Dungy thinks Jim Tressel could be Irsay’s man in Indy

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During the 2011 season, a certain Internet hack with whom you may be familiar floated the notion that, once the Colts “clinch” the first overall pick in the draft, they could/should fire coach Jim Caldwell and give Jim Tressel, who has been working for the team as a replay advisor, a late-season test drive.

It never came to that.  The Colts didn’t nail down the Luck (or maybe Griffin) pick until Week 17.  And Caldwell wasn’t fired during the season.

Still, Caldwell may get the job without a test drive.  Tony Dungy of NBC’s Football Night In America said on Monday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show that he believes owner Jim Irsay has a person in mind — and that Dungy is hearing the person may be Jim Tressel.

As long as Dungy isn’t hearing that from Rob Lowe, Tressel could indeed be the guy.

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  1. If true, there will be plenty plenty of second guessing, but I might observe there have been plenty of guys with less impressive resume’s who became NFL Head Coaches. If nothing else Tressel knows how to coach and has won big. We can bash him for the OSU scandal, but we can’t say it contributed to winning games.

  2. Who (but you) cares what Dungy thinks or says? It’s bad enough we have to suffer through the milk toast post game shows with him. If he truly had the pulse of the Colts – He wouldn’t have told you two weeks ago that they were going to retain Caldwell.

  3. furnzilla says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:53 AM
    Is this Irsays decision or our new GM’s decision? We don’t need another jerry jones situation


    It’s Grigson’s decision, but as the owner of the team Irsay has the final say. Irsay has said that he rarely uses it, but as owner he can veto a decision.

  4. One would think Dungy is “wired in” with the Colts but I never remember him prognosticating that the Polians were about to be shown the door.

  5. Hire Tressel; then trade for Michael Vick, then Aqib Talib, then Albert Haynesworth, then Laurence Maroney, Johnny Jolly, and set up the Dungy Church of Atonement and Redemption and Football Team. Instead of the Colts, change the mascot to that sheep holding the flag that symbolizes atonement…..

  6. jimr10 says:
    Jan 23, 2012 10:59 AM
    Hiring Tressel is a joke, right?

    Why do you say that?

    By what reasoning is hiring a guy who won or shared the last 5 Big Ten championships and has a 94-22 record at his last stop a joke?

    His lack of NFL coaching experience? How’d that work out for Jim Harbaugh?

    NCAA violations? You really care about that nonsense? He lied to the NCAA? If you’ve ever watched an NFL coach’s press conference, you should know that lying is considered a fine art amongst them.

    I have no idea whether Tressel will be a good NFL coach or not, and neither do you.

    But the idea that his hiring would be a “joke” is a little hard to defend.

  7. look, i’m a Dungy fan but why is every “journalist” hanging on what he says? He hasn’t gotten one thing right yet and hasn’t been part of the Colts in several years. He has about as much insight into them as I do.

  8. That will make everyone want to play for the colts! Hire a proven cheater! Lol, I’m a dolphin fan and after reading this I know that we are not the worst run team in the n.f.l. If you were smart you would make Peyton manning an offer he could not refuse to become the next head coach of the Colts. With him coaching Andrew luck the colts would be set!

  9. jim tressel? really? when is the last time a college coach came to the nfl and was successful for more than one year?

  10. All of Dungy’s coordinators are sucking wind and I mean all…He need to now just go away and write another personal growth book….

    As Archie Bunker would say to Edith…..”SSSShud Up!”

  11. as a non colts fan living in Indiana I hope they hire him and draft luck or whoever and it takes years to turn it around. so much fun not having to listen the “our” colts nonsense now that they are not winning.

  12. @jolink653 – Tom Coughlin says hello. Well, not really – Coughlin doesn’t say hello to anyone. 🙂

    Every situation, and every coach, is different. I’ll freely admit to being a touch skeptical when the 49ers hired Harbaugh last year, for instance, but he sure proved me and every other doubter wrong. The “hot coordinator” route doesn’t always work either, as Todd Haley proved. (I never liked Haley’s act, and wasn’t shocked in the least that he crashed and burned.)

    I like the fact that Tressel is 59 – he has a ton of experience, and his record speaks for itself. His former players universally respect him, and all played hard for him. I’m not saying that Tressel is the best or only choice for the Colts – no one knows that for sure. I can say with certainty, though, that the Colts could do far worse.

  13. So, let’s see, if Tressel gets the job, then that would make TWO known, underhanded, (some may even say criminal), head coaches of NFL teams.

    Why am I not surprised?

  14. Are there any coaches that are good to you guys? “Lovie Smith sucks.” “Mike Martz sucks.” “Jeff Fisher sucks.” “Rex Ryan sucks.” It’s like you can never agree on a good head coach. Tressel did real good at Ohio State. But that sucks apparently.

  15. if Tressel gets the job, under the NFL contract with the sideline gear ALL coaches must wear, will he be able to wear a vest and tie? I believe Nike is taking over the sideline gear next year.
    Please comment

  16. Tony Tony Tony, You do not want to be a NFL coach. But you sure seem to want to run a team.

    You were over-rated then and you are now as well.

    Just make sure your “boys” get jobs they have not earned.

  17. Tressel is a winner. He won five national titles, and his teams played in eight national championship games. The haters will hate, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if I’m a Colt’s fan I would much rather Irsay give Tressel an opportunity than to hire another retread NFL coach (i.e. Marty Mornhinweg, Brad Childress, Herm Edwards, Chan Gailey, Eric Mangini, et al). This league loves to give head coaches second or even third chances (Norv Turner), and are resistant to giving someone new entree into the fraternity. I would be very surprised, given the chance, if Tressel failed.

  18. I think Dungy is the last person whose football judgment I would follow. He handpicked Caldwell & he thinks the world of Vick and helped him get back into the NFL on the “proper” team. Aren’t those two enough to tell people something????

  19. I am sick of Dungy talking. He was an Overated coach who was lucky to have Peyton Manning for all those years. He makes stupid comments week in and week out and i am tired of hearing about him.

  20. If the Colts hire Tressel and if I were Andrew Luck, I would seriously consider pulling an “ELI” and getting myself traded elsewhere. Tressel is to offensive coordinators what Matt Millen was to general managers in the NFL. He will have him running the wishbone! If you are looking for someone to stunt the growth of your future franchaise QB, the “sweater vest” is the man!

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