Eli Manning, Tom Brady return to practice

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Wednesday’s practices before the conference title games contained a little bit of drama as Tom Brady sat out New England’s session and Eli Manning left Giants practice with a stomach issue.

Both men will be back on the field Thursday.

The Giants announced that Manning was in the building and will practice on Thursday. Drew Brees apparently sent him a box of NyQuil and everything is cool now.

In New England, Bill Belichick didn’t want to talk about Brady’s absence from practice. But he said “hopefully” Brady is on the field Thursday.

In Belichickian, that means Brady will be on the field.

Brady made it clearer during his own press conference, saying that he will be back at practice. Brady has missed practice time on Wednesdays at various points during the year, including Week 17.

The Broncos have to be wondering what the score might have been last week if Brady was 100%.

20 responses to “Eli Manning, Tom Brady return to practice

  1. Brady and some other veterans have had Wednesdays off before during the course of the season.
    Absolutely nothing to worry about here.

  2. I just bought a Rosetta Stone DVD so I can learn to speak Belichickian.

    I would let you know how it’s going for me, but that wouldn’t really be speaking Belichickian, now would it?

  3. Any “Belicheat” comment = frustration that the New England Patriots have crushed your dreams on more than one occasion over the course of the past 11 years. I’m sorry he broke a rule by filming defensive signals IN PLAIN VIEW to 70,000 people in every stadium. Teams change their signals all the time. Always have.

    68-23 from 2001-2005, 67-19 since “spygate” with a rebuilding team who lost every single key defensive cog from their Super Bowl years. 4 AFC East crowns, 1 play play away from winning 1 Super Bowl, 1 game away from another after we win the AFC Championship Game. Keep hatin’, we’ll just keep winning.

  4. Three shiney, untainted, beautiful Lombardi’s. What are you going to do about it?

    And I like our chances at number four.

    There are many, many haters out there who are very worried.

    BTW, Pats are 14-3 this year. Anyone know how they cheated? Nobody seems to be reporting on it.

  5. I wonder what the score would have been had the Pats not stopped trying to score with 26 minutes left in the game?

  6. Henry says:
    Jan 19, 2012 11:44 AM
    Brady and some other veterans have had Wednesdays off before during the course of the season.
    Absolutely nothing to worry about here.
    Stop posting common sense, factual things!
    according to Schelreth and D. Woodson, Wed is THE day that vets traditionally get off since the installations done that day aren’t as important for them to participate in physically.

  7. The Nyquil joke must have gone over my head. Was it funny? (I’m still left wondering what Nyquil has to do with a stomach issue.)

  8. I’m just amazed that Tom Brady the HOF QB may be standing in the way of Tom Brady, HOF kicker! He takes a (high) snap at his own 35 and casually pins the Broncos back at their own 9, on a play we’re not sure he’s even done before? Are you kidding me?

  9. They both needed the day to get some personal issues taken care of

    They are both going to be very busy the next couple of weeks.

    To the fine folks in SF the dream is over
    Eli is coming and he wants on up on Payton
    And if anyone remembers the last team that beat the Pats?

  10. and he didn’t do it from a traditional long snap position, he did it from a shotgun depth while in the pocket…

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