Colts want to talk with Brad Childress


The Colts are just starting their head coaching search, completing an interview with Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray on Friday.

The next man in to town could be former Vikings head coach Brad Childress.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that the Colts want to talk with Childress.  It would be Childress’ second interview for a head coaching job this offseason; he also spoke with the Bucs.

We’re a little surprised Chilly has been getting these interviews considering the way his tenure in Minnesota ended, but he was coaching in the NFC title game only two years ago.

Childress has a connection to new Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson because they worked together in Philadelphia.

84 responses to “Colts want to talk with Brad Childress

  1. Obviously these are Rooney Rule interviews, the only possible explanation for any interest in this bum. And all these years I thought Chilly was a white dude. Who knew?

  2. I’ll never forget how he threw Adrian Peterson under the bus for missing a day of ota’s due to him getting honored in his hometown. But asked about Brett Favre skipping training camp, those were different “circumstances”.

  3. Holy crap I would actually have to feel sorry for Colts fans if they hired Chilly. I may have loathed Polian but he made a lot of good moves over the years for them, and the Polian Dungy Manning combo made for a lot of good teams to watch.

    Chilly on the horizon does not bode well for this franchise.

  4. Only so many things a coach can do when you’ve had a decade of bad drafting, and just 1 amazing player.

  5. If I were a Colts fan, I would have stuck with Jim Caldwell than hand the head coaching keys to Brad Childress. He ruined the Vikings franchise. Is Irsay really that dumb to give Childress another shot at being controlling and passive/aggressive?

  6. As a Vikings fan living in Indianapolis, I am very upset. This is bad for the city! If Brad Childress comes here, the Colts might as well be the team that moves to LA. Worst coach in NFL history.

  7. They’re talking to Childress because he has experience dealing with a QB that overshadows the coach’s leadership. Let’s be real, it wasn’t Brad who got them to the NFC Championship, it was Favre. Consider it a sure sign that Peyton will be back.

  8. Fire the guy who lost to the Saints in the SB (which if he would have won, would probably still be here), and hire the guy who couldn’t get past the Saints in the NFCCG that year? Everyone remembers Favre’s INT but less remember the 12 men in the huddle penalty.

  9. Those were some odd circumstances to be sure, but he was really right about Randy Moss even if he handled it poorly, and his famous trip to airstrip to see Ole Brett ended up bringing Ole Brett to the IceDome, because Ole Brett loves some Star treatment, and it got them to a NFC Championship game, which is a site better than what has happened since. Also, McNabb’s Pro-Bowl years were under the Chilly.

    Not saying he’s the guy, but I do think at least for a few years he got the Vikings to play beyond their talent level…but eventually you actually need the talent because that act wears thin…see Rex Ryan with the Jets, …See the Tuna when he was a Cowboy, but he’s worth talking to. He’s no Jeff Fisher, because Jeff Fisher is apparently the greatest coach ever, even though he has a sightly above 5o% win record, and it’s less than 50% if you take out the games of his nemesis and reason for leavin..Vince Young.

  10. Actually, Childress is perfect for the Colts. He’s shown in the past an uncanny ability to relinquish every bit of authority he has to an aging, past-his-prime QB.

  11. It’s a good thing looks don’t matter for a head coach. Childress makes babies cry. Other than that he should be a real asset to the Colts.

  12. Please bring in someone that actually can manage the game better and won’t shy away from 16-0…who in the heck gives up a perfect season with two games left? Morons do, that’s who. Manning’s legacy unfortunately has been affected by the organization.

  13. Colts hire Brad and they will have alot of people being cut or released.. Brad has a new coaching philsolophy… Cut roster down to 11 men.. No more 12th man on the field!

  14. The Colts are in total disarray and lack direction after a horrible season. They need to get over that and move forward.

  15. Ooooh that’s not good…they’d be going straight to the negative wins with a move like that. They’d probably trade the #1 overall pick for 3 pairs of Wrangler jeans so he could get Favre back on the team.

  16. Chilly might make a good GM someday but he’s a terrible coach… he did bring in some good players, he just didn’t know how to use them. His best year as a coach came when he let Brett Favre take total control of the offense.

  17. Swell…just swell…he will keep this franchise in the dumper for as long as he’s there. Sounds like a move Chicago would make!

  18. The voices in my head say Tressell will be named head coach, trade Manning to Oakland for Terrell Pryor and with the first overall pick take Justin Blackmon.
    It gives Indy the poor mans Cam Newton and Calvin Johnson

  19. naw, yall all got it all wrong.

    chilly said he’d buy all the plane tickets needed to go to hattiesburg to get peyton and bring him back to indy.

    oops, did i say peyton?

  20. Nice job where you can fail over and over, to be rewarded with multi-million dollar contracts.
    So many of these teams recycle the same guys.
    I do not understand it.

  21. Irsay to himself: “Since I’m going to draft Andrew Luck and want him starting right away, how can I get Peyton Manning to leave without me actually cutting him. I know… Head Coach Brad Childress.”

  22. Forcing Manning to retire (healthy or not) with Chili. And Tressel doesn’t deserve ANY job anywhere.

  23. For all the heat he gets, the Vikings have been worse since he left……not better
    it has only been 1 year and he left the cupboard COMPELTELY bare. show me another coach in NFL history that went through 14 qb’s in 4 years. he drafted 4 or 5 & NOT ONE is still with the team. he is great with x’s & o’s but cannot teach, manage, or educate a team or game day worth a lick. Only head coach i have ever seen that actually chased a 5 time pro bowl center out of town & slowly started to kill one of the best RB’s ever in the game with his hard headness and lack to want to change or adapt to actual player strengths!!

  24. If this happens, the Colts better pray that Manning stays because Childress is a QB killer. He coaches every positive instinct out of prospects. Manning, like Favre, would just ignore him and audible out of stupid plays anyway, but a young QB won’t. They’ll listen to him and pay for it. Childress swung and missed on a carousel of QB’s.

    Remember Kelly Holcomb, Brooks Bollinger and a washed up Gus Frerotte, because as a Vikings fan, I sure as hell do. This guy couldn’t find QB talent, much less coach a player up from scratch if he did.

    Andrew Luck would be like a luxury car coached down to a Yugo. It’s just sad. However, maybe it’s just karma. We take the Colts’ trash and promote it to DC and they take our retread and try to act like he’s relevant. Childress sounds like a college professor and coaches like it’s high school. He’s a dictator and a know-it-all, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as a head coach. If you’re a Bill Parcells in his prime, then the “my way or the highway” approach can actually be effective because the ideas and coaching are solid. Childress is just a bully for bullying’s sake, but can’t back it up w/ success.

    He lucked into Favre, but had nothing to do w/ his development. He also had nothing to do w/ McNabb’s ascent as a top shelf QB, either. Andy Reid made McNabb and called the plays, too. Childress is a lackey who got in way over his head, but talks a good game. Hence, the wowing in interviews. That’s all well and good, but just wait until you see the turmoil he brings to your locker room, sideline and organization. Good luck w/ that.

  25. Wow are you serious?

    Brad Childress’ tenure in Minnesota was a disaster.Most people blame it on Favre, but it was the coach that singled out Adrian Peterson and threw his star RB under the bus in one incident, and it was the coach that got in a press conference and blamed it all on the quarterback for throwing picks, as the reason they can’t win. Don’t forget players saying they knew he wouldn’t step up and defend them.

  26. As a Colts fan I hope they give a succesful Div 1 HEAD coach a shot.
    Think J. Johnson, J. Harbaugh, P. Carroll.
    I’m not sure about Tressel, he’s got spooks in his closet.
    They’re not a big deal at the NFL level, but it’s one of those things that makes ME go, hmm?
    Chip Kelly?

  27. This may be the Crown and Cokes talking but I think Childress is a good coach….

    Just don’t ask him to count to 12.

    Honestly, he has a great football mind. Maybe as an Offensive Coordinator?

    Crap, I can still type. MORE CROWN less Coke!

  28. First off, I’m a Colts fan. I want you to know that before reading my post.

    I’ve read more stories than I care to count over the past season and a half that quite literally leave me winded like a punch in the gut.

    Consider, the Colts are a perennial Super Bowl favorite, coming into the prime of one of the best QBs ever to play the game. Then we hear Peyton needs another surgery. He’ll miss training camp. Oh, he might even miss a game, so we’re going to sign some veteran to hold the fort down just in case. Okay, he’s definitely going to miss some games. Then the season starts and the Colts and their QB *gulp* Kerry Collins get embarassed by the Houston Texans.

    So…Peyton might not be coming back this year? Uh-oh. Yeah…he’s going to be out awhile. Curtis? Curtis Painter? The guy who was mediocre in college? Sure, you’re more mobile than Collins. Get in there kid. Well. He doesn’t look awful. Can’t get a win. but, yeah, no way Manning is coming back to a team with no wins halfway through the season.

    Well, we might get the #1 pick at this rate! That would be Andrew Luck. Wait…wait wait wait. That means Peyton is out! No frickin’ way. We’ll trade the pick. I mean, Peyton is coming back right? He’ll be fine. We don’t need Luck. But….hmm. We could groom him. Like Rodgers and Favre, right? Well, Luck and Manning both seem to dislike that idea. I uhh…hmm.

    Do I root for them to lose or win? I’m so confused. But at least the season is over and we can get back to normalcy and….Polian is fired? The kid I understand but…Bill too? That…that doesn’t bode well for Peyton. Well he was thinking about retiring anyways right? Caldwell fired too? Well, thats understandable I mean…wait what? Seven coaches are fired or left? I think this organization is starting over. I…I can’t imagine Peyton in another uniform. I’ve been to the Children’s Hospital named after him. This is going to be tough.

    *That was me until I read this article. And then…*

    BRAD FRICKING CHILDRESS???? Oh, screw you Irsay!! Why not just bring back Jim Mora Sr., because it sure likes we aren’t going to the PLAYoffs in a long time!

    So, in conclusion…Browns fans…I can now empathize. Sigh.

  29. Oh boy, as a Pats fan I hope the colts don’t hire Childress, I admire the colts and our rivalry. Childress would set them back another 5 years.

  30. WOW!!!!! The colts must want to stay in loserville. This guy sucks. He talked about his “kickass” offense but nothing happened until Favre got their and showed him how to run it. Childress is an offensive coordinator who doesn’t call plays, that is it. Good luck INDY!!!

  31. The Rooney Rules were updated with the new labor contract and now include a clause addressing baldness –

  32. Coordinator with the chance to be an interim/rehearse for the job should the HC ever get fired? maybe. But head coach right now? No way. There is a reason they call him “Bald Clueless”

  33. Don’t know if I can stand another Brad Childress Presser. I can see it now.

    “My emotions are accelerated and electrified about being the subsequent Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts. This is a celebrated and exalted Franchise. There’s going to be a lot of minutia in orchestrating a resurrection of this franchise. But first we have to find players who are programmatic fits…”

    Boy, I would feel sorry for the Colts fanbase.

  34. The Colts would be well-served if they wound up hiring Chili as their head guy. He came in at a tough time when the Wilfs wanted a Code of Conduct policy because of the Love Boat scandal that happened under Tice’s watch. Subsequently, he cut the misfits and then had to deal with basically a career-ending knee injury suffered by franchise quarterback Daunte Culpepper. What he did do is improve the Vikings record every year, culminating in the franchise’s first back-to-back division titles in 33 years. The Vikings fans, however grossly unintelligent they are, would prefer a slick, good-looking coach than a guy who produces wins. It’s a poor fanbase and it would serve them right if they moved the team to L.A. — or Sheboygan.
    But Colts fans, you’d get a great coach with an amazing eye for talent if you were to hire Chili.

  35. Ha-hahahahahahahahaaaaa,,,,implosion in 3-2-1….hahahahahahahahaaa…..shoulda never left Charm City idgits

  36. chilly willy….really? I thought the colts wanted a winner, I guess the colts were blinded by the drama he caused with moss and favre…if he’s hired as coach, colts will regress for years.

  37. I don’t know much about Grigson, but if this is his idea of quality head coaching material, the Colts are going to have a decade of high draft picks.

    Someone in the organization has to be capable of making good decisions. They don’t appear to have, or be close to getting, such a person any time soon.

  38. Brad Childress brought alot of talent into the vikings and made some very smart hires as far as assistants go, so from that aspect I can see him being a smart hire. Unfortunately his offense was rather unimaginative and he’s an awful playcaller. Also at the end of that last year it seemed like his players weren’t playing terribly hard for him and that he wasn’t real liked in the Vikings building nor by the fans. I really think he’d make alot better executive than he would a coach.

  39. not as head coach. ok coordinator but not the head man! let peyton coach the offense. just get a D coach and the colts will be alright!

  40. Brad Childressv? ……….. Seriously????????

    Clearly the Polians were the brains behind this operation after all.

    Chilly is the BEST that Irsay can do????

  41. No to Chilly. As much as I would love to be able to say again that I graduated from the same university as THREE NFL head coaches (Eastern Illinois), I don’t think Brad is the man to lead my beloved Colts. Besides, let Peyton get his own ride from the airport to training camp.

  42. “This is bad for the city! If Brad Childress comes here, the Colts might as well be the team that moves to LA. Worst coach in NFL history”

    Really? Worse than Rich Kotite?

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