Dennis Allen to get second interview with Raiders

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We may now have a new favorite for the Raiders head coaching job.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen will have a second interview with Oakland. The interview will take place in Mobile, Alabama at the Senior Bowl.

Allen also interviewed with the Rams. It’s believed he’ll be the first candidate to speak for a second time with the Raiders. Marty Mornhingweg and Winston Moss were also believed to be strong candidates for the Oakland job.

Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers was also expected to meet with the Raiders.

22 responses to “Dennis Allen to get second interview with Raiders

  1. Boo! As a Vikings fan, I as hoping that McKenzie would gut and pillage the Packers front office / coaching staff as much as possible.

  2. I totally welcome this, the broncos ran a very good and under-rated defense last year. He can call a good game. It would be interesting to see who he would choose as a dc and as oc.

  3. Yo Reggie make a decision already. If you are bringing in all these no name coaches, then u should have kept, Hue. Seriously, Dennis Allen? Get real

  4. no way,

    u cant sell this guy to the fan base,

    and expect to put ppl in the seats,

    marty, winston,

    gruden hail mary,

    & thats it.

    u dont fire hue jackson , an offensive mind who had the offense respectable the past 2 seasons for a defensive coach that tom brady just torched 2 weeks ago for 6 tds,

    if u want defense u go with Capers possibly, or winston,

    to bring in the broncos d-coordinator as a raiders head coach , no way, its not gonna happen.

  5. After 200 years of offensive minded head coaches under the Al Davis regime, it would certainly be nice to have a defensive minded head coach for a change!!!

  6. a defensive minded head coach has been LONG overdue with this team…the offense is fine when everyone is healthy but the defense has sucked for YEARS…

  7. Did the Rooney rule go away? Not that I’m complaining, but it’s interesting there has been no mention of it this season with all the shuffling, and a number of black coaches losing their job.

    I haven’t heard of any mention of black candidates, though Romeo Crennel was escalated to the full-time position. I don’t think that would have qualified anyways because it was an internal hire.

    Did something change? Again, I’m not complaining. I think the rule has outlived its applicability.

  8. I’m a Broncos fan. If Allen accepts a head coaching job with the Raiders, then I will know we really didn’t lose much. Why? Because anyone who accepts that revolving door and soap opera can’t be too smart. It’s career suicide. McCoy at least had some standards he wouldn’t dip below (cancelled his trip for Miami). Our defense improved, but it went from bottom of the pack to middle of the pack. Our turnover ratio was still crappy and our pass defense was atrocious. Granted our talent is still very thin on the defensive side, but I didn’t see a significant, positive impact by the coaching staff.

  9. A defensive guy is probably the right way to go. We can keep Al Saunders as OC. The Denver defense played well, so this guy must know what he’s doing……….and most of all, he’s not Marty friggin Mornhingweg.

  10. “for a defensive coach that tom brady just torched 2 weeks ago for 6 tds,”

    This was my first reaction too. But then I realized that it’s tough to play defense for 47 minutes against the NFLs best QB.

    The Broncos had a good defense, but when you have a QB that completes 8 passes a game and they go 3-and-out 12 times out of 15 possessions, that’s when you realize that Broncos D responded under extreme pressure!

  11. according to the Mercury News the Moss interview didn’t go well.Of course McKenzie denied it when asked.

  12. Allen would be my first choice. He’s young, hungry, and a pretty darn good coordinator. He’s got that Gruden feel to him. Hopefully he gets hired I would like to see what he can do.

  13. This could be a very good hire. Our defense has a ton of potential. It would be nice to hire a defensive minded guy. Plus, everyone is just talking about his work with the Donkeys. Don’t forget what he did as the Saints secondary coach in 2009.

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