Takeaways from the first Giants-49ers game, take two


I wrote about some takeaways after re-watching the first Giants-49ers game on Thursday. The post got so long, I broke it into two parts.

Here’s what we learned from the first matchup when New York had the ball:

1. The 49ers mostly double teamed Hakeem Nicks, which left Victor Cruz in single coverage against Carlos Rogers and Mario Manningham matched up against rookie cornerback Chris Culliver.

Yes, Rogers picked off Manning twice and won some battles. But this is a matchup the 49ers have to be worried about. Cruz beat Rogers badly a handful of times. Sometimes he’d have three steps on Rogers.

2. Culliver may be a target for the Giants offense. The rookie is a physical player that has held up very well his season overall, but he got a lot of attention from the Saints last week and Manningham had success against him in Week 10. There were two near misses to Manningham that would have tied the game.

3. The 49ers didn’t blitz a lot in the first game. When they did blitz, Eli Manning made them pay.

4. Manning is so much better with pressure in his face than he was early in his career. Maybe you can teach pocket presence. He made a number of gorgeous throws into small windows with a defender coming right at him. The 49ers will have to take their chances he can’t do that again.

5. Even though Manning played very well overall, the difference overall was his two interceptions. One came on apparent miscommunication with Manningham when the receiver stopped his route. These are the types of mistakes Mannning has mostly avoided this season. The 49ers are the league’s best at forcing turnovers.

6. Right tackle Kareem McKenzie is a big problem for the Giants. He is going to struggle to hold up on passing downs against Aldon Smith. It got ugly a few times in the first matchup.

The Giants tackles in general might be the weak spot of this team. If McKenzie holds up and David Diehl and the Giants guards can battle Justin Smith, the Giants have a good chance. I have my doubts they will hold up. It wouldn’t surprise me if the 49ers defense made the Giants offensive line look awful.  Both of the tackles could get overmatched.

7. The Giants had some success running early against the 49ers, but it didn’t last. Ahmad Bradshaw missed the last game. It’s a lot harder to run outside against the fast 49ers linebackers, but using Bradshaw on some inside runs is a better idea that rolling with Brandon Jacobs too much.

8. The 49ers defense is the best in the league at tackling. They won’t allow yards after the catch like the Packers did last week. Dashon Goldson has great range and can make Manning pay for any lazy throws.

9. Jake Ballard beat Patrick Willis a few times in the first game. If that happens often, the 49ers are in trouble. I would not expect it to happen often.

10. Manning isn’t thought of as a “gunslinger” but no quarterback tries (and completes) more difficult throws than him. I don’t trust his protection on the outside, so that’s what this game may come down to. Manning will have to be special.

The 49ers will make Manning have to play at a very high level to beat them.

90 responses to “Takeaways from the first Giants-49ers game, take two

  1. Good point about the Giants tackles.
    Justin Smith is on a mission and his work in the Saints game was extra ordinary. If he can replicate even 80% of that effort, the Giants O-Line is in for a long day.

  2. “miscommunication with Manningham”. That never happens. I’m taking off my sarcasm hat, now.

  3. The Giants have really put it together on both sides of the ball since then.

    At the end of the day, this game comes down to the 2 passing games. Big advantage NYG.

  4. Good analysis but here’s where SF must succeed to have any chance at slowing down Eli. SF must create pressure up the middle into Eli’s face. Even if the Smiths create outside pressure around the edges, Eli has been great at stepping up in the pocket, sliding to an opening and hitting his WRs. He basically did it all game last time these teams met.

  5. As a 49ers fan, let me just say that the 49ers have been nothing but lucky all year. They’ve been winning with smoke and mirrors and lucky turnovers that have just happened to fall into their hands. They won 8 more games than they deserved to, and only beat New Orleans because of a few lucky breaks, and because New Orleans is way overrated. The awesome Giants are by far the best team in football and should win by about 40 points. My team doesn’t have a chance.

  6. New article: “RELEVANT Takeaways from last game 3 months ago: …. …. ….. That games means nothing now, unless we really need to write a buncha stuff that doesn’t matter, do we?”

  7. Giants just got lucky, in regards that it looks like it won’t rain. If it did. SF lock. If the game became a run oriented game/ Def.

    SF would of won.

    I’d love for SF to win. Think they are the only team left that can cover the Pats TE.

  8. nynewsblob says: Jan 20, 2012 11:31 AM

    McKenzie put Clay Matthews on lockdown last week. That’s gotta be worth something

    Not worth a whole lot. No offense to Matthews, but he had a pretty bad year. 6 total sacks.. he was not the same this year. GB as a whole D only had 29 sacks for the year. Thats tied for 3rd worse in the NFL.

  9. @lumdogg … “As a 49ers fan”, you really think this team should be 6-11 (incl. the Saints game)?

    But the 10-7 Giants are so “awesome” they will be “your” team by 40 points.

    This wasn’t even a nice try at attemping to hide your bias. Just own that you’re a Giants fan and expect your team to beat the “lucky” 49ers by 40 points.

  10. Good point about the Niners double teaming Hakeem Nicks the first time. Teams did that ALL YEAR and it really opened Cruz up for a breakout year. Teams stopped doing that in the playoffs and Nicks made them all pay. This guy has really turned into an elite receiver.

  11. nynewsblob says: Jan 20, 2012 11:31 AM

    “McKenzie put Clay Matthews on lockdown last week. That’s gotta be worth something”

    I thought Clay Matthews did a pretty good job putting himself on lockdown all season. So did Ndamukong Suh. 2010 overhype leads to 2011 disappointment.

  12. Lumdogg is obviously a Giants fan posing as a Niner…If anyone thinks one team or another is going to just roll through this game they are wrong…Giants are going to break some big passes and Niners are going to break some skulls…In the end its going to come down to turnovers…Niners have the advantage in that area…Harbaugh is a tactician, they are one game away from the biggest stage in football…he’ll leave nothing on the table by the end. I see an NFL Classic in the making.

  13. The first game changed on one play. Giants best LB Michael Boley pulled a hamstring at the end of first half and giants were forced to play two rookie lbs the second half. Both tds scored by san Fran was off blown assignments by those rookies. Won’t happen with Boley in line up.

  14. The running game will be stopped. Jacobs will get concussed per his request. Goldson and Rogers will each get a pick. 49ers 23 Giants 17 with a game ending sack from the 49er 25 by the Smiths

  15. After re-watching the first game, the biggest takeaway for me is that the Giants were forced into playing two rookie LBs once Boley got hurt. Williams and Herzlich were not ready to play and blew coverage often on the TEs, once leading to an easy TD for Davis.

    With Boley back and the experienced Blackburn stepping in (not to mention Williams really starting to figure the position out), I don’t expect easy underneath routes and blown coverages to give the SF offense easy passing yards or TDs. Smith will have to earn it more this game if he wants to move the ball.

  16. orbearrider66 – Clearly you are not the sharpest tool. Your boy lumdog was just being sarcastic saying SF is lucky and will get blown out. Lighten up AND smarten up.

  17. Nicks/Cruz/Manningham – will be NY’s San Francisco treat.

    Davis/Crabtree/Ginn – have a better chance of escaping Alcatraz than Webster, Ross, KP and Trel’

  18. jakek2 says:
    Jan 20, 2012 12:19 PM
    Nicks/Cruz/Manningham – will be NY’s San Francisco treat.

    Davis/Crabtree/Ginn – have a better chance of escaping Alcatraz than Webster, Ross, KP and Trel’

    -I have no idea what this means.

  19. peteycroubs says:
    Jan 20, 2012 11:45 AM
    Giants just got lucky, in regards that it looks like it won’t rain. If it did. SF lock. If the game became a run oriented game/ Def.
    Peteycroubs, really man? Did you just start watching football this year? You have it backwards. It’s harder to establish a run game in rain/muddy weather. Harder to deliver handoffs with a wetball and harder to cut back and turn it up a notch in the trenches. SF clearly has the advantage with Gore and the fact they have a great run D. So, no, rain would actually favor the giants tremendously. They have the advantage at QB and wideouts. The qb and wr’s know the routes, when to cut. It’s extremely difficult to cover a wideout especially with the 3 the giants have in bad weather. The DB has to back pedal, shift a lot , read and react. The weather causes a lot of slipping, falling and broken plays. So the niners actually favor the fact it isnt raining. Especially when covering a cruz or nicks.


  21. The short passing and run game will be huge and may take care of that Giants Dline. Really hoping Delanie Walker can play also because he can have a big day from all the attention Vernon will get. Still looking for Gore to be productive also. It’s really all on Eli since there will be no run game to support him.

  22. Ginn may not play, the 9ers will lose their starting WR and punter returner. Without their returner field position could be in the Giants favor a lot

  23. @promin1 says: Jan 20, 2012 12:03 PM

    49rs can’t and won’t cover the Giants WRs. Plain and simple. Giants dominate.


    what happened to the saints elite wrs and te last week? Brees had to check down to sproles 15 times b/c they were not open down field. Go 9ers!

  24. The field conditions are going to play a bigger role than anything else. That field should be a slop-fest, and that might not favor Eli and the passing game.

    The Giants are the sexy pick because they are flashier, but don’t be surprised if the Niners handcuff another good offense. I think they win a squeaker 23-20.

  25. We have a few fans on both sides making compelling arguments for both sides. Obviously I side with SF, but as a football fan I’m hoping for a great game. I think both teams have good defenses, but advantage SF. Special Teams also goes to SF. Offense would seem to favor NYG for passing, but SF for running. those are 3 pretty good WRs over there that SF has to account for and this years version of Eli is playing at a high level. If that defensive front can get to him without all-out blitzing then NY is in trouble. He is just like any other QB when he hears the footsteps. However, if he is able to “climb the ladder” in the pocket and find his guys its gonna be rough for the Bay Area Faithful. The truewild card is what will SFs pssing game look like…. people have been sleeping on Alex all year but he has come up huge when needed. I predict SF by 10. I’m not taking anything away from the Giants with that. I have enjoyed watching them play all year and truly respect what Eli has done and the level of QB play he has reached. Tremendous. Heres to a renewed SF/NYG rivalry! Keep it clean kids! 🙂

  26. Both teams are better now. As i have said before, anyone claiming to know how this will turn out has not watched either of these teams play. These are great teams.

  27. I will be shocked if the 49ers don’t blow the Giants out, this is a bad matchup for the Giants and conditions.

  28. robert87653 – must be that nocal elementary school education. Still, I’ll clarify as best I can….

    Davis/Crabtree/Ginn have a better chance of escaping Alcatraz THAN ESCAPING FROM Webster, Ross, KP and Trel’. Comprende?
    anthonykornheiser – good analysis re: the weather. As a Giants’ fan, you just about have me hoping for rain.
    cali49er – If you think that ANY defense can stop a running game with just 4 down linemen (essentially, a prevent defense), you must be as dumb as Robert87653.
    orbearider – I bet you went to the same elementary school as Robert?

    Listen up 49er fans – Your team was a good story this year. However, you’d have been better off playing GB in Lambeau this week. You ran into the most well rounded team in the NFL that has finally gotten healthy and is playing like they should have been playing all year. We’ve given up 12 pts a game in the last 3 weeks to some of the best offenses in the league. Your pop gun offense is no match for them. As for our offense vs. your defense, your only prayer is to force another 5 TOs. Otherwise, Eli will move the ball and score points. Even if drives don’t result in points, Smith will have to drive long fields which won’t happen. You’ve gotten as far as your team can take you. Draft some WRs next offseason and hopefully Smith can continue to grow.

  29. Boley who? Just the guy who had 2 sacks against Green Bay. Oh and I love how it’s casually mentioned that Bradshaw didn’t play in the first meeting. Only the starting RB and had 9 rushing td’s this year. No biggie.

  30. Hey Sonoco & keepthosrealbro

    Boley is not a difference maker? Tell that too Aaron Rodgers who he sacked twice last week. Including right before the half which led to Nicks which got the Giants the ball back which then led to Nicks TD.

    If you know anything about the Giants you would know along w-Tuck & C-Web he is the most indespensable Giant. Beside being the signal caller on D he is backed up by 2 rookies who are not and may never be ready. Is he as good as Willis or Bowman? No he is not… however, he is a good player who has outsized importance to the Giants.

    You guys will see a different Giant D this week. You may win but only if your D forces a few TO’s cause you will not be able to drive down the field consitently. You will need a Def Td & at least 1 maybe 2 more that set you up for scores. This is a different Giant Team.

    People don’t realize this but top to bottom the Giants are one of the most talented teams in the NFL. You just didn’t see it cause they were so banged up. They have 8 guys on IR & key players have missed lots of time. If they were healthy this yr. The Giants would have been 12-4. Just like the Packers last yr they r healthy, guys have stepped up & they r hitting their stride at the right time.

    This is a different Giant team Giants 24-Niners 13

  31. havok – “handcuff another good offense”? You forced FIVE TOs against the Saints which resulted in them getting 2 less possessions and YOU STILL gave up 30+!! If that is what 9er fans consider “handcuffing an offense”, you better cause another 5 TOs or else we’re scoring 40+

  32. As a giants fan i have to say. We are way overmatched. There is no way we could win in the rain with our worst in the nfl running game against the best running defens
    I mean we lost twice to the redskins this year. Just saying. My giants dont have a chance.

  33. jvibottomline, “I will be shocked if the 49ers don’t blow the Giants out, this is a bad matchup for the Giants and conditions.” —

    I guess the Packers (15-1, best QB in football) were a good matchup for the Giants?

  34. @anthoneyKornheiser

    Really man? Did you just watching football this year? Sure, you make compelling arguments about the trenches and cuts, but the key to route running is crisp cuts. You can’t make cuts in the mud. Receivers will round off routes which will allow DB’s to stick to them like glue. The worst part? Also, do you know how hard it is to plant on your back foot and throw an accurate ball in the rain and mud? It will probably be in the 50’s or colder, in the rain. Slick balls are harder to catch and put away than it is to just shove it in the gut and go, and being cold makes it worse. If it rains, and the field turns to mush, then advantage Niners. You really think the guys in the trenches won’t love that? It also pains me to see that 4 people agree with you.

  35. Yes the 49ers played very well this year, yes they have a solid defense, incredible kicker, great RB’s and pro bowl TE but cmon its Alex freakin Smith here with very little in the way of a WR group. He did out duel the Saints last week which was very impressive but don’t think they will make the SB this year.

    If the G-Men can lock down the TE which is no mean feat, keep SF under 120 rushing yards and Eli doesn’t throw any stupid INTS I like my teams chances alot.

    I may be biased (GIANTS fan here) but the 49ers really don’t scare me anywhere near as much as the Packers did. The 9ers are a very good team and it should be quite a battle but expect the G-Men to win by 10pts. Prediction 34-24 GIANTS and Ravens in SB

  36. 49ers fans are some of the most bandwagon in the league. Haven’t heard a peep from them in the last 10 years and all of the sudden they have a good season and they’re everywhere with their chests puffed out. Makes me sick. Hope you get destroyed.

  37. jvibottomline will be shocked if the Giants win, b/c its a bad matchup for them.
    I seriously have to move to NoCal. I watch all the National Geographic shows about its black market weed trade but I guess I have to smoke it myself to really know it.

    1) We stopped the NFC’s leading rusher Turner who is in an offense with a much better QB, a pro bowl WR, HOF TE and a future WR superstar in Julio Jones. You have Frank Gore and a bunch of WRs that wouldn’t make our practice squad. Gore will disappear.

    2) TEs we have completely shut down last 4 weeks – Keller (ok-Sanchez blows), Witten, Gonzalez and Finley. All without double coverage. Vermeil, I mean Vernon Davis, will disappear.

    3) SF is not a good pass defense team. Yes, I said it. We’re glad you can stop the run, however we are NOT a run team. This isn’t the 1990 Giants who are coming to run 50x this Sunday. You can’t double Nicks, Cruz and MM. Eli will find whoever you leave in single no matter if you blitz him or drop in coverage.

    4) In all fairness, here is where you can cause us problems.
    – Delanie Walker.
    – Forcing many turnovers deep in Giants territory.
    – Getting a pass rush on Eli UP THE MIDDLE. The Smiths can fly around the edges all day and I won’t care. Eli will step up, slide and throw a shallow cross to Nicks that can turn into yet another 65 yd TD. No pressure up the gut and you are screwed.

    In conclusion, please don’t be shocked if NYG advances.

  38. the saints were a road favorite in that game! they were suppose to blow the 9ers out. the saints dropped 49 pts on the giants and beat the giants this year.

  39. @jakek2 … why, yes, I did attend the same elementary school as Robert. Keep your chins up jake, with a little hard work and a lot of dedication, you too will be able to complete elementary school. Every time you overcome another grade demotion will just make graduation all the sweeter. And, someday, in 10 or 15 years, when you finally get that elementary school degree, you can proudly hang it up in your parent’s basement right next to your Taco Bell employee of the month certificate.

  40. Gov planning a SB parade. Nicks on the cover of SI. and Chris Mad Dog Russo picked the Giants. kisses of death. very superstitious…

  41. what happened to the saints elite wrs and te last week? Brees had to check down to sproles 15 times b/c they were not open down field. Go 9ers!

    Yeah Brees was totally shutdown, they only scored on field goals……..

  42. I keep hearing how this comes down to Alex Smith vs. Eli Manning, so the Niners have a major disadvantage. Jut like they were going to be overwhelmed when it was Smith vs. Brees. Right?

    Alex Smith is a different QB this year. This season he completed 61% of his passes for 17 TDs and only 5 interceptions. His passer rating was 90.7.

    Eli manning completed 61% of his passes for 29 TDs and 16 interceptions. His passer rating was 92.9.

    I know we’re supposed to believe that Alex Smith is a bust, and Eli is the better QB because his last name is Manning. But the numbers (this season) put them in the same category.

    The Niners offense will do enough to allow the defense and special teams to win it. I say 24-17 Niners.

  43. Don’t forget also that Gore played that game hurt & once Kendall Hunter got the lion share of the carries the running game took off. Gore will be 100% (or something like it) this time

  44. Games like this… Two good teams, sloppy conditions… It comes down to emotional intensity. One of these teams will come out of the locker room ready to play. Whichever team that is will dominate. Either team is capable, but my bet is that Harbaugh is more likely to have his team ready than Coughlin. YMMV

  45. I hope we don’t get the same refs we did the last time the Giants played the 49ers in the playoffs. We don’t want any meaningless apologies from the NFL after the game.

  46. nynewsblob says:
    Jan 20, 2012 11:31 AM
    McKenzie put Clay Matthews on lockdown last week. That’s gotta be worth something


    Not to burst your bubble, but not really. Matthews has been AWOL all year.

  47. franknunley57 says:
    Jan 20, 2012 1:57 PM
    the saints were a road favorite in that game! they were suppose to blow the 9ers out. the saints dropped 49 pts on the giants and beat the giants this year.
    Wow you’re as bright as bearrider and cali9er. We beat Dallas twice and they beat you. According to your retarded logic we’re gonna beat you twice as bad on Sunday. See, I can play your dumb game just as well.

    I swear. If California breaks off and falls into the ocean, this country’s overall academic score will improve 20% overnight.

  48. LMAO at people who keep talking about rain as a factor for the Giants. Eli won his last NFC championship in minus 20 degree weather.

    The forecast for SF is 55 and showers LOLOLOLOL!!! WR’s can’t make cuts in the rain? So the DB’s who have to react to the cuts are going to be able to make split-second reactionary cuts better than a receiver who has practiced them 1,000 times??

    Has anyone here ever played football in the rain? How about -20 degree temperatures? Have you ever tried to catch a frozen football? I’ll take a summer monsoon over freezing cold.

  49. “Not to burst your bubble, but not really. Matthews has been AWOL all year.” —

    Yeah 6 sacks, 3 int, 3 forced fumbles and a TD. Terrible numbers! Why is this guy still allowed to play in the NFL.

  50. Alex Smith is a different QB this year. This season he completed 61% of his passes for 17 TDs and only 5 interceptions. His passer rating was 90.7.

    Eli manning completed 61% of his passes for 29 TDs and 16 interceptions. His passer rating was 92.9.

    I know we’re supposed to believe that Alex Smith is a bust, and Eli is the better QB because his last name is Manning. But the numbers (this season) put them in the same category.

    The Niners offense will
    Youre a complete mental patient. How many yards did each finish with? eli fell just short of 5000 yards. He had zero run game and a dinged up o line…..the fact you are comparing the two is a complete joke. You chose stats of your liking w/o the big picture. To be honest the niners would be a playoff team w/o smith this yr and the giants without manning win maybe 3 games tops

  51. Phelbin,

    Anybody who knows anything about football knows passer qb means nothing. If it does quick in 10 words or less explain to me why it matters.

    Meanwhile saying that Alex Smith is equal to Eli is ridiculous. If you think that then you are about the only one.

    But hey for the fun of it lets look at numbers
    Td Passes
    Eli threw 29- tds
    Smith threw 17-advantage Eli. by alot!!!

    BTW Eli also set the record for most 4th qtr TD with 15-passes in a season and had 3 wiped out cause of penalties.

    Pass Yds
    Eli-4933 4th in the League
    Smith-3144 which was 19TH IN THE LEAGUE!!! Behind immortals such as Grossman Hasselback Sanchez & Dalton

    advantage Eli by alot

    Comp %-
    Eli-61. But Eli threw 144 more passes
    Smith 61.3
    Advantage Eli

    Yds per attempt-Which most experts will tell you is one of the most important QB stats cause it tells if he is a true QB not just some dink & dunker
    ELI-8.4 5th in the league
    Smith- 7.117th behind even Kevin Kolb who stinks Eli by alot!!
    Into’s ;

    Smith 5 I will give ya that though its only so low cause the niners don’t trust Smith to throw it alot.

    Your guys won 1 category & thats only cause his team doesn’t trust him. Bottom line Alex Smith stinks always has always will. He is Trent Dilfer dude…. a mediocre QB hiding behind a run game & Good D. This week he will be exposed for the fraud he is & sometime next yr Colin Dr. Doofensmiirtz or Kapernink or whatever is name is will be your starter.

  52. From Pete Prisco at NFL.COM…

    What can you learn from a first game in the same season as we ready for a playoff rematch?

    That’s what I tried to figure out in studying the Giants-49ers game from Week 10, a game won 27-20 by San Francisco. That was two months ago, but it’s still relevant as we ready for the NFC Championship Game.

    The past is sometimes a hint of the future. After watching that tape, I thought the Giants were the better team — and might be even better than that now. The Giants outgained the 49ers 395-305 yards and had 21 first downs to 16.
    New York fell behind 27-13 in the fourth quarter, but had a chance to tie the game late before some bad play calling blew that opportunity. The Giants had a second-and-2 at the 49ers’ 10 with 1:24 left. But they tried to hit a touchdown to Mario Manningham in the end zone, going for the score, and the pass was incomplete. They probably should have settled for a first down before trying to score.

    If the Giants play the way they did that day, they will win this week.

    Its what us Giants fans have been trying to tell ya….

  53. One more thing from Prisco…

    To sum it up, it was a tossup game but the better team didn’t win that day. We’ll see how things change this week. I think one thing that changes will be the pass rush for both teams. They’re too good up front for that not to happen.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself

  54. thesageofthestreet –

    I’m no sabermathematician, but are you telling me that Eli had nearly the same amount of TD passes in the 4th Q this year than Smith had ALL SEASON???

    By the way….Dr. Doofensmiirtz. Brilliant!

  55. I didn’t realize that but now the you have pointed it out yes he did throw as many TD’s in the 4th QTR as Smith threw all yr ELI 15 4th QTR TD’s Smith 17 TD’s total…

    I guess I am not a sabermathematician either…LOL

  56. People who think the 49ers pass defense is bad hasn’t been watching games this year. Let me tell you how this will go, Giants will get the ball first, go 3 and out, punt, Niners start at midfield, keep pounding the zone with Andy Lee and Defense until the offense punches it in, defense will continue to keep Giants out of the red zone, Lee will continue to turn the field position, Niners will lead like 16-9 at half. Manning will throw a pick in his own end giving Niners easy touchdown, Niners will tack on another field goal, Giants will get a scrap late and the Niners will win the game like they have ALL YEAR LONG 26-19 or 26-22.

  57. jvbottomline,

    Your analysis is good in this sense. If the niners win that is how they will win. I just think it goes more like this.

    Its 0-0 at the end of the first qtr then the Giants get a Fg then niners get a td and its 7-3. Giants score right before the half and its 10-7.

    After zero sacks thru the first 21/2 Qtrs the Giants Sack Smith he fmbls Giants have a short drive and its 17-7. Niners come back get a FG & its 17-10.

    Then in the 4th the giants turn it over but hold the niners to a fg & its 17- 13 then the Giants Pass rush really revs up & they get to Smith he throws an into & the Giants get a TD & its 24-13. Giants go to the SB & the niners have something to build on…a great season that came up short.

  58. @thesageofthestreet – What prisco doesnt say is that the niners were outgain in yardash in just about 80% of the games and they still won. I call that being efficient. WHO FRIGGING CARES ABOUT YARDS!! like alex smith said last week:

    they can have all the yards they want, we just want the W

  59. @thesageofthestreet – Didnt prisco pick the packers to beat the giants last week? I care to what prisco thinks the way i care about my bowel movement

  60. Jake: the 9ers beat seattle twice & the redskins once. the giants lost twice to the redskins & once to seattle….sooo how does that compute? Jake, what exit??

  61. ninerdynasty…

    comparing the niners to bowel movements? Yep I think that about sums it up for me…I think its a good comparison. Niners+ Bowel Movements…Yes Indeed.

    BTW I love how people take the time to respond to something and then say I don’t care what he thinks…YEAH OOOOOKKKKKAAAYYYYY!!!!!

  62. Speaking of Crap lets talk about the niners pass defense

    Drew Brees 40-62-462 yds & 4 tds…wow what a great pass defense…lol

  63. Nobody should really be talking about numbers. Stats are the most misleading, ecspecially in the playoffs. Brees may have unloaded for 400+ yards, but they still lost. They also had Zero (0) running game, much like the Packers and Patriots (even though they won). Also, 2 broken tackles and Sporles made up for almost half those yards, something the Giants won’t get from their backs, and something Harbaugh has probably worked on this week. Also, still don’t know where, or how, these people played football, or live. I will play ball in negative 50 over rainey conditions any day. You can always warm up, and once your moving, you don’t feel it. Once your wet, your wet. So to compare Eli’s cold game heroics to a game in rain is apples to oranges.

  64. @jake:

    Using the word retarded while engaging in some silly trash talking over a GAME of football is equally classless. I swear, if a tsunami hit the jersey shore, tv ratings would drop 95% in the state of nj overnight.

  65. I trolled the NOLA sites b4 Niners/Saints; know your competition even if its fanbase. The most universal ignorant theme (not meant as slander, ignorance only from not living breathing Niners much as I expect I’m Giant ignorant) was disrespect for defense. “Stats all gained by playing weak opps” claimed the Saints faithful (including NY). When Dante put his Dodge-Ram-Skull-TD-Robbing hit down on drive-one I suspect a lot of that bravado evaporated. I see similar oversight here but not as blatant. I think this is going to be a phoenom and close game. Giants 2007 resurrect and Niners 1981 Redux. The kind of game you might only think you could conjure with AI and computer assist. Whatever the outcome I can’t bring myself to advance-boast–this is gonna be some Red&Blue football and a privilege to watch.

  66. Us Giant fans tried to tell ya. Our D was different and we were on a magical ride, but hey all props to the Niners. They made us earn everything we got and they knocked the snot out of Eli.

    Hey phelbin you wrote…”The Niners offense will do enough to allow the defense and special teams to win it. I say 24-17 Niners.”

    LMAO well you were right the Niner Special Teams did win it…for the Giants…LOL

    I feel bad for Kyle Williams its a shame that a classic game like that has to be decided by a kid making 2 mistakes, what shame.

    In any case great game and congrats to the Niners and their fans they put up a good fight, acted in a classy manner and have a bright future

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