Chuck Pagano lands on Indy interview list


Robert Irsay once took Baltimore’s football team to Indianapolis.  Jim Irsay may now try to take Baltimore’s defensive coordinator there, too.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano will interview Tuesday for the head-coaching vacancy with the Colts.

Pagano completed on Tuesday his first year as defensive coordinator with the Ravens.  He was hired by coach John Harbaugh in 2008.

Last year at this time, when Pagano was introduced as the new coordinator, we endorsed Pagano for future consideration as a head coach — primarily based on his sense of humor, something that could trigger an immediate rapport with owner Jim Irsay.

I had a great experience, or sentence,” Pagano said at the time regarding a prior stint with the Raiders.  “Well, I can’t say sentence, a two-year sentence in Oakland.  And congratulations to Hue Jackson, it’s well deserved.  And he will earn every cent that they pay him.  It won’t be much, but he will earn every nickel.  But I had a great experience out there.  And two years was plenty.”

It’s a pretty safe bet that Pagano won’t be added to the interview list with the Raiders.

It’s also a pretty safe bet that, in the picture accompanying this story, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs isn’t telling Pagano that he’s a douchebag for poking fun at the Raiders.

31 responses to “Chuck Pagano lands on Indy interview list

  1. Um………I like what Chuck has done with the Ravens defense, but…..after only one season as a D coordinator, is he really ready for a HC gig? But then again, we are talking about Jimmy “I wannabe Jerrah” Irsay here…….

  2. Is you reference to Jerrah supposed to be funny? or are you just trying to imitate a southern accent..

  3. No idea why people are saying Irsay is trying to be like Jerry Jones. The two are nothing alike…personality-wise or the way they run their organizations.

    Pagano, Zimmer, and Tressel…Colts are looking at decent HC candidates.

  4. As a Colts fan, the list of possible candidates rumored was average at best. Pagano is a solid candidate. If he doesnt land this job he’ll get one within the next few years. With the Colts interviewing Zimmer and Pagano it seems that a possible move from the 4-3 Tampa 2 is under consideration. Many Colts Fans would welcome that.

  5. Living in the DC area at the time, I’ll never forget the cover of the Washington Post the next day after Moving Vans were leaving in the dead of night….sounds like one of my tenants!

  6. As a Colts fan I would like this only because it would piss Baltimore fans off!


    Stay classy, Mayflower fans!

  7. Just another raven D coor. leaving for a head coaching job. I could name a few. Notice a pattern here??

  8. B-more fans kill me with the Mayflower comments and Colts bashing. They stole a franchise from one of the better fan bases in the NFL (Cleveland) and were not showing up for Colts games when they had them. Get over it, been close to close to 30 years!

  9. ^while I didnt appreciate the way we got a team thecity of Baltimore didn’t build a brand new stadium in hopes to lure a franchise from another city. Art modell left Cleveland or as you say “one of the better fan bases” because the city wouldn’t build him a new stadium after catering to the crappy baseball and basketball teams by building them new facilities. So not quite stealing

  10. @indyhorsepower

    Perhaps, but we left the team, the tradition, in Cleveland. That is a bit different than the Colts situation which is one in which you think Peyton Manning and Johnny Unitas played for the same team. We didn’t try to take Jim Brown.

    And, while I’m at it, as for it being a gimme that any defensive coordinator looks good coaching the Ravens I offer you Greg Mattison. Any Ravens fan will tell you the defense this year was back up to snuff. Which means it wasn’t up to snuff previously. Rex Ryan and Marvin Lewis are talented people regardless of whatever internet nobodies have to say about it. And so is Chuck Pagano.

  11. What’s with the Raider hate and derision? What has this article got anything to do with the Raiders? He’s interviewing for a Colts job. Poor form PFT on this one. Btw, the Tuck Rule was not a correct call. When was the last time it was used prior to that game? The rule is BS anyway.

  12. Fact: The Original Baltimore Colts moved from Miami, Fla in 1946. They folded in 1951. The Dallas Texans or what was left of them moved to Baltimore in 1951. After many successful years in Baltimore they were traded to Robert Irsay by Carroll Rosenbloom in exchange for the Rams. In the early 1980’s after many attempts to get the city to help build a Stadium and not producing a viable contendeing team he moved them to Indy and took EVERYTHING with him.
    Art Modell was in the same situation. The City, State would not support his efforts so he moved his team not the FRANCHISE. HOWEVER, Modell left EVERYTHING in Cleveland, The league assured Cleveland they would return to the NFL within 24 months and the Browns organization NEVER FOLDED. Thus making the The Baltimore Ravens the NFL’s last expansion team!!!!!

  13. Soo…. Indy Colts fans, do any of you care to tell us why they are called the “colts”?Pretty sure it has nothing to do with Indy and everything to do with Maryland…. Kinda like the name “Ravens” has everything to do with Baltimore and NOTHING to do with Cleveland. Its kinda lame to take a team AND its name even though the name has no connection to Indy.. other than that I really don’t care about the Colts leaving as I wasnt born yet but I can still see why my elders do.

  14. @dennychimes:
    so very true…the Baltimore Ravens are the last expansion team in the NFL; most Cleveland fans don’t know this.

    Cleveland promised Modell a new stadium; and in the mean time, he was asked to wait and wait; in the meantime, the city helped fund Jacobs field and Gund Arena.

    When it was too late to stop the move, the city of Cleveland passed a tax resolution to fund the Browns stadium. The city never thought Modell had been serious about the move.

    Cleveland took Modell and the Browns for granted. Now look what they have.

  15. Whatever makes you sleep better at night… I would not dare attempt to defend Art Modell and his business practices nor Robert Irsays. Ask the “elders” of Cleveland and they will have a much different take on the situation and those elders were filling their stadium! More importantly, Baltimore’s city leaders were not stating they would take the franchise only if they left the name/history in Cleveland…they were going to take the franchise however they could get it! The league stepped in to keep the name in Cleveland. The situations are not as different as there painted so no one should be throwing stones in a glass house….but it still continues.

  16. @Indyhorsepower: On the Contrary, Baltimore requested that the “Browns” name, colors, records, etc. remain in Cleveland. The League stepped in to assure Cleveland would be back in the NFL. As for Baltimore they got nothing when the Colts left. So, your argument holds no water. But, Whatever helps you sleep at night. I do love your screen name though. Indianapolis being the hotbed of the horse racing industry, it seems fitting.

  17. No doubt there was major disfuntion in Oakland when Al Davis was alive. But most coach have enough class not to not to bad mouth the team. Maybe Suggs isn’t telling Pagano he’s a douchbag for poking fun at the Raiders. Maybe he’s just telling he’s a douchbag, period.

  18. @dennychimes: screen name was first used in auto racing blogs I post on, we have a history of some auto races here a few times a year, so I kept it wherever I post. But don’t let uninformed/uneducated views stop you from going on…

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