Jim Irsay takes the Rob Lowe story to a new level


Well, here’s a story we never thought we’d be writing.

It all started with actor Rob Lowe saying on Twitter that he has been told that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is going to retire. The whole idea of Lowe breaking maybe the biggest piece of NFL news of the year would seem at first to be too ridiculous to take seriously, except that Lowe and Colts owner Jim Irsay have been quoted in the past as saying they’re friendly, and they’ve been photographed together, and, well, who knows? Stranger things have happened than Rob Lowe being the guy who breaks the Peyton Manning retirement news. (Even if I can’t think of anything stranger at the moment.)

Lowe’s report seemed to be dealt a fatal blow when both Manning’s agent and his dad, Archie, said that it simply wasn’t true: Peyton is not retiring.

We probably would be done talking about the Rob Lowe Report now, except that Irsay decided to weigh in on Twitter with what has to be the most bizarre 140-character missive he has ever written (and that’s saying something):

“My sources tell me Rob will star in an epic remake of ‘Deep Throat’ with aging porn stars and 4 finger circus clowns!”

I’m not sure if Irsay is taking a swipe at Lowe’s infamous 1980s sex tape, or if he’s just trying to come up with a Twitter report of his own that’s even weirder than Lowe’s, but this has to be the strangest thing we’ve written about in quite some time.

The only thing that could make it even more bizarre is if it turns out that Lowe’s report was right.

Or if Irsay’s report is right.

87 responses to “Jim Irsay takes the Rob Lowe story to a new level

  1. Peyton has had three neck surgeries, he should retire. I do not want to see him as a paraplegic or quadraplegic

  2. Nope, the only thing that could make it more bizarre would be if Irsay’s report it right.

  3. He’s not refuting Rob Lowe, he is just proving to the rest of the country what us in Baltimore and the State of Maryland already know. Jim Irsay is a tool.

  4. 4 fingered circus clowns? I see nothing out of the ordinary about that.

    Ronnie Lott

  5. “The only thing that could make it even more bizarre is if it turns out that Lowe’s report was right.”


    I think both reports being true would be more bizarre than just one of them.

    Plus, I’d watch that. If for no other reason than to find out what the hell a four finger circus clown is….or what a finger circus clown is and why there are four of them.

  6. This dude has to be the most unprofessional owner in sports…..and I’m not sure if I don’t like it or think “more power to him” for not being a stuffy corporate suit.

  7. Or Deep Throat is a referring more to Watergate (of which the source was real), and the reference to the porn flick is merely a slight diversion.

  8. I’ve posted here again and again that Irsay is going to be pulling the strings from now on behind the curtain. The colts are done. He’s going to “Jerry” or “Danny” them. Toast.

  9. ‘Deep Throat’ was not a pornstar, he was the informant that broke Watergate. Perhaps there’s truth to this and this is Irsays crazy way of saying he’s right?

  10. “The only thing that could make it even more bizarre is if it turns out that Lowe’s report was right.” More bizarre would be if Irsay turns out to be right.

  11. Irs takes Twitter to a new level. The level of scraping guano off the floor of the Mariannas Trench. Seriously they should suspend his account before he gets certified by Health and Welfare.

  12. Anyone who doesn’t get the “deep throat” reference might wanna google Watergate (since Wikipedia is blacked Jo). Sounds like Irsay might be confirming what Lowe is saying without really confirming it. Easier to throw off idiots with porn and clown references than saying “damnit Rob we’re keeping it under wraps til we March”

  13. Four fingered circus clown… Somebody count Mark Sanchez’ digits; we might have just figured out why he throws passes to the opponents’ linemen.

  14. in all seriousness, could there be anything more unprofessional than this? he has a fan (who happens to be high profile) who speculates on the future of his QB…EXACTLY like PFT and ESPN does on an hourly basis…and this is how he treats him? if he’s the one leading them through this transition period, god help the Colts and their fans…you’re doomed.

  15. whats wrong with isray’s comments? I think its a funny way to tell a friend to shut up! whats the bug news here…

  16. Irsay has serious issues to say this! Very disturbing that a so called professional high class owner would stupe down to that level, the league needs to fine him, majorly!

  17. As funny, non PC and off the wall as it is, can you imagine if your boss took random “locker room” chat comments to a public form such as Twitter like this?

  18. Irsays comments are ridiculous but in the end basically tell u lowe has no idea what he’s talking about. They may be friendly but doubt irsay would ever let that slip. His comment basically saying he doesn’t know about rob lowes upcoming projects like lowe knows nothing about the Colts or their players plans. U’ll get crazy answers from ppl who don’t really know is.the moral.

  19. People like Jim Irsay are the reason why NFL owners will NEVER open their accounting books for scrutiny. If the public, not to mention the Players Union, were to find out how much the owners pay their slappy sons, nephews, daughters, sons in law, wives, etc. we would all puke. Jim Irsay should change his name to Spaulding Smails because if daddy didn’t give him an NFL franchise no would would care what he thinks or follow him on Twitter.

  20. You know, if I was looking for coaching job, at any level, I am thinking now would be a good time to slide that interview invitation from the Colts right into the trash?

    Who would want to put up with an owner like that?

  21. skoobyfl says:Jan 18, 2012 7:22 PM

    Irsay is losing it for sure, Rob only dates middle-schoolers.

    While I know the incident (24 years ago) you are referring to, I thought he had been married for a long time, so I looked it up. He has been married to the same woman for 21 years. She is 50, and he is 47.

    Not a big fan of his, but I thought the comment was a bit unfair.

  22. Yeah, the Irsays are trash. Jim himself has never done anything remarkable in his life besides being the winning sperm shot into his Mama’s belly…

  23. Irsay has become his father! And he is not going to pay $29 million of his own money and then hope some team will trade something for Peyton.Peyton Manning will choose his next team for himself. End of story!

  24. Its sad, the Colts historically suck until they get lucky enough to get good QB’s. Imagine Peyton with another org,,,3-4 rings ?

    How did Dungy work for this guy ?

  25. .

    So, it turns out that Caldwell was the sane one No wonder the guy didn’t talk, surrounded by this pack of jackals.

    I think we got it now, Jimmy. Santonio did wake and bake and then you took over the rest of the day. Why isn’t this buffoon drug tested?


  26. nineroutsider says:
    Jan 18, 2012 7:45 PM
    Got to hand it to him for not being a PC tool. He must have debated before sending that bad boy.

    How did this dude make his money?
    The old fashioned way, lucky sperm club.

  27. chefjayson says: Jan 18, 2012 7:31 PM

    ‘Deep Throat’ was not a pornstar, he was the informant that broke Watergate. Perhaps there’s truth to this and this is Irsays crazy way of saying he’s right?
    “Deep Throat” is probably the most famous porn movie in history. The Watergate informant took his name from the name of the movie.

  28. And on a Wednesday night no less….can you imagine what kind of tweet we might have gotten if this all happened on a Saturday night?

  29. Lol at everyone looking into this more than what it is. Let me try: “aging porn stars and 4 finger circus clowns!” I figured it out! Aging, 4, and circus: It’s obvious he wants to go get Favre!

    How is this news? He’s just mocking Lowe claiming a ridiculous statement from “sources” just like he made about Manning retiring.

  30. wow, i just typed out a four paragraph posting and it wasnt posted but yep was…….wow….anyways irsay and his boy lowe were drinking and talking and irsay said some stuff he shouldnt have…….i am a father to a son that has had brainstem surgery and the surgeon all but ruled out contact sports the rest of his life….younger people recover from these kinds of surgerys alot quicker than adults…….adults know when it hurts so they adjust their bodies instead of working their neck……surgeon was from the best clinic in the world….mayo….so i kind of beleave him….feel bad for peyton but he should walk away for himself and family….everyone takes shots at barry sanders and robert smith but they can still get out of bed in the morning…dont know why archie is so supportive of his son getting back out there……he’s like the kardashian mom….spotlights got to be on him…..

  31. Said it before and I’ll say it again — Irsay talks/tweets way too much. This dude runs his mouth like a 14-year-old girl on facebook. Totally unprofessional. I’d be livid if I were a Colts fan. And this is the guy who fired Polian…wow.

  32. Payton gave the Colts so much pride and in my view they were a stand up franchise. That’s why it’s sad to see the Colts turn into such a laughing stock now that he is away rehabbing unable to keep face for the franchise. Things had to change based on their record, but they could have done it with more class and not allowed the world to see how crazy their leadership truly is. If Payton does go back to Indy, i feel bad that he’s gonna have to play QB and their PR guy to clean up this mess of an image the owner created.

  33. With Jimmy Boy’s twits, I’ll bet the folks of Indianapolis are just bursting with pride……..

  34. waltdawg says:
    Jan 18, 2012 7:29 PM
    How does Irsay own a football team and I do not?

    Because your dad did not hand you a football team.

  35. Irsay is making a point that anyone can write anything on twitter, it’s up to you to believe it or not.

  36. How are you people appalled by a joke? Seriously? Lighten up. It’s just the internet. The average PFT reader seems older than dirt if this is offensive humor to them.

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