Oddsmakers make Mornhinweg the favorite in Indy


Nine years after he was pitched overboard by Matt Millen for Steve Mariucci, Marty Mornhinweg could be headed back to the top job for an NFL team.

Via our corporate cousins at CSNPhilly.com, an online oddsmaker has installed Mornhinweg as the favorite to replace Jim Caldwell.

Mornhinweg has 5/2 odds, with 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman at 4/1 and former Vikings coach Brad Childress at 5/1.

The presence of Roman’s name on the list makes sense, given that Roman served as offensive coordinator at Stanford, coaching presumptive No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck.  But none of those names, each of whom would bring a version of the West Coast offense to Indy, mesh with the notion that Peyton Manning will still be the starting quarterback.

And barring Rob Lowe’s report from Wednesday coming to fruition in the next week or so, the selection of a coach will be the next big clue as to whether Manning will indeed return in 2012.

As explained at the top of Wednesday’s PFT Live, I think Manning already has made it clear that, if the top pick isn’t going to be traded to get him more help in his quest to cement his legacy, he doesn’t want to return, regardless of whether he’s healthy.

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62 responses to “Oddsmakers make Mornhinweg the favorite in Indy

  1. If those three candidates are the favorites, please let it be Greg Roman. As a Colts fan, I’m completely underwhelemed by the possibillity of Mornhinweg or Childress. Roman’s worked really well in S.F., and if the inevitable selection of Luck happens, has worked with him, too. Whomever takes over, there’s going to be a roster that needs severe work in certain areas.

  2. Indy fans, you’d better hope he doesn’t get into OT on the road in an outdoor stadium. He will take the wind, whether you like it or not.

  3. If Philly finally gets rid of this joke, I’ll throw a party. Let’s throw the ball 99% of the game and give our already injury prone QB no protection. And yes it’s MM calling the plays on gameday. You can blame AR, but MM was pass happy before he even got here.

  4. @notrelated

    You think that getting rid of Marty will solve this pass happy offense problem? Reid was doing that long before MM came on board.

    That will only stop when they get a head coach that calls a more balanced game.

    You’d think they’d do that anyway considering how good McCoy has turned out to be, but nah. Let’s stick with throwing it all around even when you’re down to Riley Cooper and Jason Avant.

  5. As a Patriots fan who has enjoyed the Colts/Pats and Manning/Brady rivalries, I feel the need to say this:

    This would be a horrible choice; Marty Mornhinweg doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of ANYONE, and Peyton Manning – as well as every single Colts fan – deserves better than this.

    Jim Irsay seems to have lost touch with reality, and “reality” is: where would the Colts – and Irsay himself – be today without Peyton Manning?

    Irsay was smart enough to team Manning up with Tony Dungy, and that seems to have been the last smart decison this guy has made.

    Manning deserves to be brought back, and to a team stocked with the talent that will allow him to retire with his head held high as a serious competitor to the very end. Colts fans deserve to be left with a talented team with great coaching after Manning has retired.

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Irsay, to transition from the end of a first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback like Peyton Manning to a continuity of success beyond him.

    But Irsey seems to be stuck with his head up his Twitter a$$, instead.

    Sign Bill Cowher or bring Dungy back, assure Peyton Manning that you’ll rebuild the team to a competitive level on both sides of the ball for one last “push” for him, and get Manning’s blessing to draft a replacement to entrust the franchise to after Manning decides to retire – whether that’s next week or two years from now.

    The man is an NFL legend in our midst, and THAT’S what he deserves for what he did for Jim Irsay and the Colts franchise.

  6. Manning is so done in Indy. New GM, New Head Coach and they have the #1 pick in the draft and it just so happens the best QB prospect since Peyton Manning is coming out. Change isn’t always wanted but sometimes it needed. Th Colts are moving into the future with Andrew Luck as the starting QB.

  7. Please stay in Indy Peyton. You just wouldn’t look right in another uniform!!!!

    Hell Peyton, why don’t you fire Jim “Oxycotin” Irsay and take over the franshise.

  8. From an Eagles fan. This will be the death of Andrew Luck. Pass. Pass. Pass. Pass. Pass. Let Shady McCoy run the ball and make you look better then you are. His play selection will drive you mental and thats why Jim Washburn almost beat his face in on the sidelines this year. He has been fortunate to have playmakers stepup in recent years, because Eagles offense isnt as good as stats show most of the time.

  9. Any coach can adapt to working with Manning. Actually…..any coach who is fine with stting on the sidelines as Manning runs the show can work with Manning.

  10. Wow. This is an amazing report. Two of your three finalized have proven they are 100% inept as head coaches. Evidently the GM decision was a great one. I’m happy not to be a Colts fan. As if your useless head coach you just fired wasn’t bad enough now you’re considering Mornhinweg or Childress. Good luck Colt fans you’ll certainly need it.

  11. If Mornhinweg is their favorite I feel bad for Colts’ fanbase. Mornhinweg I would compare to Turner or Wade Phillips where they’re good at being a coordinator but when they’re head coach the results are not as good.

  12. As long as his QB son honors his commitment to PSU I’m okay with him leaving Philly. Bill O’brien is going to be in for ride going from Tom Brady to the clowns McGloin and Rob Bolden (26% comp and 3 picks in the bowl game).

  13. Caldwell makes terrible timeout calls to lose games, better replace him with someone who thinks its a good idea to kick the ball away in OT in a “first to score wins” format.

    The Colts are trying to cover every way a coach can actually lose a game for his own team

  14. We should never forget Marty, newly crowned head coach of the Lions, hopping on his motorcycle in the middle of practice because he wasn’t happy with the effort. That should have been all anyone needed to know in regards to him and his ability to lead a team. By abandoning them.

  15. Marty Mornhinweg of the career coaching record 5-27 Mornhinwegs. The same Marty Mornhinweg who opted to take the wind in overtime instead of the ball, resulting in a 20-17 Lions loss to the Bears. They could have just kept Caldwell if they wanted a coach who makes dumb decisions.

  16. Just for the sake of the humorous reporting that we’d be experiencing on this site – I’m rooting for Childress. All the “Chilly” references in past reports were (and would be) hilarious…

  17. You guys are clueless about Marty, he’s a great coach. He has a bad rap from being in Detroit but that wasn’t his fault, Matt Millen was the MORON, not Marty.

  18. And please not Jim Tressel either. God Irsay wants to sink this ship. He has no brain. Bill Polian did everything for him. Peyton deserves better.

    And to PFTsensorssuck. Amen brother!!!

  19. @pftcensorssuck,

    Outstanding post!

    This franchise is going straight downhill with Marty at the helm. Peyton and the fans deserve better. If you believe Luck will take this team to a SuperBowl without at least a couple of years behind Manning (one of the greatest quarterbacks of our time), you are a new fool.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  20. You guys are clueless about Marty, he’s a great coach. He has a bad rap from being in Detroit but that wasn’t his fault, Matt Millen was the MORON, not Marty
    while i agree Millen was THE moron, it’s not like Marty Mornhinweg is clear of all blame. THIS was the moron coach who decide that in overtime, you should kick instead of recieve. honestly, i think he’s a good offensive coordinator, i dont know though about head coach.

  21. Yes, Matt Millen is the one who had Mornhinweg take the wind after winning the coin toss in overtime. Seriously, this guy is a freaking Rich Kotite waiting to happen if he ends up in Indy. Good luck on that one.

  22. I’m confused. I saw on Ally Sheedy’s Twitter page that she heard that Childress was going to get the job. But then, Andrew McCarthy and Emilio Estevez just held a joint conference call and said that Greg Roman will get the job.

    Once I poll the rest of the 80s Brat Pack, I will get a more definitive answer. (by the way, anyone got that Simple Minds song on cassette?)

  23. Seriously? Childress is in the running? As a head coach? Really? After the mess in Minnesota?


  24. That Overtime thing was definitely stupid but if his Defense stopped them and gave him better field position, people would have been calling him a genius, you woulda seen other coaches doing the same thing, it’s a copycat league and if you do something that don’t work, you look like an idiot. But look at the Eagles Offense right now, who do you think is running that show? I’m telling you, he’s a good coach. Look at Mariucci, compare his days in SF and DET…..if he never coached in SF, you would all think he was an idiot.Millen was the idiot that kept drafting WR’s every year in the 1st round.

  25. as an Eagles fan all i say is


    idk how long ive been waiting for this moron to leave town.

  26. This guy is a joke. If I was a player I would have a hard time respecting him as a head coach. I just don’t think of great leadership when I think of Marty Mornhinweg. He may be a good oc but I just don’t see that rally the troops quality in him.

  27. cakemixa says:Jan 19, 2012 10:00 AM

    You might have a gambling problem if you’re betting on head coaching changes.


  28. Not him! He proved he couldn’t coach when he was in Detroit. Oh wait, I forgot, it was just Detroit. Him getting the number one pick and the franchise future is not warranted with his coaching history. Are they trying to force Peyton to retire? He would be the tipping factor for sure.

  29. Actually, as an Eagles fan…..Indy can have him, just so he’s not in the running here when Andy Reid goes to San Diego….LOL

    Spagz will be our Defensive Coordinator as of this time, tomorrow!!!

  30. feel bad for colts fans …. Mornhinweg !!! really??? my god i actually feel better about the chargers keeping turner for one more year!!! drafting luck isnt gonna garuntee anything although i think luck will be very good!! but Mornhinweg ??? doesnt make sense!!!

  31. Maybe Irsay should consult the remaining cast of St. Elmo’s Fire for a solution? Hell…he should also talk to the cast of Young Guns too! Honestly…the San Fran OC sounds like a good fit. & if Irsay wants him…he’ll prob get him. Don’t like the Philly OC…let’s hope for the best!

  32. pftcensorssuck says:
    Jan 19, 2012 10:11 AM

    Jim Irsay seems to have lost touch with reality, and “reality” is: where would the Colts – and Irsay himself – be today without Peyton Manning?

    Where would the Colts franchise be without Johnny Unitas? Does that mean he should still be on the roster?

    If the guy can’t play, he can’t play. You have to move on.

  33. @land snark.

    That’s not true. Before Marty came in the eagles were a running team. Now you can say they used a lot of screens but to me that’s a long hand off.

    Andy does like the pass but the truth is Andy has had pure running teams in years Marty wasn’t here.

    Now personally I hope the eagles keep Marty, he is a great qb coach an decent oc and play caller. But if he does leave I think Indy is a good spot as he would be good for luck.

  34. Wow I feel sorry for the team if they hire Marty. He and greg knapp are the red headed step daughters that the West coast offense didnt want.

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