Trouble in Raider Nation

Yahoo sports columnist Mike Silver talk about the trouble surrounding Raider Nation and breaks down the matchups in the AFC and NFC Championships.This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

5 responses to “Trouble in Raider Nation

  1. what more can you expect from a guy who use to cover the 49ers for the santa rosa press democrat. Almost like having to listen to Nancy Gay, Jenkins, or Kawakami and somehow are expected to take them serious….they are all jokes, and make up nothing but BS about the raiders, and think the niners walk on water.

  2. Silver, Gay, Lombardi…all of them got the Tom Cable “eventual arrest” 100% wrong and everything else about the Raiders wrong for YEARS! Funny how these three have “inside knowledge” on the team, but haven’t actually “covered” the team in YEARS (Nancy Gay as a beat writer got kicked out of Raiderland by Al Davis himself and Mike Lombardi as the personnel guy). EVERY story on the Raiders is NEGATIVE and ALL they now report on is rumors and whispers!

  3. Mike Silver is a third-rate clown. Why do you continue to waste time with this simpleton’s opinion? I guess it was just another slow news day for you guys.

  4. OK Mike Silver, if I apologize for knocking your teeth out and pouring BBQ sauce down the front of your OJ Simpson 49ers jersey in the North lot at the Oakland Coliseum will you stop writing hatchet jobs about the Raiders and Raider Nation?

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