49ers share playcalling duties


The game-winning toss from Alex Smith to Vernon Davis last week came directly from quarterbacks coach Geep Chyrst.

The play, called “Vernon Post,” was only installed a week ago. It used Chyrst’s familiarity with the Saints from his days in Carolina.

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports did a great job detailing the origin of the play earlier this week. The play helps point out how well the entire 49ers coaching staff works together.

Chyrst doesn’t just draw up plays. He actually calls the plays at times, like he did during the entire two-minute drill against the Saints last Saturday.

Consider that for a minute: With the entire season on the line, the 49ers had the quarterbacks coach calling plays. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman calls the plays throughout the game. Harbaugh mentioned Roman “suggested” the Alex Smith quarterback keeper play that resulted in a 28-yard touchdown run.

Harbaugh is the one that signals the play into Smith, making it a truly collaborative effort.

“We all work together, pretty much suffice it to say,” Harbaugh said via CSNBayArea.com.

One of the most underrated and important skills a coach can have: Putting together the right staff. Harbaugh hired the right guys in San Francisco.

It’s clear Harbaugh has much faith in his assistants in big moments as he does in Alex Smith.

19 responses to “49ers share playcalling duties

  1. As a 49’er fan from way back (when I got into football in 1985, when I was 8 the 9’ers were winning with Rice & Lott so along with the Browns became my favorite team. Since they retired I still check in and hope they do well, but concentrate more on my Browns) I am happy to hear this. Football is a true team sport and I am glad that the 9’ers are back!

  2. I may sound like a homer but boy, this guy has really brown my mind!! Win or lose this sunday.. I am very glad this guy is leading this team for years to come! He really is the real deal.

  3. Whoever called the plays against the Saints, they looked like geniuses on that QB keeper play. Alex looked like he was back at Utah! Great call, solid brass paper weights downstairs.

  4. More evidence why Jim Harbaugh is far and away the coach of the year with the best rookie season ever for a coach, because this team appears to be a legit good team for years now because of him.

    to have the judgment of which to go with, and tempering of ego to allow more voices than just his own is the mark of a REAL winner.

  5. So who was responsible for the 12 in the huddle before Smiths TD run? That was very Childressesque.

  6. bubba9er says:
    Jan 19, 2012 11:14 AM
    Whoever called the plays against the Saints, they looked like geniuses on that QB keeper play. Alex looked like he was back at Utah! Great call, solid brass paper weights downstairs.


    That was a Greg Roman call (OC) and Harbaugh deferred to Alex as the scale-tipper…Alex loved it and ran with it (literally).

  7. Huge New Orleans Fan here. Now that my heartbreak is easing up, I must say this team is truly special (49ers). The above article underscores why they are in the position they are in. Good luck 49ers – you do it the right way.

    We’ll get you next time but on that Sunday afternoon you were the better team.

  8. If the 49’ers win and the Patriots win, I am DEEP into hoping the 49’ers beat the Patriots.

    But if the 49’ers win and the Ravens win…I dunno. My allegiance to the Ravens stems from them being the Old Browns (who would have never left if Cleveland’s mayor had built the team a new stadium like the Cavs and Indians…and then they ended up building a new stadium anyway). I would be torn, but would probably root for the Ravens. So if there is an All-Harbaugh Super Bowl I will be torn, but will go with the Ravens.

    Good luck, 9’ers.

  9. I’m so excited about this team. The 49ers have been a juggernaut this season, and I can’t wait to see what they do this Sunday against the Giants. Good luck Niners! We’re all cheering you on!

  10. I rarely approve of these “young genius” coaches that the league is in love with. Morris, McDaniels, Mangini, Garrett, … They all have failed to live up to the hype. Harbaugh is different. He was an old school QB when he played and he’s an old school coach now.

    Old school is about fundimentals. His teams don’t make a lot of mistakes like the rest of the pass-wacky “Let’s mimic the Packers/Patriots/Saints” league. He will win with this team as long as he stays grounded.

  11. I like Fangio and Roman. Great staff, but this is a bit too much praise for Harbaugh’s coaching. Do you really need to be familiar with a team to draw up the Vernon Post? He is is the best player on the team. You don’t need to pick the brain of your QB coach who is familiar with the Saint. But even then, the defense got this team to 13-3, not the offense. The offense was below average most of the season and kicked field goals to get points. Who thought up those two poorly ran pick plays? How about the the halfback throw back? Who decided to abandon the run to let the Saints back in the game? Perhaps this three headed monster approach doesn’t run so smoothly. It certainly didn’t seem to be on all cylinders for most of the game against the Saints.

  12. @ Jackntorres

    Let it go! Just Let it go! Sounds like you need to crawl back into that cave for another week or so to truly get over the loss. Nobody is listening to your analysis either….you’re just routing for the Giants despite the Niners. Saints really killed us like you claimed….huh?

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