Winston Moss already interviewed in Oakland

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The presumptive favorite for the Raiders head coaching job quietly interviewed for the job before anyone realized it.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Packers assistant head coach Winston Moss met with Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie for four hours last Saturday after the Packers completed preparations for their game against the Giants.  Mike Tice interviews on Tuesday.

Moss has long been seen as the favorite for the job, although speculation recently is starting to go in another direction. Schefter adds to the growing speculation that Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhingweg has a good chance to get the job.

The Raiders are expected to make their choice by the end of the week.

33 responses to “Winston Moss already interviewed in Oakland

  1. How can anybody want to hire Marty Mornhingweg he of the “we’ll kick in over time” call. I hope the Raiders do hire him because as a Packer fan I’d like to keep Winston Moss on the coaching staff.

  2. i think marty will be better than some of the guys in line. I just hope that the players can adjust to the West Coast lingo and play ball!!!

  3. Marty Mornhingweg deserves another chance at being an NFL Head Coach, Its been 10 years since he was with the Lions… He has been very impressive with Eagles…his offense is always a top unit too. Its kind of unfair to judge this record in Detroit, No one could win with Matt Millen as the GM. And that is the truth. Could be an interesting hire for the Raiders.

  4. I’m kinda underwhelmed by Reggie’s list of candidates.
    I sure hope he’s really as good as Wolf and Madden think he is….

    He’s moving pretty slow so far.

  5. This is good news….gotta love the Raiders and the fact that this was done and no one knew about it for a week!

  6. Hire Moss already…At this point it is important to start putting a coaching staff together and get ready for a hard off-season (due to have no high draft picks). While the remaining teams in the playoffs have very good staffs none of them really have an obvious NFL ready Head Coach.

    Moss as the HC, keep Saunders as OC for stability (and a VERY experienced NFL playcaller) to help Moss focus on being the HC and the defense (by FAR the weakest part of this year’s team).

    Would have perferred Mike Nolan as DC,but bring in Darren Perry and AJ Hawk (if he gets cut from the Packers) from the Packers, A. Frankin (DT) from the Saints and go all in rebuilding the defense into a 3-4 (which is about the ONLY way you can salvage Roland McClain…He just doesn’t have the tools to be a 4-4 MLB).

  7. Marty Morningweg?? Leave it to the Raiders, Tice would be a much better choice, Marty would be over his head again as head guy…a return to the deer in the headlights look he always had on sideline in Detroit….pathetic…go ahead Raiders …make my day!

  8. Huh? Moss interviewed the night before the game? Aren’t their league rules that prevent that? I know it’s a little “all in the family”. The interview could have been conducted in the Raiders GM’s house right in GB. But stil…

  9. Moss is who McKenzie has wanted from the very beginning.He just explored different options as a smart GM does.

  10. I fail to see the rush to hire a HC.

    The Raiders have been a joke for a decade. They have some talent on both sides of the ball, but are a couple years and a defense away from being relevant again.

    Fellow Raider fans, look at the teams left in the playoffs and tell me that the Raiders are ready to be on that stage. You can’t. Hue may have gotten the Raiders to the playoffs next season but without draft picks, and limited cap space, how many improvements could have been made?

    I hope Reggie takes his time and brings in the right HC, someone who can actually build his own staff. A staff with or without Saunders and every former Raider player on it.

  11. Not a single candidate is better than Hue Jackson. That is my problem with “The List”.

    Why downgrade?

    I mean Mike Singletary is more qualified than Winston Moss. He’s not ready yet.

  12. Marty Mornhingweg???? Are you kidding me???? That’s the front runner??? All the talk about the new direction and this is the best McKenzie can come up with. Another failed re-tread coach. Can’t we approach someone like Bill Cowher? Or give a young coach like Winston Moss a chance. Marty friggin Mornhingweg???

  13. A great O.C. is not a promise of a great H.C. We have already done that dance. (Norv Turner)
    Going with an unknown at H.C. for the Raiders at this juncture is problamatic.
    I’d rather we go with a proven head coach, who has the experience and know how to do it. (Gruden, Cowher, Billick)
    Moss may be a rough in the diamond find, but he may be just another in a long line of failures. Can we chance that risk?

  14. My sources tell me the reason it’s taking so long is because they are trying hard as heck to convince Gruden to come back. Remember, both McKenzie and Gruden have ties to the Holmgren Packer era.

  15. Marty Morningweg? Oh please! Is there a candidate that is more typical of an AD bonehead coach choice?

    Retread offensive oriented coach, with no history of success, feckless and desperate for another head coaching job.

    If Marty M-ball comes to Oakland, I might have to become an agnostic NFL fan.

  16. All you Raider fans would of known this news last week if You followed @RaiderNewsFlash on twitter..
    This is old news, They are reported that they interviewed Moss and plus the already announced Raiders know who they are hiring….
    I believe its Winston Moss but why not interview other candidates and maybe someone will blow you away…
    If you a real die hard Raider fan you probably were on the RaiderNewsFlash mailing list he stoped doing that now he just gives twitter updates..
    I wish there was still a mailing list though cause I feel they hold stuff back now that its so public

  17. Sounds to me like McKenzie is stalling and might want to talk to someone still in the playoffs. S.F. o/c?

  18. I agree that they need to get things moving with their head coach. I’d like to see a hire next Wednesday after the Tice interview. Get a defensive mastermind in there and start getting “nasty”

  19. @ doitbigreggiemckenzie

    Disagree with you on waiting to hire (UNLESS you were hoping to get a HC off the staff of one of the teams still in the playoffs)…Running a NFL franchise is a 365 day gig and the Raiders are behind the power curb. Maybe Ljay and Wauffle weren’t going to stay, but certainly not having any HC hired as of yet sure made it easier for both to leave.

    Get a head coach that McKenzie believes he can work with, put the staff together and get go with the business of winning.

    As far as 2-3 years away, I certainly hope not…The AFC West is as weak as ever and Carson Palmer is 32 and if the Raiders hope to make noise with him the focus needs to be RELOADING not REBUILDING.

    Especially if you look at what the Raiders gave up for Palmer (basically the future).

    Offensive is plenty good enough to win (especially if they can keep DMAC healthy…Remember Palmer never played with him in the backfield…Will be scary next year with a healthy DMAC and Palmer with a full offseason).

    Defense has some talent (Shaunessey, Houston, Wimbley, T. Branch) and some veteran leadership (Huff, Kelly, Seymour)…What they need is a 3-4 focus and a some playmakers which they have NONE (which they will have to go through FA to find).

  20. @ cardmagnet

    Raiders franchise can be accused of many things, but it has ALWAYS been willing to hire someone regardless of color.

    That was the Al Davis “golden rule” LONG before it became known as the Rooney Rule

  21. @doitbigreggiemckenzie

    you can’t make that argument… Coaching makes a big difference.. look at the Niners they essentially have the same team as last year. Lets not forget the raiders aren’t 2 years away they were pretty much 2-3 failed defensive assignments away from making the Playoffs.

  22. Maybe they are waiting to talk to Perry Fuel. He fits the profile of the type of coach the Raiders seem interested in hiring..

  23. well if we are going with Marty, I would 100 times more rather have Gruden…if we are going back to the west coast offense, bring chucky back.

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