Giants receivers hold the key

One of the key questions in the NFC title game: Can the 49ers secondary contain New York’s talented three wide receivers?

Greg Cosell of NFL Films joined me on PFT Live Friday. He expects Carlos Rogers to be on Victor Cruz in the slot, with Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks taking on Tarrell Brown and Chris Culliver on the outside.

Rogers and Cruz had a great battle the first time the teams played, with both players winning their share of battles.

Cosell thinks the battle outside will be the key to the game.  For his view on Alex Smith’s growth, the Ravens receivers, and the improved Patriots defense, watch his full interview below.

You can check out our full interview with Yahoo’s Michael Silver and Giants talk with Mike Garafolo on the PFT Live homepage or download the show on iTunes.

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21 responses to “Giants receivers hold the key

  1. Cosell is predicting a 9er win BTW. The field will do a certain amount of coverage. Sidelines are the worst at Candlestick when it’s wet. It will be more difficult on the whole to make the precision sideline catches like Colston did for a TD last week for instance. No doubt they’ll highlight the rookie Culliver against Nicks with safety help over the top. That’s where the 9ers will have to step it up. 9er corners do a good job of jamming at the line, if Nicks is even a little bit gimpy he could have a hard time getting free. Carlos Rogers has been excellent at reading routes this year; with pressure on Manning he’ll be ripe for the pickin’.

  2. you know, the 49ers did a great job keeping the Saints WR’s in check. I’m not saying the Giants don’t have any talent, but all year the 49ers defense has been under estimated. They deserved a little more credit than they got all year, and now they deserve a LOT of credit for being the one team to give the Saints a bad game since earlier this year, they ended their winning streak.

    The biggest thing about the 49ers is how they will stop the run and force the other team into a one dimensional pass attack. That’s how they beat the Saints…Before that game, N.O. was averaging over 130 rushing yards, the 49ers held them to just 37 total yards on the ground, they didn’t even get 50 on them.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers did it again…Shut down the Giants run game and force them into throwing it every time they have possession.

    This should be a great game, I’m hoping for a nice defensive slugfest.

  3. Apparently Chris Culliver had a 101* fever last week- very sick. Be a good thing if everyone can stay healthy through this one…

  4. thinwhiteduke76 says: Jan 20, 2012 5:42 PM

    you know, the 49ers did a great job keeping the Saints WR’s in check.


    so Brees had no td’s? they got like 10 field goals?

  5. Carlos Rogers flaked on an interception last week. Similar to what he did with the Redskins for years.

    This is the most important game of his life, if he knows it or not. I put my money on his dropping more balls.

  6. bspurloc says:
    Jan 20, 2012 6:32 PM
    Boley is back, the giants just need 1 TD to win this game but they will get 4

    Sorry dude – they needed 1 TD to TIE the game. I guess if a statement is repeated often enough, it becomes a fact.

  7. I’m nervous like I’m playing…but if my niners bring there A game we should come out with the win

  8. man, you Giants fans sure are desperate to convince everyone here at PFT that the 9ers have no shot on Sunday. kind of like the Giants’ players, who apparently decided to play NY Jets this week and run their mouths to a team that already beat them this year.

    9ers’ players and fans are staying silent because we have respect for the Giants (although their fans are losing respect by the hour) and aren’t deluding ourselves into thinking our opposition has no shot. and because the 9ers let their play on the field do their talking. you’ll find out Sunday, Giants fans.

    PS – the people saying the Giants’ defense is as good as the 49ers’ are absolutely out of their minds. other than the Giants’ front 4, there isn’t a single player on that defense that compares.

  9. duncanthecat says:
    Jan 20, 2012 6:47 PM
    Carlos Rogers flaked on an interception last week. Similar to what he did with the Redskins for years.

    This is the most important game of his life, if he knows it or not. I put my money on his dropping more balls.
    I’m betting you don’t drop many…

  10. As a 49er fan, the only thing that scares me about the Giants are their WRs. They have been, this year, the best pair of WRs in the NFL. That combination is deadly and it will a tremendous test of our good corners and weak, big-play surrendering safeties to keep them in check.

    However, while I think the Giants have the cover/wr matchup won, I think we can have the opportunity to negate that because I believe that Smith and Smith on our d-line have the most favorable match-up in the game with their going against the incredibly weak left-side of the Giants o-line.

    Deihl, this year, has given up more sacks and pressures per snap than any other starting OT in the league. And Aldon Smith, as a pass-rusher, has gotten more sacks and pressures per pass-rush than any other pass-rusher in the NFL. It is, for the Giants, a match made in hell.

  11. “r8rnuck says:
    Jan 20, 2012 6:26 PM
    i would put the defences at par, edge to giants offense, and edge to 49er STs. should make for one hell of a game!”

    Let me get this straight. The Giants defense, which was 25th this year in points allowed is “on par” with the 49ers defense, which ranked #2 (by .1 points per game). Their defense is on par with one that led the league in forced turnovers by a gigantic margin?

    New York sports fan myopia at its finest. There is no question that the Giant offense is better, but would have to be absolutely on crack to think the Giants defense belongs in the same conversation.

  12. The key is Manning getting protection to allow him to make the throws in the first place. This game is a coin-toss. The field will win.

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