For the remaining vacancies, a college coach could come out of the blue

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Here’s a point I forgot to make in the recent post on the Dolphins’ coaching situation.  And in lieu of adding it as a paragraph to an existing story, I’ve decided to massage it into an observation that covers the existing vacancies in Miami, Tampa, Indy, and Oakland.

(Some would call that a “slow news morning.”)

No college coach has been identified as a candidate for any of the existing jobs.  But that doesn’t mean a college coach won’t get one or more of the existing jobs.

Unless a college coach already has decided to leave, like former Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh did a year ago, any investigation of opportunities with any other program will occur secretly.  With recruiting season in high gear, any whisper of a possible departure could cause the targeted prospects to scatter — and could become an annual sticking point when trying to bring together the next class of blue-chippers.

And so, like the sudden ascension of Dennis Erickson in San Francisco nine years ago, a college coach could appear out of the blue, not as a candidate but as the victor.

In this regard, keep an eye on Oregon coach Chip Kelly.  A week ago on PFT Live, former Colts and Bucs coach Tony Dungy gave Kelly a strong endorsement.  Given that the two teams Dungy coached are currently looking for coaches, that should at least prompt a kicking of Kelly’s tires.

None of this means that Kelly or any other college coach is heading to the NFL.  But keep an eye on the possibility that, out of nowhere, a college coach will be hired for one of the jobs.

16 responses to “For the remaining vacancies, a college coach could come out of the blue

  1. Hey why don’t you guys have a Tony and Tim hour they can talk football and pray…or maybe you could call the show The TD Hour-Tebow and Dungy we offer insight and prayer to all NFL players who want personal attention from god to help you win like Father Tim and Brother Dungy…

  2. This year has been strange about coaching vacancies. No college coaches being mentioned for Head Coaches and apparently Steve Spagnoula is the only candidate for Defensive Coordinator although multiple teams need one.

  3. This is exactly the type of college coach that never succeeds in the NFL. That gimmicky offense just won’t work, a la Spurrior.

  4. “A week ago on PFT Live, former Colts and Bucs coach Tony Dungy gave Kelly a strong endorsement.”

    Because after Jim Caldwell, Dungy’s endorsements are at such a high value.

  5. I would love to see Chip Kelly come to the NFL… twofold win… Oregon gets worse… and Kelly will fall flat on his face with that gimmick offense that won’t work in the pros.

  6. What does the head coach do if you have all these other coaches? Personnel decisions? Doesn’t seem that hard to do. Am I missing something? I do feel bad for coaches whose GMs supply the team with awful players and make it nearly impossible for those coaches to win even if they are great coaches. All the great coaches today have great players.

  7. tony dungy endorsed Chip kelly…neat
    tony dungy would take russell wilson over andrew luck
    tony dungy thinks tim tebow is a swell qb.
    tony dungy thinks oregons offense would work in the nfl

    matt millen> tony dungy

  8. I had kinda sorta figured the whole “Colts hire Jim Tressel to advise on video replay challenges” thing was just a thinly veiled effort to get him in the organization as a coach in waiting.

    I mean, why would a guy with a resume like his and the money he must have in the bank take a job like that if it wasn’t leading to something bigger?

    Guess I was wrong- I haven’t heard his name floated as a candidate anywhere but the comments section of this website.


  9. Harbaugh was an obvious fit for the NFL. Kelly? Unless you get extra draft picks for paying Willie Lyles $200,000 for back issues of scouting magazines, I’m not sure his methods will translate.

  10. I would love to see Chip Kelly and his buddy from Notre Dame go to the NFL, first Chip system would get worn out after a year and his buddy from Notre Dame would get laid out by one of his players if he got in their face like he does now. It would be fun watching.

  11. What makes a guy a “college coach” vs an “NFL coach”?

    Obviously there are some clear cut cases like Chip Kelly. But Jim Caldwell was the head coach at Wake Forest. Nick Saban was the DC for the Cleveland Browns before becoming the HC at Michigan State.

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