Emery seen as favorite for Bears G.M. job

The Bears have interviewed five candidates for their General Manager position, and they won’t interview any more.

According to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times, Chiefs college scouting director Phil Emery the favorite for the job.

The other men that interviewed: New England’s Jason Licht, San Diego’s Jimmy Raye, New York’s Marc Ross, and in-house candidate Tim Ruskell.

Emery worked for the Bears in 1998-2004 and worked under Ruskell in Atlanta. It’s possible Emery could retain Ruskell on his staff because Ruskell is under contract for two more years. Emery joined Scott Pioli in Kansas City in 2009, coming from Atlanta.

16 responses to “Emery seen as favorite for Bears G.M. job

  1. The decision makers in Chicago clearly have dementia.
    The heirs or somebody should intervene through the courts and take over because it can not be any more clear……………this organization doesnt have a clue whats going on

  2. What a surprise. Choose the guy you’ve had history with, who you are comfortable with. And those some great pick between 1998 and 2004. Urlacher and ah…………um…..that guy…….and um…..

    Why not Licht or Ross? It’s not like ther team have won Super Bowls in recent years or anything!

  3. It’s a Phil-offseason to remember… Philbin, Phil Emery…

    Who’s next and where? Phil-ilberto to the raiders?

  4. When you continually set the bar low, this is what you get. I really hope he does well, but I have to think in twenty years we will still be celebrating 1985 as our last championship.

  5. The way the Bears are picking GM’s and coordinators reminds me of how the Repubs are picking a prez candidate. Instead of trying to pick the best possible candidate both are using convoluted criteria for their choices. The McCaskeys like Lovie so the new GM must be able to work with Lovie and not pick a new HC. Their OC must be cool with calling running plays half the time. The Repubs want someone to appease the tea party and their extreme positions. The best most intelligent best leader most dynamic person need not apply.

  6. The guy had success while with the Bears. People point to their drafting of Grossman and Haynes, but they were going to draft Baby Sapp @#4 Dwayne Robertson before the jets traded down with ’em. And the last fime i checked, Geossman was their Super Bowl QB If they want a guy steeped in college scouting, he’s their guy. Anybody but Ruskell.

  7. Thank Gosh Moe from the 3 Stooges isn’t living !

    As a Bear Fan, another foolish move that will have negative repercussions.

    Why not the Patriots candidate, he is with a winning organization, I guess to hard to figure for the Bears !

  8. He’s a genius if you compare him to Ruskell so i’m not gonna cry if Bears will hire him. I would prefer Ross but as long as Ruskell will not be hired i’m fine with it.

  9. At least they aren’t going to stick with Ruskell. I’m not a bears fan but I don’t wish that guy on anyones team.

  10. While I agree that this doesn’t seem like a great hire on the surface, none of us really know. I love the guy who says “just hire the guy from the Pats!” There is so little information about these guys and even their roles change from team to team (like the level of input they have on draft picks). All of us are pretending to be experts on these guys and all you know about them is what was trumpeted in a small article or two.

  11. After reading about the environment at Kansas City under Paoli, I’m sure Emery would LOOOOVE to work at Halas Hall. The guy from the Patriots wasn’t even in the War Room in draft day. THAT is worrisome.

  12. Who cares if someone wasn’t in the so called “War Room.” Every team runs their draft differently. All the candidates are basically unknown. Its the nature of the job. The guy from New England seems to have some impressive credentials. He went to the Super Bowl with the Patriots, then left to Philadelphia where they went to their only Super Bowl. Lastly, he went to Arizona for one season and guess what? THEY went to the Super Bowl. No wonder the Patriots hired him back. Do the math.

  13. Jimmy Raye is the better candidate. Have you seen the talent that he’s been involved with while with the Chargers? Brees. Rivers. Vincent Jackson. Sproles. Eric Weddle. I would rather have Raye than anyone else. Of course with Lovie having a say-so in who they hire and of course Emery’s tie to Ruskell, I’m sure we’ll decline backwards even further once Emery takes over.

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