Colts seek permission to interview Pete Carmichael

The fact that Saints coach Sean Payton broke a leg during a game could give Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. a chance to break a leg of his own, figuratively.

Per a league source, the Colts have requested permission to interview Carmichael for their vacant head-coaching position.

The Colts will be the second team to pursue Carmichael, who also has been linked to the Raiders. Carmichael has enjoyed a higher level of attention in league circles after assuming the play-calling duties following Payton’s injury.  Payton decided to allow Carmichael to continue to call plays even after Payton was able to resume the responsibilities.

Permission is perfunctory when an assistant coach of a team that has finished its season is being considered for a head-coaching job.  Teams can, however, block assistant coaches who are under contract from interviewing for assistant-coaching jobs with another team, even if the move constitutes a promotion.

UPDATE 9:12 p.m. ET:  Or moles in Indy not named “Rob Lowe” tell us that the interview will occur on Thursday.

13 responses to “Colts seek permission to interview Pete Carmichael

  1. As a Colts fan I would rather get a defensive head coach like Dom Capers,or Steve Spagnuolo. And then then get a good up and coming OC.

  2. If this doesn’t work, the Colts will outsource the full time insitutional care attendant position to unqualified immigrants.

  3. Look what Carmichael and Lombardi did with Brees and that offense in New Orleans. Peyton will be standing with open arms.

  4. If the colts were looking for a great OC to hire as coach to help develop Andrew Luck, they would be smart to give Rob Chudzinski a call.

    As a charger fan, i hope they dont, that way we can hire him next year after we fire Norv

  5. Say what you want about Payton, he used to be an assistant and he tells all his assistants that they will have the opportunity to coach somewhere else. Thats why they never reject when other teams call. Shout out to Payton

  6. I think its time to consider Spags as the new Defensive coordinator, get a kick butt Offensive Coordinator and name Peyton as the Player/Coach. Jim Irsay works outside of the box. He has brought the Colts to relevance. He is the man to make this move. Come on, Jim; think about it!

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