Irsay disputes report that Colts contacted Jeff Fisher


Colts owner Jim Irsay isn’t bashful about disputing reports regarding his team via Twitter.  He did it earlier this month in response to an ESPN report that the Colts wanted to hire Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio.  And Irsay has done it again in connection with a report from Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that, before firing Jim Caldwell, the Colts contacted Jeff Fisher about coaching the team.

Specifically, Irsay called out Bob Kravtiz of the Indianapolis Star for posting a message about the report on Twitter.  “B Kravitz,that St. Louis writer rumor stuff NOT TRUE…we weren’t involved in any Fishing expedition..stayed far clear of it, don’t spread BS,” Irsay wrote earlier today.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting.  Earlier this month, Kravitz said on PFT Live the following:  “I can promise you that they’ve already reached out to Jeff Fisher.”  As pointed out by the folks at, Kravtiz thereafter backpedaled on Twitter.

So apart from the report made more recently by Jim Thomas, Kravitz already had said that the Colts had reached out to Fisher.

Thus, two experienced members of the media have said that the Colts reached out to Fisher.  Though Irsay has the right to deny it, the rest of us have the right to believe it.

And we do.

14 responses to “Irsay disputes report that Colts contacted Jeff Fisher

  1. Irsay is easily one of the most interesting owners in the league. I like the guy. “we weren’t involved in any Fishing expedition..stayed far clear of it” – Classic.

  2. On the previous story I called it out for not being true because it sounded ridiculous that the Colts would want Fisher but Fisher wouldn’t want the Colts. It didn’t make sense from the start and Irsay confirms that he isn’t as disrespectful as the previous story suggested.

  3. kwalk4780 – Irsay wrote a huge check for Peyton to be on the sidelines without a hint of complaint. He gets a pass on whatever he decides with Peyton going forward.

  4. If Caldwell was my HC I would have talked to Fisher and anyone else with any kind of coaching experience (high school or above).

  5. I’m suprised that Mr. Irsay doesn’t know …if you don’t go “FISHing” you can’t catch the PRIZE FISH… Oh well go back to hunting or whatever u are doing for a coach.

  6. Why would he lie? We all know Fisher would have jumped at the opportunity to be #18 lackey!!!

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