Donovan McNabb: Bears should have signed me

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When the Vikings waived Donovan McNabb shortly after Bears quarterback Jay Cutler got hurt, there was widespread speculation that McNabb would end up in Chicago. Instead, McNabb ended up watching the rest of the season from his couch. And now McNabb says the Bears screwed up by not signing him.

“I thought the Bears would call,” McNabb said on ESPN 1000 in Chicago. “So many people continuously talked about the Mike Martz offense and things of that nature. I personally didn’t care about that. If you want to win and win now, you go out and get a better quarterback and you cater your offense to his strengths, and obviously the strengths of your team. Obviously it didn’t work out well for them. It’s unfortunate. I wish things would have worked out, but it didn’t. We will see what happens from now on.”

The big question, however, is whether McNabb really would have been a better quarterback for the Bears. McNabb has been a lousy player with the Vikings and Redskins the last two years, and there’s little reason to believe he would have been any better while jumping into a new offense on a new team. The Bears didn’t decide not to claim McNabb because they didn’t want to win, they decided not to claim McNabb for the same reason the NFL’s 31 other teams didn’t want McNabb: They didn’t think he could help them win.

Obviously, the Bears botched their backup quarterback situation: They appeared to be on the way to the playoffs before Cutler’s injury, then lost five straight games and were eliminated from playoff contention after Cutler went down. In hindsight, the Bears should have had a better backup than Caleb Hanie in place.

But there’s no reason to think McNabb would have been an improvement.

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  1. He’s probably right but shouldn’t have said this. He’s only making it worse for himself. He won’t be back in the NFL until he understands he’s nothing more than a backup now.

  2. To understand the Mike Martz offense Donovan would have had to read a play book which he does not do.

  3. Your time is up Donovan. You are fatter than JaMarcuss Russell these days, and your work ethic is reported to be just as bad. Go home, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  4. no they should have signed favre if anything

    and u mcnabb…

    U SHOULDNT HAVE said u would rather retire then play for Oakland

    when the Raiders were gonna make that trade for you 3 years ago…

    you went to DC, how’d that turn out?

    and minney?

    u should have played in Oakland where you would have been well respected and given a chance to win.

  5. Mcnabb you SUCK! Stop thinking your something special when your not, your out of shape, you obviously think your still good when your not, you dont even fit in on ESPN, join the IFL with your buddy T.O. and go away!

  6. total hindsight. The way Hanie played against us in the NFC title game, Im sure they thought they were fine. He played well a year ago. Oh well, hell its the Bears.

  7. In the past 3 years 3 teams have decided that they’re better off with Kolb, Grossman, Beck, Ponder and Webb over McNabb.

    For him to say anything like this is absurd and will only hurt him when hoping a team signs him next year. Knowing McNabb and his “pride” he’s probably played his last down since he still thinks hes an NFL starting QB.

    And is it just me or is he starting to sound like his old nemesis T.O. with the remarks he’s had this past season…

  8. How about this idea, D-Mac?— Maybe you should have just played better in Minnesota?

    You played so bad at Soldier Field that your own parents walked-out early.

    And you expect the Bears to pay you?

  9. All of you are pissed because he has confidence in himself. I highly doubt you make it to the NFL by doubting yourself. Is that what you want him to do? Just saying…

  10. “If you want to win and win now, you go out and get a better quarterback”

    Is Mcnabb actually implying that he is a better QB than Haney at this point in his career?

    With all due respect Donovan, I watched you play the last couple years, so I feel I can say this with absolute confidence: You aren’t

  11. He is done. That said, he was far from lousy as the redskins QB. He was on pace to set franchise passing yardage mark. He did not have a great year and had too many picks. But relative to sexy Rexy, not that many turnovers. He was worse for the Vikings and is in decline but he was not the major problem with the team.

  12. rbirving says:
    Jan 20, 2012 4:28 PM
    He’s right the Bears should have signed him immediatly. They would be drafting a lot higher if they had…..


    They won only one game after Cutler was injured. How could they possibly be drafting “a lot higher”?

  13. The media is the reason the Bears did not sign Favre or McNabb, who although both old, are still upgrades over Hanie.

    Had the Bears signed Favre, they would have made the postseason although probably would have been 1 and done. With McNabb, they may have held off Detroit for a playoff berth. In any event, the Bears should try to upgrade the position by signing either Kyle Orton or someone along that level.

  14. He’s from Chicago so it doesn’t surprise me he wanted to play there. Why he’s playing peanut gallery to what the Bears did is unknown to me but he really needs to ride off into the sunset. This coming from an Eagles fan and one of his biggest supporters. He’s done. He had a nice career but his time came and went.

  15. Hey if I could be paid millions to be fat, lazy and unable to comprehend the playbook I’d expect the Bears should have signed me too.

    Please crawl back under your Mama’s skirt Donnie, you are so far past being toast in the NFL it’s not even funny, just annoying that you think you have any value to a team at this point.

  16. It really is sad to say, but I’m afraid Donnie’s not much of an upgrade from Caleb Hanie these days. That reality will probably sink in for him when no one signs him next year either. Huge ego plus badly declining skills and no work ethic makes for an almost entirely unappealing package– even more so when you know the guy will expect to be paid far more than he’s worth, and handed a starting job to boot.

  17. he is the only person in the world that would claim he is NFL worthy anymore, i heard TO is joining arena league, maybe u should also, the field is shorter so may play to your strenths of short hopping recievers

  18. This bone stiffed Kluwe on the 5grand and ice cream cone for the #5. He is school in summertime – “no class”

  19. Donovan….let’s see….
    The Eagles trade you to a team WITHIN their division… why do suppose they would do that (maybe because they know you are not very good anymore)?

    Followed by terrible quarterback play with the Redskins and Vikings.

    Time for you to go kiss some ass at the TV networks and try to get a gig there…I don’t think you will be playing much football anymore.

  20. I used to feel sorry for McNabb because I thought he got too much flack in Philly… And I thought all the McNabb/T.O. drama was all T.O.

    Now I think he’s a complete tool. How can you act like you would’ve swept in and saved the Bears when you had a game this season when you passed for 39 yards!!!

    McNabb is almost as annoying as Favre at this point.

  21. Pretty easy to say this now based on what we seen from Haine.

    Ya maybe
    Maybe Donovan stinks up his already stinky rep too.

  22. As a Colts fan who was harassed all year from a Bears fan about our backup situation, no quote makes me happier than this:

    “In hindsight, the Bears should have had a better backup than Caleb Hanie in place.”

  23. Wow this guy just doesn’t get it. The McNabb bus left the station a long time ago. As it did, its axles nearly buckled under the weight of McNabb and his ego.

  24. Donovans passes create more divetts than a rookie golfer.

    I still laugh at how the entire country NO ONE EXCLUDED laughed at Philly when we traded this “1st ballot hall of famer” away..

    TO was right all along.. about Mac5 at least.

  25. Haha this guys a comedian. Admit it, it’s over. Usually robbers lay low when they commit a robbery. But you sir, stole millions from the skins and another 5 million bucks from the Vikings who each thought they were getting a mediocre, but serviceable QB, and ended up with a lazy scrub QB who throws more balls into the turf than all other NFL QBs combined. Remember that 39 yard performance you had this year? Probably should have retired at your post game press conference.

  26. Donovan, your strengths are throwing dirt balls and INT’s. No coach is going to tailor his offense around your “strengths”.

  27. first of all you suck! second they could not sign you for the same reason you mention,martz does not taylor his offense to the personal he has or he would not have been forced to change it the last 2 years when the bears were losing to start their seasonsand did I mention you suck?

  28. fittytuckin says: Jan 20, 2012 4:30 PM

    Would I want McNabb as a qb? Absolutely not. Would I want McNabb as a stone skipping instructor? Absolutely.

    Why did you ask and answer you’re own questions?Do you have a habit of talking to yourself?

  29. Donovan, you are done. You have been worse than T.J. Yates for three years. You are a terrible quarterback. Go away, no one cares about some rich old losers opinion on football. You don’t have any clue what your talking about.

  30. Donovan, when I first saw you the other week on the NFl Network, I thought you had to be a retired nose tackle. You are huge. You are not even close to game shape. If you wanted someone to sign you, maybe you should have been remotely in shape.

  31. McNabb, the only way you will be compared to a good quarterback is if you joined Dan Marino and Terry Bradshaw on at nutrisystems. If you lost some weight and became more athletic you might have done better this year. You just looked physically sad compared to Ponder and Webb.

  32. I actually agree with McNabb on this one. The Bears only needed to win 1 or 2 game down the streach to get into the playoff’s, then get Cutler back from injury. A veteran quarterback may have helped. I for one am very surprised they didn’t call McNabb or Favre.

  33. More importantly, does he know the playoff overtime rules? Will 4 teams go to the Super Bowl if both games end up in a tie?

  34. you know what’s interesting is that you guys write this, and then your buddy over there writes about how alex smith had 7 coordinators before meeting harbaugh and failed through all of them until now.

    mcnabb had a successful career in philly. why has it not occurred to anyone that maybe the coaches for the redskins and vikings failed mcnabb (and consequently their teams) in the same way all of those coordinators and coaches failed alex smith?

  35. Dudes terrible. He’s completion percentage was 80% but the receiver was the turf. Pretty much every pass I saw this year from this guy was 5′ in front of the receivers. So why should the bears gave signed him. I would take hannie over McNabb. Bears were right.

  36. McNabb once had a very nice NFL career. He has been poison for the last several years. With his mouth perhaps he might consider playing for Rex Ryan. McNabb has the attitude of an entitled athlete that is poisonous in a team sport. He is exactly what the Jets need in their locker-room.

  37. Is anyone seriously debating whether McNabb would have been an upgrade over Hanie?

    He’s clearly not the player he once was, nor does he accept his diminished role on a team, but saying that it was better to ride it out with CAleb Hanie throwing the ball to the other team every five passes shoots down anyone’s credibility arguing the point.

    That worked out well for Mike Martz and Jerry Angelo because they’re now unemployed, while Lovie has one foot out the door.

    As far as quick fix backup, people are speaking like good or even average QBs (which I think McNabb still is capable of being) are just sitting on a couch out there.

    Every team that lost their Qb this year: Indy, Oakland, Houston, Chicago, and KC had garbage behind their starters or in Oakland’s place took a downgrade at the position when the starter went down. This isn’t the 90’s anymore, the salary cap does this to the league because guys like Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassell, and this year, Matt Flynn get jobs due to teams being so desperate to find a starter.

  38. Donovan you’ve worn out your welcome. Just retire and don’t try to ruin yourself even more.

    For all the hopeful fans that wanted McNabb in the HoF later on, I think these last few years are going to take a toll on that, especially his TD/INT ratio from the Redskins.

  39. I used to be a McNabb supporter… but he has gotten soft and lazy in his old age. The Bears made a couple of phone calls and found out he wasn’t a difference maker. It’s a shame he doesn’t get it. Live with it D.

  40. So I guess when he played like crap AGAINST the Bears in his last NFL game he was sort of trying out for them, like hey I’m helping you win so how about returning the favor?

  41. Because he’s “classy”.


    Why? Because he says so.

    He has consistently been a classless crum since about 2008.

    Some people make mistakes in they lives, and the Bears avoided one last Fall.

  42. problem is McNabb, is you arent better than Hanie, as much as it sucks to say. you are forever a scrub sir.

  43. I just left McDonalds. I ran into Donovan McNabb. After I said hello, he says to me ” would you like fries with your order”

  44. As a redskins fan I strongly disagree with Donovan he didn’t help Philadelphia win anything, or Washington and Minnesota win anything your old and garbage give it up dude I wish I could say that to his face

  45. McNabb thinks the Bears need more weapons.

    He also thinks they owe him a “financial apology”.

    Great to see him throwing players and coaches from a TEAM HE DOESN’T EVEN PLAY FOR under the bus in order to disguise his shortcomings.

    Because he’s “classy”, right?

  46. Caleb, a man who knew the playbook and was up to speed on the offense was 800% better than McNabb, a man who has consistently proven he cannot quickly pick up anything (much less a complex offense such as Martz’s).

    This ain’t “Madden”, dude.

  47. I had throw-up in my mouth when I saw that ESPN had signed McNabb as an “analyst.” I turned the channel immediately when he was on. Hearing him talk as an expert about quarterback play would be as bad as having Matt Millen doing analysis. Wait. Nevermind.

  48. I’m a Vikings fan and I wouldn’t even wish McNabb on the Bears. Time to hang it up McNabb and start looking for back-up options. Or join T.O. in the IFL or whatever.

  49. Donovan, seriously you suck.. you are terrible. You may have some physical attributes left but you are mentally retarded. I don’t know if there is a dummer qb out there.

  50. This time last year, after an impressive performance when Jay Cutler got hurt in the playoffs. For all we knew he was Matt Flynn after that playoff game

  51. McNabb will not get it he is done and the teams know it. I heard they need a QB down in Allen Texas for T.O.

  52. This is exactly the problem with Mike Martz, and I’m not referencing specifically the decision not to sign McNabb. He’s the most stubborn coach I’ve ever seen – he does exactly what Einstein advocates against: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    He will never adapt his offense to the strengths of his players – ever. Remember when he first went to Chicago and people were wondering about the fate of TE Greg Olsen? Guess what? He got shipped off to Carolina a season later. When Martz was in SF, he refused to use our two best assets Vernon Davis and Frank Gore. Seriously, those are the two best players on the offense, period, and Martz wanted to cater to his high-sack, high-turnover passing (to wide receivers) obsession instead.

    He also has a penchant for favoring “his guys” when it comes to the QB position. We brought in a career scrub in JT O’Sullivan the first offseason with Martz because he played for him in Detroit. Lo and behold, he won the starting job simply because he was more familiar with the Martz offense, despite the fact that he was clearly more turnover-prone than Shaun Hill and less talented than Alex Smith. Until Mike Singletary told Martz to start running Gore more or take a hike, the offense didn’t go anywhere. And even after a much better 2nd half to that season, Martz still found a way to butt heads with Singletary and got fired.

    Worst. Coordinator. Ever.

  53. Is it possible to lose 1 more game than you played that would’ve happened with McNabb. Somebody knew something about him NO ONE signed him. Always was overrated.

  54. LMFAO NObody should have signed you! You’re ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! McNabb is complete trash, all around.

  55. Donovan’s current strengths? Well, he can still fire bullets at receivers’ feet, he’s still able to leap 12″ yard markers in a single bound, and he can still scramble…to cash big paychecks at his bank before he gets released.

    At this point, I suggest he sign a 1 day contract with Philadelphia, where he had his best years, and call it a career.

  56. JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!

    What is D.A.R.E.?

    Donovan Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) is a police officer-led series of classroom lessons taught from Kindergarten through 12th grade on how not to skip and bounce pass footballs.

    (Sponsored by The Save The Football Foundation)

  57. Donovan, Donovan, Donovan. The last game you played in 2011 was against the Bears. You were so bad even your Mother walked out in the 3rd quarter. 177 pathetic yards 5 sacks and a safety. Nice audition in front of your hoped for future employer.

  58. Donovan McNabb was a good QB for a pretty long stretch. Once the other 31 teams figured out how to disrupt his tempo, all was done. McNabb isn’t the do-all type of player. He has one style and if he is asked to adjust to another he fails miserably. McNabb needs to go to a team like Miami, a good running team with decent WR’s and a strong O-line. I think he could have one or two decent seasons left in him.

  59. The Bears didn’t call or sign him for the exact same reasons the Vikings let him go. He wasn’t playing well and didn’t give any indications that he cared even a little bit about that or anything else.

  60. “. . .you cater your offense to his strengths. . .” Just like Andy Reid did when he drafted a strong arm, no- touch QB to play in his (warped) version of the WC offense? Or when a QB who has the natural ability to run decides not to play to ‘his’ strengths because that isn’t what he wanted to do?

    Stay delusional Donnie.

  61. Bic Mac needs to understand the Bears went with their horrible backup for a reason. The reason is because you roll the dice with a young unproven guy rather than waste your time with a washed up older guy who doesnt put any effort in

  62. “Donovan McNabb: Bears should have signed me”


    Donovan…. you’re a fat, unmotivated, lazy sloth with an entitlement attitude and a lousy work ethic that can no longer get it done. Because of this you’re a deplorable role model for the young guys and a poison for team moral. You’ve become rich, fat, lazy, complacent and passionless. The words that flow from your mouth do not integrate with the actions of what you actually do. I have lost all respect for you because of you’re lacking passion, desire to win, and display an entitlement attitude.

    Therefore, I have only one thought towards you now: Shut up and go away.

  63. Sorry, McNabb… You’d have to be able to learn more than 10 plays in Martz’s offense…

    Oh… I’m sorry. THAT’S what you meant about a team “catering” their offense to the quarterback.

    Dumb it down and take out all the hard stuff.

    Got it….

  64. ok. mcnabb was +4 in spread terms over his last 6 games. beat a team that finished with 8 wins. lost to teams that won 8, 4, 10, 7, 8.

    counting the playoffs last year, hanie was -6.5 in 5 games. lost to teams that won 8, 7, 8, 7 and 14 incl super bowl.

    hanie didnt help the bears win anything, but except for a hot seattle team, he didnt just throw any games away. sure the bears should have gotten mccown earlier, he is a better athlete and is familiar with martz’s offense.

    nabbster did lead a win (based on AP) over az. but the bears exposed him on national tv. reeling kc almost beat the vikes. detroit made a patented comeback to win. crappy tampa beat him. and in perhaps their least impressive win in years, san dee beat him too.

    the 2.5 points that mcnabb is “better” than hanie wouldnt have won the bears any extra games.

    we know why angelo is gone.

  65. matthewcarlson1 says:Jan 20, 2012 6:16 PM

    Donovan, seriously you suck.. you are terrible. You may have some physical attributes left but you are mentally retarded. I don’t know if there is a dummer qb out there.
    Buy my comments get erased because Philbins son was a rapist

  66. My friends and I debate on whether Donovan McNabb is a Hall of Famer…what do you guys think? Thumbs up if he is…Thumbs down if he isn’t.

  67. having lived in philly, it it became apparent some years ago that don was becoming deluded. he courted the national media and stiffed the locals for the most part. his evaluation of his performance after a game bore little resemblance to the performance itself.

    he unilaterally eliminated one of his two main strengths by refusing to use his legs to keep defenses honest. andy finally gave up and traded him to shanahan, who thought he could teach don a similar offense to the eagles west coast. but don didn’t put in the time, and shanny gave up (or really thought rex grossman had better aerobic capacity).

    then his old friend leslie decided don could run his offense, despite the fact that it was less similar to the eagles’ than was shanahan’s. predictably, when don failed to put in the time, and when it was clear that he hadn’t taken the time to even learn the protection schemes (despite having training camp), leslie also gave up.

    despite all this, don thought the bears were desperate enough to turn their even less similar offense over to him and expect a good result?

    i suggest he and fletcher smith stay close to the phone; i know it will be ringing any day now….

  68. “If you want to win and win now, you go out and get a better quarterback and you cater your offense to his strengths, and obviously the strengths of your team.”

    So not only should they have signed them, they should have catered their offense to him. Ha!

    I personally would love to see McNabb start with Chilly as Head Coach. That would be hilarious.

  69. Hell, they might as well have signed any one of us too.

    I mean, I’m sure anyone logged on here could throw a quick 9 yard out straight into the dirt…am I right?

    Go away donkey…you’re turning into the new Favre.

  70. Donavon, go talk to ur mama…..YOUR VERY OWN MOTHER walked out of the game you were playing in, YOUR MOTHER!! the truth hurts (just ask randy moss)…..i think u may only listen to your mother so go ask her bout this one, SON, U R DONE!!

  71. IMO, he’s right. The Bears were coming strong as Cutler got injured. They were just hitting their stride.

    I think he could have gotten them into the playoffs. No doubt in my mind they would have given a better performance than the Falcons.

  72. This is the dude that didn’t even know the overtime rules a few years ago. Now would be a perfect time to reprise his role as Campbell’s chunky soup spokesman.

  73. You dudes sound so pissed! It’s hard to say, “I’m done”. He was pretty good. Not by any means stupid. Give the guy a break for God’s sake.

  74. I still laugh at how the entire country NO ONE EXCLUDED laughed at Philly when we traded this “1st ballot hall of famer” away
    And the entire country still laughs at you for the fact that you gloat about “being right” when the guy that you wanted to replace him (that would be Kolb) lasted on half as the Eagles starter, and now can’t beat out John Skelton.

    and the guy that you wanted cut in training camp in 2010 (that would be Vicky) but now love, can’t stay on the field, and has won less games in his two seasons as the Eagles starter than the washed-up bum Donovan did in his last two seasons as Eagles starter.

    Seriously, if you wanna gloat about Donovan being done, he is, but if you’re gonna use the “the Eagles are so much better without him” arguement, actually win more than you did without him.

  75. The Bears could have signed Tom Brady and still not made the playoffs.

    Until they spend some money on the offensive line and wide receivers who can actually the ball Jay Cutler or whoever else is taking the snaps will be little more than a tackling dummy.

    Add in the fact that the whining, sniveling, spoiled brat Cutler got his wish (again) for yet another new offensive coordinator and the Bears will be a one and done wildcard team at best.

  76. “YOUR VERY OWN MOTHER walked out of the game you were playing in, ”

    Well, in Philly his Mom sat in the stadium and cheered for the Eagles to lose…when her son was hurt and Garcia was starting. So it could be worse.

    So she has zero class. No surprise her son doesn’t either.

  77. Hanie had a QBR of 33. If McNabb had a QBR of 70 that would have been an improvement. Just like Mckowen was an improvement.

  78. yo mcchoke stop crying, stop whining, go back to your chunky soup commericals, your billy dee williams afro, and your chafing choke jobs in the 4th quarter you mamas boy.

  79. NcNab, is flying into the face of reality. He is ignoring the fact that he has failed in his last two attempts at leading a team. He has lost most of the skills that let him be a somewhat successful QB in Philly. Although that might have been the system and not the player. The Bears made the intelligent decision when thay decided not to call McNab.

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