Report: Cardinals are interested in Peyton Manning

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Some believe that new Rams coach Jeff Fisher opted against the Dolphins in order to avoid Tom Brady.  Instead, the former Titans coach could once again be jostling with Peyton Manning for division titles.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Cardinals have real interest in Eli’s big brother.  On March 8, the Colts owe Peyton a $28 million option bonus.  Since he can’t be traded before March 13, the only way to not pay the money is to cut him.  (Barring, of course, an agreed delay of the due date.)

Schefter goes so far as to say that the Cardinals will pursue Manning if he’s released — something the Cardinals would be prevented from telling Manning directly, given the tampering rules.

Last year, the Cardinals sent a second-round pick and former first-rounder Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to the Eagles for quarterback Kevin Kolb.

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  1. what is their salary cap looking like? They just signed Kolb….At the same time…If you can get a HEALTHY Manning….you just have to do anything possible to make it happen…Kolb and Skelton are not the answer….Skelton will be a solid backup for years…I like this guy

  2. What’s the storyline?

    Kurt Warner Part II?

    Peyton Manning (IF healthy) to Larry Fritzgerald? SCARY

    Kudos to the Cardinals organizaiton if they swing it…If it happens the Cardinals may even be able to flip Kolb and at least get something back for him (i.e. Redskins or Browns for a second or thrid rounder).

  3. trbowman I think you should amend that to “If you’re a team that thinks you are a QB away from the SB, you should be interested in Manning.”

  4. Put wireless sensors on Kobb and have Manning on the sidelines move him around like a puppet and throw TDs. Problem solved.

  5. Why is this not tampering? Manning is under contract. There is no indication that he is going to be a free agent.

    Just because he is hurt does not mean a thing, just because the Colts have the first pick, does not mean a thing.

    If the Colts are offering him up, that is one thing. But I have not seen a offer from them yet.

  6. PM might want to be behind a better OL. Especially at the age of 35

    The Cardinals are probably the best team that is “one QB away from a championship” if they find a QB and can fix the OL.

    I do believe PM will not be with the Colts next year

  7. I am pretty sure we will hear that every team who needs a QB will be interested in Manning. This story will go on as a filler piece until free agency.

  8. “Last year, the Cardinals sent a second-round pick and former first-rounder Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to the Eagles for quarterback Kevin Kolb.”

    Why is this not blown up more???!!?? It’s possibly one of the worst trades in recent history. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie might not have played but he’s a rare talent and a 2nd round pick. Kolb couldn’t fight off skelton.. I mean c’monn mann. It’s not a game changer but Patrick Peterson and Rodgers in the same secondary for years to come… How do you let that slip away..

  9. Our quarterback play is poor because of the o-line. Peyton wouldn’t survive 3 games in a row. So give the money to some decent tackles.

  10. My opinion is, that the Colts and Payton are just stalling to keep the other teams that need a QB guessing before he announces his retirement? Neck injuries are nothing to mess around with!!!

  11. Fitting. Arizona is becoming a popular spot for retirees.

    Washed up NFL players go there for their careers to die; Emmitt, Kurt Warner, Edge James…

  12. I wouldn’t touch this guy with a ten foot pole. He’s got disaster written all over him. The only perfect fit is Washington. They usually go after high priced, multiple surgeries veterans. You see how well that theory works. PLEASE RETIRE PEYTON!!! Keep your legacy in tact.

  13. “Our quarterback play is poor because of the o-line. Peyton wouldn’t survive 3 games in a row. So give the money to some decent tackles.”

    I’ve heard people say this. Are they forgetting how quickly Peyton gets rid of the ball? He can compensate for line play.

  14. Excellent- if they can be halfway decent with Skelton, imagine what Manning could do to that franchise…similar to Warner. SB contender.

  15. howiefeltersnatch says:
    Jan 22, 2012 1:46 PM
    Arizona: The place where hall of famers’ careers go to die

    Yeah, because Kurt Warner sucked when he went there. Try again Witty McWittypants.

  16. packerman1968 says: Jan 22, 2012 1:52 PM

    Why is this not tampering? Manning is under contract. There is no indication that he is going to be a free agent.


    Stop snitching! Snitches get stitches where I’m from. It’s not tampering b/c there is no way to prove the Cards said this – if it’s not a direct quote bro. All they have to do is deny it. Schefter said it – not Coach Whiz or someone.

    This would be a perfect offense for Peyton! They have a pretty good run game to along with that pass game. I also want Peyton to continue playing indoors so he can do his pre-snap shenanigans. The Indy crowd is an educated crowd. They are super quiet when on offense. These clowns here in Atlanta start getting loud when we’re on offense. When the team makes the signal for us to quiet down – they get even louder. We’re the worst pro sports city in the nation!

    Thumbs Down this if you’re a Fair weather Falcons Fan who isn’t even from Atlanta originally and is pretty much clueless about football – you just come to see some chicks at the Dome…smh

  17. if the Colts are dumb enough to let Manning go based on pure assumptions about a college kid’s possible POTENTIAL, I assume 20 teams would be willing to bend over backwards to get him.

  18. How funny one year after trading for Kolb. Also, if Manning is an FA, MANY teams will make offers. Assuming he passes a bunch of physicals, and if doctors judge that it is safe, Manning could play another 5 years.

  19. Kurt Warner was washed up when he got to Arizona, Theysone? Hmm…crazy. I’m astonished that a ‘washed’ up QB led the Cards to the Super Bowl.

    Let’s not forget, people, that Peyton Manning led the Colts to the Super Bowl just a couple seasons ago. He’s missed 16 games his entire career. So now he’s washed up and/or retiring? Ha! Ok! You all sound like fools when you make statements like that.

  20. I think Kevin Kolb is going to end up as the highest paid backup QB in NFL history. Given the fact that John Skelton arguably played better than Kolb last year, that could drop Kolb down to the #3 spot in the Cardinals QB pecking order. Maybe they’ll just cut Kolb and the Eagles will pick him back up as Michael Vick’s backup, replacing Vince Young. How things seem to go full circle.

  21. hmm…I bet there are about a few more NFL team without a starting QB named Brady or Manning that are interested in Peyton. WOW, Shefty is brilliant. I wish I could get paid to make wild guesses about what might happen this off season.

  22. Could be interesting – I would hope he would demand they change that ridiculous uniform color scheme. Maybe that would also inspire the Bengals, Falcons and Seahawks, too.

  23. Cards are one good, HEALTHY QB and FIVE OL’men away. So, if Peyton can get a neck transplant and bring 5 quality linemen with him, then this is a good idea for the Cards.

  24. Dear Bill Bidwell. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring a broken down, over the hill non mobile quarterback to the NFC West.

    Niner fans worldwide

  25. Let’s see… they got robbed blind for an unproven QB. How much will the Cards mortgage for a health risk?

  26. here we go again with the what if speculations…geez, irsay did say he wants to keep manning and doctors are optimistic he can play again…worse case if he’s cut many teams will go after peyton and not just the cards

  27. nfc west is quickly losing that worst division tag. harbaugh, carroll, fisher with spags & schotty, whisenhunt with that jets assistant that trips opposing players…lots of good coaching talent in the nfc west.

  28. Those of you that think this is a bad fit, tell me a better one?
    1. Peyton would get to play in a dome. That cannot be underestimated in importance.
    2. He goes to a team that has one of the top receivers in the NFL. Peyton throwing to Fitz has to intrigue him.
    3. Whiz fits the mold of who Peyton has had as his coaches. Cerebral, even tempered. Think Tom Moore and Tony Dungy.
    4. The Cardinals have an up and coming defense and with Ryan Williams combined with Beanie a solid running game.
    5. The Cardinals won 7 of their last 9 games and dont play in a strong division. Sure you have to contend with the Niners, but you don’t have multiple playoff teams in your division.

    Of course the Cardinals need O Line help and that will be addressed in FA and through the draft. Arizona is about as good a fit as any
    team out there for Peyton.

  29. If the Cards signed unproven fragile flower Kevin Kolb (whose only apparent talent is to get hurt and lose his job) for the incredibly stupid amount they did, I can’t imagine what they’ll give to a REAL Hall of Fame QB! Maybe if Cards fans are lucky, Bidwell will actually just sign the team over to Peyton, which may be the only way to avoid another 40 years of failure.

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