Flacco thinks he has earned a second contract

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Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has just completed the fourth year of a five-year rookie contract.  He thinks he’s done enough to merit additional security.

Definitely,” Flacco said Monday, via the team’s official website. “We’ll see how it goes; if it goes, it goes, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

So far, it hasn’t been going anywhere.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there have been no talks toward a new contract.

Why does Flacco think he has earned an extension?  “I think I’m the quarterback that I am,” Flacco said.  “I think the first four years that I’ve played here we’ve gone to the playoffs every time [and] won a game. I think the last two years that I’ve played in the playoffs, I’ve played well in the playoffs.”

I think.  I get.  The point.

But he wasn’t done.  “And like I said earlier, I think when you watch the film and you’re a guy in this organization, I think that you can say, ‘Hey, he’s played pretty damn good for us,'” Flacco added.  “But like I said, you never know what’s going to happen.

Though owner Steve Bisciotti said last year that he envisioned negotiations beginning in 2012, there’s a chance that, once the two sides start talking, they’ll realize that there’s a significant disconnect between what the Ravens want to pay and what Flacco wants to be paid.  On one hand, Flacco’s camp surely will point to performances like the one he put together on Sunday in the AFC title game.  On the other hand, the team surely will point to his consistent pattern of inconsistency.

In the end, both sides would be wise to work something out.  While the Ravens could do a lot better at the position, they could do — and have done — a lot worse in the past.

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  1. “We’ll see how it goes; if it goes, it goes, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”
    Most guys would say I would love to stay with my team. Sounds like a guy who is fed up with the cry baby Ravens fans and that awful city.

  2. Flacco is difficult to get behind. He is such a chump and has a very tastless way about him.

  3. If they had a better quarterback, they’d be a dangerous team. They should keep their options open and try to upgrade the position if possible.

  4. coldhardfootballfacts
    according to Elias, the Patriots may have pulled off the greatest escape in modern postseason history. Teams that are +2 in turnover differential and outgain their opponent by 50+ yards are 110-1 in the playoffs.

    Make that 110-2.

  5. Flacco has been riding the coat tails of The Defense his entire career. People always say if Baltimore wants to win, they need to run the ball and not throw so much. Do you ever hear that about any good QB?

  6. It’s way too much fun hatin’ on Joey for them to let him go! Dude is afraid to get hit, period. Get in the weight room and keep your mouth shut.

  7. The good news: He looked good Sunday

    The bad news: it was against the second worst defense in the NFL that everybody went to school on this season.

  8. Why does tebow get all the “he just wins” comments and flacco has been reduced to groveling for a little approval. He does need to just not talk. But for anyone who has argued tebow is a winner, I think a stronger case could be made for flacco

  9. It amazes me how one good drive at the end of the game, a missed kick and a dropped pass…

    completely make most people forget how un-impressive Flacco was the rest of the game.

    There were picks that were dropped, unexplainable throws given the situations, and just the usual Flacco. But all anyone is talking about is a missed kick or a dropped pass.

    The Ravens really shouldn’t have even had that chance because Flacco just gave the ball away for no apparent reason two drives before, and then amazingly decided to throw the ball out of bounds on a 4th down instead of giving his team at least a CHANCE to make a catch.

    Luckily for him, the Patriots decided not to do what they had been doing all game and going for first downs and using up clock. Luckily the Patriots decided to go for the kill-shot and the Ravens DEFENSE made ANOTHER play.

    Flacco’s stats being better than Brady’s isn’t a testament to Flacco. It’s a testament to the Ravens defense and how they played. 20 points is not impressive, especially against THAT defense.

    Do I think the Ravens money can be spent much better elsewhere? Yes, I do.

    And perhaps the Ravens are finally seeing that too, as they did at least THINK about letting Tyrod Taylor play in the most important game of their season. He was on the field. I guess that TV timeout was just too long and they had too much time to over-think it.

  10. So does :

    Matt Hasselback
    Curtis Painter
    Rex Grossman
    Kyle Orton
    Matt Cassell
    Matt Flynn
    All Miami Dolphin QB’s since Dan Marino
    T Jack
    Carson Palmer
    Matty Ice
    Kerry Giants Titans Colts Collins
    Jeff Garcia
    Should I even go there – BF?

    Should I continue?……

  11. Playoffs every year. Sure. On the back of a ridiculous defense and Ray Rice. Even getting Boldin didn’t help. While I agree the Ravens could do worse…not thinking about who else you could get is plain foolish. Could do worse sure….but most definately can do better.

  12. Funny Flacco throws passes that hit WR in the hands and numbers and they drop them. Flacco has played well and the ravens defense is good but Flacco scores points too

  13. Winningest QB his first four years in the league. That’s in the HISTORY of the NFL.

    Yup, no biggie. Total fluke. Every QB who ever also played with a good defense could put up those numbers.

    #OnlyNot #OpenMouthInsertFoot

  14. Not a Ravens fan but the receivers do suck and that’s what I think Flaco was eluding to. I watch play book on the NFL network and Theisman showed this one play against Houston saying that Flacco had time. He showed how he had a perfect pocket & he did, but as he was walking back away from his monitor you start to see the WR’s coming into the picture and they are not open, and I am like WTF? The guy is a very good player with a lot of #3 receivers. The guy throws Tds into guys that are covered( lee Evans 1 handed catch) Very under rated! He should be paid!

  15. He fits perfect with the organization, who cares what non Raven fans think, they like their QB and will always think others teams and their talent are terrible, thats what fans do. I would say Ozzie is a pretty good judge of talent. If not Joe who would you want? What, you think the Packers are letting their QB go, Brady will be a FA? Eli is tradeable? In Flaccos 4 years he has been the QB of the team within a few plays of a SB title. He will get there, he is that good.

  16. He’s another Sanchez type QB….their D and running game bails him out most of the time. But if the game is on his shoulders……I don’t know? He’s not elite, but he’s “good” I guess

  17. Flacco is getting a whole lot of praise for leading his team to a loss, scoring only 20 points(3 of which were a special teams gift) and two 4th quarter turnovers on pick and on downs. He is not a QB anyone fears and is a middle of the pack game manager. Much better than Sanchez though!

  18. I’m struggling to think whom the Ravens’ backup quarterbacks are… I’ll take that as a sign that they should probably resign Flacco.

  19. klee0384 says:
    Jan 23, 2012 8:43 PM
    Flacco has been riding the coat tails of The Defense his entire career. People always say if Baltimore wants to win, they need to run the ball and not throw so much. Do you ever hear that about any good QB?


    Your retarded. How many fourth quarter leads did the defense blow for him last year? Don’t talk if all you do is look at box scores

  20. Flacco is a blowhard. Still unproven. So you claim your the reason the team has been in the post season lsat for years, lets see what rice and the defense has to say.

  21. He played yesterday. Totally got my respect. But he comes off as such a whiny little baby. It makes him a hard guy to root for.

  22. Lets be honest…his performance was good but it was against the 31st ranked pass defense and even then there were injuries in the secondary. Not to mention the gameplan was obviously to sell out and shut Rice down. He missed badly on a wide open Torrey Smith and when he did connect, Smith had 5 steps on the safety and he underthrew it by a mile.
    He’s not terrible by any means…but I’m not sold on him one bit from yesterday’s game

  23. They can do a lot better? Really? By elite standards yes, Aaron Rodgers, Brady and such. I’ll definitely give you that. But the next tier? Are you serious? LOL If you truly follow the Ravens, then you know that his inconsistency has a lot to do with wr’s not running their routes at full speed, dropped passes, Matt Birk gettin bull rushed into his face, and Cam Cameron still installing a 1990’s offense. This isn’t reaching, it’s fact. Again, if you watch the games. Is it coincidence that TWO YEARS IN A ROW A WIDE RECEIVER DROPS A PASS THAT ENDS THE GAME? Last year it was Boldin in the endzone and Houshmandzadeh at the end of the game. This year it was Ed Dickson before the half and Lee Evans at the end of the game. Flacco’s not perfect, but he’s done more than enough to carry this offense. Ray Rice did NOTHING in these playoffs. NOTHING!!! Flacco carried the team against a #2 defense with Houston, and in Foxborough against the legend Brady. They should be in the Super Bowl had it not been for his teammates choking. PAY HIM. Would we do better with Rivers or Romo? LOL they choke in the playoffs. Stafford? He’s good. But he also has receivers who actually catch the ball. Matt Ryan? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Matt Schaub? He can’t stay healthy. Flacco’s never missed a start in the leagues toughest division. All four teams finished with top10 defenses. We swept them this year. All that being said, PAY HIM.

  24. Defenses win you games, QBs win you championships. Forget superbowls, how many AFC championships has Slacco won for the Baltimore fans, ZERO.

  25. I have to admit that Joey is starting to rub me the wrong way. I understand that he has to defend himself in the media. That is, unfortunately, a part of the game now. However, he is starting to over do it. I don’t think when the P.R. people asked him to be a bit more confident in interviews this is what they meant. The fact that he is doing this the day after isn’t classy. Haven’t heard a peep out of Ray Rice. The fact is, although there is a lot to be said for having been saddled with a junk coordinator thus far, the idea that yesterdays performance (300 yds, 2TD, 1 INT) is his best performance is reason enough to think long and hard about ones value. How much money does he think he deserves if that is the best he can do? And why is he so paranoid that a team like the Ravens, who have long pined for a QB that could get 300yds and 2TD’s, isn’t interested in retaining him?

    If he starts acting the punk if other contracts are attended to before his, I’m over it. Get real, Joey.

  26. Flacco is good at tossing it 5yds to rice or the TEs. 2 passes to Torrey smith, one was way deep and one was way short. If you’re going to be mediocre at least be consistently mediocre

  27. I don’t see why everyone thinks he had a great game. He completely under threw a wide open receiver, had he thrown it in stride it would have been 7. He also overthrew another wide open receiver. He missed open people downfield especially on the last 3 drives. And scored 20 measly points against the 31 pass defense. Patriots eliminated rice cause they knew flacco couldn’t beat them. And he’s asking for a contract for one sub par game. The other qb might have not had better numbers but he scored when he needed it.

  28. Of course Flacco deserves a new contract. He is the best QB they’ve ever had. That’s not always saying much, but he has shown that he is worth it. You people bitching about him have no idea how the vocal minority call in to the radio shows and whine about him. He is constantly being asked some dumb*** question posed by some mental midget.
    Some of the comments here show the sheer ignorance and the internet tough guy mentality, hiding behind your computer.
    For instance mancinibread posted that Flacco is afraid to get hit. Really? Do you have Milk Duds for brains? You’re an idiot. And you probably call into the talk shows regularly in Baltimore.

  29. Everyone said Flacco did such a great job on Sunday against the Patriots.

    Well, against one of the worst pass defenses in the league, that basically played to stop the run, Flacco was able to get 20 points. Oh, and didn’t the Patriots hand him the ball on their 30 yard line?

    Clap, clap, clap. Please go ahead and give him a big contract. It will only help the Steelers, who will play him differently next year.

  30. Ravens should lock this kid up. He is 27, and never missed a game. He has 80 td passes to only 46 ints, almost 2-1 ratio which is better then average. He has over 60 percent completion of his passes, again better then average. Is he Tom Brady? No of course not, but he is a good solid QB.

    Who has Flacco had to throw to? Boldin is solid but not the player he was. T.Smith is a rookie, and the 2 TEs are both young players as well. I think Smith, Pitta, and Dixon will all be good solid players but there not superstars. Rice is a great option out of the backfield but he isn’t going to stretch the field or get double coverage.

    If Lee Evans had a set Flacco would be playing in his first SB. And he might be favored. You can’t blame that game on Flacco, kid was solid. When a veteran WR has a ball ripped out of his hands in the end zone its not the QB who should take the blame. I know the Pats defense isn’t great but the last several games they have played much better so I feel that 31st ranked defense talk is just jibberish. Alot of those yards came with teams trailing the Pats and in passing mode. In the playoffs the Pats defense gave up a total of 325 total yards a game, just 2.5 more yards a game then Baltimore gave up. Oh and they gave up less yards through the air then Baltimore did.

  31. No matter how many people say he is not up for the task, Flacco is a record-setting quarterback with more wins (both playoffs and season) than any other quarterback in NFL’s history.

    Flacco has proven that he can be counted on in the big games. While he had trouble in the playoffs in his earlier years, he has matured.

    Look at the playoff stats the past two years: In 2010 he completed 41 of 64 passes for 390 yards (3TD 1 INT 90.1 QBR). This year he improved: 36 completions, 63 attempts, 482 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT 96.1 QBR. So go ahead and call him mediocre, average, not worthy, or whatever derogatory remark you can throw out there. The facts, and even the stats, tell a different story.

  32. They might want to keep their options open…I heard the Colts had a fairly decent QB (last name starts with M) that will be looking for a new team.

  33. Has always been mediocre at best….maybe they can hire Kitna out of retirement or Henne when he’s released…they’d get the job done just as much. I would put Flacco just outside the the top half of QBs in this league…like 17th best QB.

  34. That situation will get ugly. Flacco is a good QB, but by no means great. Shoot, i’d take Ryan Fitzpatrick over him. If he was nearly as good as he thinks he is he wouldnt spend every media session trying to convince the fans hes good.

    And P.S…,he should have ran on 4th and 1 with a timeout left instead of that bonehead throw.

  35. turbodog1027 says:
    Jan 23, 2012 8:36 PM

    “I still can’t believe he played at Delaware

    That’s where one goes when you can’t beat out Tyler Palko

  36. This kid just isn’t good enough for a franchise like Baltimore. Seattle, Cleveland, St. Louis sure. But not the Ravens. If they had Matt Stafford during the same period you can guarantee they would’ve made it to at least two Super Bowls. Flacco isn’t terrible but he’s not good enough.

  37. How can he ever throw a pass when that big chip is on his shoulder?

    “When we win it’s in spite of me, when we lose it’s my fault.”

    Boo hoo.

    Win a big game, pal.

  38. Yes, Flacco has gone to the playoffs every year and won a game in each of those years. He also lost a game in each of them. So what? His QB rating in those games? Below Kordell Stewart’s – a miserly 70.4, well below his pedestrian 86.0 rating during the regular season (yeah, not bad historically but pretty tepid in this day and age).

    Cowher went to the playoffs in each of his first six years – first coach to do that – and even went to a SB, and he did it with O’Donnell, Tomzcak and Kordell. Any elite names in there? Ah, no.

    Flacco isn’t as bad as his critics say but he isn’t as good as he thinks he is. He is a middle of the pack QB who has some incredible moments, good and bad. He definitely is not an elite QB. But he isn’t in Rick Mirer or Kyle Boller territory either.

  39. Flacco grovels because he doesn’t have it! Wants recognition for what miniscule things he has accomplidhed. Ray Rice beat the Steelers this year NOT Flacco

  40. why don’t you get your due, Joe? Consider this – Your defense held the Pats to 23 points and amazingly gave you three shots at winning this game at the end and you did not produce. Don’t even want to hear about Billy Cundiff. Think ELI or Brady would have come up short 3 times!

  41. If I remember correctly, this is the same organization that gave Kyle Boller a contract extension.

    You should be fine.

  42. I am surprised that most are saying he had a great game yesterday. He did not. He badly missed on two easy, as in really easy, td throws. He moved the ball against a secondary of scrubs an a defense that sold out to stop the ravens best player (hint, it’s not flaco). Which qb didn’t torch the pats?

    When the ravens needed him lasr week he was putrid.

    Add in his whining and demands for adulation, it’s actually pretty sad.

  43. Flacco to me is way overrated…most of his passing yards come from his check downs to rice or boldin. It is predictable he will go deep to torry smith on the second or third play of the game. Sure he had a great day vs. the rams, who doesn’t. Ok he beat the steelers at heinz field, when the steelers were in a zone. Plus Joe, It is your job to win.

  44. He’ll get a top 10 contract like he deserves. Of the QB’s in this league there are 8 I’d take over him: Brady, both Mannings, Brees, Big Ben, Stafford, Rivers, Rodgers (not ranked in order). Some might say Tony Romo or Matt Ryan but they’re choke artists. It’s about getting to the post-season, which Flacco does. Everyone on the team has to be successful to win in the playoffs. If one person is struggling someone else has to step up. That’s what the Pats did. Seriously, outside of the 8 I named who is significantly better? You all say defense won these games but defense didn’t get this 9-7 team to the playoffs and win the first game. It was a collective effort and failure. Numbers are nice and all but Peyton Manning has one Super Bowl ring, same number as Trent Dilfer. Congrats to Dan Marino, one of the best to never win a Super Bowl. Whoopity doo for HOF numbers. Of the 8 I named, two are left and the others were sitting at home before Flacco. I’m not saying he’s great, but he’s certainly not terrible like everyone paints him out to be. Thank god people get paid to make these decisions because they don’t look at fantasy points like a lot of fans do.

  45. All of you idiots saying he played “mediocre, at best,” or that he “played terrible and does not deserve to be paid,” are idiots. If that is the case then should he Patriots cut Tom Brady? Because Flacco played better than he did. If it wasn’t for 1 drop the Ravens are in the Super Bowl. Yes he overthrew and then under threw Smith twice, but remember this was the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP. It is the two best teams battling it out. Not every play is going to result in perfection. All of you people that only saw him play becuse it was the AFC championship just chill out and read about the draft.

  46. All you have to say about Flacco is he couldn’t beat Tyler Palko out at Pitt. Enough said. FACT.

  47. dirtdawg55

    You nailed it. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying.

    Steelers fans say he’s awful–he’s not.

    Ravens fans act like 1 or 2 slightly above average performances a season puts him just below Ben Roethlisberger on the echelon of good quarterbacks–it doesn’t.

    The guy is mediocre with a chance at being good.

    At best, he’s good, not great.

    Has he earned a second contract? I don’t know if earned is the right word, but I think he should get it.

    They win with him–and sometimes in spite of him–but they win nonetheless.

    And he DOES give them the chance to win because you still have to respect his arm, which takes the pressure off of the running game.

    But I’m sorry, beyond that, Flacco isn’t who he thinks.

    6 YPA was an embarrassment 30 years ago. 86.0 passer rating was great in 1992.

    If Flacco has “definitely” earned a new contract, what has Brees done? Definitely, really, for sure?

  48. sixburghrules says:Jan 23, 2012 10:48 PM

    Flacco grovels because he doesn’t have it! Wants recognition for what miniscule things he has accomplidhed. Ray Rice beat the Steelers this year NOT Flacco


    Thanks for reminding us that it was Rice who threw for three TDs in the first game, and led a 90 yard drive with a minute left, capping it with a lazer strike to win the second. Rice has a hell of an arm.

    This kid deserves respect and big money. Pay him, Baltimore.

  49. Attention Ravens:

    I like the Flacco kid and think he is a decent QB, but this line from Flacco’s post game locker room interview yesterday sums up what separates the Brady’s and Manning’s (PEYTON) of the NFL from the Flacco’s and Sanchez’s:

    “We lost; someone has to lose.”

    Can you imagine “someone has to lose” coming out of either Brady or Peyton Mannings mouth after a devastating playoff loss?

    No, they would be talking about what they have to do to get better. Not taking solice in silencing critics with a decent performance in a loss.

    Just saying…

  50. I sincerely hope that the Ravens not only grant Flacco this new contract, but also make him a 100 million dollar QB in the process. Just imagine how much that will weaken the Raven’s cap space situation, and therefore the team’s ability to remain competitive at other positions.

    Perhaps LaMarr Woodley was wiser than we all gave him credit for. His prophecy seems increasingly realistic.

  51. I’m not a Flacco fan. I don’t watch a lot of Ravens games, but every time I see him he is totally underwhelming and completely un-clutch.

    That said, who’s replacing him when he’s suiting up in Washington, Miami, Seattle, Minnesota or St. Lou? If there is no obvious upgrade, I’d be reluctant to give up a guy who can at least manage a game for Ray and Ray.

  52. I can’t imagine how star struck the Pittsburgh Panthers receivers must of been, catching/fielding balls from Palko and Flacco. No wonder there are so many divits on Heinz Field turf.

  53. worldwidebleater says: Jan 23, 2012 8:35 PM

    Great quarterbacks don’t have to tell us how great they are.


    Um, didn’t Eli tell us that at the beginning of the year? Then I guess Eli isn’t great either. … or maybe Flacco would have answered it like this if he really was elite:

    REPORTER: Joe Flacco, do you feel you deserve a contract extension?

    FLACCO: I don’t think I have to tell you that. I don’t have to tell you how great I am.

    RAVENS FRONT OFFICE: That was the correct answer Joe! We will reward you with a new contract immediately!

    Great Quarterbacks will tell you how great they are. Go ask Tom Brady how good he is. He’ll put his shoulders back, grin from ear to ear, and tell you how he will jack up his next opponent.

  54. Please sign him. as long as he is ratbirds qb we will have a very good chance to win. He needs to be given a new deal and new pass droppers so his excuse has a new name.

  55. 52crabcakes says: Jan 23, 2012 10:52 PM

    you are all jealous!

    Of what?
    His crappiness?
    His Unibrow?
    His porn stache?
    His zero Superbowl victories?
    Yeah,nobody is jealous of Succo and Baltimore should keep him because that defense is aging and won’t be able to carry him anymore.

  56. You guys sound like you don’t know what your talking about. Joe flacco should
    Get paid he is a proven winner time an time again. If not for joe we are not in the post season 4 years in a row pay the man!! He is a top ten QB !

  57. Flacco made nearly every big play against the Pats Several third downs, flushed out, moved well, some tight spaces. Pick to spikes was a decent defensive play. Brady made many more bad throws and many more poor decisions. Look at how absurdly wide open bjge is in the left flat when he threw to Hernandez in 2nd qrtr in red zone. U hit the first guy open in your progression.

    But the timing of his comments is weird.

    Kinda unrelated but maybe not, why was Ed reed sitting on the bench for the final drive. Was the situation not interesting enough to watch ?

  58. He may not be a top-5 QB, but I definitely think he’s played well enough over the past 4 years to warrant a new contract. Considering the parade of horrible QB’s the Ravens have had over their existence, Flacco is far and away their best yet. Although their second best was Trent Dilfer, who was rewarded for bringing them a Super Bowl victory with a boot out of town so what does that say about how the Ravens treat their winning quarterbacks?

  59. WWWWWWWWWAAAAAA!! quit crying you F’n baby. God somebody get this kid a crying towel. You have been a decent qb, not a great one by any means. That team is built on the run game with Rice and on the defense with Reed, Lewis & Company. Let’s see how good you would do in Cleveland numnuts…..

  60. All you fake ravens, before you flame flacco, count the dropped balls. This year LEE EVANS dropped the ball, not flacco, he made a perfect pass. Last year in PIT, he hits Q right between the numbers, but he drops the game winner.

    It’s like you don’t watch the matches. 2010 in pittsburgh, winning drive to Housmanzadeh this year, hits Torrey Smith on the last play (Before Torrey had dropped the game winnner 2-3 plays earlier… If ANYONE goes it’s Cam

    Btw, ever seen him miss a game? Ever seen Michael Vick miss a game? ever seen Matt stafford, jay cutler etc. miss a game? Best Qb in a ravens jersey and he’s getting better all the time. Wouldn’t pay him Bress’s money tho

    In the AFC Champ, Flacco > Brady, but Vilfork > all Ravens D. What lost us that game is letting the lawfirm run the ball

  61. @vasteelerfan Please sign him. as long as he is ratbirds qb we will have a very good chance to win. He needs to be given a new deal and new pass droppers so his excuse has a new name.


    You have an even better chance to win if you play well at home, instead of getting swept and then losing to the Broncos.. Black and yellow, black and yellow!

  62. 90% of these comments are from people outside of Balitmore that get their information from the media. For instance: the Ed Reed comments were a couple sentences from a three minute interview in which he criticized the entire team after the Houston game. And it’s not like the national media watches every play and every game like the fans do. Same goes for Joe’s comments. It’s couple sentences from a long interview. It happens with every team, people…

    If you paid close attention, the numbers speak for themselves. Like Tebow: all he does is win. Unlike Tebow: he has the tools to be a top flight QB. Not there yet and he may never be “elite”, but he really doesn’t need to be.

    Flacco needs to be good enough to make the throws in big time situations and he has. Up until they signed Lee Evans, Boldin was the only receiver on the roster with an NFL reception. This year was a year for him to make adjustments without his usual targets (Mason, Heap, TJ) without any offseason.

    Joe proved Sunday like he has proven many times in four years that he can win a game when you give him the ball with two minutes in the fourth quarter. Just ask Pittsburgh. Watch the film and watch all of it.

    And to prove the point that you don’t watch it closely like the people in Baltimore. Joe was clean shaven in his interviews on Monday. As a leader, he was trying to rally the team with a type of superstition. You know how teams shave their heads for the playoffs or something.

    You’re our guy Joe!

  63. He is a decent QB but he whines too much. The “nobody respects me” routine only worked for Rodney Dangerfield. He came across as a huge punk in his recent press conference.

  64. Love listening to the miscreant hate on joe. All he does is win at least 2 games for every one he loses. All but about 9 teams in the nfl trade straight up with what they have

  65. Who has a better post season winning %, Joe Flacco or Peyton Manning? Hint: It’s not the guy who has a brother playing in the Super Bowl and who has a meddlesome father.

    Too many fans out there are fantasy geeks or fangirls. They judge who is the best QB by the amount of yards he throws for or how pretty the QB looks. In other words, many fans are complete idiots and bottomfeeders.

  66. He’s got another year on his contract. Make him play it out before breaking the bank for him.

    Tyrod Taylor could end up progressing into a better QB.

    Watching the game Sunday with a long-time Pats fan, we both observed that Flacco is this generation’s version of Drew Bledsoe. Take that for what it’s worth.

  67. They will sign him. So he doesnt jump and down with emotion, chant the team up at pre-game, Run down the field after a thrown TD and pick up his Receiver. Maybe he says the wrong thing at the wrong time, But I like the guy. All any team in the NFL wants is a chance. A chance to succeed, a chance to be a winner, a chance to make the post season, and a chance to get to the show. The competition at the NFL level guarantees nothing. Flacco has given his team that chance 4 straight years. He may not be a Manning, Brees, Brady, etc. but, he is a proven winner. I presume teams like Tampa, Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Denver would gladly accept that!! Say what you will, like me its your opinion, but, I will take a chance 4 years in a row over facing the possibilty of 1 dismal season after another.

  68. I guess when you have a smart phone you don’t need to put any brain cells into what you’re saying. A lot of sour grapes from Flacco haters, I’ve never understood morons knocking Flacco and the Raven offense because they have a good defense. You do realize this is a team game, you are allowed to have a good defense. I guess its totally Flacco’s fault that Ozzie Newsome understands how to evaluate players and put together a solid TEAM, huh?

    “(Insert QB name here) doesn’t have the defense or run game that Flacco has to lean on”

    “Then what’s stopping his front office from improving the TEAM around him?”

    *crickets* Exactly.

  69. I dont like Flacco for exactly this reason. But the Ravens could do much much worse at QB. Look at all the aweful / sub-par QBs in the NFL: Tavaris Jackson, Kevin Kolb, Curtis Painter, Blaine Gabbert, Mark Sanchez, Rex Grossman, Colt McCoy, Donovan McNabb, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kyle Orton, Matt Cassel, Tim Tebow, Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer…..

    I’d take Flacco over any of those guys. He does deserve a contract, I just dont think it will be for as much money as he thinks he should get.

  70. deadskinsforlife says:
    Jan 23, 2012 11:17 PM
    All of you idiots saying he played “mediocre, at best,” or that he “played terrible and does not deserve to be paid,” are idiots. If that is the case then should he Patriots cut Tom Brady? Because Flacco played better than he did. If it wasn’t for 1 drop the Ravens are in the Super Bowl. Yes he overthrew and then under threw Smith twice, but remember this was the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP. It is the two best teams battling it out. Not every play is going to result in perfection. All of you people that only saw him play becuse it was the AFC championship just chill out and read about the draft.
    deadskin- Flacco’s offense scored exactly zero points in the 4th qtr with the Super Bowl within grasp. Brady led another 4th quarter comeback and got his team in the endzone to take the lead. The “Outplaying” argument is for losers. What matter is hte final score and Flacco didnt get it done. He turned the ball over twice in Patriots territory late in the game when they were down only 3 points. Also, the “drop” was not a drop but a great play by the defender. Enjoy the Super Bowl, your mediocre QB’s next contract and another wasted year by your Ravens.

  71. He has……. For the league minimum that is. No I’m kidding. He is an average QB at best. He deserves to be paid around the 17-20 best in the league. He is not as good as he thinks he is. Great game Sunday, but not nearly consistent enough to be paid in the top 16.

  72. His numbers are about equivalent to Bradys first four years, better than Brees’ first four years, better than Eli’s first four years, he’s one shy of tieing most road playoff wins in a career…in his fourth year, his receivers get no seperation, his line does his no favors, he’s clutch…

    And all he gets is dumped on. Brady threw for 145 in his first Super Bowl. If not for a kickoff out of bounds against the Panthers that would have gone into overtime. If the tuck rule never happened the Patriots don’t go to the SuperBowl.

    What if what if what if. Flacco is a damn fine QB. Lay off.

  73. Flacco played his a@@ off Sunday this should not even be a discussion. If they want to see his value release him and watch how quick he gets snapped up. Fu man chu has to go though it looks like a 70’s porn stash. For the record Cundiff is welcome in NE any time we may give him the twelfth player award

  74. A lot of very good points made here (some with excessive attitude from the lovers/haters). When I add up the pros and cons, Flacco is a keeper for the Ravens. That was clear in year one when he was significant in converting a 5-11 team to 11-5 and making it to the AFC championship.

    There is no doubt that Joe will get another contract. The question is whether he will get $10M+ a year. If he gets a contract based on bonus/performance, I think he can earn it.

    Based strictly on passing stats he is less than perfect. BUT, compare his stats to the first 4 years of HOF greats (Elway, Bradshaw, etc.) and Flacco’s future looks bright. Individual stats are less important than team chemistry and winning.

    Don’t mess with success!

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