Dolphins don’t assume they will land Matt Flynn

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Let the Matt Flynn-to-Miami speculation commence.

Miami already looked like a potential landing spot for the Packers backup quarterback. Now that the Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin has landed the head coaching job in Miami, it’s only natural to connect the dots.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald writes that the Dolphins are interested in Flynn, but didn’t hire Philbin “with the assumption” that they would also land Flynn.  It’s possible that Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements may also come with Philbin.

“We’re thrilled to have Joe Philbin join the Dolphins as our head coach,” Dolphins owner Steven Ross said in a statement Friday night. “Joe has all the attributes we were looking for when we started this process. [General Manager] Jeff Ireland and I felt Joe was the right choice to bring the Dolphins back to the success we enjoyed in the past.”

Philbin reportedly impressed Ross greatly in his two presentations. There were suggestions through the media that Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy was Ireland’s pick, but Ross preferred Philbin.

Surely Philbin’s ability to develop quarterbacks and potential to improve the team’s passing game was high on the list of attributes that impressed Miami. His relationship with the best option on the free agent market couldn’t hurt.

The Dolphins seem ready to spend. While we wouldn’t assume Flynn will land there either, they certainly look like the early favorites.

65 responses to “Dolphins don’t assume they will land Matt Flynn

  1. It’s obviously very early, but I like the hire if for no other reason than this should signal a definitive end to the sideline chest-beating and post-field-goal-fist-pumping antics that have “graced” the Dolphins sideline for the past four years.

  2. cakemixa says:
    Jan 21, 2012 10:01 AM
    Matt Flynn = Kevin Kolb of 2012? Overreact to a guy starting 2 games on a good team?

    I really don’t think so. Flynn has looked awfully good in many different situations and seems to have good leadership ability. I think he’ll be quite successful, although I can’t say if he will or will not be “elite”.

    Not that it matters, but I’m a lifelong Packers fan and have probably seen all of Flynn’s work.

  3. The Dolphins should trade for Colt McCoy. He has more upside than Flynn and has been a proven winner. Flynn will cost more abd has not done a thing. Remember Scott Mitchell?

  4. Philbin would call the plays in the preseason, and they would always be kind of crappy. Regular season and McCarthy would be calling them. Philbin’s body of work isn’t that strong, I feel his Miami coaching gig will be a let down, no matter who is QB of that team.

  5. I don’t think they need Matt Flynn so thats a moot point. Matt Moore had plenty of big plays for Fins this year and had he possibly been the starter from the get go some of the over throws and timing issues probably don’t happen. I also believe that Moore’s failures in Carolina is one of the reasons McCoy is going back to Denver. If Philbin can coach as well as expected Moore maybe more than just a stop gap. That said I would still like to see the Fins bring in a veteran to push him a little and to draft one one of the second tier QB’s like Kellen Moore to develop.

  6. Ross and the Dolphins obviously want to get away from ground and pound and go back to the Dan Marino air show which many teams are undertaking in today’s NFL. The packers could make it more difficult for the Dolphins to obtain Flynn if they put the franchise tag on him. However owner Stephen Ross seems committed to spending or doing what ever it takes to create excitement and win in Miami. Matt Moore who was the #12 rated passer in the NFL should also be considered regarding the quarterback position in Miami.

  7. Flynn was one of the top-rated quarterbacks in the state of Texas. Won a national Championship with LSU. He threw for 480 yards and 6 touchdowns in the 45-41 victory, both of which set all-time Green Bay Packers records.

  8. stl45fan says:
    Jan 21, 2012 10:09 AM
    Flynn = Kolb = Cassel? Is the the system or the QB?

    Who cares? You do realize they’d be installing the system there, too.

    Assuming Flynn and Clements also go to Miami, and the deals get done with enough of the offseason to prepare, I like their chances.

    Kolb had no offseason in Arizona and Cassel doesn’t have the personnel to support him in KC. Flynn would have Marshall, Bess, Hartline, Fasano, a rejuvenated Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, etc.

  9. It would definitely raise some eyebrows if Philbin DIDN’T go after Flynn. Philbin ought to know him better than pretty much anyone, and if Philbin didn’t want him, that would really say something.

  10. If philbin thinks flynn is the real deal then they should spend the money. Obviously philbin would know him better than anyone else and Ross is willing to spend.
    If they don’t go after flynn very hard then its obvious philbin doesn’t think highly of him

  11. Who will know better than Philbin if Flynn is worth adding to the Dolphins?

    If Philbin selects Mike Sherman as OC, there is a built-in knowlege of and connection to Tannehill as well.

    The possibilities of a REAL QB competition offer excitement for long-suffering FinFans.

  12. a coach doesn’t have to call the plays. So him not callig plays in GB is not an issue.
    My only question does philbin have what it takes to lead men. If he’s a leader and has a big desire to win then I the phins will be ok.

  13. I would be interested in Flynn coming to Miami, but not for any draft picks. It’s ‘only’ Ross’ money if they sign a big FA contract.

    The biggest difference between Flynn and Kolb or Scott Mitchell would be that Kolb and Mitchell went to a new system. Presumably Philbin will install the same or similar system. The learning curve is more for the skill players than anything else, and Flynn could help them with that.

    FA signings are always risky when the player is going to a completely different system. While talent will get you so far, you consistently hear how a player needs to assimilate to the new ‘system’ before they can stop thinking so much and just play.

    I would be surprised if GB lets Clements go. He would seem to be the OC in waiting there, and they don’t have to let him go if they don’t want to.

  14. 1 – Matt Flynn proved in college that he can lead a comeback and win big games, ie BCS Champ.

    2 – Even though Matt Flynn would thrive with Philbin as his coach, someone like Synder will undoubtly pay too much for him.

    3 – Philbin didn’t call the plays during the game…
    big deal! He prepared one of the best performing QB’s and offenses week after week with great success, knows that offense in and out and the one week he wasn’t there the Pack stumbled mightly. (last week)

    4 – Matt Moore is a placeholder because in the 4th when the Dolphins needed a lift he wasn’t there. They will have a better offense next year but they still need a legit QB that can close out games.

    5 – DC is going to be a critical hire for this team!

    6 – How long will it take for Floorio to slam Ross for hiring Philbin?

  15. It’s day one, relax and watch the show, can anyone feel that it will get worst? I don’t think so, teams that win super bowls usually have top notch coaches. I think we are on tract for a better season in 2012. Bill

  16. Flynn=Yawn. Go get RG3 and show the AFC east and your fans something they have not seen in a long time, an exciting and talented QB. Make Bill B. earn his money. This is the way you re-energize a franchise.

  17. It’s not gonna matter which QB they have, if the team sucks, the QB sucks. And by the time the dolphins build a good team, Flynn will be in his 30s. Not worth it, but some idiot GM will take a flyer. I like the guy and am happy for him and his big contract that will come up, but he’s just another boo boo SEC QB.

  18. Flynn has been good in two games, two games folks. To the guy saying he’s good situationally lol, you’re a homer. The guy won a national championship with LSU but was subpar on a team full of stars. He was always the question mark of the team. He’s Kevin kolb (with less experience) and Scott Mitchell comparisons might be dead on. I wouldn’t blow money on him, he should stay a career back up, more tape you get on him the easier he gets to be taken apart.

  19. the upside with flynn is that the dolphins won’t have to waste any more draft picks on a QB. i’m through seeing this team use 2nd round selections on QBs via trade or draft. (AJ Feeley, Culpepper, Beck, Henne, and Pat White. )

    He might not be the answer, but I welcome the FA signing

  20. Scott mitchell? Kolb? Cassel? Some of you so called Dolphins fans need to stop living the past. We have a offensive minded head coach for once and all i see is complaining and doubt. Would you rather have the Jets offense right now? This is going to be a good hire for Miami.

  21. The main difference between Kolb & Flynn in this situation would be (The System)!!

    Flynn might be the Kolb of 2012 but he would actually have a darn good chance to succeed if he is going into a situation w/ the same coaches & same system.

    Kolb on the other hand ….. system QB ..that got traded to the wrong system.

  22. The Dolphins’ coordinator situation is more important than trying to lure Flynn. Is Daboll remaining as the OC or does Clements get offered the job? Jackson? Chilly? Who is the next DC since Nolan left for the same job in Atlanta? Del Rio? Bowles? Another try for Mangini?

    I think Moore could be pretty good and even resigning Henne (better system for his skill set) may warrant a look, especially if Flynn is franchised or the cost is too steep. Regardless, first things first. Once the staff is set then the FA/draft speculation can really begin.

    I was not a big fan of the process and Philbin has a lot of work to do before he proves himself to the fan base but, given all the Dolphins fans have been subjected to over the last decade or so, maybe a little optimism is warranted.

  23. The Dolphins are desperate. If Flynn is out there, they’ll throw a ton of money at him (which is still a better plan than trading tons of valuable picks for a QB (who, oh by the way, is still no guarantee).

    If Clements comes to Miami as OC, he and Philbin know Flynn better than anyone. If they don’t go after him, that says all you need to know. Those two guys know whether he’s Matt Schaub or AJ Feeley.

  24. Bring all the offensive guys you want, but feel free to leave any defensive coaches back in Green Bay 🙂

    As much as I try, I can’t shake the images of Haley (OC) and Mangini (DC) out of my head. I hope Philbin has never met those guys…….

  25. Flynn would be a good fit in many places. Me thinks the bidding war will be high for him, or the opposite, teams will get a QB from the draft that is deep this year.
    I guess it depends on where teams are in need and re-building process.

    I still think the Colts fool everyone and take Griffin III instead of Luck and Luck ends up on the Redskins.

  26. If Philbin believes Flynn is a franchise QB, than Miami has to go hard after him, even though it will likely take Ryan Fitzpatrick money. After Flynn, there is no FA option at QB who I would consider signing to usurp Matt Moore. Should the Dolphins fail to land Flynn, then they must consider aggressively pursuing one of the top two picks, even at a steep price. Should both of those plans fail, Moore is a fine fallback option.

    The money it will cost to sign Flynn precludes the possibility of a real competition with Moore. But if their new head coach wants him, Miami will have to back up their faith in Philbin by going all the way and opening the Brinks truck for Flynn. Make no mistake, Dolphans, it will take a huge, risky financial investment to land the hottest FA QB on the market.

    Unless Philbin is telling Ireland that Flynn is an illusion, I’d say it is a risk the Dolphins are compelled to take.

  27. What do you bet that the Miami brain trust of Ross, Peterson and Ireland go after the wrong Green Bay QB and hire Brett Farve?

  28. Say what you will about matt flynn being overrated but if any Scout watches the film on this guy…his preseasons, his 2 starts, and the times he had to fill in for rodgers…this guy hangs in the pocket and can deliver the ball under duress. The Pass rush doesn’t seem to bother him…he has shown that he can throw accurately under pressure. I think he has the makings to be much better than Kolb or Cassel, who both guys wilt under pressure, but Flynn hangs pocket. If you can go back and watch his time under center, albeit short, he has what it takes. He is Unshakeable.

  29. What will be interesting to me is the amount of interest Philbin shows in trying to get Flynn. If he thinks he’s gonna be a good starting quarterback, he’ll try his best, but if he doesn’t, he won’t try to get him as much and he probably knows the most of that chance behind McCarthy.

  30. Don’t forget that New England franchised Cassell and then traded him.

    The Packers may wish to take that route as well. There is probably some GM they trust enough to take him off their hands and fork over the two first rounders it will require.

    I wouldn’t bet on Ireland doing this unless Philbin is absolutely convinced he must have Flynn.

    Just something else to consider.

  31. According the the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Clements would likely take over for Philbin in Green Bay, and Edgar Bennett could take over that role in Miami.

  32. Forget the public stance and the headline of this article— EVERYONE now assumes that the Dolphins will now sign Flynn. And they will sign him. How could it not be great for Flynn?– the same system and an owner who is ready to throw money at him.

    I don’t know Flynn’s ceiling, but he’s definitely at least pretty good– and the Dolphins will surely be much better next year with Philbin and Flynn.

    Rest easy Dolphans— you could have been faced with the horror of Boring Retread Fisher preaching “tough football!”and Verbiageheimer running your offense.

  33. The Cassel sign and trade is unique because Pioli is an ego-maniac and he drafted Cassel and convinced himself that he would turn in to Brady in KC.

    Green Bay is not going to give money to Flynn that will be almost twice what Rodgers will make (and potentially be “stuck” with him) and teams will not be as likely to trade for a guy already making that much money on a one-year deal.

    Flynn is valuable, but a backup QB (when you’re starter is the best in the league), is probably not a higher priority than signing Finley long-term and using that cap space to fix a defense that couldn’t stop a good high school team.

  34. dolphins4 says:Jan 21, 2012 10:14 AM

    Great hire now lets get Clements,Flynn and a great coaching staff and Super Bowl here we come.


    Clements isn’t going anywere, he will be the Packers next offensive coordinator. Were would you rather be, the Packers O coordinator, or the Fins?

  35. Flynn, Moore, etc.

    What are you shooting for when you’re trying to decide which one of these guys should be your qb? Trade up, draft RG3 and get a guy with some real upside in there.

    This is why the Fins are so bad every year.

  36. Remember M hasselbeck and M. Brunell? Backup qbs who were successful. Time will tell how good he is, but to say he can’t means you never watched the 2 regular season games he started. Both against playoff teams.

  37. “Why would Flynn want to go anywhere else?”

    Why would the shoeshine guy ever want to stop shinning shoes for? Gosh.Whatcha thinking?

    You think riding the bench is fun? Maybe cool for us fans, but as a player with the opportunity to do more then watch nfl from home id want to start some where else.

  38. Matt flynn had one incredibly ridiculously good game, but playing for the dolphins is way different story. That huge game could be the worst thing that happened to him. Expectations are through the roof now. He put up those numbers where he could sling it with zero ramifications on there season. He had zero pressure with a great team. Dolphins are mediocre at best nd the pressure is going to be high now. It’s the best thing for the pack tho. If they franchise him and get more high draft picks for a back up with an already talented team.

  39. Let me get this, Dolphins=Flynn now only the Redskins don’t have a dancing partner, time to hit the panic button and call Peyton’s doctor ASAP cause there are only “ugly ones” left.

  40. History repeats itself. Like Holmgren, Philbin will want to bring in the quarterback he helped mold.

    There are very few times to bet against Dan Snyder when it comes to free agents. This is one of them.

  41. Everybody is going way crazy about Flynn. The dude has played 2 games. Dolphins don’t have 5 stud throwing options like GB. Draft a Qb and roll with Moore in the meantime

  42. Before anyone jumps on the “he’ll be a system QB” train, lets remember that if Flynn were to go to Miami, he would probably be in the same system he was in during his time at GB.

  43. People need to understand if the packers franchise him they would sign him to a longterm contract and trade him like they did Corey Williams. They wouldnt put themselves in the position of being on the hook for 12-15 million a year. Philbin going to Miami is a blessing for the Packers in that regard because I believe McCarthy is aware how much Philbin will want him.

  44. as a fan of good football (no matter what team is playing it), I’d say that to me, pairing Philbin with Flynn gives the Dolphins a much better probability of success than Matt Moore or another option. as others have noted, even if Flynn IS a system QB he’d be playing in the same system.

    whether the Dolphins will make it happen or not, we’ll see. but from where I’m sitting, they’d be smart to make an inspired run at him unless the prospective trade and/or financial demands are just outrageous.

  45. ourya says:Jan 21, 2012 1:20 PM

    Don’t forget that New England franchised Cassell and then traded him.

    The Packers may wish to take that route as well. There is probably some GM they trust enough to take him off their hands and fork over the two first rounders it will require.

    I wouldn’t bet on Ireland doing this unless Philbin is absolutely convinced he must have Flynn.

    Just something else to consider.

    Flynn will never fetch two 1st round picks. History doesn’t support such a windfall. Schaub, Hasslebeck, Kolb and Cassell garnered far less. Highly doubtful a team will give up a ton on a two game starter.

    The problem with franchising and trading Flynn is it is technically prohibited by the CBA. Teams have done it in the past (Cassell, Williams, J Allen) but they were able to claim they signed them with the intent on keeping them. With Rodgers on the squad, Green Bay could never make the argument they intended to keep Flynn at $8 million more per year.

    The problem to signing Flynn to a long term deal is two fold. The Packers have no idea as to what the Dolphins will feel is fair value in a contract and what will fit in the Dolphins team salary structure. They would also have to be careful with bonuses since some are spread over the course of the contract for cap accountability and excelerate to the current year if the player is no longer with the team.

  46. hobomoney says:Jan 21, 2012 2:18 PM

    Remember M hasselbeck and M. Brunell? Backup qbs who were successful. Time will tell how good he is, but to say he can’t means you never watched the 2 regular season games he started. Both against playoff teams.


    But the risk factor was far less in those situations. Those two were still under their rookie contracts, which was low because they were lower round picks. Obtaining Flynn will take much more cash. With severe salary cap ramifications if you’re wrong, it would make it a much bigger gamble.

    Here’s a few facts that temper Flynn’s accomplishments.

    1) Yes, he played against two playoff teams; but both ranked in the bottom 3rd in pass defense.

    2) He had absolutely no pressure on him. No one thought he had a prayer against New England and the outcome of the Detroit game didn’t matter.

    3) Neither opponent knew right away that Flynn was going to be the starter so they lacked preperation time.

    4) Little to no game tape on him. The NFL thrives on finding weaknesses and then exposing them. NE & Detroit didn’t fully have that chance.

    5) He was throwing to a very talented, deep and successful receiving corp. They won’t be joining him at his new destination.

    Good points by people about the sytem helping or harming QBs moving from one team to another though.

  47. @ gbmickey

    But what if Flynn doesn’t want to sign a long term deal and would rather see what he can get on the free agent market. As I pointed out on the previous comment; a team may call them out on tagging and trading since it’s against the CBA to do so.

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