League won’t investigate Haley’s bugging/phone tampering claims, yet

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On Sunday, the Kansas City Star published an article stating that former Chiefs coach Todd Haley “suspected” rooms at the facility were bugged and “believed” his cell phone had been tampered with.

It’s a strong accusation, and if it’s true there should be serious consequences to anyone involved in those activities.  But the league won’t be investigating the situation, yet.

“The Chiefs have notified us that these claims are completely false and no such allegations have been made to our office,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told PFT by email on Wednesday morning.

The last half of that quote likely means that, if Haley or someone else were to make such allegations directly to the league office, the league would have to do something more than take the team’s word for it.  But until Haley or someone else makes an allegation to the league office (or to the appropriate state or federal authorities), no action will be taken — and no credence should be given to the allegations.

Thus, it’s a simple proposition for any former or current Chiefs employee who believes that there was or is bugging, wiretapping, or other potentially illegal monitoring:  put up, or shut up.

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  1. They should investigate whether he formally makes a complaint to the league or not. He has made the allegations publicly, to the press, and they are damaging to the NFL’s brand. The NFL should investigate, if for no other reason than to send a message to all of their other employees that if they make sensational public allegations without any basis in fact, the are going to have to answer a lot of difficult questions about why they are making those allegations.

  2. the KC Organization was left a mess by Carl Peterson. the Scouting Dept was a joke when Pioli got there. the owner knew the entire thing needed cleaning and brought in Pioli to get the entire organization back on track… that is exactly what he’s doing. he’s cleaned house in the scouting dept, and it badly needed it. a lot of those people complain in that article are those that are fired. there are plenty of people in that article who are not complaining as well.
    bugging personal phones?? wow.
    a big business keeping track of where employees are calling? surely, as they should.
    they’re there to work, not dick around…
    when Pioli got there, he had scouts watching funny video clips in meetings, or responding to emails while Pioli was talking in a meeting… they didn’t last long.
    good riddance.

  3. What would be the purpose of the Chiefs front office bugging his phone? Sounds like a ridiculous claim by Haley. This guy is a quack.

  4. I’m not familiar with Missouri law (or any state’s law for that matter).. but is there any sort of civil/criminal privacy protection laws?

  5. For those of you crushing Haley for claiming this, read the article. the writer talked to 20 plus other people that thought there were bugs in and around the office. Whether its a true allegation or not it looks bad for chiefs upper management than it does for Haley. If your enstilling fear like that into your employees, your a bad boss. This is America, you should be able to talk on your phone without the fear of wire tapping

  6. You can get fired for making personal calls at work too. Using email for non business activity etc. I work in IT and have had more requests for email archives from HR or dept heads than I can count. You sign the line when you agree to take the job.

  7. Haley never made any claims. The writer of the article did. All hearsay nonsense. Probably mad Pioli wouldn’t force Hali to do interviews for him.

    The only thing in the article that has any credence is a lawsuit fired by some of the folks fired claiming age discrimination. Good luck with that.

    These guys just got cozy and felt entitled sitting around all those years with Peterson.

  8. “They should investigate whether he formally makes a complaint to the league or not. He has made the allegations publicly, to the press, and they are damaging to the NFL’s brand. The NFL should investigate, if for no other reason than to send a message to all of their other employees that if they make sensational public allegations without any basis in fact, the are going to have to answer a lot of difficult questions about why they are making those allegations.”

    At the moment, Haley isn’t an employee of the league or any team in the NFL. Perhaps there was some provision in his Chiefs contract that requires post-employment cooperation in investigations, but that would be awfully hard to enforce.

  9. Also, the logistics involved here could be quite time consuming. The league has to track down all forms of evidence first, and then find the quickest and least noticeable way of destroying such evidence.

  10. If that phone is owned/paid for by the Chiefs, the hotel room paid for and the offices at HQ are Chief property there is no law broken. Haley’s a clown that being said though…

  11. Don’t all businesses require non-disclosure agreements when they are paying released employees a severance package? I read the article. It seems to me that people felt uncomfortable with being held accountable. Ultimately, Haley was fired for not having his team ready to play. He lost 5 games by 27 points or more. He was held accountable for that.

  12. People that have been around the KC Chiefs longe enough know that the team is being run by 2 control freaks. Lamar Hunt would NEVER have done even half the things his spoiled brat kid is doing.

    There are MANY people that know about shady practices going on at Arrowhead that has not spoken to anyone in interviews.
    If a reporter dug deeper and was more persistant, he would get more people to talk

  13. The league is absolutely correct in their stance on this one.

    The reins of team ownership passed from father to son. The team got a new GM after the old one had been in place for 19 years. What happened after that is what happens every day across corporate America when companies are bought and sold…new regimes bring culture change.

    The new regime at Arrowhead is just as much if not moreso Clark Hunt than it is Scott Pioli. It emphasizes attention to detail and accountability which is never a bad thing. Is Pioli nitpicking? Probably, but culture change after 20 years is not an easy thing to implement so going a bit overboard to get the point across is not unusual.

    There is absolutely no evidence to this point that anthing illegal has been done. This is a non-story until that changes.

  14. Yeah Haley got canned because he kept tossing Palko onto the field and lost the locker room. Players know he was just doing it to spite Pioli even after they went and got Orton. Funny how they played so much better after Romeo took over. Not.

    As for Lamar he aint no saint. Hell his brothers tried to corner the silver market back in the seventies and almost lost all of pappa’s oil money that Lamar got to play football with. lol

  15. Get them to talk about what?? They don’t like the way the team is being run? Tough. Go get another job. They aren’t hired to run the team Pioli is and Clark is the owner. What world do some of you folks come from. You don’t do your job you get fired. Pretty simple stuff until the whining and crying starts up.

    The writer, Babb, was probably pissed he didn’t get the access to the players, locker room, etc. etc. and decided he was gonna get back at Pioli. He should be fired for this nonsense. KC Star is a tabloid paper now IMO.

  16. If they bug phones and facilities like they build a team then I could understand why someone might be able to discover a bug

  17. Well, Scott Pioli still has New England ties, so if they treat it like they did the investigation into the Patriots illegal filming activities, any evidence found will be destroyed by order of Roger Goodall . He has to protect his puppetmaster Robert Kraft and anyone who has connections to him.

  18. As Chiefs fan, I think this is non story because it’s a billions dollar a year team competing with 31 other highly competitively teams who are always trying to win no matter the cost.

    Unless Haley’s personal cell was tampered with…which is big no-no according to the federal laws.

    Then Haley would be Mangini II

  19. Haley is not the only one that has accused the Chiefs of this. The local press swears that Carl Peterson used to do the same thing to them in the press room.

  20. If you read the entire KC Star article it reads like sour grapes from people that weren’t happy with the fact that Pioli came in demanded things be run his way since it was obvious dysfunctional during the King Carl regime. As for bugging Haley’s personal cell phone exactly how do you do that? Engage in a conspiracy with sprint or AT&T to plant a bug? The Chiefs can’t do things the CIA is unable to do. The reality is that people who are asked for a higher level of performance in any job and can’t perform are fired. The Star and PFT have given those people a soap box which isn’t based on reality.

  21. What owner in his right mind would hire this guy for any job after this nonsense. He just committed career suicide.

  22. The only thing missing from this is the foil hat Haley should be wearing.
    The MILLIONAIRE was digging in the ceiling tiles looking for microphones. Shouldn’t he have asked for service to do that?
    The MILLIONAIRE did not have his phone checked or his service queried. Did he then speak in code or use other phones, paranoid of things not found by ANYONE?

    I’m not surprised that a large group of spoiled, entitled people feel paranoid.
    Lamar Hunt would be ashamed of what they let become of his Chiefs before Scott Pioli arrived.

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