The first Peyton Manning retirement report, from an unlikely source

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As questions continue to swirl regarding the future of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, word has emerged on Twitter that Manning will retire.

Such word comes from Rob Lowe, the actor/Colts fan.  Lowe, who appeared last month on The Rich Eisen Podcast, tells his 230,000-plus followers that Lowe is hearing Manning will call it quits.

Lowe says that his “people” say it will happen today.  Rosenthal, who actually listened to Lowe on The Rich Eisen Podcast, says that Lowe said he’s “friendly” with Colts owner Jim Irsay.

And so we wait.

Who knows?  Maybe Lowe will end up with a Pulitzer to put on the mantle next to all those acting awards he may eventually win.

UPDATE 3:59 p.m. ET:  Check out photo No. 10 on this link.

65 responses to “The first Peyton Manning retirement report, from an unlikely source

  1. Who the hell is Rob Lowe? Anyway, even if this guy is right, it’d be like me saying Eli Manning is going to the Super Bowl. A blind squirrel will find a nut eventually.

    Good job at getting your name in the news Mr. Lowe.

  2. I actually would rather hear reports/rumors of Manning retiring instead of where he might play football next season. Mike & Mike actually spent a significant portion of their show this morning over the top five places Manning would most likely end up if Indy released him in March. I guess they would’ve had too much dead air on their show if they didn’t include such a “debate.”

  3. If this is true, than I can say it was an honor to watch him play. He kept it classy and redefined the value and the quarterback position itself. If anyone was better, the list is very very short.

    Canton needs to go ahead and waive the waiting period and just put him in the Hall of Fame

  4. If so, best to Peyton on his future endeavors. It doesn’t seem like risking further injury to his neck and jeopardizing quality of life down the road is worth it, but what the hell do I know…

    He’ll certainly be a top 10 QBoaT, if not top 5. But regardless what happens this Sunday and/or in SB 46, Tom Brady has eliminated any doubt this year of who was the best QB of the era- its Brady, hands down.

  5. There’s no way he quits now. Maybe later in the year, but not now.

  6. In his defense, he did pick up this information in a place where you should be over 21 to get in….


  8. Literally the most unlikely source I would have guessed.

    This article just made me excited for tomorrow night’s episode of Parks and Rec. Which takes place in Indiana. Which is where the Colts are.

  9. I doubt it but you never know. Maybe his neck still won’t heal correctly. So much for the greatest of all time talk. He hasn’t played nearly long enough and only has one ring. I am betting on him coming back though.

  10. Peyton is too competitive to just retire and let Rodgers pile up the championships as the reigning Awkward Television Commercial Following a Crushing Loss King.

  11. Just checked out photo number 10 &, doh! A side note, is Jim Irsay the owner of the dumbest looking smile in the world or is it just me?

  12. i know it sounds crazy, but just remember…. the first “source” to report Osama being killed was The Rock via twitter! he announced a full hour before ANY of the networks!

    you never know….

  13. I was cringing at the thought of Manning throwing wounded ducks in a strange uniform, conjuring up images of Namath with the Rams or Unitas with the Chargers. He had an amazing run, but Father Time comes calling for every career eventually. If this is true, I’m glad that Manning has shown the good judgment to retire with his legacy, and relative good health, intact.

  14. I will be genuinely sad if this is true…and I am a Patriots fan. The past decade has been filled with such Collosally Epic battles, that it would not be believable if it was written as fiction. Both the wins and losses have been high stakes, high drama and ultimately awesome contests that I will recount the rest of my life.

    If it is true, God speed, Peyton. I wish you the best.

  15. While Peyton starting his post-QB career as a head coach is over the top (even for such a brilliant football mind), being named Offensive Coordinator out the gate is not.

  16. It just makes too much sense.

    1) That is a serious injury that he’s already had multiple surgeries for. What’s the risk of it happening again?

    2) If he comes back, there will definitely be a messy situation with the Colts. Why tarnish his image in Indy with a messy exit?

    3) Does he really want to play for another team, learn a new playbook, greet a new city, face the media hounding him, etc, while worrying about his neck?

    4) If the Colts decide to keep him, does he really want to deal with a Luck QB controversy, learn a new playbook under a new regime, all the while trying to steer a 2-14 team back to prominence (with a bad neck) ?

    4) He’s already a lock for the HOF. He’s already won a superbowl, and he already has fantastic career numbers. He’d be going out “on top”

  17. To give you some idea of how long Peyton Manning has been the QB for the Colts, when he came into the league 15 years ago, Rob Lowe was a heartthrob and black silk shirts with high collars were in fashion.

  18. HIs contract is guaranteed. He doesn’t have to play again. I won’t use this as a source, but I wouldn’t think it was all that unlikely even if no one said so.

  19. I heard last fall Peyton will never play again. Would be no surprise.

    Amazing the number of goobers on here who think Peyton can just go over and sign with another team. Peyton may not have no choice but to retire.

  20. Even if he’s right who the hell is Rob Lowe to break this news? Another Stupid actor who thinks he’s more important than he is. Mind your own damn business Rob.

  21. Both Archie Manning and Peyton’s agent have just a few moments ago that the report is not true and they have no idea where that would have come from. Archie laughed out loud when told of the story and said, ” He ain’t retiring. I think he would have told me if he was.”

    So much for the “Rob Report”, but he got some attention today.

  22. If this is true, I’d be really disappointed. The Pats and Colts play again next year, and I was hoping for at least one more rematch between those 2. Easily the best QB rivalry of all time.

  23. Peyton: I am retiring as QB of the Colts. However I’m keeping the $28M as a signing bonus for becoming the new HC… Ok it’s unrealistic, but realistically he was already the coach to begin with

  24. For all of you saying “Who the hell is Rob Lowe?”.

    That might true. You might be unfamiliar with him, but I guarantee your wife isn’t 🙂

  25. @Rob Lowe = I think the photo from “Tommy Boy” where he’s taking a heavy bag to the “marbles” would have been a better choice.

    @Peyton = please retire from the Oreo cookie eating contest commercials while you’re at it.

  26. donz0 says:
    Jan 18, 2012 4:28 PM
    Let’s wait until March to start the speculation about Peyton.

    If Peyton is retiring, then it would be best that he let’s the Colts know so they know what direction to take.

  27. or maybe you could do some actual journalistic work and win some type of award to put next to the journalism awards you may eventually win

  28. Manning is going to do what Brett Favre did…sort of…he will retire and then in a few months, he can dictate where he will play…under his rules…

  29. Peyton manning is not retiring. Archie has already cleared this. Anyways 9 out of 10 people don’t even know what the hell a rob Lowe is, so this is like a elementary school rumor

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