless head coach, Jets “fans” actively searching for trouble. Visiting fans beware, this may be the worst visiting fan experience in football.
    – Surprisingly, San Diego was one of the more negative experiences I’ve had, “fans” going out of their way to kick seats of Patriots fans sitting in front and scream directly in there ears. Totally unprovoked, and did I mention that these were college age girls? But this was the upper deck, see point # 2 above.
    – On the flip side, I’ve been to Lincoln Financial 4 times now, twice as a visiting team fan, and never had a bad experience. Granted, I didn’t wear any team gear but still cheered for my team and never got any hassles on either occasion, however I’ve never sat upstairs and there is a certain element of group mentality that I’ve seen take over outside the stadium which is potentially combustible. Don’t wear “enemy” gear there and you should be fine.

  62. Similar experience to what Dallas fans were treated too in the early 80’s, except that experience included being urinated on and watching 10 ‘heros’ beat up a single Dallas fan in the parking lot while the SF Police looked on.

    some things don’t change. SF is worse than Philly.

  63. I attended the Dennis Green “Crown their asses” Bears VS. Cardinals game in ’06. Watching the Cardinal fans’ attempt at taunting was like watching a kid with a stutter try and read out loud. Just sad. The stadium was filled with Bears and Cowboys jerseys. How does PHX have any teams other than the Suns?

  64. As a season ticket holder at FedEx and having a girlfriend that is a Giants fan, I have been to the meadowlands and was treated well on both occasions. On the otherhand it seems the visiting fans at FedEx have actually been quite obnoxious. The fans which have been really annoying were The fans of Philly, Dallas, San Fran, and the Jets. I try to talk to opposing teams fans and most are fine but those 4 teams are just irritating

  65. Umm. Mill Valley.

    The most happening thing in Mill Valley is The Depot Bookstore & Cafe. We used to bike there from Sausalito to avoid the tourist crush on Sundays.

    It’s easy to be vulgar in Mill Valley. Cremora in your latte. The MIJ instead of the NYT. Fur.

    But in the real world, fans are by definition, fanatics. If Moses & family insist on wearing enemy colors to attend the most intense game of the season, that’s a fairly vulgar — and certain — invitation to trouble.

  66. This is officially a punchline.

    Oh man, have you seen the fans for [insert NFL team’s city here]? Reeeeal classy bunch.

    OK so get this. A bunch of working-to-middle class spectators gather into a stadium to watch grown men beat the crap out of each other for three hours. To top it off, the main refreshment being marketed for these spectators is beer.

    What did you think was going to happen? Guitars, a campfire and kumbaya? Get real. If you don’t want to deal with this, DON’T BUY TICKETS. I’m a Lions fan, been to Lions games and road tripped a Jets game. From my experience both groups have their bad apples.

    This back and forth between fans is ridiculous. Of course there are gonna be drunken idiots at the games. Get real.

  67. Went to Oak @ AZ and Oak @ SD both places were hospitable. Of course half the fans were Raider fans at both games. As a Raider fan i can say that some Raider fans are extremely annoying. Gives the rest of us a bad name. Walking down the corridors (Idk if that’s the proper term. The area behind the seats with the bathrooms and concessions) screaming Errrraaaiiidddeeerrrs.

  68. 4evrnyt says:
    Jan 17, 2012 8:56 PM
    WTF ever!!! I went to Lambeau as a 49er fan and received nothing but jeers and cursing. Packers fans are just as bad if not WORSE then any other fan out there.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you were acting like a drunken turd

  69. My experience is simply this:

    The farther a team has been from success in recent years, the worse more fans are (due to frustration I am guessing).

    As a Bears fan, I gladly travel to Lambaeu and the dome in Minny. I swear before the game it’s a big party with fans of both teams. Made good friends with one Packer fan and when he comes down here he actually stays at my house (go figure).

    However, the three worst experiences I have ever had are: going to Detroit for a game in 2005 and when the Browns came to Chicago in 2001 and 2009.

    My conclusion is – Their team has sucked for a long time, so they feel like they can be a jackass.

  70. That wouldn’t happen in Dallas. The fans just won’t have seats for the exhorbinate prices they payed for tickets.

  71. What did the guy expect? Fans in San Francisco and Oakland, across the bay, are two peas in a pod. He was lucky he wasn’t beaten to a pulp and urinated on……………

  72. Sf via philly you sound bitter….You douche bag hope to see you at the stick but your p%$sy ass wont show up till were in Santa Clara to cheer on your sorry ass Eagles…Smoke them Phillies Go Giants!!! And Niner red bleeds but never runs chump

  73. The treatment he and his daughters received is no different from the way my wife and I were treated in N’orlens. We have been staunch supporters of the Crescent City, having visited and worked rebuilding the city after Katrina. We are die hard Giant fans and had previously enjoyed visiting the dome for Saint/Giant games (outcome not with standing). This year our experience was similar to the Saints fan in SF. We however did not dress in our team colors , but because we were not in black and gold were easy to finger as Giant fans. The abuse by alleged adults was sorrowful. The assistance by Dome security was non-existent and we were told that is the way we do it here.

  74. nfl, do u really think people with kids will bring them back to games if this keeps up?

    The NFL doesn’t want little kids at football games. They want someone that can buy a beer sitting it that seat.

  75. I don’t know. I went to the game last Saturday and I saw plenty of fun ribbing between Saints fans and Niner fans. Certainly nothing violent or hateful… I’ve been going to games for ages and this was the most ‘tame’ I’ve seen the home crowd treat the visitors.

    Now, there was one idiot wearing a Packers jersey…. he took loads of crap from the fans.

  76. No one likes bad behavior but let up on implying the NFL should make the games like attending Church. Adults do not like being told when they can and cannot have a Beer.

    Why not start using the Laws on the Books and arrest, Drunks and others that do not know how to handle themselves in Public. No different than it would be if you were on the street.

    I am tired of people wanting to change things for Law abiding people because of a jerk or two. Thump the jerks and get off others backs. If they ever took away Tailgating or told me I could only drink milk at a Tailgate. Or if the day ever came where I could not have a Beer or Three with my Ribs during the game, that would be the day I stop attending games and start watching them at Home.

  77. I think I speak for everyone when I say that Saints fans are the worst in the NFL. They are annoying and always bragging about the superbowl that Brett Favre gift-wrapped for them. That seriously had to be the easiest superbowl victory of all time (except the Packers last year). And that hurricane happened a long time ago so the sympathy has run out. And has anyone else noticed that Saints fans didn’t even exist until 2009?

  78. When I go to Detroit the fans there are pretty normal and decent. Obviously you are going to get some rowdy characters who had a few too many expensive beers, (I guess getting wasted knows no recession.) but overall most fans are just there to enjoy the game and you can relate to and hold a conversation with. It’s a shame when you get some idiots, hopefully security is around to kick them out instead of spoiling what should be a good outing.

  79. Thanks for harshing the collective buzz of Niner Nation in the midst of the franchise resurrection by making us the poster child for NFL fan violence. We won’t forget it.

  80. For the comments about he shouldn’t have taken his daughters to the game shows the mentality of ignorant low intelligent fans that cause the problem. If you have kids they want to go to games with you and they should have a blast. It’s sucks that’s how people go to games just to start crap.

    If there’s another fan of the opposing team being a jerk then ok be a jerk back. But if a father is sitting with his kids be respectful. I know yelling profanities at the field is one thing and expected there’s no reason to yell disrespectful things at somebody rooting for their team.

    I’m a bengals fan and i even went to games with steeler fans at Paul Brown stadium, although we mess with each other but all in fun and that’s how it should be.

  81. @bensteeler29

    I generally don’t agree with Steelers fans but I like your idea. The only thing I would add is to tell the fans that this is going to happen ahead of time. That would help people police themselves and would probably make it less of a legal burden when the fans try to go to court to get their tickets back.

  82. Speaking as someone who has been to both Candlestick and the Superdome I can say the following with absolute certainty. Niners fans are some of the worst I have seen. An 8 month pregnant woman with her kids was screaming obscenities at the opposing team fans. I saw another niner fan spit on a kid with the wrong jersey. A KID. The superdome is a totally different place. The fans there are very good natured. They rib opposing fans with humor. Never ever seen a single ugly event; Saints fans do a lot of backslapping and cheering, but like I said nothing ugly. Hell, they took pics with me after THEY lost their game. The only thing worse than a niner fan are philly fans and NY fans. GO to ninerhaters dot com.

  83. I am a Saints fan. Have been reading the comments at the SF Gate site. Even the SF fans deplore the state of the fans at the stadium. Have gone to Saints games as a child with my Pops and have been a season ticket holder for years. Have walked miles in all directions from the Dome besides fans from other teams. Never, never have seen an incident like this. The SF journalists and fans at the Saints NOLA website called for stretcher games and glory in taking out other players rendering the team one-dimensional. Broke Romo’s ribs, broke Clemens ankle, concussed P Thomas. Seems the team is intimidated to win on skill. Players on the kick off return looked like demons from hell. Is this the NFL??? Team seems to reflect the fan base. Really creepy and full of bullies.

  84. “The smart move when rooting for a visiting team is to dress in neutral clothing and cheer discreetly”

    … if you’re a coward…

    in which case, stay home.

  85. The AINT’S should never travel to a Raiders game if that ever happens. It was a great game and I shook hands with two Nola fans sitting by us after the game and bode safe travels, hope they enjoyed S.F… They were cordial as well. I guess the minority can ruin it for the majority.

  86. 49er fans=90% gangmembers…It does happen at other stadiums but Frisco is one of the worst..Police know its all the Norteno gangs causing problems.Look at most the people you see in the parkinglot shaved heads covered in tattoos wearing red shoes and hats to match there jerseys is not just people drinking to much its called a “gang oroblem”

  87. bensteeler29 says:
    Jan 17, 2012 9:49 PM

    It’s all really simple,…
    Normally, when I see a post starting with a phrase like this, I just stop reading because it’s usually something stupid or overly trite, but this one made sense and I agree with it 100%. There should be no room for this sort of behavior. A little trash talk is no problem, but once it crosses the line, make them pay where it hurts.

    My friends and I have been going to away Packer games for over 20 years now and I can honestly say that we’ve never experienced anything like some of the things that I’ve read here, but I believe the stories. It’s too bad that there is a mentality out there that you should not be able to go to an opponent’s house and openly support your favorite team. To me, that’s half the fun of going to all these games and seeing all these stadiums – along with a little good-natured ribbing with the home team’s fans.

  88. bensteeler29 Great idea. This is a real problem and needs to be addressed. In many places verbal assaults can be prosecuted. It is easy to get cell phone video and sue. These hostile types of fans are a liability not just to owners and cities but to the NFL. As things like this are increasingly common, I would expect all parties to work together on an enforceable conduct policy. It is up to stadiums and cities to keep people safe and that will have to happen with increased security and enforcement. It would also be helpful if fans would police themselves a bit and speak up if someone wearing your colors is out of line.

  89. lol at singling out Candlestick. sure there are altercations at every single game, what makes the Stick different? oh because of 1 incident where a 9er fan shot a Raider fan.

    nevermind the 9er fans who got shot in Georgia by a Saints fan. nice try though.

  90. “It’s called home field advantage. Maybe people should use their brain and realize football events where we expect people to punish each other for 60 minutes is not the best place for their daughters…..wearing the visiting teams gear.”

    Yeah, that’s a fantastic point of view. Some people get jobs or go to school and move around the country and (gasp!) remain loyal to our teams, win or lose. If I get a chance to see my team play on the road, I expect to be able to go with my wife and daughter and have a good time. I don’t mind good-natured ribbing, but people getting drunk and downright nasty is completely uncalled for.

  91. As a long time 49er fan I feel bad but I haven’t exactly been welcomed with open arms of love in the dome either. It was more the open arms of wanting to mug us!

  92. Aaron Brazell says:
    Jan 17, 2012 8:12 PM
    I had beer thrown on me in Seattle when I went up to see the Ravens play. Worst fans in my own experiences in sports… and I travel A LOT to see my team play. A LOT.

    The Madowlands was surprisingly good. Reliant, great. Even FedEx field was ok… Not CenturyLink!

    Thanks, it’s good to hear the Meadowlands has that reputation. I’m a Giants season ticket holder and I can tell you in our section there is no hate or violence towards the opposing fans.

    Giants fans will actually yell at other Giants fans if they are acting unfair towards them.

    But then again this is how it should be in our country. Everyone should be able to root for their team in any stadium in the country.

  93. In case it hasn’t been posted yet see how accommodating Philly fans are to Niner fans on one occasion.

    No one deserves crappy treatment but I won’t take my sons to any games in my OWN home stadium unless it’s exhibition season. If I wanted them exposed to all of that negativity I’d fire up a joint while having them watch Scarface with me. Just sayin’

  94. Hope folks read all the way past the 118 posts to this one ……

    I followed the link and read the man’s letter, and I can tell you right now the guy is full of crap.

    He claims he is from New Orleans originally and still has family there. Yet no one in the entire state of Louisiana calls a crawfish a “crayfish”.

    This “native” DOES.

    If he lies about being a “native”, he’ll lie about being accosted.

    I’m surprised no Saints fans caught this.

  95. domeinate says:Jan 17, 2012 11:02 PM

    I am a Saints fan. Have been reading the comments at the SF Gate site. Even the SF fans deplore the state of the fans at the stadium. Have gone to Saints games as a child with my Pops and have been a season ticket holder for years. Have walked miles in all directions from the Dome besides fans from other teams. Never, never have seen an incident like this. The SF journalists and fans at the Saints NOLA website called for stretcher games and glory in taking out other players rendering the team one-dimensional. Broke Romo’s ribs, broke Clemens ankle, concussed P Thomas. Seems the team is intimidated to win on skill. Players on the kick off return looked like demons from hell. Is this the NFL??? Team seems to reflect the fan base. Really creepy and full of bullies.
    Are you serious? That was the weakest comment I have ever read. I hope you are 10. If not, other Saints fans should be ashamed and embarrassed by this comment.

    Fans of all teams should be able to enjoy the game, but I know this happens in every NFL stadium and I’m sick of Candlestick taking so much heat for it. Especially since Candlestick is largely a good fan experience for fans of all teams. Fans of other teams have been coming to the Stick forever due to all of the transplants in the Bay Area and seem to do just fine. This Saints fan’s experience is the exception, not the rule.

    Come on out and see for yourself…

  96. Every fan has a different experience in enemy territory.

    If you keep to yourself the Home team fans generally leave you alone.

    I do not condone rude behavior, but you have to go into this with a sense of humor.

    I’m kind of surprised though that 9er fans won’t let opposition fans cheer. I’m all for drowning the opposition out when they start cheering but threats are another thing entirely. The reason I’m surprised though is because in the past they let the opposition get loud and some teams fans make it almost as loud as if it were their own Home game.

    All I can say is dude should be glad he got tickets. Only time I can get tickets for Seahawks games( 9er Fan up in the NW) is if I buy season tix or overpay for good seats. I don’t support the Seahawks so I’d rather not buy Season tix. It’s the principle of the thing. :p

  97. Mr Don Moses,
    You just felt what it was like to be alienated by 68,000 people now you alienated yourself from an entire region. Nice work.

    Don’t worry, you can live in your glass house bc Saints friends are always gracious hosts. I believe Steve Bartman will rent a room from you.

  98. yea it sucks but hate to say I can’t feel sorry for a saints fan having a bad experience visiting the opponents stadium when a saints fan shot ppl in atlanta over that very same game. They want to stereotype the entirety of 49ers fans over a bad experience with the ones they encountered so in turn out of the hundreds of saints fans i have encountered only one has been a decent guy therefore using this guys reasoning his own teams fans are trash.

  99. This has been happening in SF for years now. The problem is….
    1. they really want to try to one up Raiders
    2. MS-13 and other gangs has taken up SF as their colors.
    3. Most fans are attacked or harrassed outside the stadium and its usually a 10 to one ratio
    4. How does the NFL not know this , SF is a ticking time bomb and its not if a fan will get killed , but when.

  100. Candlestick is an absolute joke these days. Took my kid to a preseason game this year and between all the Nortenos and the other wannabe fans it was miserable. Santa Clara is in for a big surprise. Giant fans going to the game Sunday, Good Luck!

  101. Somebody tell me why the football GAME (key word being GAME) is better with four beers, fat gut full of ribs ‘n stuff. nobody likes a lout, were U standing behind the door when courtesy was passed out?

  102. I’ve been to about 20 nfl stadiums and the fans at the stick are by far the worst…make Philly fans look like pu$$!e$….fans in Lambeau are by far the best…and no, I am not a Packer fan!

  103. I’ve been to several away games and in my own experience the worst people were in Denver(they destroyed us and yet still came after us trying to fight on our way out) and the best, EASILY, were Packers fans this weekend. They hugged us repeatedly and shook hands, welcomed us to their stadium(which is a must see for football fans) and even congratulated and wished us luck after what had to be a crushing defeat. Looks like I’ll be crossing San Fran off the list of stadiums I’d like to check out.

  104. This sort of thing would largely be constrained by the simple introduction of segregated seating for visiting fans. It works throughout Europe and South America at some of the world’s most hostile sporting events.

  105. BTW, it is amazing how idiotic some of the comments for this story are…i mean, niners red doesn’t run and rich mill valley snobs don’t belong at the game if they can’t handle it, IDIOTS(and there were plenty more)…you people are the problem

  106. You see, this is why pot should be legalized! Legalize pot and sell it (instead of beer) at all the sporting events. Then not only will losing fans be less hostile, they’ll be just as mellow and laid back, not to mention higher food revenues for the teams. It blows my mind that a drug that makes the weakest individual think he’s Conan the Destroyer” is favored over a plant that makes one hungry and tired?

  107. Hey, Come to Cleveland! We’re Battery throwin’ beer bottle tossin’ vulrar, nasty, and we cheer when the opposing team gets injured, and WE’RE PROUD OF IT!! I am serious. North East Ohio native for 52 years, and life long Browns Fan. We really are proud of it. Come to our city, root for someone else, and you will PAY!!
    Hah, Haah!

  108. Yes that shouldn’t happen, nor should it be condoned, but it’s like world hunger; there’s nothing you can quite do about it.

  109. Those of you posting “This is just how it is” or “The way it’s always been” or “Same way in other stadiums” are missing the point of the post I think.

    The kind of behavior described is just idiotic, immature, and borderline criminal.

    I’m a die-hard fan of my team.. I yell and scream when watching on TV. I get the passion.

    But screaming obscenities at 0pposing fans? Physically threatening them?

    You’d be arrested in any other setting. Being a loyal “fan” does not justify being abusive, threatening or any other idiotic behavior because a fan of the opposing team dared to (GASP!) wear their Jersey to the game.

    Morons. All total Morons. Ruins the game, and makes people want to stay home.

    Which BTW.. was the POINT of the post.

  110. 1st of all I would imagine that this guys story is greatly exaggerated. 2nd of all this literally happens everywhere, I attended a game at Invesco at Mile high in 49ers gear and was sucker punched by a female fan, berated the entire game by the entire section I was sitting in and had beer poured on me and my other friend ( were both 6’11 ) . the following year a co-worker of mine went to a Broncos game in Giants gear and had a gun pulled on him, not to mention the fights that take place during raiders games in that stadium. look all 32 Franchises have classless fans that root for them that become even more classless when fueled by alcohol. this guy knew going in he would be berated and cursed at and yet he still brought his daughters into that environment, I lay most of the blame at his feet.

  111. All of the retards in here whining about other team’s fans are missing the point. This isn’t about singling out 49er fans. It’s about a problem that is prevalent in almost any large gathering, and doesn’t have to be. I’ve only been to a couple NFL games, my first a Cowboy-Redskin game at RFK in 94. I’m a Cowboys fan, but other than being loud and passionate, the fans never said anything to me. The problem is alcohol. Not just selling it in stadiums, but allowing intoxicated fans to enter the stadiums. Curb that, and you will fix a large portion of this problem.

  112. roverboy1949 says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    January 18, 2012 at 11:50 am

    Why can’t I support my team, just as you support yours? Why should I have to worry about the language and hostility directed at me and my family? All because I root for some other team! Sportsmanship is a lost art, not only off the filed, but to an increasing degree, on the field. Are you “tough” because you can insult someones wife and kids? I guess you would have it so there weren’t any tickets made available for the visiting team? Maybe it’s time to end the tailgate/alcohol experience. Too bad that some can ruin it for the rest.

  113. fittytuckin says:
    Jan 17, 2012 9:38 PM
    Visitors need their asses kicked. Its’s a gang mentality, when you have hateful white people and alcohol.

    What’s the matter fittytuckin? Scared little minority go out into the real world and realize white men aren’t what they show on progressive commercials? I guess you don’t see a pattern with the populations where people say the fanbase is the worst. Must be hateful white people filling cities like Oakland and Philly. D-bag

  114. Today I hate you and spit on you because you like a different football team. Tomorrow, it’s not a big deal when we’re all at WORK. Really, does everyone you know like all the same sports teams? Of course not. Feel free to talk a little smack but, don’t be a jackass and leave the kids alone.

  115. As a Saints fan I say good for San Fran, they should make it home field advantage.

    Once I went to a NY Mets game and a bad little 10-12 year old kid had a Yankee sign saying mets suck walking around insulting everyone. Needless to say he got peanuts & plastic bottles thrown at him and heckling. Security came around took his sign away and made him sit down – thats when the biggest cheer that night occurred.

    Bottom line is people can be dicks (even kids) and expect everything to be peaches n cream… Not saying this father/daughter combo deserved it, but they shouldn’t expect anything less in hostile territory

  116. Saints fans are obnoxious anyways, I ask their “fans” all the time, Do you even remember Saints history from 1967-2007 ?

    Bag Heads now have attitudes..

  117. Why don’t you segregate fans? I am from the UK and we don’t allow fans of opposing teams sit next to each other. You sell a section of the ground – say 10% to those fans of opposing teams. It also creates a better atmosphere as well. Though it is illegal to sell tickets on things such as stubhub in the UK.

  118. I am a long time season ticket holder with the 49ers & travel once a year with the team and i have always been welcomed with open arms when on the the road, act like an A**hole you will get treated like A**hole, Philly was the road game this year my buddy & myself decked out in full 49er apparel did not have any problems.

  119. It’s a GAME people. I don’t understand folks who are overtly hostile to away fans at any stadium for any sport. Just because the team I’m rooting for wears different colors than yours? Talk some trash, sure, but at the end of the day let’s keep things in perspective. We all love our sport, we all enjoy the rivalries, so let’s keep things civil.

  120. I thought SF was full of Nancy Pelosi types, wine and brie, and the like. Sissy men and political correctness, no?? Shocking…..

  121. its a football game! I will always wear my Broncos jersey if I’m at a stadium whether my team is playing or I’m with friends seeing their team. I only support my team in that way. I would be disappointed if there was no trash talk haha and I’m always the opposing team since I’m a Denver fan in Maryland who has never been to Denver….yet. but there is no need for it to get vulgar or ugly, it should be good fun!

  122. In all seriousness, we have Steeler season tickets. I rarely see any problem ever. In fact, a few years ago, I had 2 cinci guys (Bengals visiting Steelers) full dressed in Bengal garb. My cousin was with his wife and I was with mine. They continually cut up on me, said my cousin had bought a far superior wedding ring for his wife than I did for mine and went on and on. We bought each other beers and totally enjoyed the laughs.

    I have been to Miami, and I would NEVER take my kids to a game there. Take my kids all the time to Steeler games. I have been to Arrowhead and had a Chiefs fan jump right in my face after the game almost touching me. My friend told me he did not know how I did not pound him.

    Been to Cleveland. That can be interesting, but I as a Steeler fan, I understand them. Did see a big brawl between Steeler fans and Browns fan way back in the 80’s up there.

    Bottom line is, and not being a homer, Pittsburgh is a great place for visiting fans to enjoy a game. Maybe security tighter, I dunno?

  123. everybody has a story my worst experience as an opposing fan was without a doubt in BUFFALO.

  124. As a niner fan, I am truly embarrassed. If this story is true, the niners, NFL security and local authorities must take immediate and punitive action.
    Subject the offenders to a similar treatment. Lets see how they like it.

  125. oh PS Giants….

    Never will go to see them in New York, I hear from this post good things but a Giants fan told me he hopes I get into a car accident on the way home and die after the DeShaun Jackson punt return win last year (I had some dough on the Eagles so I was rooting).

    No matter what happens in a game if you wish death on someone because they root for another team then you are a sad…. sad human being.

  126. It’s stories like these (and the comments condoning it) that make me re-evaluate my sports fandom. Being associated with low-lifes like this makes me uncomfortable.

  127. treyanastasio says:

    Jan 17, 2012 8:52 PM
    I’m a Packers fan, but I was at Lambeau last week with a bunch of Giants fans decked out in blue and they were in utter disbelief at how respectful and welcoming every single person there was. So this DOESN’T happen at every stadium in the NFL.. Packer fans keep it classy

    Look, a Packer fan talking about how idyllic the Packer fandom is.

    Who else here was shocked?

  128. Always neutral colors at other stadiums and never take my children. Maybe when they’re teenagers. I’m sorry for what he endured but I’m not shocked in the least. Not just SF but pretty much anywhere you run that risk of things like this happening. There have been enough stories like this to where it should not be a surprise to anyone. Sad really.

  129. Some people are just morons. To take offense when someone roots for the other team is juvenile and to take action is ridiculous. This is the main reason many fans won’t got see a game, especially with their families. Good natured jeering is to be expected but it isn’t good natured anymore. People are all about getting recognition, from their friends, other fans, etc.. There are security personnel in every stadium but they are reactive rather than proactive. Why wait for an assault before taking action? These idiots are just as cowardly as the so called tough guys that get off on intimidating families. To the “what did they expect?” crowd…your attitude is no better than the morons at the stadium.

  130. 1000s of “enemy” fans report wonderful experiences coming to our dome to cheer for the road team. We are full throated fans sure, but we are also more aware than most that we live by tourism and are more welcoming than at most venues.

    We are proud of our Saints. Win or lose. We are proud of our city. We welcome all football fans and their families to share the rich culture and historical significance of southern Louisiana. It’s too bad that fans in places like Chicago and San Fran don’t have the intelligence to understand how important the visiting fans are to the NFL, your city and the venue itself.

    Get smart people. You do not live in a vacuum. We are all football fans first. THEN we are homers. But without the visitors there would be no game.

  131. Say what you will about Detroit but when I’ve cheered on my Bears there, I’ve never been hassled. As a matter of fact, I’ve been welcomed to various tailgates and had numerous intellegent discussions about Sweetness, Butkus, Ditka, etc. Pretty cool really.

  132. I’ve been to NFL games in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Cincinnatti as a 49ers fan. I don’t think you can attribute a whole fan base to the worst people in the crowd. For example, I was at a Browns game where one of the guys we sat next to was clearly inebriated, and at one point he turned his back to me and threw popcorn over his shoulder. However, his brother was pleasant and we went back and forth pleasantly through out the whole game. After the popcorn incident in the early 4th quarter, both of them left, probably because I’m the size of an NFL tackle. Bills fans were by far the most hospitable, and I had a gantastic gameday experience, although I did witness the aftermath of a fight in the stands as the game ended. Bengals fans ignored us, but there were only about 40,000 people at their home opener this year. Steeler fans were total douche bags, but I would expect nothing less from Steeler fans.

  133. I think the saddest part about this behavior is the fact that these grown men are purely taking advantage of a situation where guys are trying to take their daughters or wives out to get them into the football experience.

    Not to single out the 49’ers (by all accounts horrible experience this past week) but regardless of how drunk I get I would never in any setting try to belittle a female, let alone a father with his two daughters. And for the record, this behavior is not okay and should not be condoned at any level and it does not happen in every stadium.

  134. the seven or eight large 49er fans mentioned in the letter sound a lot like cops, not the brightest light bulbs in the box. arm yourselves.

  135. 1000s of “enemy” fans report wonderful experiences coming to our dome to cheer for the road team.


    I would like to read these reports…. all thousands of them. Whom did they report these wonderful experience to?

  136. “hostility, vulgarity and intimidation”

    FYI: It’s like that at every stadium in the NFL – no one is immune. If you wear a Viking’s jersey at Lambeau, a Redskins jersey in Dallas, a Chiefs jersey in Oakland, etc…. you will be harrassed. You should know that going in… unfortunate, but true, these days.

  137. well..that is just a horrible experience for that family and i empathize with them. no one should be treated as such.

    …that said…

    …the dad SHOULD have known it is like that at football games. there is just a different crowd at football games. this is why i only take my daughter to baseball and basketball games. i’m not saying the hooligans were right but every football game i ever been too has an “anarchy” feeling to it. an analogy would be the rock concert. i have attended hundreds of shows…and i can tell ya, stuff goes on there thats just not for everybody…but that person attending knows what they are getting themselves into.

    Look, it upsets me. i think its bullsh*t that a family cant go to a game without being harrassed when wearing opposing team colors but its just ingrained in the culture of football games. good luck changing it anytime soon.

  138. One more thing. Justifying attacking Saints fans because they are “annoying and smug” is as ridiculous and ignorant as…well…the fans perpetrating the attack. Really?? Really?? A football fan(atic) being annoying, and worse, smug? Oh the humanity!

  139. Go to another team’s home – expect to get heckled, and demeaned, laughed at and belittled, and smack talked to (in ways you aren’t used to). Submit like your team is going to if they come to play the Ravens!

    That’s my advice!
    And, don’t forget to bow your head when you leave!

  140. Maybe I’m sheltered by midwestern friendliness — I’ve been to games only in Green Bay and Minneapolis and never had an experience even close to this,

    In Green Bay, tailgaters open their coolers and grills and offer lawn chairs to fans of the opposing teams. Fans there take pride in their team and city, and they want the visitors to leave bummed that their team lost, but amazed they still had a great time. My last game there was against Buffalo in 2010, and we tailgated next to a group of Bills fans. We traded wings for brats, before the game, and fired up the grill again after the game. Good fun.

    I’ve been to games in the Dome dressed in Green and Gold and never experienced more than friendly taunting. Vikings fans are generally good humored and friendly, in my experience.

    I’ve sat in the student section at Williams Arena for Gopher-Badger basketball games, cheering for Bucky. no problems.

    people need to grow up. it’s sports. it’s supposed to be fun. if your idea of fun is to make other people miserable, i pity you.

  141. Why do people get surprised by things like this? I thought Seattle was going to be friendly when I went. Constant harrasment, being screamed in my ear with a mega phone and a fist fight later I would definatly say Seattle wasnt friendly road team fan experience. Not friendly but it was a ton of fun especially with the hostility. Its playoffs people. Stay home if you can handle the hostility.

  142. Back when the Redskins were still playing at 55,000 seat RFK stadium and tickets were hard to get, I would sometimes drive up to the Vet in Philly to see the ‘Skins play. After one such game, I heard that a ‘Skins fan, an older guy who went to games wearing a headdress and buckskins (i.e., like the stereotypical “Indian”), had suffered a broken collarbone during a beating administered by some Eagles “fans.” I did not wear my ‘Skins’ jersey to that game, and I haven’t worn it to any other ‘Skins road game that i have attended. It just isn’t worth the additional risk of having a beer poured on me or my companion(s) and getting into fights. It’s not the way that it should be, but my advice to anyone going into a hostile environment where copious amounts of alcohol are being consumed to watch their team play is to maintain a low profile.

  143. Im from the philadelphia area and Im a die hard niners fan. I went to a couple games there with my niners jerz on. Let me tell you something. this is nothing compared to philly. Do i know its going to happen? Yes. Do I care…yeah. But I go anyways. Its hostile territory and its part of what makes homefield advantage the advantage. Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you. get real. youre lucky fists didnt fly like they did at me in philly. oh yeah snowballs too. and I only had the front of my jerz showing. the back was covered by my unzipped jacket. Just dont be too flamboyant. It is what it is.

  144. discosucs2005 says:
    Jan 17, 2012 8:12 PM
    Oh really Saints fan? Is that an unpleasant environment? Well a Saints fan shot two Niners fans outside a restaurant after the game, so maybe complaining about an unpleasant atmosphere really isn’t that relevant in the grand scheme of things.


    So there is a difference in a Saints fan and a New Orleanian. I am sick of this story link – these guys live in Ga. right? So if a bank robber in Alaska wears a 49er jersey while commiting the crime, 49er fans are bank robbers correct?

    I am a Saints fan who has lived in Carolina, Atlanta, and Chicago, attending games in all places. By far Carolina is the most welcoming stadium of the 3. Some good hearted ribbing but ultimately all good. My numerous experiences at the Superdome have opposing fans eating and drinking with Saints fans – it’s a party city, a good drink and good food and we generally hang out with anyone.

    The ATL experience is personal (you have to understand the shared experiences of the two cities to understand it). To the poster who said a Saints fan tried to punch his friends girlfriend, my last experieince had a Falcon fan actually punch a woman at a Saints game in Ga.

    Long story short, there are idiots at every stadium, some more then others. That doesn’t make it ok and victims of it shouldn’t be hushed away with a get over it approach.

  145. That’s what it’s supposed to be like for a visiting fan, as long as there’s no physical altercations, anything goes IMO. The funny thing is you don’t hear about this on the national spotlight, I bet if this happened in Philly or Oakland, ESPN would be all over this story, they might even bring up booing Santa.

  146. I seem to recall that after the Saints beat the Rams in Jan. 2001 at the Superdome, some Saints fans beat up a Rams fan. Not a lot of room to talk on the fan base there…

  147. There is not a rule that says you MUST wear your teams’ jersey when you go into the opposing stadium. It’s 2012, and there have been countless stories like this. The Saints fan could have had a great experience by simply not flying his teams colors in front of these idiots… There are many soccer leagues around the world where he would have come out of that situation with more than hurt feelings. nothing justifies what those moron 49er fans were doing, but the author bears some blame.

  148. Don’t wear your teams colors? It’s a game. You are a fan of a team
    You should be able to wear whatever you want. We want to sit and blame beer and home field advantage? Are you kidding me? This behavior is completely intolerable. I LOVE the NFL and I’ve been to multiple games and had fun with fans of opposing teams no matter where I went. The fact remains though if this type of shenanigans keeps up I’m going to stop going. It’s not worth risking my family’s well being just so a couple of meatheads can feel tough.

  149. cserisey says:
    Jan 18, 2012 3:20 AM
    Hey, Come to Cleveland! We’re Battery throwin’ beer bottle tossin’ vulrar, nasty, and we cheer when the opposing team gets injured, and WE’RE PROUD OF IT!! I am serious. North East Ohio native for 52 years, and life long Browns Fan. We really are proud of it. Come to our city, root for someone else, and you will PAY!!
    Hah, Haah!

    Will we get a chance to see all those Super Bowl trophies you’ve won over the years?

  150. I’ve been to games in the Georgia Dome and the Stadium in Miami (whatever its called these days) among others. Best experience ever while in FULL Saints gear. I can take the trash talk with not problems. Howver, when it comes down to talking trash to my kids, whole new ball game. Keep in mind people, ITS JUST A GAME…. And that’s to ALL the SAINTS haters!!!!

  151. Yes we have room to talk just like anyone else you all need to stop hating on our beloved saint’s.

  152. EIGHTEENGIANTS1 you are probably one of those engineers i knew that couldnt screw in a lightbulb but could write a 2 page long equation with your eyes closef…Let me guess yoyour from Mill Valley and you are very level headed and demurrer I cant stand guys like you alwayd judging …your reputation is flawless yet deep down your a fake hollow smug pacifist. Stay on the porch little man your judgements sound better in your nice and neat little Santa Clara Niners world…Cheers cheese and wine lover

  153. I was at the last SF playoff game prior to this one. Anybody remember which game that was? I certainly was not welcomed by TB fans. I was cursed I had beer thrown at me was cussed at. The worst part of it was SF got their rear ends handed to them. I stuck it out till the bitter end. I didn’t feel the need to whine to the Tampa Tribune about it, though. SF’s home field advantage has been MIA long enough. Good to see its back.

  154. those of you upset or insultin others because they are responding to this by insulting his own teams fans needs to actually read the letter this is talking about.

    last line reads “Every 49ers fan, the team and it’s owners should be ashamed and embarrassed to wear the red and gold today. They won the game but are losers in every other way.”

    thats just the kind of smugness that leads to the crap he had to deal with. Even if he wasnt the kinda guy to display it he is no better then they are. By his own reasoning his own team… saints fans should be ashamed to wear their colors cause of the crap some of their fans pull. EVERY team has its own batch of idiot fans… yes this includes you packers fans.

  155. Interesting reading. I’m a Brit and it seems to me that you’re in real danger of ending up in the same situation that soccer is in now – ‘away’ fans may eventually have to be segregated and might even have to pay more for their tickets, which is what occasionally happens in the UK & Europe.

    I’m also a Raider fan and went to the Raiders/49ers exhibition game at The Stick in 2003 with my wife (on honeymoon, believe it or not!). Wore my Raider jersey and was given a lecture on the bus to the game by a fellow passenger who told me the route was through ‘gang territory’ and after the game I was told to ‘get back to the East Bay’ by Niners fans with an average age of about 16, who we ignored as they were acting out rather than representing any genuine threat.

    Didn’t think the general atmosphere at SF was too bad as I was expecting something far heavier (based on my experience of watching soccer in the UK and Europe), but it was more like attending a rugby match. Have been to soccer games where I’ve had to sit with the home fans due to ticket shortages and that’s far more intimidating. General rule of thumb is not to draw attention to yourself or act like an ***hole (or both)

    BTW if anyone comes over to the London games, the atmosphere is superb. Queuing for trains back into central London can be a pain though 😉

  156. I didn’t see the 49ers fans acting this way when they came to Philly a couple of years ago. I recall them being pelted with hundreds of snowballs. I know everyone hates Philly, but try to youtube that video and not crack up.

  157. Anyways, what I was trying to say was why not let the retards bully good fans until they stop going to the games then when the meth’d up and beer soaked half wits can’t spend enough of their drug money at the games the franchise will have to up ticket prices or move away…..problem solved! what happened to civility? you morons that are saying, “can’t wear jersey’s from an opposing team in my house” are retarded. I suppose if you have a job that when you go out in public you don’t beat the crap out of your competitor so why on earth would you think its a good idea at a football game?

  158. “Well a Saints fan shot two Niners fans outside a restaurant after the game”…

    That was across the country in GA, genius. The article is about stadium security, but carry on….

  159. WOW I never would’ve thought to be worried about anyone from San Francisco. The niners are a passing fad. Fluke year. They won’t be crap for another decade.

  160. “Just another day at the stick! The upper deck is not a good place for a opposing teams fans believe me.”

    Oh good grief. Stop acting like Candlestick Park has been some football mecca for the past decade.

  161. Sounds like sour grapes to me. I’m a Vikings fan living in Minnesota. There’s a Bears bar here…and no way would I go in there with my Vikings jersey on, unless I was with my friend who’s a Bears fan. If you can’t take the verbal heat, don’t go in there with your jersey on. Go to your own home games. He’s probably just whining because they lost.

  162. Yeah, re-reading the article, with his line…….”Every 49ers fan, the team and it’s owners should be ashamed and embarrassed to wear the red and gold today. They won the game but are losers in every other way”…….yeah that shows you how smug this guy is. He’s OBVIOUSLY just whining because the Saints lost. Sour grapes.

  163. I have seen this kind of behavior most from packer fans, both at there stadium and away from it. Ive been to a lot of games in a lot of cities that have involved most of the NFL teams and I have NEVER had to deal with such classless, rude and dirty fans as green bay has. That being said, I am NOT a fan that brings signs to the game. I am NOT a fan that dresses up, screams or wears face paint. I am NOT a loud and rude fan. I have seen packer fans dump beer on another fans camera while that fan was just sitting and watching the game. I never had any problems in Philly (surprised the hell outta me), SF, NO, Balt, NY or Washington.

  164. I was at Buffalo Wild Wings in Brooklyn the night the Saints destroyed the Giants. The fans were a lot of fun, nobody seriously gave me a hard time, and when the Giants got behind, some of them bought me drinks.

    I don’t think they see many Saints fans, so they sorta looked at me as a novelty. Fun night, thanks guys, you were all good sports and I’ll buy you a drink in the Big Easy!!

    Mardi Gras is starting now…

  165. some people man… problem is the majority of us accept it as common behavior. Thats what happens when your country is made up of social liberals…. zing

  166. Anyone,(including NFL officials) who has the patience to read through all of these posts, can only come to one conclusion….NFL Stadium attendance is NOT family friendly entertainment! It is far too costly and after you have made a great sacrifice to buy the ever escalating ticket,parking fees and food vending prices….you have to sit and be verbally and physically accosted by inebriated, insulting fans who have become no more than hooligans !The NFL better think again !!….oh…50 to 80000 dollar PSL fees may help improve the stadium experience but the said stadiums well be almost empty as expendable recreation family funding well never keep up with these increased costs !

  167. Definitely had to be low-life mexicans harassing this guy and his daughters. Sprinkle in a couple white bald wannabe mexican guys in the group. This makes up most of the demographic of california loser fanbase. I’ve been to 49er games, dodgers games in L.A. and giants games in sf. I’d say 90% of the riff raff i’ve seen involves mommy/daddy issue latinos/latinas. Nobody ever taught these losers how to act..its unfortunate.
    They have ego issues or wish they were black hood . Rarely ever had prblems at Warriors games…had season tickets for 4 years albeit lower level. They can’t afford those seats by the 4 to 10’s like they can baseball and football. Bring the family to an event and fork out the dough for expensive seats. safest bet

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