Rex Ryan is still making predictions

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Rex Ryan can no longer predict that his team will make the Super Bowl. So he may as well predict what’s going to happen to the teams that actually made the playoffs.

“First off, the Ravens are going to win this game,” Ryan said Friday on WFAN when asked for his general thoughts on the AFC title game. “I think Terrell Suggs might be the difference in this game. . . . Let’s face it: I’m cheering for the Ravens.”

Ryan has spoken endlessly about “owning” New York, but he now seems to be on the Big Blue bandwagon. Ryan also predicted the Giants would win.

So, essentially the Patriots and 49ers should feel pretty good about themselves.

116 responses to “Rex Ryan is still making predictions

  1. I hope he is right with his predictions but I love it when he puts his foot or his wifes foot or some stranger he met on craig’s lists foot in his mouth.

  2. Someone should tell Sexy rexy that Harbough looks pretty well set in Baltimore so there’s not really any point in laying the groundwork to apply for that job.

  3. Say what you will about Jacobs, but I love the way he dogged big boy Rex. That photo is great.

    It just proves the way things work, those that talk usually can’t do…

  4. With his team out, he can’t put his own, so now he’s putting other people’s feet in his mouth with his pre-game talk. And really, nothing more than other people’s feet could make Rex happier. Except maybe a Super Bowl toe ring.

  5. As long as he will not be calling any time outs for the Ravens during this game.

  6. While the Phin’s are looking for the next young don shula, the jets have found the next fat don shula.

  7. Does anybody even care about what Rex has to say……except Rex?

    Does Rex know that his act has worn out, and now he just looks like a complete idiot everytime he opens his mouth?

    Does anybody even know why Rex is still head coach of New York’s stepchild team?

    Does Rex know that he, and his team, aren’t even relevent?

  8. All of his predictions this year have panned out pretty well thus far, this bodes well for the Ravens!

  9. Will SOMEONE please tell Rex to just shut the hell up? Sheesh. Does ANYONE at this point even care what he thinks. His players get dumber the longer they are near him.

  10. Rex Ryan is a court jester. It’s like he feels obligated to continually come around and make a fool of himself for everyone else’s entertainment.

  11. I am loving how the the Jets talk trash the entire season and the media won’t stop talking about them, and now they have to watch the other New York team play the beloved Patriots in the Super Bowl.

  12. who cares what rexy has to say, he’s watching from home. That’s like making a headline for my buddy Carl who picked the Ravens to win.

  13. When you win three Super Bowls in a row like Rex, you’re allowed to boast and make predictions.

  14. I was feeling very confident about the game on Sunday but with another Rex prediction it’s time to double/triple my wager.

    Has any of his predictions been right? NO

  15. paleandpasty says: Jan 20, 2012 3:12 PM

    I hope he is right with his predictions but I love it when he puts his foot or his wifes foot or some stranger he met on craig’s lists foot in his mouth.
    Love it! He also let’s strangers put his wife’s feet in their mouths amongst other things…

    I saw some of their videos before the NFL goons swept the web for evidence, epic and strange stuff bro!

  16. If everybody who is glad Rex doesn’t coach their team jumped at once, the Earth would go off its orbit.

  17. This guy just needs to hear himself talk even though his team has been done for month and nobody cares what he has to say, including his own players.

  18. Teams take on the personalities of their coaches. And the NY Jets are a brash loud mouth who make a lot of noise but get nothing done. I can’t think of one coach who ran their mouth as much as this and actually won a super bowl. Losers talk. Winners act.

  19. I’m sure New England and San Francisco fans are thrilled that Rex didn’t put the whammy on their teams.

  20. You blowhard…’s ravens niners man! The nfl loves a good story and 2 brothers in the Super Bowl is a good story. Giants got a case of bubble guts, they might soil themselves on the fueled and Brady got a career 55 passer vs ravens.

  21. Tony Dungy also predicted that Peyton Manning & the Colts will beat the Saints in the SB when he was asked the question.

    Not defending Rex here but maybe Rex was actually asked for his prediction about the conference championship games and just gave his prediction.

  22. This article is a bit of a reach. Rex was contacted by local radio and asked for predictions. What is he supposed to say? It’s not like he was running around trying to be heard during the playoffs, they called him.

    He did take a shot at himself though when asked about the giants/niners game “I’m sure no Giants fan wants to hear me say it, but i think NY will win that game”

    He also talked about how the V. Cruz 99 yd TD in Jets/Giants game was turning point for both teams down the stretch. It was a pretty good segment, and I can’t stand Mike Francesa

    I like Jets bashing as much as the next fan but this article is a complete reach. You dont have to hand pick parts of an interview to make Rex look silly, he does a good enough job at it himself.

  23. I would have rather read more of how Ed Reed doesn’t like Joe Flacco.

    Unlike many, I am not prone to curse on PFT, but this a-hole needs to shut up. Rex, we gave you up for adoption 3 years ago. You have new parents now. You don’t belong in any conversation about this game.

  24. I predict if he has an 8-8 season next year he won’t be the Jets coach anymore.

    Whoever takes over for him in the future will have to start from darn near scratch.

  25. I think we need to combine the last 2 PFT headlines, just for fun….

    Rex Ryan …

    …thinks Bill Belichick is the best coach in NFL history.

    Kiss the ring Rex, it will taste better than feet.

  26. Rex also said that he’s now going to work on studying offense to become a more complete, hands-on HC, that he was going to think twice before making bold comments, and also acknowledged that his predictions may have put more pressure on the team among other things all while shutting up one of the most obnoxious radio hosts in the Tri-State area by taking every single ounce of failure the Jets experienced in 2011 and putting it entirely on his shoulders, and taking on all the blame.

    But of course, taking a man out of context (AGAIN) and mocking him for answering questions he was asked under the title of “Rex Ryan is still making predictions” gets more page views than “Rex Ryan vows to change in order to become a more successful coach” does, doesn’t it, PFT? I would have had more respect for your journalistic capabilities if you had come out with “The 2011 New York Jets season was Rex Ryan’s fault” or “Rex Ryan drove by Metlife Stadium during Giants playoff game for motivation”, because he also basically said both of those things today, but no, you focused on what Rex thought the score of the games was going to be? Hacks.

  27. Ha! I thought the Dolphins had problems trying to find a coach but we could have ended up with Rex. I am thankful at least Rex is under contract so they cannot get him. He’s such a great coach we even beat the Jets with an interim coach.

  28. Why do I discount everything he says as coming from a fat arrogant blowhard – but when he says Baltimore will beat the Pats I want to believe him so bad and value his opinion?

  29. I predict that every last one of Rex’s future predictions will be dutifully reported by PFT.

  30. If the pats win the superbowl will loads of lard kiss Belichicks SIX rings (four as head coach)..
    Rex is a waste of fresh air!!!!!!!!

  31. Rex, you might want to DVR both those games.
    Please pay close attention to football teams that are well coached and play together as a team.

  32. The way his (Ryan) predictions are going I would say the Patriots are a sure thing.
    Never let Rexoboy give you a horse to bet – stay far away from him at the track.
    Suggs has a face like an ashtray no butts about it! No wonder he hates Tommy. Matt Light is going to fix Suggs’ face for him.

  33. I may have to change my handle soon…this is really getting fugly now.

    Team sucks, players have no chemistry, QB is unreliable, WR is all me-me-me and overpaid so Jets can’t cut him, huge problems at key positions both sides of the ball.

    And a coach who just won’t shut up. Lifelong Jets fan really getting impatient now.

  34. Three things are certain in life.

    1. Death
    2. Taxes
    3. Rex Ryan not being able to keep his piehole shut.

  35. I just wish that lapband would blowout and wrap itself around his mouth……

    would shut him up AND keep him from swallowing entire bakeries whole.

  36. Guess the Patriots shouldn’t bother to show up this weekend.

    Aw shucks just when I thought we had a chance at something too!

    Rex never lies

  37. “Why did I even click that link”

    I ask myself as the profootballtalk newest Rex Ryan rant page comes up…

    When I actually read what he says, I lose braincells by the millions.

    tHaynks Rechks ur slosome.


  38. The Ravens are screwed now! Seriously, though, he can’t say the Pats are going to win. That’s the equivalent of raping a nun as far as the NY media is concerned. Let’s hope his predictions for other teams work out better than the ones he makes for his own. Suggs could wreck the game if he plays well, though. That is a fact.

  39. Where’s brandon jacobs when you need him, to tell fattyboombalatty to shut up. Oh yeah he and his accountant are figuring out how much money he has left to live on after retiring sunday due to post concussion syndrome.

  40. Really nice journalism nitwit. Rex was on a radio show and was asked who he thought would win like every other football coach or analyst has done this week. Is he the only person who has been asked his thoughts on the games this week? Stop this hack reporting that we get everyday.

    For you clowns who didn’t hear his radio interview, go to and you will hear Rex admitting his faults and things he has to improve upon. He’s very honest about himself and that’s not a surprise. But most of you want to just follow along with your “rex is a fat, egomaniacal jerk” storyline. So I’m sure you won’t check it out. Keep living in your own dream worlds

  41. That is what sore-losers like Rex big-mouth Ryan do when they have no team to cheer. Cheer against a team that kicked his butt.

  42. His last three AFC Super Bowl predictions were right on the money.

    Does he realize that his team was in the driver’s seat for a playoff spot but threw up all over themselves with 3 straight ugly losses? Any other coach would be hard at work trying to fix their team.

  43. I 2nd what cousinirk said. Listen to the interview and you will hear Rex admitting his faults and vowing to evolve. Promised to tone it down.
    Please listen, it was a very good interview and Rex showed a lot of humility. That fact that this crap is what PFT posted from that interview shows you that they only want to sensationalize Rex.

  44. “Never seen a team do so much talking and so little winning in one season.” — Peter King, 1/20/12

  45. Hey, fatso, nobody cares what you say, especially now that your team didn’t get in the playoffs. I understand that you can only talk inbetween meals, Rex, but still shut up and get out of the headlines please. Thanks.

  46. I can’t stand Rex Ryan but dang the feet jokes are exhausted and just plain lame now. Need new material guys. It’s Rex Ryan it should not be hard to come up with something new!

  47. Once again fat boy, no one cares what u think, you are an 8-8 coach who hasn’t won anything. Please eat yourself into some terrible fat loss reality show and leave the NFL cuz u suck at coaching, your qb is awful, you have no authority over your team and ur basically the fattest idiot Narcissus in America.

  48. i’m not a huge espn fan, but at least they got this story right…unlike the TERRIBLE reporting job you guys do here just to get page views…

    first of all, he was ASKED who he thought would win. a prediction, yes…but not in the way you make it seem to be.

    Also, if you actually listened or read other quotes from the interview you can see how humbled rex ryan felt after this awful year for his team. keep drinking the kool-aid all you PFT readers who have no other access to the NY market besides what you read on here…oh wait, you DO have access but you choose to believe what people are feeding you. stop believeing everything you read on ONE website.

  49. Rex said that the Ravens will win…………..and that Joe Flacco has cuter toes than Tom Brady.

  50. This sounds like it could be Rex’s problem:

    Munchausen Syndrome is an attention-seeking personality disorder which is more common than statistics suggest. Munchausen Syndrome, named after a German soldier renowned for exaggerated tales, is a predominantly female disorder in which an emotionally immature person with narcissistic tendencies, low self-esteem and a fragile ego has an overwhelming need to draw attention to herself and to be the centre of attention.

  51. Rex and his team are out of the playoffs yet he still feels the need to comment on what’s going on and getting in the spotlight.

    He should try and figure out what drug was put in his drink to make Tony Sparano his offensive coordinator.

    Sorry Rex but you are irrelevant for the rest of this season so I would expect not to hear anything coming out of your mouth until next season.

  52. This Fat Head doesn’t even know when his own team is still eligible for the playoffs or not……….so why should he listen to anything he has to say

    AND he was the Numb Nuts that called the timeout in Baltimore in 2007 to blow the game against the undefeated Pats

    Just sayin”………………………..

  53. News Flash! Rex Ryan also predicted that pork chops would be good smothered in gravy. At least he answered the question honestly.

  54. I thought he quit football after losing the last three Super Bowls. Is he still hanging around?

  55. Seriously? From a 29 minute interview *this* is what you pull out and twist?

    Rex gave an excellent interview to Francesa, spoke honestly and clearly on a number of relevant issues, addressing his own faults and indicating his intention to speak differently in future.

    He gets asked who he thinks will win the Championship Games and answers and you run the headline “Rex Ryan Is Still Making Prediction”? Wow. Seriously blatant agenda and really quite pathetic.

    Enjoy the pageviews.

  56. Ryan is too stupid to realize it! He is now hated by Jets fans for his mouth. Just as his daddy wore thin in Philly and was then fired.

  57. I imagine that under all his folds of gross hanging fat that it smells like chicken wings and blue cheese.
    He’s a fat pig.
    I can’t believe he’s as fat as he is with all the talking he does.

  58. I came away from listening to this interview thinking Rex is actually a bit humble and thinks highly of two great players in Young and LT.

    I didn’t come away thinking he called a radio station to mouth off his picks.

    There is a complete story within this interview. There isn’t one in him being asked who he thinks will win.

  59. Great interview…I’m not remotely a Jets or Ryan fan, but this is ridiculous that out of all the sound bytes in that radio interview, you focus on the picks.

    Worth a listen to.

  60. I think Rex secretly still likes this team. And maybe if that New York thing doesn’t work out, he could come back as DC.

    That that I want that to happen!

  61. Keeping the Ryan tradition alive= Sucking as a coach, shooting your mouth off and wearing out your welcome.

    Father Buddy SUCKED as a head coach.

    Twin brother shoots his mouth of as to how great the D will be in Dallas. THEY WERE AWFUL.

    Rex proclaims 3 Superbowl wins, doesn’t even make the playoffs.

    They will all be unemployed within 2 years

  62. war27 says:
    Jan 20, 2012 6:58 PM
    I came away from listening to this interview thinking Rex is actually a bit humble and thinks highly of two great players in Young and LT.

    I didn’t come away thinking he called a radio station to mouth off his picks.

    As a Pats fan, I like the dude and the comments above don’t surprise me at all -Ryan can come to my barbq any day- I would say too bad this stuff gets posted but then my post would be deleted like all the others

  63. Glad to know Rex is still alive and well — thought maybe he choked on a toe.

    Seriously, with all the talk the last couple weeks regarding his qb and wr and all the discord in the locker room…where has he been? We heard from everyone else in the world about his team and its meltdown, but no word from the HC, Mr. “Nowhere Man”.

    Now he talks? Maybe instead of predicting play-off wins, he should publicly address how he’s going to get his team under control.

  64. Thank you Rex for providing bulletin board material to inspire the Patriots to win on Sunday. Here’s a bulletin Fatso: Players coaches are for (or less) years and out in the NFL.

  65. Rex is not as dumb as he looks…and, the man knows his football! There WILL be a SB XXXV rematch….Ravens vs. Giants!!! Sorry Jim H., Bill B. & Lady Brady….maybe another year for you 2….this SB is for the best two left….that WILL be Baltimore and New York…two city’s that have a L O N G history…dating back to the REAL Colts, The BALTIMORE COLTS!!!!

  66. Chew on that Niner’s and Patsie fans! You guys have know idea what you are in for…a MAJOR disappointment for sure!

  67. NY BIG BLUE vs. PURPLE PAIN in Indy on Feb. 5, 2012!!!! And who better then to present the SB Lombardi Trophy, than the greatest WR in Pro Football History….# 82, Mr. Raymond Berry, the MVP of the 58′ Title game…the GREATEST GAME ever played!

    Karma….it’s a Mo F’er ain’t it S.F. & N.E.???

  68. Hey Rex can you do us Pats fans a solid and predict the Giants to win the SB?


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