Cam Cameron not expected back in Baltimore


Come 2012, the elder statesmen of offensive coordinators in the AFC North could be Jay Gruden of the Bengals.

The Browns don’t have one, though they reportedly plan to hire a coordinator in order to reduce the workload on coach Pat Shurmur.  The Steelers have fired/retired/not rehired Bruce Arians.  And, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron could be on his way out of Baltimore.

Per Mort, Cameron’s contract is expiring after the season, with no new offer on the table.  It’s well known that tension exists between Cameron and quarterback Joe Flacco, who bristled publicly last year when quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn was fired.

An obvious candidate to replace Cameron would be former Vikings coach Brad Childress, given that Childress and Ravens coach John Harbaugh spent several years together as colleagues with the Eagles.  Then again, there’s a chance that Harbaugh knows from his experience with Chilly in Philly that it would be a programmatic non-fit.

UPDATE 1:15 p.m. ET:  An even more obvious candidate would be former Raiders coach Hue Jackson, who served as Flacco’s position coach in 2008 and 2009, before joining Oakland as offensive coordinator.

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  1. probably the right move for Baltimore, but terrible timing for this to come out….whoever leaked that is an idiot

  2. Let me get this straight, the Ravens are in position to possibly go to and win the Super Bowl, yet they are going to let their OC go? That’s just stupid!!

  3. OH SWEET BABY JESUS! THANK YOU LORD! This is the best news I’ve heard all day! Bring in Hue!

  4. I’ll always remember Cam Cameron for the press conference at which he attempted to convince Dolphins fans that Ted Ginn Jr was definitely the right guy to choose with the 9th overall draft pick.

  5. Cam Cameron can’t help it that he has a QB who comes up small in big games and can’t handle pressure.

  6. So. If the Ravens put up 50+ points the next two weeks and win it all, they won’t renew his contract? What kind of decision making goes on in Baltimore that this is already predetermined. Focus on winning today. Dear lord.

  7. @cowhawkfan

    you obviously haven’t watched Ravens football for the last 2 seasons. Cam Cameron is solely responsible for all but 1 of our losses this season and pretty much every single one of our losses last season. He is the one weakness on our team. Give Joe Flacco a talented OC and he would have 4000+ yards a season.

  8. Please spare the Dolphins and don’t let him come back. We don’t need a 1-15 coach back again thank you.
    I’m not surprised Joe Flacco had a problem. Good luck if you think the game is on Cameron’s shoulders today, hope that works out!! We drafted Ted Ginn and his family, fat lot of good that was.

  9. Has Cam Cameron been successful anywhere? However, I also think that at some point in time Flacco is going to run out of excuses.

  10. Ah, good ole Turkey Neck showing what he’s made of. One of the worst offensive minds the NFL has ever seen.

    But keep getting Ricky Williams the ball ya dolt.

    Dolphins fans know that without this guy 1-15 never would have happened.

  11. You all realize that just because someone said something doesn’t make it true right? Not saying it is or it isn’t, but I have no reason to believe any of these people know anything more than trying to stir stuff up to make a buck.

  12. 7thLombardiontheway is talking about Lombardi’s pizzeria in Pittsburgh. EXCELLENT place for pizza – I highly recommend it. He is just advising us that he is on his 7th delivery for the day.

  13. @backindasaddle run out of what excuses? Excuses for why he is not Tom Brady? In that case there are about 30 QBs in this league that are in the same position. It blows my mind why people think that Flacco is supposed to be Tom Brady or Rodgers. The dude is good, he is not a legend, he is just GOOD. What in the world is wrong with that?

  14. Hue’s first day if the Ravens hire him:

    Chuck Pango (who laughed when asked if he would go back to work in the Raiders organization ever again) shakes his hand and tell him:

    I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

  15. What FINALLY pushed me over the edge about Cam was last week – about 3 minutes left in the game, the Ravens finally get the running game going, wearing down the Texans D, we’re on their side of the field, second and five. And what does dufus call? Two straight passes, both incomplete. The first one was a quick slant that Joe had no business throwing, as it was double covered. Clock stops, giving Houston another shot. I almost propelled a cat through the TV.

  16. Is it because he doesn’t know how to use his all-pro running back (Rice), or because he took a once all pro WR (Boldin) and made him irrelevant?

  17. Cam Cameron is not the problem, though.

    I’m sorry, but he was with the Chargers from 2002-2006 and the Chargers had one of the best offenses in the league in each Cam’s last three years. They had the best in 2006.

    The Ravens are actually built very similarly to those teams. Good mauling o-line and a great versatile running back. The Ravens don’t have a pass catching TE like Gates, but Boldin is a better receiver than Eric Parker was.

    The X factor is Joe.

    The thing is, he’s not a bad QB–he had a bad year this year, but he was okay the last few years.

    But every time the Ravens lose, the fans want to blame Cameron’s play calling or play designs. Really? Why was he good in SD with a similar cast of characters?

    Sometimes, it’s Flacco–not always, obviously.

    Getting rid of Cameron is fine, but the Ravens are just going to have to accept that their offense will, at best, be slightly above average with Joe at the helm. They might crack the top ten every once in a while, but it’s hilarious to say Cameron is the only reason why the Ravens lose.

    Cam was great with a good QB, one good receiver, a good o-line and a great running back. The Ravens are the same except their QB is only slightly above average .

  18. i is a ravens fan. i hope cam is gone. the offense is under-acheving. greg iallo(misspelled) called the offense primative. 60’s style. i trust him. i don’t pretend to know who they should bring in. the ravens will pick the right guy.

  19. Let’s see here. Every game we lost this year besides the San Diego game, Ray Rice got less than 20 carries and most of the time less than 10. When we fall behind Cam panics and calls a pass on every single play. When we get a lead Cam lets off the gas and calls 15 straight runs. He can’t coach with a lead and he can’t coach his way out of a hole. He’s great when games are close but when they aren’t he’s absolutely horrible. It’s time for him to go. I want HUE!

  20. Last year game against Steeler with Palomalo’s strip fumble …. another CAMERON special. We were leading, some few minutes to go. We gained some 5 yards ont he first down and what does he call????? A pass play …. all you had to do was RUN OUT THE CLOCK… Cameron is cmpltely clueless where he is and what the situation is. No adjustments after half time. He tries to be the high flying offense with a rookie and a first year receiver in Evans with Flacco, almost no sepration, Flacco always trhows into coverage ..

    Absolutely terrible …. run the rock with one of the best punters and Ds on the field. Play the field position, he NEVER got that, ever.

  21. @cowhawkfan …

    It’s unfortunate timing for rumors about Cameron’s departure to circulate the day of the championship game. Ideally you’d rather the team finished its playoff run before talk of coaching changes surfaced. But if the Ravens make the Super Bowl, it will be in spite of Cameron, not because of him. As with my Steelers’ Arians–who helped the team win two AFC Championships and a Super Bowl–Cameron is inconsistent in his play-calling and not necessarily the right person to get the best out of his QB.

  22. Old expression, it’s not the arrow it’s the indian. Very rarely does an OC drastically change a player’s career. Examples like Gruden and Gannon are rare. Players play. At the end of his 4th yr, Flacco is what he is, 12- 16th ranked game mgr, that can’t carry an offense if you need him to. Will be interesting to see if he gets an extension in his contract year.

  23. Cam Cameron is 96-58 as an NFL offensive coordinator and lit it up in San Diego. People talk about how the offense is so simple but if you read Belichick’s quotes from when they played two years ago Belichick talked about how tough Cam’s offenses are to defend because they are so multiple. I suppose Cam gets no credit that every running back he has leads the NFL in total yards from scrimmage. I also find it interesting that Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, and even Gus Frerotte went to the Pro Bowl under Cam and Flacco hasn’t.

    It’s also overlooked that the Ravens were 12th in scoring this year yet played 12 games against top 10 offenses. The only top 10 offense they didn’t face was Philly.

  24. Coming from a Vikings fan, I think Chilly with his “Kick-Ass” offense would work really well in Baltimore. Not much would really change. It would go from Vanilla to New York Vanilla. Same flavor, different color.

  25. I also find it interesting that Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, and even Gus Frerotte went to the Pro Bowl under Cam and Flacco hasn’t.

    It’s also overlooked that the Ravens were 12th in scoring this year yet played 12 games against top 10 offenses. The only top 10 offense they didn’t face was Philly.


    At some point, Flacco has to take the next step. There on their third straight drive….

  26. Great play call on the play action and Flacco underthrows him by 20 yards.

    It would be different if Cam’s other quarterbacks had not been successful. The fact is that they have.

    People can also argue that he’s had great talents at running back (he has) but the fact that Ronnie Brown was leading the entire NFL in total yards from scrimmage when Cam was in Miami is telling.

    Baltimore should be careful. Flacco may very well be the problem.

  27. when a coordinator knows he isn’t coming back next season and informed by team…a major distraction to team. Cam may not be motivated to call a good game

  28. Just like Chilly… his time as a coordinator under a fine offensive-minded skipper and excellent QB’s made him look way better than he ever really was.

  29. It is about time…they should have ended his contract early. Look at what happened today…not suprising, CAM…

  30. The other teams in the AFC North would probably pitch in to pay Childress’s salary if the Ravens hired him. His “kick ass” offense would get Flacco’s ass kicked.

  31. OK, the timing of this leak is bad. That’s a no-brainer.

    What people are forgetting is that if there had been a normal offseason, Cameron would’ve been gone before training camp.

    This is not a surprise at all. Only the lockout saved his job for this season.

  32. Flacco’s numbers today were better than Brady’s. I like Flacco just think the play callin is too predictable most of the time and Ray Rice is not mixed in enough this year

  33. @flipper14

    1. Cam’s “other QBs” amazingly became much more successful AFTER they got away from Cam Cameron.

    2. In SD, his leading WR was the TIGHT END, Gates, despite having VJ at his disposal.

    3. He was a “genius” in SD because all he did was hand off to LT and pass to Gates. THEY made the numbers look great, NOT Cameron. In fact, one of the two game the Bolts lose in 2006 was against the Ravens. The Bolts had the game in hand, then Cameron rolled up the sidewalk, and allowed the Ravens to get back in it and grab a victory. We laughed at the time. But we’re not laughing now that we’ve seen him do it here over and over again.

    4. He was good for Joe the first year. Aside from that, his play calling is so predictable just about everyone in the stands already knows what he’s going to call.

    5. Today he actually opened things up a bit. But then again, the Pats D is not their strength.

    6. He and Joe have a dysfunctional relationship, and that can’t continue. One of them has to go. And it won’t be Joe.

    7. I’m not quite sure what your issue is with Joe, but believe me, he could care less.

    8. Cam won’t be missed.

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