Carlos Rogers wants to stay in San Francisco

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It wasn’t a huge story when Carlos Rogers signed a one-year deal with the 49ers before the season.

The 2005 first round pick of the Redskins didn’t do much to distinguish himself during his time in Washington and his arrival in San Francisco came amid much talk that Jim Harbaugh’s first season as a professional head coach would be a difficult one. It didn’t turn out that way, obviously, and Rogers had a lot to do with that.

Rogers provided strong coverage and intercepted six passes to help the 49ers become the best defense in the NFC, much to the chagrin of Redskins fans who saw him drop many potential picks during his time with the team. Rogers made the Pro Bowl and was voted a second-team All-Pro at the end of the season. He had a rough NFC title game as Victor Cruz made many of his catches against Rogers, but, all in all, it was a good way to re-enter the free agency pool, but Rogers reportedly isn’t interested in testing the waters.

Matt Maiocco of reports that Rogers wants to re-sign with the Niners before the start of free agency. Per Maiocco, the 49ers also want him back at the right price. That caveat will be important for a pair of reasons.

One is the chance that someone tries to break the bank for Rogers coming off of what might have been a career season and the other is that the Niners have a slew of significant free agents this offseason. Alex Smith, Ahmad Brooks and Dashon Goldson are also hitting the market and the team needs to get better at wide receiver before next season. There might not be enough cap room to get everything done.

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  1. Are you sure? The 9ers have a lot of cap room. These guys will sign for under market deals; I promise you that. They all love playing for Jim and his staff; when you played for a long time in bad situations you give a little to stay in a great situation. They will land a solid WR too like Bowe.

  2. If they care about the game and winning they will stay. Harbaugh has brought 49er football back to life. What a bright future this team has in store. Holding my head up high as a 49er faithful. Proud of the team. Just sucks one clown had to ruin a stories season for the rest of the team.

  3. The Niners should have a lot of cap space by my estimation. The priority of the guys you mentioned should be

    1. Goldson
    2a. Smith
    2b. Rogers
    4. Brooks

  4. colonelssanders says: Jan 23, 2012 5:29 PM

    I agree with Brooks being the possible man left out. Larry Grant showed his worth in Willis’ absence.
    Different positions, Brooks = OLB and Grant = MLB

  5. Also, I could see the Niners holding off on Alex. I think Harbaugh might want to wait and see Josh Johnson’s price before they re-up Smith. There is a connection there and I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see Johnson in San Francisco next year.

  6. As much as i Love Alex Smith, mainly his fight and the amount of adversity he had to go through, @epping16 I would move Rogers up on that list as a higher priority.

    1. Roger
    2. A. Smith
    2B. Goldson
    4. Ginn
    5. Brooks——(Larry Grants emergence)

  7. Carlos was a good corner in Washington. He never lived up to his draft status though, and that was because he dropped game-ending INT after game-ending INT. Chagrin might be a little tame, skins fans were indifferent a year ago, but he’s hated now because of his repeated jabs in the press. Nobody wants to hear a malcontent bash their team a year after the fact.

    He should have been concentrating on the game instead of whining about his time in Washington and maybe Cruz wouldn’t have smoked him up and down the field. Good luck in whatever you do Carlos, but keep the Skins out of your mouth, and we’re all glad you finally got your eyes checked.

  8. Smith, Goldson, and Rogers are high priority. Brooks, while a solid player, is expendable, especially if Aldon Smith is ready to play full time. I hope Baalke and co keep that defense largely intact. If Goldson and Rogers leave, it would be a travesty. Also, to the Skins’ fan bashing Rogers, you are clearly very bitter. Congrats on beating the Giants twice this year, too bad it didn’t matter, maybe if your owner wasn’t an absolute moron the Skins wouldn’t have let a pro bowl corner like Carlos go.

  9. Funny how this year Alex Smith is a priority to re-sign, but last season when he was re-signed it was the worst signing of the year. Funny how a decent season can change a “fans” mind about a guy

  10. The Niners free agency priority in order of importance.

    1. Goldson
    2. Rogers
    3. A. Smith
    4. Ginn

    Leaving Ahmad Brooks as the odd man out. He is replaceable IMO. They would also be well served to sign a better WR, & scout a good rookie WR to sign.

    They should draft Chris Polk also to go along with Kendall Hunter & Gore.

  11. Hilarious to listen to 49er fans bash Snyder. The Yorks ran that team into the ground. You hit a homerun with Harbaugh, congrats!

    Skins fans wished Carlos (and Andre Carter) the best. Then he had to pop off against the team so now F him. All the skins did was pay you $30M, stick with you after your knee injury 3 years when they could have cut you for nothing once you were off IR, and continue to stick by you when you struggled after the injury. Poor baby. Buyer beware with Carlos. He played out of his mind this year and will not do it again. He will be back to what he is, an above average corner. Not a great one.

  12. As a Redskins fan, I sure as hell did NOT miss Carlos Rogers this year. He was an above average corner, not great, but he always played BAD in big games for us, and this year was no different with the 9ers.

    In the playoffs, he got beat for long gains against the Saints (but hey, who doesn’t).

    Against the Giants, he was beyond horrible. 21 of Eli’s 34 completions were against Carlos. Didn’t matter if he was matched up against a WR, TE or RB… Eli knew to pick on him because he knew Carlos was a choke from playing against him all those years in the NFC East. (btw, Skins beat the Giants soundly, twice, this year without Carlos).
    And right on cue: Carlos dropped an INT in overtime against NY and he was the clear weak spot on an otherwise great 49ers D.

    Pro bowls mean zippy. Walt Harris left the Skins and went to the 49ers and had something like 9 INTs, but the 49ers were bad that year and Harris wasn’t a Pro Bowler. Rogers benefited from being on a team with a great D with a really great pass rush, in a weak weak division.

    No question, the 49ers were a much better team than the Redskins this year, but Rogers was NOT the reason.

  13. Welcome Home Carlos. Lets get these guys resigned and hopefully get a hometown discount. Lets keep that Def intact. Obviously that Receiver position is a glaring need. Getting Morgan back will be huge, but we need a guy tha can get seperation even on short to intermediate routes.

  14. bring carlos&goldson back and go get a receiver maybe a vincent jackson type or alshon jeffrey in the draft

  15. We want you back too, Rogers. You were the cb we hoped Nate Clements would be (but never was).

    My opinion here will probably go against popular opinion, but I don’t think Goldson is a top priority. We allowed far too many huge passing plays this year, which a good amount of blame falls on his shoulders. Sure, he made a good number of picks, but he has lots of room for improvement, and for the kind of money he’ll be looking for again (remember we only resigned him after he couldn’t get a big money deal elsewhere), I think we’d be better off spending the money on someone else. Reggie Smith was slated to start at FS before he was injured.

  16. Well said garrisjs…..these 49er fans that are foaming at the mouth about Carlos Rogers…just have not seen enough…..of Carlos Rogers. This was a miracle season for him…and for the most part the whole 49er team. The whole time I was reading this story…the only thing I could see, is Carlos reaching up……..and dropping that critical int …that hit him RIGHT IN THE HANDS. Yeah that’s what we know, and that’s what he is. Average. Eli knew who to throw at…..he’s been doing it for years. I hope the cry baby harbaugh buys the whole “pro bowl corner” garbage, and tops out the cap on rogers….what a laugh.

  17. note to hating skins fan,did u ever take the time to consider he fit are skeem better and that are coaches put him in a position to be more sucessful

  18. I like Rogers. I don’t however think he is worth the amount of money he is going to command after this season. A front 7 like that in front of you can do wonders.

  19. Ahmad Brooks is a very solid player, but last time I checked we have a freaking beast in Aldon Smith waiting to be an every down OLB. With Parys Haralson and his run-stopping skill, I could see Ahmad Brooks happily in Denver or Oakland.

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