Haley unlikely to join the Jets

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Tony Sparano and Todd Haley talked about joining forces again this offseason, but it doesn’t look like it will happen.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets and Haley came to a “mutual decision” in recent days that Haley will not join Sparano on the team’s staff.

Sparano is the offensive coordinator. He’s more well versed in the running game, so the idea was that Haley would be a quarterbacks coach/passing game coordinator.  Mehta writes Haley won’t join the staff barring an “eleventh-hour” reversal.

Perhaps the Jets tapped Haley’s phone and didn’t like what they heard.

The former Chiefs head coach has spoken with the Cardinals about working for Ken Whisenhunt again. That appears to be Haley’s most likely landing spot for 2012.

22 responses to “Haley unlikely to join the Jets

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Haley’s tinfoil-hat, paranoid statements the other day cost him a chance to straighten out Mark Sanchez.

    And yes, I read the article.

    Totally in character for the guy.

  2. They better hope they get Manning, then, because it seems like Haley was the best (it’s all relative, folks) choice available to try to salvage Sanchez. If just the passing game needed help, the WR coach they got from Oakland might help. But they really need someone to work with Sanchez. Maybe Sparano’s confidence building will work, despite him being a running game guy.

  3. More likely the Manning deal is looking better and they don’t need a passing coordinator when the QB is Manning. That’s #18’s job.

  4. Just realized this: Tony Sparano and Tony Soprano sound a lot a like. Ok, maybe everyone already knows that..but that is hilarious….hahaha

  5. This is depressing, the offense is getting a lot worse than what it was, Chokechez can’t be our QB, I say get all your draft picks, and trade for Peyton Manning. Im allow to daydream right. 🙂

  6. There really is no reason for a passing game coordinator when you don’t have an NFL quality QB as Sanchez is better suited to carry the clip board

    Newark jets 2012= ground and fist pumping field goals. jets MVP= Nick Folk

    Getting ready for the 44th celebration jet fans ??

  7. umm, sooo who is gonna develop Sanchez again? Oh Sparano that’s right. In other words…..HELP PEYTON, HEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!

  8. So it’s one of the following:

    a) Haley wants to win and thinks he has a better shot in AZ
    b) Haley doesn’t care about winning, and wants to coach a capable quarterback (possibly only to look good)

    Thumbs up for A
    Thumbs down for B

  9. Really you jets fans are delusional. Who are you cutting to get Manning? You cannot cut Sanchez he has 2 years left and would hurt your salary cap hard. Manning is not going to play for the jets for 1 million. This guy will command at least 5-6 million a year easy. Have you seen the jets cap? Sanchez already makes more than 5 million a season. Also will Sanchez play back up like a good boy? Or be a locker room cancer? Cause Manning will not play back up at all especially to Sanchez. Face it you are not getting Payton. It just fantasy.

  10. The OC was asked to resign this year. When they miss the play-offs next year the entire staff including Rex will be gone. It is an unstable situation to get into. You need a year or two of stability if you are Haley and looking to get back into a HC position.

  11. First off, Haley is NOT a QB coach, never has been.
    Haley’s “offense” sucks. it’s basically the old 1980s NY Giants offense that Parcells ran. He never ran the open attacking offense that he had to call in Arizona, that was Whisenhunts offense, not Haleys.
    The reason Weis and Haley knew the same offense comes from their days under Parcells with the NY Jets. Haleys offense had nothing similar to what Arizona or the Patriots currently run.
    look at the KC offense the years that Haley was the Offensive Coordinator and tell me if you want this guy anywhere close to your QB? hell, when Cassel had a capable Coordinator, he put up an 89 QB Rating in ’08 (McDaniels) and a 94 QB Rating in ’10 (Weis).

    Haley is what held back KCs offense in ’09/’11.

  12. Jets should have hired Haley as OC instead of Sparano….did a great job in Arizona before coming head coach. Like to know what happened to Cassel once he left NE….never went beyond his good year. Was it the lack of talent around him or the coaching.

  13. still haven’t learned their lesson. Trying to buy a championship with the biggest names on the market instead of building a cohesive team.

    Rex hasn’t developed any talent on his team since he arrived and threw all the talent Mangini gave him out the door.

    Jets are headed back to the basement.

  14. The Jets have a locker room full of talented individuals, but that is the problem. They need to stop being so concerned with revamping the coaching staff and start building a team! They had a team in his first two seasons which is why they played well, but now they are all a bunch of narcissistic failures.

    Haley may have helped, but nobody will ever know. you need to stop your predictions about where the team is headed because a coaches or players prior performance is a guaranteed determinant of future performance; and I’m speaking specifically about Manning. Who’s to say he won’t take one good hit and suffer irreparable damage to his c-spine?

  15. @justafanofitall: “Like to know what happened to Cassel once he left NE….never went beyond his good year. Was it the lack of talent around him or the coaching.”
    in ’09: Haley fired Gailey as OC the week before the season started because Gailey wanted to attack/spread the field, Haley wanted a run up the middle plodding offense. KC also led the league in drops with about 70.
    in ’10: Weis as offensive coordinator and a handful of poo at WR, Cassel had a 94 QB rating, 27 TDs and 7 INTs.
    in ’11: Haley constrained their OC, B. Muir to running it up the gut on 1st and 2nd downs for no yardage, then throwing designed swing/screen passes on 3rd and longs. they also never spread the field, allowing only 3 man routes. When your best RB goes down in week 2, and you have the best WR trio the team has had in decades, you spread the field and attack. they decided to run it 5th most, for the 26th ranking ypc, and next to last in rushing TDs while throwing it 27th most on the season. <– does that make sense when you had a QB who just threw for 27 TDs and 7 INTs the year before with a worst stable of WRs?

    like most QBs, it comes down to play-calling/system, or he has to be surrounded by talent. some can knock a QB for that… and if you're one of them, then my exhibit A is Kurt Warner. was great in the Coryell offense of STL, with Bruce, Holt, Hakim, Faulk, etc. was total dog-poo for the NY Giants. signed to be a backup to Lienart in Arizona, then got to throw to Fitz, Boldin, Breaston, and Doucet in Whisenhunts offense. some think Warner is a HOFer? sure, when you have a good offensive system and surrounded by tons of great WRs getting to throw 50x a game.

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