PFT Live: Mike Pereira and Vikings stadium update

PFT Live will talk about the controversial calls from last weekend with Mike Pereira of FOX Sports.

Florio will get the lowdown from Pereira on a variety of officiating issues and look ahead to this week’s games.

We’ll also get a Vikings stadium update from Vikings VP of Public Affairs and Stadium Development Lester Bagley.

Watch the show live at noon ET.

8 responses to “PFT Live: Mike Pereira and Vikings stadium update

  1. Why in the world did Pereira become such a quoted source. He’s never been and never will be objective. Calling him a “Guru” is just plain silly and for him to go along with it is egotistical as well as untrue. He’s not a recognized leader in any way. PFT, get your own source with actual integrity. You know, believable!

  2. Build an outside stadium
    That would be a nightmare for southern teams.

    Why havent they done that all along?

    I know they used to have Metropolitian Stadium and went to four SB’s.

    Would think that would be a huge advantage to them.

  3. I’m pretty sure Pereira isn’t being used a “source” and nowhere in this article does it say that he is. He’s discussing the officiating calls from last weekend which is something he may have qualifications for *sarcasm*. Anyway soitsalie I’m assuming you probably read the title and nothing else then assumed PFT would be asking him about the Vikings… try reading before typing

  4. If the Vikings stay in Minnesota, the stadium built should be an outdoor stadium. Not only is this a big advantage for the home team at home, but on the road (Chicago, Green Bay), especially in the playoffs.

    If Green Bay, New England, Chicago and Buffalo can play outdoors in the winter, there’s no disadvantage for the Vikings to do so either.

  5. 2 unrelated issues rolled into the headlines watch the video it was fairly good.

    And he talks Rams leaving to L.A in 2014 -2015 to plays as the 2nd tenant in L.A.

    Just like the Oakland Fans the L.A. fans want their team back. Sorry St. Louis

  6. The Vikes will end up at one, of two downtown sites. This is politics and the power players will insist on a downtown site or else and the Wilfs will and already are caving.
    The only thing left is to decide how to pay the states part of it. Indian Gaming is throwing millions into lobbying groups to stop any off track gambling and pull tabs in bars.
    They do not want any competition in the state. Thank Skip Humphrey for all of this mess.

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