Colts and Bucs consider Mike Zimmer, Dolphins think he’s too blunt

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After the Bengals had a surprisingly successful season led by a stingy defense, it’s no surprise that Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer is a hot head-coaching candidate. But there are apparently divergent opinions about Zimmer around the league.

In Indianapolis, Zimmer has emerged as a candidate to replace the fired head coach Jim Caldwell. And in Tampa Bay, Zimmer is one of the candidates to replace the fired head coach Raheem Morris. So there are at least a couple of struggling teams that think he could be the man to turn the franchise around.

But while Zimmer was once a candidate in Miami, the Dolphins have decided to move on to the next round of interviews without Zimmer, and the Miami Herald reports that one source said Zimmer might have been too blunt and honest for the Dolphins’ liking.

It is true that Zimmer is known for speaking his mind, particularly in regard to his time coaching on the Falcons’ staff under Bobby Petrino, who quit during the season to coach at Arkansas. Zimmer called Petrino “a gutless bastard” and “a coward” who “didn’t have enough nuts to stay there and finish the job.”

I’m no NFL owner, but that’s the kind of blunt honesty I love to see in a coach.

69 responses to “Colts and Bucs consider Mike Zimmer, Dolphins think he’s too blunt

  1. I remember seen hard knocks n he was honest as hell, I would have like fins to hire him, also since nolan left he could have continue with the good defense, also would have been cool to see if he talks crap to rex ryan

  2. You kidding me, I love this guy just based off of his Petrino comments, not mention he did a great job with that D. Too bad, I think Fins fans would have loved this guy too…

    Ross & Ireland just can’t get enough yes men. Too bad, no winning for you! (reread in SoupNazi voice)

    Fins fans deserve better…

  3. A coach that will skip all the BS and tell you how it is, why is that a bad thing. I would rather know then have to try and read through a filter.

  4. The fact that the Dolphins don’t want Chudzinski almost certainly assures he will succeed as a head coach somewhere else.

  5. The GM asked a player at the combine about his mom being a drug abusing prostitute, and that was ok, but there is no way you are going to hire a coach that tells it like it is, because he is too blunt…? Are you f_ckin’ sh_ttin’ me?!?!?! Reason number 2,789,543 why the Dolphins cant seem to compete with the big boys. Sure they have an occasional season where they look like they figured it out, but then they revert…

  6. Yeah, we wouldn’t want a coach that tells it like it is. We want someone underhanded, backstabbing, and dishonest. (turning the sarcasm off now).

  7. MDS…really bad title there guy. One source said ?? Several sources said Fisher would take the Miami job. How did that turn out ?? Maybe one report opines that Zimmer was too blunt for Ross’ liking, but it’s an opinion…not a fact that can be proven….

    But you media guys all want to make mountains out of molehills anyway…shame on you for this one…

  8. Did he hurt mr. ross’s [rodgers]feelings when he told them this franchise is all ****** up!

  9. I would hate to see Zim leave but he deserves a shot. How could you be too blunt as a coach? I’d be happy to have someone tell it like it is

  10. Translation: Owner Steve Ross is worried about public relations and you know he simply couldn’t have one of those “blunt” and “honest” football neanderthal types running his football team. Just think of the risk to our public relations if he says something too blunt and honest! Can’t have that. What total fools. This statement tells me everything I need to know about the Miami Dolphins moving forward. They will continue to suck because the owners brain just does not understand football and winning. This guy continues to confirm my thoughts that he’s moron clown running a tree ring circus for celebrity entertainment. He should have just bought the “Star Search Show” and left the Dolphins to somebody else.

  11. The hit reality show “The Real Football Minds of Miami” goes on and on. World’s craziest reality show. My Dolphins suffer more and more each day…

  12. I can see how that conversation would go.

    Mccoy: “Ste Ross, you are an idiot”

    Ross: “I hear that a lot lately, sorry cant have people that know what they are talking about on my team, we like morons here in Miami”

  13. First question the Colts should ask any candidate…

    Q: Are you Marty Mornhinweg?

    If the answer is “No”, then proceed with the interview. If the answer is “Yes”, facepalm and end the meeting immediately.


    Zimmer will get a HC job somewhere. The Colts could use some Defensive spark, as long as they strategically fill the Offensive vacancies to oversee Manning OR Luck. Clements could be a solid OC as well. Greg Roman is another name that was floated, he worked with Harbaugh and Luck at Stanford.

  14. So they want a coach that will baby the players and let them play like crap as long as he doesn’t tell them to their face? You’d think bluntness would be good in a coach. Maybe Ross and Ireland are afraid he’d tell the media how bad they are at their jobs

  15. Rob Lowe says that Zimmer will retire along with Peyton Manning. Judd Nelson, on the other hand, wonders why his agent will not return his calls.

  16. Marty Schottenheimer is better than any candidate out there by a country mile. He’s better than 2/3 of the coaches in the league. What are the Bucs and Colts thinking about?

  17. Of course he wouldnt fit in Miami. He is the complete opposite of the two-faced owner of the Dolphins who talks out of both sides of his mouth, of which both sides are lying.

  18. In other news, the Dolphins continue to be the Dolphins…and the rest of the AFC East sighs in relief. 😉

  19. I forgot about those Petrino comments. That is the kind of guy that the Dolphins need. The fact that they are looking for a softer touch does not bode well. When the players and coaches screw up, the HC needs to be blunt. It seems like the the dolphins want a guy that will waste time, beat around the bush, ask nicely, make sure nobody’s feelings get hurt and all while nodding yes and catering to the unwarranted egos of Ross and Ireland. That is a formula for a doormat franchise or at best another tenure of mediocrity. Ugh.

    OK, fine. Get it over with. There is no sense in trying to fight the inevitable. The best we can hope for is for the ineptitude to falter by sheer luck. The fans will be back in a few years, once the experiment is over and competency is sought out.



  21. Know who else is blunt and honest on the defensive side of the ball?

    Rex Ryan

    He was spot on about Bobby P, doesn’t mean he needs to say it.


  22. Footballs a mans game…maybe the dolphins brass need to take a good look in the mirror and decide if footballs for them.
    Zims a class act and will be a great head coach !

  23. I’m no NFL owner, but that’s the kind of blunt honesty I love to see in a coach.

    Blunt like that other idiot in the AFC East that coaches in NY? No thanks. How blunt is the guy over in New England that has 3 rings, possibly 4 after this year? Give me Bowles a quiet humble leader, not someone that sticks his foot in his mouth ever year spouting off playoff and superbowl guarantees.

  24. You want to know what’s more pathetic? You little guppies following a so called made up story from some unknown source on the Herold. Let me guss who the source is, Dez Bryants prostitute mother?

  25. The first time this site says anything positive about the Dolphins will be its first. Every writer bags on them every chance they get.

  26. Hire Marty Schottenheimer as Head Coach and give Zimmer the title of Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach with the understanding that he is the Head Coach in Waiting.

    Marty can build a team, he has proven it over and over. But he is old, so in a few years Zimmer can take over

  27. 1. zimmer bagged on an easy target. he doesnt get extra points.

    2. ross cant let this ride, however? miami is destined to suck.

  28. If Zimmer called Petrino a “gutless bastard” then the Buccaneers need to hire him immediately so he can call them “cheap bastards” at the start of free agency.

  29. I now have begun to feel bad for Dolphin fans. The organization is leaking what took place in interviews out to the media, that is terrible, who would want to be associated with that orgnization?

    This just smells like such a tank job on behalf of Ross and his crew. Go look at his business side staff, you can almost guarantee they have had talks about moving to LA. Watch out Dolphin fans , Ross might be looking for the big pay day, when you’re that rich you want more and more. Miami might be on the verge of losing their team. Dolphin fans should press their local media to press Ross about moving to LA.

  30. “””Hire Marty Schottenheimer as Head Coach and give Zimmer the title of Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach with the understanding that he is the Head Coach in Waiting.”””

    1.)Zimmer isn’t Available as a coordinator Well Bengals would be happy to see him get a HC chance They would never let him leave another team to be a coordinator…He was available as a coordinator he choose Cinci so unless a team makes him HC he isn’t going to coordinate some where else…

    PS,He’s pretty much the HC in waiting for Cinci if Marvin Chodes up next year or Decides to go somewhere else being his contract is up.

  31. “””The Dolphins had somebody blunt in Bill Parcells and how did that work out?”””

    Parcells was a Great coach once upon a time Simply didn’t have it in him anymore.As for people who Mention Rex theres huge Difference between zim blount and rex blount.

  32. Zimmer is great. Thanks to him, every time I see Bobby Petrino on TV on the Arkansas sideline I can only think of one thing….”gutless bas***d”

  33. As a ravens fan having to deal with this improving bengals defense that really started to turn the corner a few years ago when he got there it blows my mind that simmer isn’t a head coach somewhere already. As for the dolphins losing interest in him, that’s why the fins are gonna be fighting for spots in the top 5 of the draft every year Stephen Ross is taking them nowhere in a hurry

  34. If I was the Colts or the Bucs I would make him my Head coach, just because the Dolphins have a track record of passing on people and they end up being great. Ex. Drew Brees

  35. Hey…didn’t the Raiders have a “blunt” HC? How’d that work out for ole Hue? Two things a good/great coach MUST have…first, they have to know what they are doing. Second, they have to be a great motivator. Sparano was a great motivator. The fact that my Fins played so hard for him shows that. Unfortunately, he didn’t know what he was doing. We don’t need a “hard a$$”, we need someone who’s creative offensively and can get the guys to “buy in”. Zimm will likely be a good HC someplace…that being said: Ireland is an overated, pompous BUTT and Ross is still an idiot. Going back to praying for my Dolphins…

  36. ross is a tool – we know this. but the negative medio-riot on the fins is unwarranted. team with a lot of bad luck, injured qb every year…yet come to play. and beat the jets…who have all the talent – yet are a mess.

    why so angry at the fins – they ain’t winning. lame.

  37. The team that has a GM that once asked Dez Bryant if his mom’s a hooker thinks this guy is to blunt?

    Ross is so clueless it’s funny.

  38. I’d hate to see Zimmer go but the guy deserves a shot at HC somewhere. I’m only hoping Marvin either gets promoted to GM here (haha no way Mike Brown is giving that up) or goes so Zimm can be HC here. My worry is the track record most DC’s have at trying to be a HC. IE Dick LeBeau. He was here as a HC and was god awful. But he’s a master as a DC. Here’s hoping you get what you want Zimm! You deserve it!

  39. And to all those comparing Zimmer to Rex Ryan, that has to be the most ignorant thing I’ve read on here. Yeah the guy is completely blunt and not afraid to speak his mind. But he’s not talking out of his hind parts. He’s not guaranteeing victory, EVER. The man continues to harp on his guys to get better and better. Never does he say his guys played perfectly. He’s always saying they can do better. He’s not out there in preseason guaranteeing a super bowl win and all that nonsense. Mike Zimmer’s name shouldn’t even been in the same sentence as big mouth Rex Ryan’s when comparing as coaches. Not even close. Zimmer has class, something Ryan lacks.

  40. Mike Zimmer is a good coach and will be a good head coach the the dolphins need help on offense, not defense. Their defense finished 6th in the league so why would you hire a defensive minded coach when you have a good DC in Mike Nolan.

  41. Zimmer will probably be a very successful head coach if the Dolphins “brain trust” decided he wasn’t a person worth hiring. The last thing Ireland, Ross & Peterson want is for the coach to make public what everyone knows, the Dolphin front office is clueless & way over their heads.
    Some might say that joke of a GM Ireland is blunt. Isn’t he the clown that asked Dez Bryant repeatedly if his mom was a prostitute?
    Zimmer, like Fisher, like Harbaugh & many other future quality coaching candidates don’t have to take a job that has 3 clowns running it.

  42. “I’m no NFL owner, but that’s the kind of blunt honesty I love to see in a coach.”

    I completely agree with you.

    Like the Cowboys, this is an organization in dire need of bluntness, honesty, and an unflinching look in the mirror, especially at the leadership level.

  43. I want to ask the PFT community: Is it permissible for me to suspend my Dolphins fandom until Ross sells, or is that to bandwagon-ish? If it helps, I am a Canuck, so no geographic issues.

    It says a hell of a lot when I would rather have Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder as an owner. Ross is the worst.

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