Reports say Colts are considering Tressel for head coach


We noted on Thursday that the Colts were considering keeping Jim Tressel on their coaching staff, but that reports suggested the former Ohio State coach would have a role other than head coach in Indianapolis.

But conflicting reports emerged on Friday, with multiple Indianapolis media outlets saying Tressel was, in fact, being considered for the vacant Colts head coaching position.

In fact, Channel 10 in Columbus reports that Tressel has already had two interviews for the head coaching position with the Colts owner Jim Irsay. Channel 8 in Indianapolis also reported that Tressel is in the mix. And the Indianapolis Star says multiple sources think Tressel is being considered.

Tressel was a highly successful head coach at Ohio State before being forced out for breaking NCAA rules, and he was a highly successful head coach at Youngstown State before that. But other than spending several months as a Colts consultant in 2011, he has no NFL experience at all. It would be a shock to see him as an NFL head coach less than a year after leaving Ohio State, but this feels like an offseason in Indianapolis that will be full of surprises.

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    Already interviewed twice ? When ? Was Caldwell still under contract ?

    It never ceases to amaze me the lack of professionalism on the part of NFL owners. Other successful businesses do not make a habit of interviewing for your position before firing you. They like to fire you, enjoy it for a few days, and then start looking for your replacement. See the difference.


  2. This team is a complete trainwreck now, first you got an article basically saying there’s now way he gets the job now they’re considering him. They wanna talk to brad Childress too I mean Jesus Christ what the hell happened this was supposed to be one of the better run organizations but it just looks like a circus now. I think little Jimmy irsay is hitting the bottle just like his old man,the tweets certainly dont suggest otherwise

  3. I don’t have any idea whether he would be a good NFL coach or not.

    But I would love for someone to make a case to me that he isn’t qualified.

    For god’s sake, the man won the last FIVE Big Ten championships. He had a 77% winning percentage at OSU and a 65% winning percentage overall.

    And don’t give me the NCAA violations nonsense. What does not following those stupid, archaic rules have to do with whether or not someone can coach in the NFL or not? Did it stop Pete Carroll from getting a job?

    It would take me all weekend to list all of the coaches who have gotten head coaching jobs in the NFL with an inferior resume to Tressel’s.

    And if it doesn’t stop snowing, I might just do that.

  4. I think Jim Harbaugh’s success, especially now that it’s reached the national stage, is going to start a new wave of college coaches being considered for NFL head coaching jobs.

    I know a lot of people think college coaches don’t make good pro coaches, but I think it’s just really hard to be a pro coach, and very few college coaches want to leave their positions in college, so we don’t actually see it happen that often, making it tough to remove the stigma.

  5. C’mon man. It was obvious that Caldwell was out of his depth even when Manning was on the field. He always looked to Polian, Irsay or Manning before he said anything of substance. The Colts Hired Tressel to watch TV in the booth and recommend when their incompetent coach should toss the red hanky. (Yes, many teams have such a person as well but try naming any…) Tressel was the potential next HC of the Colts before he was ever contacted to be the Colts’ “TV watcher and Replay Challenge Recommender in Chief”

  6. Why not pass on Andrew Luck and sign Terrelle Pryor. Also, Maurice Clarette is available as running backs coach.

  7. Bud Wilkinson. Lou Holtz. Bobby Petrino. Dennis Erickson. Steve Spurrier. Mike Riley. Nick Saban. Frank Kush (Colts by the Way)

    Jimmy Johnson is the first and only pure college guy to succeed, Pete Carrol (jury still out) and Harbaugh had previous experience with the NFL.

    Tressel is a reach that you don’t want to take with a rookie quarterback, with Peyton retiring. (Scoop reporter Rob Low)

  8. A proven winner?

    He cheated at Youngstown.

    He cheated at Ohio State.

    The man has never won honestly in his career.

    As a Pats fan, I pray the Colts hire him. Between that and the fall of Manning, it assures the demise of the franchise for the next five seasons, with or without Luck.

  9. Jim Harbaugh = zero experience as an nfl head coach, in first year, and in the NFC CS Game

    Mike Singletary = no experience with head coaching but great nfl experience

    Jim Tressel = ?

    This is to all of the messiah’s of football that think they know everything. Heck, they should try luring Shanahan from Washington. Wasn’t he supposed to bring them the Lombardi?

  10. Tressel is a great man. He got screwed. Cam newton gets paid to go to auburn… Nothing. Miami players get paid for wins and big hits… Nothing. and Tressel and the Buckeyes get it raw dog for trading THEIR PROPERTY for some lousy tattoos! Big load of BS I’ve seen in college football. Go bucks!

  11. Unfortunate as it may be, college programs can’t succeed without bending the rules. Buying talent doesn’t equate to winning, you still have to be able to coach them. Tressel has proven he can do that. I’d like to see him try at the professional level.

  12. good they’ll run through the AFC South and then get the crap kicked out of them by a team out of cinference just like in the Big Ten.

  13. 6ball says:Jan 21, 2012 7:40 AM
    Already interviewed twice ? When ? Was Caldwell still under contract ?

    It never ceases to amaze me the lack of professionalism on the part of NFL owners.

    What exactly about a team that throws the season to get a player makes you think such things?

  14. Carmichael or Zimmer. Which way do you want to go as an organization: Keep the emphasis on offense or FINALLY have a defense that will knock the snot out of the other team? Either way, Tressel is not the man for my beloved Colts. Please, Jimmy, don’t do it.

  15. I have no idea if he’d be a good coach but to say he’s not qualified is a joke…and to make fun of his sweater vests and the Tattoo scandal – get a life people. Who gives a crap about tattoos? The NCAA is a joke.

  16. cool10857 says:
    Jan 21, 2012 7:46 AM
    It is apparent that the Colts new ownership has no shame.

    “New” ownership?????

    Robert Irsay bought the Colts in 1972, and Jim took over in 1998.

    Yeah, “new” ownership.

  17. this would be an interesting hire, that’s for sure. now as a play caller, he’s not bad, but can he control the team as the head man???

  18. Didn’t Tressel already serve a sham suspension for the Colts/NFL?

    Like they hired him to sweep floors or something?

    Then suspended him for 5 games from his non-meaningful job that way he would be available to work without suspension when a meaningful job became available?

    Sounds like The Vest gamed the system again.

  19. Jim Tressel is a good coach, now he can be creative making his team better without getting penalized by the NCAA. I would give him a refresher course on videotaping opponent sidelines and tampering charges, just in case.

  20. @cletusvandam says:
    Jan 21, 2012 7:55 AM
    His first official act will be sending that #1 pick to Oakland for Terrelle Pryor

    Good lord I can only hope, we need all the help we can get. In fact I think we would take the third rounder we gave up for him in the first place.

  21. I thought this was going to happen when they hired him to keep track of time outs. He got screwed at Ohio State. Now he won’t have to worry about silly NCAA rules.

    Working for E Gordon Gees has prepared him for Irsay, they are both goofy

  22. Honestly who DIDN’T see this coming?….. The day he was brought onto staff in whatever BS role it was, it was obvious the Colts wanted him in their organization so they would have the inside track to hire him—–once the NFL’s suspension for something he did completely outside the NFL, when he wasn’t in any way affiliated with the NFL, was lifted by the powers in New York.

    I’ve known for over a year now that he would eventually coach the Colts.

  23. Makes sense to me. I don’t get all of the Tressel hate here. The guy was a great coach at “The” Ohio State. The Colts need to go young. And he would be a perfect fit with that strategy. He did nothing but win at OSU. And he was always in the BCS conversation. He didn’t cheat. He just lied. And everyone on this thread and planet lies.

    The real benefit is he may be able to pry the 6’6″ Terrell Pryor away from the Raiders for a #2-4 pick. Then trade down in the draft for a replacement pick and a few more. Pryor and Tressel love, respect and trust each other. That would allow them to retain Peyton Manning for 2-3 more years. And back him up with a bigger, faster (4.3 40) hybrid version of Peyton & Cam Newton (physically). They could then reload the team around Peyton and Pryor on the fly and move on. Oakland will likely be commited to Carson Palmer and Jason Campbell. So Pryor will be expendable to a new coach. That could happen. And the Colts could get very good, very fast if they pulled that off. Just my take on it. And I am not a Colts fan.

  24. Tressel was in line for this a long time ago. Me thinks Mr Caldwell was on the way out in game six? Five?
    Anyways look for Tressel to be announced today or tomorrow I betcha by-golly!

  25. To those of you who want Pryor in Indy…are u nuts?! If Pryor was any good Oakland wouldn’t given the mother lode for Carson. I’m not a believer in luck or Gman as #1 picks, but they will both be better than Pryor at QB.

  26. why wouldn’t you hire tressel? all the guy does is win games and has always had the respect of his players. this is a no brainer for me.

  27. Anyone who thinks other businesses don’t interview management replacements while you are still on staff has blinders on. It goes on everywhere . Have a backup plan in place just in case…..

  28. Why would they want to hire a coach that has won championships at every level he has ever coached at? All those folks that are saying he sucks are delirious and obviously OSU haters.

  29. Tressel would be a good hire – honestly the tattoo thing bothers me a lot less than what happened in Happy Valley – the NCAA is the real joke. Pryor shouldn’t and won’t be the QB of anything and Tressel would certainly steer clear of that path.

    With or without Manning, with or without Luck or RG3, the Colts have some work to do to rejoin the league’s elite. The Polians’ exit should be a bigger story than Caldwell, Tressel, Manning, Luck, etc. The cupboard’s been bare for a while now, it’s time to restock.

  30. Tressell has had great success as a head coach, so why is this a big story? He lied to protect his players, mistake ,but at least he is loyal and has best intentions. If you did deep on any candidate you’ll find dirt. Give the guy a shot!

  31. From part time replay man to head coach in one season? What, the equipment manager wasn’t interested?

    Manning’s decision to retire just got a lot easier.

  32. gavriloprincip33 says:
    Jan 21, 2012 7:27 AM
    Please make him your HC and you will have our gratitude…


    31 NFL Teams
    I proudly gave this the 200th thumbs up.


  33. steelerhypocrite says:
    Jan 21, 2012 8:37 AM
    They should also get JoPa to run the defense.
    JoPa has other concerns, like life , itself.

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