Art Schlichter fails drug tests while under house arrest

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In news that should come as a surprise to exactly no one, Art Schlichter is in trouble with the law once again.

Schilichter, the fourth overall pick of the 1982 NFL draft, was arrested Wednesday after his probation officer reported that he tested positive for cocaine twice and refused to report for testing on several other occasions.

Schlichter was already under house arrest while he awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to swindling 50 people out of $2.5 million as part of a scheme to sell fake tickets to sporting events, then gambling away all the money he stole.

A college football star at Ohio State, Schlichter has spent most of his adult life looking for ways to finance his compulsive gambling. After playing sparingly as a rookie, the NFL suspended him for the entire 1983 season for gambling. He has served multiple prison terms totaling more than 10 years for various thefts, scams and other offenses.

38 responses to “Art Schlichter fails drug tests while under house arrest

  1. The Bungals should bring him in for a look.

    I’m sure he’ll be cheap enough for Mike Brown, now.

  2. Easy for us who don’t face the same demons—Schilichter is an “all-time” sad story which just keeps gets worse. While I don’t feel bad for Art, I feel horrible for family members who’s nightmare continues.

  3. He’s all in at 5-2 on Morninwheg. I swear I’ll pay everybody back. Just loan me a mill this last time and i’ll never gamble again.. Lock of the year. Once I win I can pay back the 2.5m and then have enough for court costs and fines then everyone is happy

  4. Very sad how somebody could throw their life away when they had so many options for success within their grasp.

    Absolutely mind boggling how someone can become so addicted to gambling(personally know 3 people that gambled away their savings, and home) that they will lie, cheat, steal to get more money to gamble away.

    Sickness does not give him an excuse though. For his ownprotection and for the protection of others, he should be locked away. He has had enough chances.

  5. lks311 says:
    Jan 19, 2012 2:05 PM
    While I don’t feel bad for Art, I feel horrible for family members who’s nightmare continues.
    He wrecked his parents AND his wife and daughters. That is the biggest crime. If your family’s suffering doesn’t even touch you, you’re probably a sociopath of the highest order.

  6. I lived in Columbus when he played at OSU, I was in 4th grade. His girlfriend was our student teacher, and he visited our class. I looked up to him at that time. It’s still saddening to keep hearing about him.

  7. Perfect timing……. nothing serves as a better reminder of what life was like for the Colts before Peyton Manning than this story.

  8. So he’s under HOUSE arrest, and doing blow. Wondering if the cops are trying to figure out who got him the white. Or is it the rich man’s house arrest, where you have to stay home 24/7 EXCEPT to do this and that and run over here and do something else and…
    Also, convicted felons can refuse drug tests? I would think one NO = back to jail.

  9. swindling 50 people out of $2.5 million as part of a scheme to sell fake tickets to sporting events

    Jerry Jones sees nothing wrong with this.

  10. What a horrific problem!!

    Not Schlichter’s, mine.

    I’m truly torn between compassion for someone gripped by a truly gruesome compulsive addiction and a beautiful chance to take more free shots at Ohio State.

  11. @godzilla111111: At some point, all addicts stop being addicts. They either pull their heads out of their asses and clean up, or whine for years they have issues. Of course they have issues, they’re too damn stupid to give up that which ruined them.

  12. @goforth – spot on! This man has been a scumbag stealing money from anybody and everybody including his entire family and every friend of the family. He has caused his own parents to lose their farm, and countless friends to lose theirs. When I was in bank fraud at Bank One in Columbus, I had to chase this POS out of our branches when he was trying to short change tellers. There was not one single individual, known or stranger, that he came in contact with that he didn’t try to con. There wasn’t a business establishment in Columbus that he didn’t write a bad check two. The file I had on him for bad checks, fraudulent loans, and other scams was over 8 inches thick – that was just up to the point that the Colts got rid of him!!! There is no sympathy for this human landfill. He needs to be locked away in prison and the key tossed for the pain and financial ruin he has brought on so many people that tried to help him out.

  13. Bad guy, plain and simple, or raving addict like Darryl Strawberry, Dexter Manley, Stanley Wilson?

  14. I read his book “Busted” and whenever I feel bad about myself, I always think about Art and his addiction. Suddenly, my problems don’t seem so bad. It was a very enlightning book. I really feel for what he put his ex-wife through. That is no way to live.

  15. I grew up around the corner from Art and look up to him. He later stole my grandpa’s wheelchair, pawned it and bet on Peter McNeely to knockout Tyson. True Story.

  16. @slickmarine that is pretty ignorant to associate all buckeye football players with trouble just cause one old, as in drafted in 82, player and 5 about 28 years later.

  17. Talk about ignorant. Art Schlichter was allowed to be an assistant football coach for a public HIGH SCHOOL in Tell City, Indiana when he got out of prison the last time. He was their assistant coach while he was coordinating this most recent con and got caught. People in the community that were outraged that the irresponsible superintendent and school board would allow somone with so many felonies to coach kids from age 13 to age 18 were told they were “uncaring.” Who in their right mind would allow someone like him to influence our youth, someone who has over and over proven that he is nothing but a con man.

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