McCoy thinks unwillingness to keep Bowles cost him Dolphins job


Just a few days ago, we heard that Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy thought he was the favorite for the Dolphins head coaching job.

That job, of course, went to Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin.  McCoy reportedly thinks the Dolphins passed on him because he didn’t want to hire Dolphins secondary coach Todd Bowles as defensive coordinator.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins made it clear to McCoy they wanted him to hire Bowles as defensive coordinator. Bowles was one of the three finalists for the head coaching job and remains under contract in Miami.

McCoy reportedly resisted the idea. He wanted a defensive coordinator that had experience in the role so that he could focus more on upgrading the team’s offense. He didn’t want an assistant forced on him. Philbin, meanwhile, is reportedly receptive to the idea of making Bowles his defensive coordinator.

We can’t know whether this is the reason the Dolphins chose Philbin. McCoy thinks it is. It would seem like an odd deal breaker if the Dolphins truly preferred McCoy, but Dolphins management have done a lot of odd things lately.

We can’t help but wonder if McCoy or those around McCoy did a disservice by letting it become public that he thought he was the favorite. We’re not sure if letting this information about Bowles out there helps McCoy’s long-term interests either.  It sounds like sour grapes.

Meanwhile, Bowles has to wonder if the Dolphins have been upfront with him throughout the coaching search process.

31 responses to “McCoy thinks unwillingness to keep Bowles cost him Dolphins job

  1. Meanwhile, Bowles has to wonder if the Dolphins have been upfront with him throughout the coaching search process

    Why would they start now?

  2. I’m happy we chose Joe. McCoy has nothing under his belt, no Rings no nothing. And when we even had contacted him about the gig – denver fans were mocking us. So… its better off we get a man with a sb ring and some powerful offensive know-how!

  3. Well, he at least made it more difficult for the Fins to hire Bowles as DC. Philbin looks like a puppet and his authority is eroded and undermined if they do.

  4. You have the 24th ranked offense turn down an interview with the Raiders and think you can make demands on another team considering you for the Head Coaching Job?

    What again is the problem that you all have with Hue Jackson who had the 9th ranked offense after losing possible MVP and best player RB Darren McFadden, QB and 2 best receivers?

  5. Never say you’re the favorite for anything. Can only work against you. It never helps.

  6. It should be clear to Dolphin fans that Ross is no longer going to let coaches dictate to him, the owner who bought the Dolphins for 1.1 billion. Ross did not allow Jeff Fisher to dictate or get full control. Moreover another prospective coach (McCoy) would not be allowed to dictate not hiring a guy (Bowles) who knows the defense that former coordinator Mike Nolan was using and therfore is an excellent fit. Obviously being an interim coach for three games with success also justifies Bowles as a defensive coordinator. Ross inherited the Parcells control of all football operations regime and it seems he will not let that happen again. Prospective coaches who want to dictate to Stephen Ross will not be coach of the Miami Dolphins.

  7. if the rumors that Bowles took over playcalling for the defense during the second half of the season are true, that’s enough of an endorsement for me as the defense played much better then.

    Additionally, the players love him and played hard for him as interim head coach and the defense was one of the stronger parts of this team this last season. By changing head coaches and installing a new offense and OC it would be more important to have consistency somewhere. Building on the successes of last year in the defense rather than potentially also radically changing the defense under a new DC who may have a different philosophy is probably a good idea.

    Plus, Bowles will be a good source for Philbin on who’s who on the team and what individual approaches he needs to take in dealing with players that were there with Bowles in previous seasons.

  8. The entire Dolphins coaching search has been a circus. Joe Philbin was a good coordinator but based on what makes him a great HC? He won a ring LY?

    Oh that right, with him comes Scott Mitchell, oops I meant Matt Flynn.

  9. I dont blame that guy at all for not wanting Bowles there. Bowles just finished up the season as the head coach. All the players looked at him as head coach towards the end. Now this new guy comes in. A lot of players are still gonna go to Bowles with their issues. Regis Philbin is an idiot for agreeing to keep Bowles there.

  10. Not-so-bold prediction: McCoy doesn’t get another HC sniff for awhile, if ever. He runs his mouth a bit much for what he’s accomplished in the league.

  11. Maybe, just maybe they tool Philbin because he led the most dangerous offense in the NFL, over McCoy’s resume at Denver. The work product speaks for itself.

  12. This guy talks too much.

    Way too green to be a HC with his lack of verbal discipline.

    Declaring yourself the favorite? Haven’t seen that one in awhile, if ever.

    If he ever got the HC gig someplace, he would have the game lost before the end of his weekly press conference because he’d tick off the other team too much.

    Owners should avoid this yahoo in droves.

  13. Just watched the presser introducing Philbin.

    I didn’t know how bad you Finfans had it until I heard Ross and Ireland speak…

    My prediction: Dolphins will be a threat to NO ONE in my lifetime…

  14. Philbin wasn’t a big part of the Packers offense. It was McCarthy offense with him calling the plays. Hope Philbin was paying attention. Philbin gives me the impression of being sinless. Fins hood luck with him

  15. What made Mr McCoy think he had the job?? Excuse me, talk about having a high opinion of himself. Now he can go job hunting again.
    Glad we have Coach Philbin, he made a lot of sense
    in his press conference tonight.

  16. In the presser Jeff Ireland said Joe Philbin will have 100% authority to pick his coaching staff. I think McCoy is full of it.

  17. Tell me again why he is deserving of a head coaching job? He way over played his hand…made worse by the fact that he withdrew his name from the Raiders search.

  18. Wow what a moron McCoy is, first running his mouth about how he is the lead candidate for the job, then hedoes not get the job. Now this. Broncos should let him go right now!

  19. McCoy say’s he was force fed Bowles to be his defensive coordinator..lets take a quick look at the “great job” Bowles has done with the Dolphins secondary over the past 4 years

    2008…25th in total passing yards allowed
    2009…24th in total passing yards allowed
    2010…8th in total passing yards allowed
    2011…25th in total passing yards allowed

    Bowles isn’t even good as a secondary coach and we want to promote him to defensive coordinator???

    Bowles was brought to this team by Parcells/Ireland
    with all the other Dallas coaches and how has that worked out for the franchise?

    The Dolphins need to exorcise the smell of anyone who came to miami in “the mariel/Dallas boat lift?

  20. After everything Philbin has gone through recently, getting this job is a nice bright spot in an otherwise awful season of life. Miami is a city whose teams I generally root against, but now I hope some good karma comes the Dolphins’ way.

  21. lol @ McCoy, turning down an interview with the Raiders, and ending up shooting himself in the foot. Hurt his profile now as a young HC candidate by rejecting the Raiders, and then running to the media about the Dolphins

  22. Egg on a Donkos face. McCoy was “sooo” sure he was the next Dolphins HC.

    Mark my words, Defenses will have Tebow figured out from the get go next season and the Donks will finish in last at McCoy will be out of a job.

  23. If Joe can’t handle the job just make a call to his older brother, Regis!!!!!!! Give me the damn ball!!!!!!

  24. Good luck Fins fans.If you want success run Ross and Ireland out of town! McCoy may have run his mouth of a bit,but a head coach deserves the right to put the people he wants,and trusts, into the dc and oc positions,not have part of an existing,unsuccessful regime forced on him! Good luck to Philbin,although I don’t know what credentials he has to be head coach.Mickey Mouse could run up great numbers coaching Rodgers and co.

  25. During philbin’s presser, the dolphins called armando and clearly told him THERE WERE NO REQUIREMENTS TO EITHER PHILBIN OR MCCOY TO HIRE BOWLES!

    Caught in a lie, armando is trying to blame his sources(?) or say, without a shred of evidence , the dolphins are lying.

    Oh by the way, philbin re-stated during his presser that he has 100% power to select his own assistants.

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