Ravens have a chip on their shoulders


As the Ravens attempt to upset the Patriots at Foxborough during the postseason for the second time in three years, the road team is a bit rankled by an actual or perceived lack of respect.

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reports that there is “lingering anger and resentment” among the Ravens, arising from the questions raised by a closer-than-expected win last Sunday over the Texans.  Per Paolantonio, the flight from Baltimore was “uncommonly quiet” as the players presumably stewed about the manner in which they are viewed.

“Everybody counts us out in this game, and we’re going to prove everybody wrong,” an unnamed player told Paolantonio.

That’s fine, but the Ravens shouldn’t forget that the problems were exacerbated by an exasperated Ed Reed, who called out six days ago not only quarterback Joe Flacco for holding the ball too long but also the offensive line for not doing a good enough job blocking those Houston headhunters.

But, hey, if the narrative that no one on the outside believes in the Ravens gets the players appropriately worked up, who cares if there’s a fairly significant chapter that conflicts with the story to which the Ravens are sticking?

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  1. Tom Brady is going to teach Joe Flacco what a real “Elite Quarterback” is. Flacco seems to think he is in the same league with guys like Brady, Rodgers, Ben & the Manning’s… He’s barely even playing the same sport.

  2. When do they not have “a chip on their shoulder”. The big mouths on that team… Suggs & Lewis…. are constantly spouting off about this perceived lack of respect. It’s a perpetual thing with these guys.

  3. That’s what’s so hilarious about ppdoc and the other Ravens fans crying about other fans ripping Flacco… the fact is, YOUR OWN RAVENS PLAYER is the one who started this. So if you have a problem with how Flacco’s being talked about, don’t take it up with us — go complain to Ed Reed.

  4. GREAT!!! Now go out there and punch these PATSIES right in the mouth!!! SHUT THEM UP AND THEIR OBNOXIOUS FANS!!!! GO BLACKBIRDS!!!

  5. The plane ride was probably quiet because the Ravens understand that Houston would have whipped them with a decent quarterback last week. Houston + Schaub = win that game by 10, and I’m not even a Texans fan. They ought to be worried heading into today. The Patriots will probably not beat themselves like the Texans did.

  6. They should have a chip on their shoulder- no one believes they can win this game yet they had a better record vs. winning teams and the fact that NE didn’t even beat a team with a winning record.

    Take away Brady’s 5-10 yard throwing lanes and the whole Pats offense shuts down.

    Last week’s game against the Broncos was, as Boomer Esiason put it, “a scrimmage game”

    Ravens will make it closer than you think and I hope they pull it off.

  7. What “fairly significant chapter” is conflicting with anything? Do you even bother to read what you write? Your little caustic commentary is based on the musings of a player who chose to go quoted as “unnamed” and a writer’s assumptions as to why the game flight was “uncommonly quiet”? C’mon, man. This isn’t even close to a story. It’s speculative muckraking written on the tail of an already slanted piece.

  8. The Ravens will never win another SB. I wouldn’t accept any of their players on the Steelers’ roster. The Pats will be pushed over by the NFC team easily. 6 rings lolz

  9. How can anyone argue that the media doesn’t completely disrespect the Ravens? They’re the only team in the league to win a playoff game each of the last four seasons, and yet, all ANYONE in the media does when talking about them is say they’re bad. Anytime the ravens win, there’s an excuse for why they won (see: Texans game). Anytime someone like the Steelers lose, the media makes excuses for why they lost (see: Broncos game). It’s ridiculous. Remember when the prevailing theory for why they beat the steelers by 28 points on opening day was because it was “their super bowl?!” The steelers spend the entire offseason talking about the ravens, then apparently the Steelers weren’t fired up to play their rival in the FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON (so the theory goes)! Mike Tomlin then spent the next five weeks STILL talking about how mad they were about the ravens game, so wouldn’t ravens-steelers 2 then be the Steelers super bowl??? Of course not, because the media works double standards.

  10. Reed wasn’t calling out anybody. How many times are you going to try to take his words out of context and twist them to try to make drama in the Ravens locker room? I don’t know why I keep coming back to this website. You guys have no integrity what so ever.

  11. 1. The Ravens always have a chip on their shoulder and something to whine about.

    2. While the Baltimore players are busy listening to and worrying about what the press is saying, the Pats players are ignoring the press and focusing on their game plan and what they have to do to win.

    Advantage Pats.

  12. There is NO excuse for Flacco today. He’s getting the luxury of to facing the weak New England pass defense, which will be putting everyone up in the box to stop Rice. He’ll see a lot of single coverage. It couldn’t be more perfectly set up for Flacco — he’ll have every advantage. If he can’t get it done this time, well… break out those Cameron excuses, it’s panic time!

    Seriously, if Flacco flops this time…

  13. Anger and resentment won’t cover their age and inconsistent play at QB. Sorry Ravens. You’re the eagles of the early 2000s. Get your tee times ready.

  14. Dear Ravens Haters,

    Unless you are fan of the pats, niners, or giants… May I remind you that your team is doing the same thing as you today. Sitting on the couch watching the games with a plate of nachos consumed with envy. While you’re wondering who you’re team drafts in April, we’ll be wondering how much hotels cost in Indy…

  15. The reality is that Tom Brady is motivated and has several weapons; the only weapon the Ravens has is their defense – a sub-par defense (young corners) from when they played at an elite level a few years ago. Flacco is an average QB at best, and I think Bill will have a scheme to take Ray Rice (Flacco’s safety blanket) out of the game. Flacco is a sub-par QB without Ray Rice.

  16. you know what i find funny. most of the people who are commenting on this article talking smack about the Ravens are fans of teams sitting at home getting ready to watch this game. Haters gonna hate and winners gonna win. The Ravens and Pats have been winning all season now let’s see who wants it more.

  17. I’m looking at W/L records against playoff teams this season:

    Pats 0-2
    Ravens 5-0

    I think I know who will win this game.

  18. Whatever Ravens…I hope you guys win because I HATE the Patriots – but the truth is your offense was HORRIBLE last week against Houston – and on top of that I don’t think there is a team in the NFL that has any respect for the speed of Ray Lewis – and they shouldn’t.

  19. The Ravens have a chip on their shoulder? No! Stop the presses! What’s the next headline? It’s going to be cold in Foxboro?

  20. Whoever said last week’s Patriots game was a scrimmage is an idiot. Against a very capable Broncos defense, how many TDs did Tom Brady throw? 6. That’s right, 6 freaking TDs. Ed Reed is a chump.

  21. Respect is earned by winning championships. This Raven’s team hasn’t beaten a team with a top 10 offense all season.

    The Pats haven’t beaten a team that finished with a winning record, but they get the benefit of the doubt because they have Lombardi’s.

  22. vincentbojackson says:
    Jan 22, 2012 2:01 PM
    Respect is earned by winning championships. This Raven’s team hasn’t beaten a team with a top 10 offense all season.


    They beat the Steelers twice who had the #1 ranked defense.

  23. purpleattack says:
    Jan 22, 2012 2:17 PM
    Not saying it’s going to happen, but it would be hilarious to see Flacco bring the trophy home, some serious hater heads will explode.

    You’re wishing that on poor Ed Reed?

  24. 7thlombardiontheway says:
    Jan 22, 2012 12:58 PM
    The Ravens will never win another SB. I wouldn’t accept any of their players on the Steelers’ roster. The Pats will be pushed over by the NFC team easily. 6 rings lolz

    Well, well, well …… look who crawled out from under their rock!

    Tell me fool, how’s that 7th Lombardi shaping up?

    Must absolutely KILL you that your Squealers are sitting at home, while Brady & Co.are playing for a Super Bowl berth and a shot at their 4th Lombardi in ten years.

    Here you are mouthing off that either NFC team will knock the Patriots off, when your Steelers couldn’t even beat DENVER!!!!!!

  25. The Ravens had a chip on their shoulder for the last five years, maybe six is a charm. Steelers are out this year.

  26. dctitanfan

    Dude, the Ravens lost 4 games to 4 teams that didn’t make the playoffs.

    The Pats lost 2 games to playoff teams and 1 game to a team with a losing record.

    The regular season will have nothing to do with this game. Besides, the Ravens went 5-0 against playoff teams, and won 2 of those games because of bad officiating.

  27. Brady rushing throws early, but as I said a few days ago , it’s The Law Firm doing it for the Patriots, and the Ravens going to Torrey Smith deep and early…..

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