Mike McCoy thinks he’s favorite in Miami, withdraws in Oakland


Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy appears to be the favorite for the Dolphins coaching job. Or at least he thinks so.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that McCoy took his name out of the running for the Raiders head coaching job Wednesday, telling them he no longer wanted to interview in Oakland.

The Raiders reportedly weren’t thrilled about the snub, but McCoy led them to believe he was the favorite for the Dolphins job and didn’t want to jeopardize his chances. McCoy is interviewing with the Dolphins again Thursday. He was set to meet the Raiders Wednesday.

It’s possible McCoy could be using his second interview in Miami to avoid an interview in Oakland he didn’t want to go through with, but we doubt it.

Dolphins secondary coach Todd Bowles and Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin did their second interviews on Wednesday. They were told by the Dolphins they went “great.”

Bowles looks like the biggest underdog. He was on the staff last year, which isn’t the type of fresh start Miami was looking for. If they thought Bowles was the guy to lead them into the future, shouldn’t they know it by now?

Salguero writes that there is a lot of “behind-the-scenes” lobbying for each candidate. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has hinted that G.M. Jeff Ireland and advisor Carl Peterson have had different ideas about what the team should be looking for.

Throw in the fact the Dolphins swung and missed on Jeff Fisher and it feels like more of the same in Miami.

36 responses to “Mike McCoy thinks he’s favorite in Miami, withdraws in Oakland

  1. I’m glad the Rams got Jeff Fisher. I realize good HCs have to come from somewhere but i wasn’t ready for another “hot” coordinator tryout.

  2. This could end up a disaster of “Matt Millen” type proportions.

    Having Peterson throwing his two cents in is strange. Ireland is the GM ,albeit a not stellar one, but it’d be hard to work with that dynamic in my opinion.

    Ireland needs to go anyway,and Ross is just a goofball who own a really expensive toy.

  3. This guy understood that he never had a chance at getting the job. But, sometimes the point of interviewing is to get your name out there for future opportunities. When you turn your back on opportunities like that, sometimes it can come back to bit you.

    But in the end, did anyone really believe that they were going to replace Hue Jackson who finished 9’th in the league in offense, with McCoy who finished 23’rd. My bet is the Raiders hire a defensive minded coach for the first time since John Madden and actually install a modern defense for the first time in the history of the franchise.

  4. No big deal. McCoy knows that his job is much easier, with a lot more money coming in from a wealthier owner. McKenzie is a known commodity, and Jeff Ireland is a certified idiot. It will be a good hire, but why Stephen Ross or Ireland didnt at least look at the obvious pick, Rob Chudzinski (far more experienced, with high powered offenses; San Diego, Carolina) is beyond me.

    Oh, well.

  5. Whoever they get will be better than a coach who goes for a two point conversion against Denver in the 2nd quarter.

  6. Adam Schefter is reporting McCoy withdrew from consideration in Oakland because of a contract stipulation that required McCoy to get a Mark Davis bowl cut and dye job.

    “I’m tired of Bronco Orange,” McCoy said. “The last thing I want is a Broncos helmet that’s connected to my scalp.”

  7. There is quite a bit of risk for anyone taking the Miami job. You have to imagine that Ireland is on the hottest of hot seats and could easily be dismissed if the Dolphins don’t make substantial progress. A new GM will want to bring in his own guy going forward, much like McKenzie is doing right now in Oakland.

    So whoever gets the job could be one and done without a seat at the playoff table.

  8. @sloraider: you are a grade A moron. Seriously. As if Hue Jackson would have had a better rated offense with Tebow…

  9. So he’s gonna parlay one dynamite game by Tebow against the Steelers into a head coaching gig?


  10. I just don’t see McCoy as a strong candidate. He did not distinguish himself prior to Tebow hysteria, McCoy was not doing much with Kyle Orton at QB. Philbin is not making in game decisions which is important for a HC. Todd Bowles has distinguished himself by beating the Jets as the Dolphin’s interim coach and playing New England very close. The problem with the Dolphins has been changing their coordinators due to HC changes. Stability is paramount to success in the NFL. People like Robert Kraft of the Patriots and Rooney of the Steelers know this.

  11. If there is truth to the rumor…and that is all it is to us fans…that Peterson and Ireland disagree on what the criteria is for hiring a coach, than this becomes a watershed moment for Stephen Ross. If he honestly believes Jeff Ireland is the best man to helm the Miami Dolphins, then it’s time to kick his pal Peterson out of the discussion. If he doesn’t…then it’s time to fire Jeff Ireland.

    Simple as that.

  12. willjasper:

    You speak with logic, so unfortunately, I think you’re wrong where the Dolphins are concerned. Ross is an idiot who proves over and over again every time he opens his mouth that he’s clueless as an owner and he seems to think Ireland is good at his job (much the way Ford thought Matt Millen was doing a great job). Must be the way he’s helped to cultivate such a tremendous reputation for the team over the past few years and helped to make it such a desirable destination.

    Just ask Jim Harbaugh and Jeff Fisher how impressed they were by him 🙂

  13. It sucks so bad to be a Dolphins fan!!!!

    To Ross/Peterson/Ireland:

    I hope you guys got used to seeing an empty stadium!!! I saved about $2500 this year by not renewing my 4 season tickets last year, and I promise I won’t be back anytime soon!!! We still got the Canes, Heat, and Marlins. So you clowns in Davie keep doing what your doing!

  14. “They were told by the Dolphins they went great.”

    Yeah. I’ve had interviews like that too. They generally tell you that when they have someone else in mind.

  15. typical dolphins with Ireland unreal. I’m a long time fin fan and nothing shocks me anymore especially keeping ireland and now going after the OC on an 8-8 team who was 1-4 in the last 5 games….brilliant

  16. Yeah fersure, “swinging and missing” on a coach who delivered winning seasons 35% of the time, is a run first anachronism, and went 14-18 in his last 2 years was such a tragedy…… at least for St Louis!

    Time to move on but I gotta admit the 2 best candidates who actually would consider the job disturbingly are not in consideration: Brian Billick and Mike Zimmer. That I don’t get at all!

  17. “I hope you guys got used to seeing an empty stadium!!! I saved about $2500 this year by not renewing my 4 season tickets last year, and I promise I won’t be back anytime soon!!! We still got the Canes, Heat, and Marlins. So you clowns in Davie keep doing what your doing!”

    Somehow I can’t help but think that if one of these candidates helps turn this franchise around you’ll be right back in the stadium, probably bragging to your buddies that you knew (insert name here) was a great choice for head coach.

  18. There is talk today that there is a feud brewing in Miami about the choice of HC, Ireland may be on the way out if he doesn’t agree with Peterson.

  19. Denver won with a strong defense, not offense. Common sense would tell you to interview the DC. It just amazes me how dumb this front office is.

  20. We think that hiring a flavor-of-the-week offensive coordinator as head coach is a great idea! It worked for us!

    Yours sincerely,

    Chiefs Fans

  21. So if Ireland is the head honcho and Peterson is just a consultant shouldn’t it be Ireland’s call? I know if I was the guy where everything ends at I would want to be the one who is making those big decisions. After all it is my job to lose. What is on the line for Peterson?

  22. Dear Mr. Ross,

    You want fans and full stadium at all home games? Do you self a favor and fire Ireland or reduce his role.


    WA Dolphins fans

    P.S. Yes even us WA fans freaking care and want the phins to win! We dont want flash backs of 07!

  23. “Throw in the fact the Dolphins swung and missed on Jeff Fisher and it feels like more of the same in Miami.”

    Swung and missed on Fisher? They didn’t offer him full control so he took the job in St. Louis. Fisher wanted Miami, Miami didn’t want Fisher.

  24. Is it just me or does anyone ever remember another season when there have been so many coaching changes?

  25. As a Raider fan I’m glad he backed out . Actually I think I want Mike Tice so what do I know .

  26. There are many comments and no facts about what is going on behind close doors, at some point it should stick that Ross don’t care about your opinions, and he is ringing up a big tax break because of loss revenue, this is a business, he will be like GE, pay no taxes and get a big refund, this is where the money is, along with the TV money, cry all you want about giving up your tickets, some one else will get those seats with a discount. Bill p.s. once again he don’t care about your opinions.He don’t care about my opinion either, the deal is I know it.

  27. I love how so many Dolphin fans are so negative. I love the fact that he cancelled his interview and showed that he wanted to be in Miami. He knew he had no chance to land the Raiders job. Why not take a chance on a place you have a chance at??

    McCoy doesnt have the most impressive resume, when it comes to Denver. And he is a deciple of Dan Henning. But the guy does have some upside.

    Also, Fisher didnt want to be in Miami. IF he did, he wouldnt have played a weeks worth of games.

    I dont want a coach that wants to control everything. Didnt work with Jimmy, Wanny or even Saban. Let a coach coach.

    I have a wait and see approach on McCoy. I hope he is a good coach. No one is really coming out and endorsing him. Neither are these other coaches.

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