Colts to interview Jerry Gray


Jerry Gray is a candidate to become the next head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that the Titans have granted the Colts permission to talk to Gray, Tennessee’s defensive coordinator.

This isn’t Gray’s first interview: He recently interviewed for the head coaching vacancy in Tampa Bay, and he was involved in a controversial interview with the Redskins in 2009, which many observers, including Tony Dungy, said appeared to be an attempt to follow the letter of the Rooney Rule while violating the rule’s spirit.

Gray was a player for the Rams, Oilers and Buccaneers and has been an assistant coach with the Bills, Redskins and Seahawks before joining the Titans’ staff in 2011.

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  1. You need to take a deep breath and relax wegonnababy. The poster was trying to use sarcasm ( not racism ) to point out how pointless the Rooney Rule is. The are numerous black coaches (congrats RAC) in the NFL and owners would promote someone with stripes as long as they could win . The Rooney rule has outlived its usefulness. If we are really worried about minorities getting head coaching jobs how come we don’t include women or Chinese guys (neither of which currently are NFL head coaches).

  2. I like the way he handled himself during the Jim Zorn dueling Shermans/Bingo Caller debacle. When D/C, Greg Blache refused to speak to the media, he stepped in and comported himself well. He seems like a class act.

  3. LOL – the author forgot the 5 miserable years he coached the Buffalo defense?

    Not to mention the previous stint as an Oilers/Titans assistant. Left with Gregg Williams for Buffalo when Fisher promoted Jim Schwartz over Gray for Williams’ old DC job.

    Although I wouldn’t call all of those Buffalo defenses miserable. Last year with Williams and first year with Mularkey it was a top 10 D in almost every category, including points allowed.

    I’m not sold on the Titans D yet under Gray after one season, but he’s a well-spoken, engaging guy with a good enough resume to think he should get some legitimate looks as a HC candidate.

  4. He’s probably more than qualified, but, chances are, the Colts know who they want and Gray is just another humiliating victim of the Rooney Rule.

  5. Why don’t the Colts just say they interviewed Caldwell (just after Fisher) while he was still employed?

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