Callahan sees greatness on the Cowboys’ roster


New Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan says he knows a Super Bowl team when he sees one, and he sees one in Dallas.

Callahan said a big part of the reason he decided to take the job on the Cowboys’ coaching staff is that he looked at the talent available and believes he’s going to be part of a tremendous offense.

“A lot of this went into the decision-making factor to come here. I looked at the opportunity. Hey, I’ve been part of a Super Bowl team but didn’t have a chance to win a world championship. We came close, but didn’t do well on that particular day. This team has a lot of those ingredients that are there, that can make this team great,” Callahan said, via the Dallas Morning News.

Callahan said he watched quite a bit of Cowboys tape during the 2011 season, while he was on the Jets’ staff, and he always came away impressed with what Dallas had on offense.

“Obviously, with Tony [Romo], you’re looking at one of the best quarterbacks in the league,” Callahan said. “The two young backs, these two guys, the way they complement each other, that was exciting to see. Let me just inject this, watching the Cowboys on film this year, not only did we play them in the first game, but we had a chance to see them throughout the year because of the AFC East and the crossover with the NFC East, it was great to see this team roll and see their receivers and [Miles] Austin and Dez [Bryant] and [Jason Witten], all those guys did great.

It’s no surprise that Callahan is saying all the right things about his roster. But until Callahan goes beyond saying Austin and Bryant are great, and says that they’re both better than Calvin Johnson, he won’t be the most confident coordinator on the Cowboys’ coaching staff.

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  1. its funny, just yesterday i saw keith brooking talking about the boys on the nfl network. the one thing he said that stuck out to me: the boys might not be as talented as everyone thinks.

  2. who cares , u lost the SB in ’03,

    u should have changed up the plays or do something

    as if Jon Gruden wouldnt know what ur running when ur operating his system , his offense, his plays,

    then again if philly and andy reid could win a NFC title game for a change, they wouldnt have played the bucs

    essentially jon gruden took 2 teams to the SB in the same year.

    and ppl say gruden cant coach.

  3. of course he isn’t gonna say that the roster is horrible when he is a new coach. But Callahan shouldn’t have said that they are super bowl caliber especially when this season isnt even over yet. There is still like 6 months still trainiing camp.

  4. The Chargers have been the team with the “talent” the last decade. It did not help them win the “Big Games”. Now it is Dallas who has the talent. You must first beat the Giants to show everyone the, you know, “talent.

  5. What in thee hell is Garrett going to do? Jerry Johnson already says the important stuff in press conferences, and Jason just says…”yeah we (read I) messed up like Jerry said we did, but we’ll get it fixed next week.” Which becomes next season. And i’m a Cowboy fan.

  6. As long as they play in the same division as the NY Giants, the Cowboys season will always end with the same shot of Jerry Jones’s rapidly aging face almost hanging down to the floor.

  7. Dallas is really nothing more than an average team with some big name players and a lot of hype.

    Call me when they win a playoff game.

  8. The way that Jerry has been running the team of late it does not matter who the players are. Jerry you need to hire a GM and take your ego out of the equation.

  9. blunders in dallas will continue to happen…jason garrett is all about X Os and he needs to loosen up and be a coach at managing the game…leave playcalling to OC

  10. Tony Romo might be the statistically best quarterback in history to only get 8 wins.

    4,200 yards, 66.3%, 31TD-10INT, 8.02 YPA.

    He’s like Tebow’s opposite. If you had Romo play 3 quarters and Tebow play one, you’d have a very good quarterback.

  11. Greatness does not find new and interesting ways to mess things up. Every year we hear of the Cowboy’s potential, but yet they find a way to lose or blow things up when it matters most. Eventually there comes a point where potential becomes wasted talent.

    Let’s face it, Jerry Jones is an enabler. You can play good, GREAT! JJ will let you do whatever you want, whenever you want. (See the lack of discipline of Dez Bryant and all his disappearing acts like the great magicians.) Same could be said about a lot of the players on the Cowboys. When the game is on the line who are you going to trust to win the game? What the team needs is a Michael Irving type to light a fire underneath these ‘potentially talented’ players. Otherwise it’s going to be the same old story for the Cowboys.

    (They also need a real football GM, and the owner to stop enabling talented players. That is an issue that will not be resolved as long as Jerry Jones is in love with himself and refuses to admit that he is not qualified to take this team to the next level.)

  12. im curious name 10 qbs better than romo…. i can only think of rodgers ,bress ,big ben,brady ,eli and peyton …… maybe rivers thats six or seven tops which will make him top ten

  13. The media has been saying how talented the Cowturds are for years. Other than Ware and Dezzy (don’t pay his bills) Bryant I don’t see much talent at all. Secondary has been garbage for 10 years, Smith is nice on the line but the rest of their o line is crap. Romo is a known choked but by all means Callahan pump them up

  14. zack2482 says:Jan 21, 2012 3:53 PM

    Tony Romo is a top 10 QB with a terrible defense. You don’t finish with a 102 rating if you aren’t. Haters please!

    He isnt clutch though. Never wins when he has to. He had a chance to beat the giants the their first meeting this season but he missed Miles Austin WIDE OPEN. The giants got the ball back with like 2 minutes left and scored.

  15. Brady>Romo

    And this year …


    Romo top 10??? Puh-lease!!

  16. Yeah Bill, thanks for losing us the SB in ’02 with your offensive (and I mean oh-fensive) lack of preparing for it. You handed the keys to the other team (Tampa). I bet you didn’t even change the audibles from the previous year when Chucky was there.
    Hell, I bet you even sent them video tape of our practices.

    Dallas is becoming our retread zone. First Rob Ryan and now Callahan. Good luck with that.

  17. Cowboys have a former Raider OC and DC…Callahan is one of the best coaches in the NFL. Rob Ryan would be if a football game was only 3 quarters.

    None of them are better than Hue Jackson. Absolutely amazing that he’s out of work.Going 8-8 with our joke Defensive coaching staff was incredible.

  18. There are few words in the English language that bring more laughter to a Giant fans ears than: “Romo”.

  19. At basshawg….

    You must be stupid and not watch football Romo is a top 5QB he has a career passer rating of 96.9 and 102.2 rating this year everyone just hates on Romo because of the playoffs but the QB can only do so much but there is only 3 QB’s in the leauge right now that id rather have than romo and thats peyton (if healty) brady and rodgers maybe stafford just because hes so young

  20. I doubt anyone will read this ,

    and know that no one cares,

    but I just wanna apologize for my stupid comment above about Bill Callahan, and pretty much all my dumb comments throughout this season, I say alotta things, sometimes too blunt, alotta times exaggerated, alotta times just to get a rise outta people ,

    i gotta have the record for most thumbs down on average per comment,

    but taking a shot at Bill Callahan to me , was over the line, I got nothing against this guy

    AND FOR THAT – I retire, never will you have to hear MJBULLS45 say something ridiculous,

    and MORE SO ….

    I think Bill Callahan did try to change up some things before that superbowl, I just think it didnt work,

    either way, Bill Callahan , or Cali , as he used to be called back in the day, is a HECK of a coach and a good guy, regardless of a previous coaches system, you have to be a GREAT COACH to get any team to a superbowl,

    WHY? – bc at the end of the day its not only just X’s and O’s, its your ability to be a leader of men and manage people , very tough to manage NFL grown men who all have riches and egos, and hey he led a team to the Superbowl, and did beat a Jeff Fisher – Eddie George – Steve McNair Titans team in the AFC title game,

    so really, hey the Cowboys added a superbowl coach to their roster, shoot, really Callahan should be head coach, he’s got the resume over anyone else on that staff

    but either way he WILL make a difference in Dallas and I wish him all the best.

    I retire.

  21. roamingabriel says: Jan 21, 2012 3:11 PM

    Guess who wants to be first in line when Garrett gets fired next season?

    Sean Peyton does. That’s why he moved his family here.

  22. It’s so nice to know that the Cowboys have a Super Bowl ready offense. Too bad their defense couldn’t hang with a JV high school team. Come to think of it, I remember Rob Ryan saying similar things about the talent level of his Cowboys defenders last year when he took the job. How exactly did that turn out for him??????

  23. Didn’t he once say “this is the dumbest bunch of players I ever been around”, when talking about the Raiders in 03? That was the pot calling the kettle black- glad Al fired you.

  24. Bill Callahan comes full circle from coaching “the dumbest team in America” to coaching “America’s dumbest team.”

  25. Just for fun, im going to name, in order, QBS who are better than Romo

    Tom Brady
    Andrew Rodg
    Philip Rivers
    Matt Ryan
    Fig Newton

    Schuab and Cutler are equal with Romo. So yea, not the best in the league BY FAR

  26. It really amazes me how many people still don’t understand Tony Romo does not have what it takes. I understand he’s a likable guy and there are a lot of Cowboy fans so he’s a guy you root for. What Romo has achieved in his career is what he is capable of and a lot of professionals still don’t see that. Nuts!

  27. @dbgk
    …I’d take Ryan, Schaub, Cutler, Hasslebeck off the top of my head and I am sure there are more, but that is over 10. He is overrated. I may even take Flacco – bigger arm, tougher…

  28. Sorry Plum13sec, but…

    Shaub > Romo

    Shaub can win big games, and do it inside the 2mins.

    Oh and coming in 2012:

    Luck > Romo

  29. Romo’s numbers aren’t as good as they look. He started off with two good games against two good defenses, but after that it was a mix of pounding on some crappy D’s while being shut down by good (and a couple of not-so-good) D’s.

    Having said that, the guy had a passer rating of over 140 in the first Giants game, and they still lost.

    When your defense can’t stop anyone, and when 1st and goal at the 2 yard line is a passing play (3 rushing TDs by those two “exciting young backs”), your QB isn’t the problem, no matter who he is or whether he’s a top 10 guy or a top 25 guy.

  30. Im one of those people who look at the feedback on their comment, so why the thumbs down? I have diehard cowboys fans in my family, they all agree, ROMO DOESNT HAVE IT. He cares more about celebrity golf events then putting in the time to dominate like brady or manning

  31. Yeah..he doesn’t have what it takes. An undrafted free agent that has won a few division titles, has won a playoff game and has gone to 3 pro bowls. How many playoff games has Ryan at Atlanta won? How about the media favorite Philip Rivers. Both guys first rounders. People are just hating because the guy is playing football in the NFL and they are just playing with themselves. His time will come, and when it does it will shut up all the douches who say he can’t win the big one. Elway, both Mannings..they had to hear it until they won the Superbowl.

  32. Tony Romo has the 2nd best career QB rating… of all time. He is coming off of a 102.5 QB rating season.

    Tony Romo has the 5th best career yards/attempt average… of all time.

    Tony Romo is the current NFL leader in career 4th quarter QB rating.

    It’s quite a leap of faith to say this guy CAN’T win a Super Bowl. As it stands now, the Cowboys have very good talent at the offensive skill positions, but their O-Line and defense are terrible. Not exactly a recipe for winning games in the NFL. Romo is the only reason the Cowboys ever had a chance this year.

    You people do understand that football is a TEAM sport, right? Or was Trent Dilfer better than Dan Marino?

    (why do I even bother? This is a society where “Tebow’s amazing LOLOL1!!11” was the conclusion people reached after the Broncos won game after game with outstanding defense and putrid QB play)

  33. “This team has a lot of those ingredients that are there, that can make this team great”

    He should be fired for that statement, seem to me that Rob Ryan made a similar statement.

    Dallas is the 3rd most talented team in the NFC East. Most of the analysts keep saying they are the most talented team and every year they pick them to win the NFC and every year they choke.

  34. I’m a Redskins fan, so I am getting a bit of a rash as I write this, but their skill players as a whole are fantastic on offense, they need to beef up the line. The defense is where they’re all hype and not enough substance. For all the talk about DeMarcus Ware, he seems to always make a bad penalty at a crucial moment, they hype him like he’s Lawrence Taylor and a HOF’er……….I say slow down with all of that. How many games this season did that defense let you down after Romo played great? How many games did Romo and the offense bail out that defense after they blew leads? Offense is not the problem with the Cowboys, it’s the over rated over hyped defense with the blowhard coordinator.

  35. TO PLUM13SEC –
    You must be a pro scout or something??? You named many QBS “better” than Romo. So I guess qbr, tds, and ints mean nothing to you? So basically what your writing is an opinion of a Romo hater. There are only 4 qbs better than Romo when it comes to playing the QB position, Rodgers, Brees, Brady, and Peyton (but he’s not playing), so technically 3. And to those who think he can’t play in the 4th quarter; Romo has the highest QB rating in the 4th quarter in NFL history. This teams problems lie with the pass rush and pass coverage. Romo did not give up 14 points in the last 4 minutes to the Giants. You may was well say that Rodgers is over rated and was the recepient of an easy schedule this year. It takes a team to win a championship, but having a great QB helps. Kind of sad though, look at the playoff teams left and they all have either a #1 draft pick starting at QB (except Brady) or a 1st rounder starting at QB. Romo was a free agent who has been out playing all of the over hyped, over drafted, and over blown qbs. Even Dilfer and Hostetler won a SB, but not Marino or Kelly……so what? Elway was 37ish when he finally won a Super Bowl….31 tds to 10 ints for Romo and all the haters do is slam the guy. Aikman never threw for more than 22tds in a season. It takes a team to win a SB; Romo is just one piece and he’s doing his job.

  36. It’s interesting that a story about a new OC fell into an arguement over if a QB is a top 10 QB.

    I am a cowboy fan who is concerned that with Romo, they wont win the title.

    But the biggest knock on him is that “he cant win ther big game.” Yet all these people as they REACH to find 10 QB’s better select guys who have also never won one and in some cases never played one.
    Shaub has ZERO playoff games, Ryan, ZERO wins (and Atlanta is questioning if they have the right guy) Flacco has been defined all week as a QB whose team has won playoff games DISPITE HIM. Hasselbeck, they are deciding if they should go with the rookie and he was just dumped for 3 nobodies in Seattle. Peyton may never play again. Tebow and Cam have too little of a history and they have not seen a big game yet. Well we could call Tebow 0-1. (This is the NFL not college) Stafford, no big game wins. Cutler, really? 12 months ago he was defined as a quitter in his playoff loss and this year he missed the playoffs just like Romo. you call THAT better? Flynn is the most silly. He does well in 2 MEANINGLESS games and he is a top 10 QB?
    If someone made a claim that any of these guys were top 10 QB’s, the comments afterwards saying NO F-ing Way would be massive. Probably by most of the same people who would list them as better then Romo in order to justify their desire to not want to admit Romo is a top 10 QB.
    You dont have to win a SB to be top 10. Only one guy wins it each year. (and that does not mean that guy is the best QB)

  37. Romo is going to get his ring one day, he’s got 4 to 6 seasons maximum ahead of him, people around him have to be committed from top to bottom and I like how the Cowboys clean house every year and reload not rebuild. We have to rise above the mediocrity and parity in the league and it doesn’t take much, just a couple plays and a couple of players short this year, so close means your pretty far off in the NFL. It all turns on a dime or the flip of a coin…

  38. @nohopeleft.. That statement is the most ridiculous statement i have heard because apparently you havent watched the tapeS. Eli Manning statistics don’t even come close to Romo’s in his career if you start from the same year that Romo first started because Eli started before him. Eli probably had the most over-hyped regular season this year statistically. Yes, he threw for 4,900 yards, but so did three other quartbacks and on of them had the most underrated regular season this year in my opinion, Matthew Stafford. His touchdown:int was mediocre at best. He had 29 tds with 16 ints and a total of 20 turnovers.. so without the yards, that mostly was done by cruz the whole season anyways, his season was almost worse than last season. He broke 90 for his quarterback rating.. good for him.. it’s only his second time in his Career. Stats for quarterbacks that matter, in my mind, are quarterback rating, completion percentage, and touchdown:int. Eli Manning has never had a better regular season in his career than Tony Romo. He broke every single season passing record in cowboys history in 4 years. That includes Staubach, White, and Aikman. Who is Eli following up Phil Simms? Oooo that is some pressure. If Romo had even a semi above average defense he would be competing for championships every season. Look what he did in 2009 when he had a completely healthy offense line.. 4,400 yards 26tds and only 9ints with a 97 passer rating.. this year with an atrocious offense line and only had 3 games where his offense was fully healthy he had 31tds, better, 10ints, close enough, and a 102 passer rating. if u take away the names and u showed me eli’s stats this season and romo’s side by side i would choose Romo in a heart beat. Yards don’t mean ANYTHING. You know this when 3 people, first time in NFL history, threw for over 5,000 yards. 2 people broke the record..

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