Ochocinco went to Florida Friday night

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Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco, less than two days from the first conference title game of his career, flew to Florida on Friday night, according to Tom Curran of CSNNE.com.

Per Curran, a Patriots source believed that Ochocinco may have gone to Florida due to a death in his family.  Curran writes that Twitter messages posted by Ochocinco earlier in the week indicated that his father had passed.

Curran reports that that the team doesn’t know whether Ochocinco will rejoin the team for Sunday’s game against the Ravens.  Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports that, Ochocinco will indeed be attending his father’s funeral, and that Ochocinco intends to return.  Weather reports suggest that travel back to Foxborough could be affected by a weekend snowstorm.

In 15 regular-season appearances with the Patriots, Ochocinco caught 15 passes for 276 yards and one touchdown.  Last Saturday against the Broncos, during the first playoff victory of Ochocinco’s career, he participated in only one snap.

We continue to wonder whether coach Bill Belichick has something up his sleeve regarding Ochocinco.  Though cutting him could amount to a concession that Belichick never should have given him a $6 million signing bonus, using him sparingly has a similar effect.

As we’ve pointed out in the past, Belichick may think that, at some key moment, Ochocinco will play a significant role in the team’s pursuit of its fourth Super Bowl title.  If Ochocinco makes it back to New England by Sunday, that moment could come against a Ravens team that he faced twice per year as a member of the Bengals.

Or maybe, just maybe, Ochocinco will get a chance to play the role of David Tyree in a rematch of Super Bowl XLII.

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  1. Looking at Ocho’s body of work in Foxboro, that’s a lot to wish for, but I guess anything is possible. There is always a player who rises above the occasion that no one was expecting.

  2. Wasn’t he also doing a photo shoot for a magazine while the team was practicing the other day? He ain’t playing on Sunday.

  3. First off condolences to Chad and his family if he lost his father. Second why bring BB into this article and try to make him look like a mastermind? It’s pretty obvious Chad did not workout and this was a dumb decision on BB’s part especially paying for 16 catches and 276 yds. and playing only 1 snap in the playoffs so far. BB also was screwed on the Haynesworth pickup too.

  4. If Belicheck’s right about 85 having a big role in the postseason, I’m willing to bet that happens Sunday to honor his father. My condolences Chad.

  5. Why is this a story? I guess I’m missing something? The man’s Father died…..condolences Chad……Hope u make it back for the GAME, if you want to….Give the guy a break, huh?

  6. The man’s father died. He did the right thing being with his family and dealing with a tragic loss. It doesn’t matter what he does for a job or what problems he has had in the past. Family comes first. Regardless of what day this happened on, even if it happened on a playoff game, the Patriots are a team of grown men that are highly paid professionals. Team means picking up the slack when a teammate is unable to be with them. Ochocinco did the right thing grieving with his family.

  7. That is sad news!! I’m sorry that his father won’t get to attend the game, although I’m sure Occho will play his heart out knowing is father will be watching.

  8. Condolences Chad. No matter what people here say, you’re a human being, and it must be really tough for you right now. Hope you play well these next 2 weeks!

  9. Condolences Chad very sorry to hear this.

    People often deliver truly inspired performances when an event like this happens immediately prior to a performance. And I believe Ochocinco always did well against the Ravens when he was with Cincy, so hopefully this is his time to shine.

  10. As a Bengals fan, I know how close Chad was with his dad. He’s always had pictured posted of him on his FB. Chad doesn’t have much family. My condolences to him. God Bless.

  11. I guess it’s worth asking whether Chad’s father’s health has been critical for a while? If it has, and they are close, that might indeed affect Ochocinco’s ability to focus on football, not unreasonably.

    More to the point, it would explain why Belicheck and the Krafts have not cut him loose.

  12. I never understand who are the douches giving thumbs down to PFT members paying their respects to a player losing a loved one. Some of you really need to get out more and get in touch with life. R.I.P Mr. Johnson

  13. Wow at least 1 person went through and thumb downed every condolences comment.

    What a bag of used douche juice if you can’t set aside your dislike of a player and have a tiny bit of compassion when his father passes. Shame on you.

  14. Sorry for the bad news Chad…I hope you are able to make it back and play ur best game of the year.I’m sure,without know ur dad,that he would want it that way! Go Pat’s!!

  15. Hope he plays, and I hope he has a 3 catch, 2 td game, a moment of glory in a difficult time of his life…i think he’s always been a tad over hyped, but he’s a showman, a great entertainer.

  16. The thumbs down stuff is a bit appalling – can’t these people let 85 supporters have a moment for condolences and well wishes.

    That Pats don’t need him but there have been several examples of heavy hearts yielding big games (favre, etc). Certainly wud be nice to honor his father with his best game this year, even if its just 2-3 catches. No doubt Bill is thinking the same. Th eposter noting that he may have been sick for a while has an interesting point about 85’s lack of success and Bills keeping him. Aside from that possibility, Bill has kept him as insurance agst a Branch injury.

  17. belichick likes ocho hes not going anywhere next season. those two have gotten along for years

  18. Regardless of what you may think of Chad as a player, or a Patriot, he has my sympathy on his loss. And if he plays tomorrow, or not, that doesn’t affect that. There are more important things than football.

  19. Football is a game, family is your family, and you only get one father, cut the Guy some slack if he left the team to bury his father, no matter how big the game is coming up, he made the right choice. He doesn’t do that very often. I wish him and his family the best

  20. I find it incredibly sad how low this site has stepped in making these baiting headlines.

    It’s as if they don’t think they have any substance and instead have to go for the cheap hook every single time.

    Oh wait

    And does anyone know if this will help determine if Peyton Manning stays in Indy?

  21. Condolences to Johnson.

    Snow in New England – a few winters ago we had not had anywhere NEAR the amount of snow we’re used to and then we got 2 1/2′ and when we went outside my Black Lab took one look at it and said (this is a direct quote) “It’s about damn time we got some DECENT weather around here!”

    He then plunged into a snowbank and every few seconds I could see a tail wagging.

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